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吉林省肿瘤医院做人流手术好吗吉林省肝胆病医院网上预约挂号Russia y for doping probes遭遇国际田联全球禁赛 俄罗斯将进行调查Russia says it#39;s y to carry out an investigation into doping allegations against its athletes, in concert with independent organisations.俄罗斯表示将与独立机构进行合作,就运动员被指控用兴奋剂一事展开调查。Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko labelled the allegations as ;absurd;, saying the International and Russian Olympic Committees would make a joint statement on the scandal later Friday.认为这项指控十分“荒谬”的体育部长维塔利·穆特科表示下周五国际奥委会同俄罗斯奥委会就这次丑闻发表联合声明。 译文属 Article/201511/409991长岭县妇幼保健院在线医生 Ergonomics, a scientific system of physical movements and postures in the workplace, can help you avoid workplace injuries.人体工学,工作场合物理运动和姿势的科学系统,可以帮你避免工厂场合受伤。You Will Need你需要A sturdy, adjustable chair坚固的,可调节的椅子A seat cushion弹性座垫A glare screen眩光屏幕A document holder文件架Arm or wrist rests腕托Rollers or conveyor belts滚筒或传送带Safety gear安全装备Steps步骤STEP 1 Assess tasks in your average workday1.评估日常工作日的任务Assess the physical tasks in your average workday. These range from small repetitive movements while seated to tasks requiring standing,reaching, and carrying loads.评估日常工作日的运动任务。包括坐在椅子上时需要站立起来,够东西,或拿比较重的东西等重复性运动。STEP 2 Avoid bad posture at a workstation2.避免不良姿势Use a sturdy, adjustable chair for seated work. Use a cushion on your chair for lower back support.久坐工作时使用坚固的,可调节的椅子。使用弹性座垫减少背下部的持。STEP 3 Avoid visual fatigue by adjusting your monitor3.调节显示器,避免视力疲劳Position your computer screen slightly below eye level for viewing comfort. Use a glare screen to avoid eyestrain, and a document holder positioned at eye level near the computer screen.为了看上去更舒适,调节电脑显示器,刚好在视线水平稍下一点的位置。使用眩光屏幕来缓解视力疲劳,把文件架放在电脑屏幕附近和视线齐平的位置。To help avoid visual fatigue, look away from your computer#39;s screen once every 20 minutes.为了防止视力疲劳,每隔20分钟视线远离电脑屏幕。STEP 4 Align the keyboard to avoid hand and wrist injuries4.调整键盘,避免手和手腕受伤Use arm or wrist rests for keyboard work and align your keyboard’s letter B with your bellybutton. The keyboard’s reach position should be slightly below elbow level.键盘工作时使用腕托,键盘上字母B对准肚脐的位置。键盘的位置刚好在肘部稍微向下一点。Keep your hand off the computer mouse when you’re not using it to help avoid hand and wrist injuries.不用鼠标的时候手不要触碰鼠标,以减少双手和手腕受伤的风险。STEP 5 Do stretch exercises during your work day5.工作日坚持做伸展运动Stretch your fingers, hands, arms, and torso during your work day. Stand up and walk away from your workstation and around the room when you can.工作日伸展你的手指,双手,手臂和躯干。站立起来,离开工作台,绕办公区行走。STEP 6 Learn how to lift loads ergonomically6.按照符合人体工学的方式手提重物Learn how to lift loads ergonomically if your job requires standing and physical tasks. Use your legs to do the work in lifting tasks, not your upper body or back, and avoid twisting.如果你的工作需要站立或需要体力劳动,学习如何以符合人体工学的方式手提重物。负重时让双腿用力,而不是身体或背部,避免扭伤。STEP 7 Learn how to carry loads ergonomically7.学会如何合理地运送重物Use rollers or conveyor belts to move heavy boxes or other loads. If your workplace doesn’t have rollers or conveyors, push rather than pull the load.使用滚筒或传送带来运送较重的箱子或其它重物。如果工作地点没有滚筒或拖车传送带,尽量推而不是拉重物。STEP 8 Wear appropriate safety gear for specific tasks8.特殊的任务穿上合适的防护Wear safety gear appropriate to each work task, including proper footwear and knee and elbow pads.对于每一项工作任务,穿上恰当的安全防护,包括合适的鞋袜,护膝和护肘。The science of ergonomics was first documented in ancient Greece by Hippocrates in his account on how a surgeon’s workplace should be designed.人体工程学首次在古希腊由希波克拉底记录。他论述了外科医生的手术台应该如何设计。 Article/201411/340186明天就是情人节,我们今天就来学学各种感情状态的英语说法吧!不管你哪种状态,都祝happy Valentine#39;s Day! Article/201508/390319双阳区妇幼保健院有四维彩超吗

长春双阳区中医院不孕不育多少钱TED演讲视频:我们都是设计师新闻记者John Hockenberry讲述了一个由一对轮椅上会发光的轮子而激发的他个人的故事和从中他学到的对人生意图的设计价值。 Article/201703/495184吉大一院医生在线咨询 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/380162桦甸儿童医院电话号码

蛟河治疗附件炎多少钱Nobody knows quite how the Spanish overcame this problem没人知道西班牙移民如何征了这个困难but it#39;s probably no more complicated than having children with the locals.可能是西班牙人和当地人结婚生子Even Andean peoples wouldn#39;t be able to live permanently above 5,000 metres.甚至安第斯人也无法在五千米环境生活Higher than this and human reproduction is impossible.高于这一海拔人类难以生育In other words, oxygen sets a limit on the very existence of our species.换句话说,氧气对于我们的物种存在起很大限制So life created oxygen and, in turn,所以说,生命创造氧气,反过来oxygen has dramatically extended the possibilities for life.氧气戏剧性的又是生命的必需And you might think that for us也许你会认为大气层里there#39;s no more important gas in the atmosphere.没有对我们有用的重要气体了But you #39;d be wrong.那你就错了There are other gases that are every bit as important还有其他气体对于我们在地球生存for our survival on the planet.有重要作用These are the greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide,有温室气体,比如二氧化碳that, as we#39;ve seen, are pumped out from volcanoes.如我们所见,从火山中喷发Without these gases, the average temperature of the planet没有这些气体,地球的平均温度would fall to nearly 27 degrees below freezing.会降到零下27度But now we#39;re releasing extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere但是我们现在排放了过量的二氧化碳到大气中by burning carbon-based fossil fuels like coal and oil and gas.因为燃烧碳基矿物燃料,比如煤矿,石油,天然气 Article/201509/401010 Zoroastrians don#39;t have that option, everywhere that is Zoroastrian has been conquered by Islam. And so as a result there is an increasing,sort of, spiral of decline to the degree that now in the land of its birth-in Iran-Zoroastrians are a tiny, tiny minority.;可琐罗亚斯特教徒没有这样的选择。他们曾经的国度全都被伊斯兰占领了。如今就算在琐罗斯特教的发源地伊朗,其教徒数量也为数不多。But if Zoroastrians today are relatively few in number, some of their faith#39;s core teachings about the eternal conflict of good and evil, about the ending of the world, are still very powerful today. The politics of the Middle East are still haunted, and in some measure shaped, by belief in an eventual apocalypse and the triumph of justice-an idea that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all derived from Zoroastrianism. And when politicians in Teheran talk of the Great Satan, and politicians in Washington denounce the Empire of Evil, one#39;s tempted to point out that: ;Thus Spake Zarathustra;.虽然教徒的数量不算多,但他们的一些核心教义,如世界的善恶之争,以及世界末日的观念,依然有巨大影响。如今中东依然政局不稳,末日启示和正义必胜等观念仍在某种程度上影响着政局。这些观念都源自琐罗亚斯特教,如今为犹太教、基督教与伊斯兰教共有。德黑兰政治家提到的“大撒旦”,华盛顿政治家所谴责的“邪恶帝国”,这些都是“查拉图騰拉如是说。” Article/201506/380721吉林省中医医院地址在哪长春医大四院时间作息



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