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成都那家治疗外阴白斑好成都看不孕不育的医院宜宾市妇幼保健院打孩子 The escalation of a trade war between the US and China over solar power components threatens to do serious damage to the American industry, its leading association has warned.美国主要太阳能行业协会警告,美国和中国之间围绕太阳能发电组件的贸易战升级,可能对美国太阳能发电行业造成严重损害。Hostilities rose with a missive issued by the China’s Ministry of Commerce to the ed States on Sunday over its anti-dumping measures and counter investigations on Chinese solar products.针对美国再次对中国光伏产品启动反倾销和反补贴调查,中国商务部周日向美方发出公函,双方的矛盾由此加深。“China will closely follow the case, assess the impact on the Chinese solar sector and resolutely safeguard our interests through various mechanism,” the ministry said in a statement reported by its state media.“中方将密切关注该案的进展,评估其对中国光伏业界造成的影响,坚决利用各种机制维权,”中国官方媒体援引商务部发表的声明称。The ministry added that a probe into Chinese solar cells that opened in November 2011 did little to help improve the performance of the US solar industry.中国商务部补充说,美方在2011年11月对中国光伏电池立案调查,事实明并未帮助美国太阳能行业提升业绩。The US commerce department said last week that it would investigate a complaint that Chinese manufacturers were using loopholes in import duties imposed in 2012 to continue selling at illegally low prices in the American market.美国商务部上周表示,将调查一宗申诉,申诉内容是,中国制造企业正在利用2012年开征的进口关税中的漏洞,继续在美国市场以非法的低廉价格销售产品。The Solar Energy Industries Association said that if the US went ahead with a new round of import duties hitting solar panels from China and Taiwan, it would cut off the supply of low-cost equipment that has been a critical factor in the industry’s rapid growth in recent years.美国太阳能行业协会(Solar Energy Industries Association, SEIA)表示,如果美国对中国大陆和台湾输美的太阳能电池板开征新一轮进口关税,那将切断低成本设备的供应,而这种供应是美国太阳能发电行业近年快速增长的关键因素之一。The association represents companies working on installing and maintaining solar power, as well as manufacturers. Many of its members have benefited from the influx of cheap Chinese panels that has helped solar power compete with fossil fuels.该协会代表从事安装和维护太阳能发电设备的企业,也代表制造商。协会的许多成员受益于廉价的中国产太阳能电池板,这些电池板帮助太阳能发电与化石燃料展开竞争。SEIA urged the government to reach a compromise with Chinese manufacturers that would allow continued imports while providing some relief for companies with US factories that have complained of illegal competition.该协会呼吁美国政府与中国制造商达成妥协:允许继续进口,同时向那些在美国设有工厂、抱怨非法竞争的企业提供一些救济。John Smirnow of SEIA said: “As the conflict escalates, the threat to the industry grows.”美国太阳能行业协会的约翰#8226;斯墨尔诺(John Smirnow)说:“随着冲突升级,行业面对的威胁在加大。”US imports of Chinese polysilicon photovoltaic cells – the components that are assembled into panels – face two sets of duties: one because manufacturers were selling at prices less than their costs, and one because they had benefited from subsidies from the Chinese government.美国进口的中国产多晶硅光伏电池(太阳能电池板组件)须面对两套关税:一套是因为厂家的销售价格低于其成本,另一套是因为厂家获益于中国政府的补贴。SolarWorld, a German company that owns a large solar panel factory in Oregon, in December filed a complaint that Chinese companies had been able to avoid the tariffs by using cells made in Taiwan, while keeping the rest of their manufacturing in China.在美国俄勒冈州拥有一家大型太阳能电池板工厂的德国公司SolarWorld,在去年12月提交一份申诉,称中国企业通过使用台湾制造的光伏电池、在中国大陆完成其余制造工序,仍可避免关税。The commerce department is now investigating whether photovoltaic cells from Taiwan are being dumped – sold at a below-cost price – in the US, and whether other solar products from China are being dumped or benefiting from government subsidies.美国商务部正在调查来自台湾的光伏电池是否构成在美国倾销(以低于成本的价格销售),以及来自中国的其他光伏产品是否构成倾销或受益于政府补贴。The import duties from 2012 so far have not had a very significant effect on the US market, analysts say, because of Chinese companies’ ability to use cells from Taiwan. The price of panels, which had been in free fall, levelled out last year, but that was a global phenomenon caused by the loss of some Chinese capacity and increased demand in China and Japan.分析师们表示,2012年起征收的进口关税迄今并未在美国市场产生非常显著的效果,因为中国企业能够利用台湾产的光伏电池。此前价格直线下落的太阳能电池板去年企稳,但这是一个全球现象,原因是中国失去一些产能,以及中国和日本需求增加。Chinese manufacturers’ share of the US market fell, but only modestly: from 57 per cent in 2012 to 49 per cent in 2013, according to GTM Research.业内咨询机构GTM Research的数据显示,中国制造商在美国市场所占份额小幅下降:从2012年的57%降至2013年的49%。However, if the commerce department finds that there has been illegal competition from the Taiwanese cells and levies a new set of duties, the impact is expected to be much more serious.但是,如果美国商务部调查发现来自台湾的光伏电池构成非法竞争,并据此开征一套新的关税,预计影响将会严重得多。Shayle Kann of GTM Research said: “This time, there is no value chain strategy that would let the Chinese companies avoid these duties.”GTM Research的谢勒#8226;卡恩(Shayle Kann)表示:“这一次,中国企业将没有规避这些关税的价值链战略可以利用。” /201401/274439四川成都妇幼医院专家预约

大邑县妇幼保健院做人流绵阳那家医院治输卵管囊肿好 New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In新形式音乐节——在空地上吸毒MOUNT STERLING, KY-Declaring the event a rousing success so far, organizers confirmed more than 45,000 people turned out Wednesday for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival, a four-day gathering that consists solely of a big empty field to do drugs in.来自肯塔基州的报道。此次音乐节目前已取得激动人心的成功。主办方确认4.5万人之多于周三参加了首届年度Cavalcade Folk and Roots音乐节,四天聚会,主要内容就是参加的人在一块大空地上吸毒。Held on a farm in the foothills of eastern Kentucky, the festival, which continues through Friday and features no live performances of any kind, reportedly offers ;something for every type of music lover,; specifically a fenced-off, 300-acre pasture in which to consume a broad array of mind-altering substances.该音乐节举办于肯塔基东部一丘陵脚下的农场上,周五还在进行中,其特点是没有任何的现场表演。据报道主办方会给各种喜爱音乐的人士提供一些东西,具体地说就是在这个无围栏,300英亩的草坪上消耗掉大量的能够迷乱心智的药物。;We thought it#39;d be awesome to host a festival that would attract people from all over the country who just want to kick back and ingest narcotics for 96 hours straight,; festival organizer Randy Felder said of the event that takes place on a barren expanse of land with no stages, sound equipment, lighting, art, or vendors. ;Cavalcade is all about creating a venue where live music fans can come together, hang out, and do what they love most.我们觉得举办这种形式的音乐节去吸引全国各地的人是很棒的一件事。他们能通过吸食麻醉毒品来好好的休息96个小时。音乐节主办方Randy Felder这样描述这次聚会,一次举办在一片空旷土地上的音乐节,没有舞台音响设备,更别说灯光,美术,甚至连商贩都没有。Cavalcade纯粹就是为那些音乐迷的聚会提供一个场地,他们可以在那里闲逛,喜欢做什么都可以。;And you couldn#39;t ask for a better spot,; Felder added. ;I mean, it rained pretty hard yesterday, but people didn#39;t let it bring them down. A lot of them didn#39;t even seem to notice.;;但你不能去要求一个更好的场地;,Felder补充道。我的意思是昨天这里下了一场大雨,但他们的心情似乎丝毫没受什么影响,貌似很多人甚至都没注意到下雨了。Officials reported that while the festival grounds contain no tents or any other form of shelter against the elements, ticket holders nonetheless came out in droves to the vast, otherwise deserted meadow to enjoy a number of big-name drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, as well as a wide variety of less well-known substances and up-and-coming hallucinogens such as salvia, ayahuasca, ketamine, and several dozen improvised inhalants.官方报道此次音乐节场地没有任何应对恶劣天气的措施,没有帐篷,没有其他任何的遮蔽工具,尽管如此音乐迷们还是陆陆续续的走进这片荒芜的空地上去享受那些;大名鼎鼎;的毒品。包括大麻,可卡因,海洛因等。还包括其他大量不知名的毒品,以及那些即将变得受欢迎的迷幻剂如鼠尾草,死藤水,克他命和一些批量包装的临时准备的吸入剂。译文属 /201506/378695西南医科大学附属医院不孕不育多少钱

成都检查不排卵正规医院The number of China#39;s single men could exceed the entire population of Australia in five years#39; time, a Fujian government statistician has calculated.一名福建政府统计人员估计,五年之内,中国单身男性数量将会超过整个澳大利亚人口。There are likely to be 118.9 boys born for every 100 girls by 2020, Yao Meixiong, deputy director of census with the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Statistics, told The Paper website.福建省统计局(Fujian Provincial Bureau of Statistics)普查中心副主任姚美雄接受澎湃新闻(The Paper)网采访表示,预计到2020年,出生人口性别比(即出生100个女婴对应出生的男婴数)为118.9。That would result in an extra 9.5 million men aged from 20 to 29, 12.6 million boys under 9-years-old and millions more in the ages in between. Australia#39;s population is about 24 million.这意味着,20—29岁的男性将比女性多出950万;9岁以下男孩比女孩多1260万;而9-20岁的男性会比女性多出几百万。而澳大利亚的人口为2400万。At least 10 per cent of the nation#39;s young men would not be able to find a spouse after 2020, Yao claimed, adding that the greatest imbalance would be among the youngest generation, meaning younger men would find it harder to find a partner.姚美雄认为,2020年以后,一成以上年轻男性将找不到配偶,此外,越年轻的一代,男女比例失衡情况越严重,也就是说,越年轻的男性越难找到伴侣。He suggested this could lead to a new social group of single men being formed, most of whom would be poor and likely to remain single for the rest of their lives.他表示,社会由此将形成一个新的单身男性社会群体,他们大多数为贫穷男性,并且可能终生“打光棍”。A census report of Xiamen city in Fujian found there were 111.69 men to every 100 women in 2000 but the imbalance has been worse – in 2010 it was 118.37 to 100.福建省厦门市的一份人口普查报告显示,该市2000年出生人口性别比为111.69,2010年为118.37,性别比例失衡的情况更严重了。The ratio was 108.47 in 1982, 115 in 1994 and 121.2 in 2004, according to government figures.根据政府数据,该数字1982年为108.47,1994年为115,2004年为121.2。Experts put the differences down to the one-child policy, gender selection procedures and a deeply rooted preference for boys over girls in Chinese families.专家将此失衡归咎于“独生子女”政策、胎儿性别鉴定以及中国家庭根深蒂固的“重男轻女”观念。Anhui, Hainan and Fujian provinces had the worst gender imbalances, said Wang Huirong, a Xiamen health department official.厦门市卫计委工作负责人王辉荣表示,安徽、海南和福建性别比例失调最为严重。 /201509/397225 成都市新都区中医院私立还是公办成都不孕不育医院网上咨询




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