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2018年10月22日 22:30:48

In a sign of the political mood in Taiwan, the top free application in Apple’s App Store there for much of last week wasn’t a mobile game or a social network, but a tool of protest.上周很大一部分时间里,苹果应用商店在台湾排名最高的免费应用不是手机游戏,也不是社交网络应用,而是一款抗议工具。这是台湾政治氛围的一个标志。Named Bingdela — after a Taiwanese phrase associated with overturning a table in rage — the software allows users to check whether food or drink products are associated with Ting Hsin International, a conglomerate that last year was the center of a food safety scandal involving its cooking oil.该应用名为“冰的啦”,在闽南语里意为愤怒地掀桌。用户可以用它来查看食物或饮料产品是否与顶新国际有关联。这家企业集团去年爆发了涉及食用油的食品安全丑闻。Though the app first appeared last year, downloads spiked during the past week after a court in Taiwan ruled that the chairman of Ting Hsin was not guilty of a charge accusing him of violating Taiwan’s food safety law — even though his company knowingly imported products intended for animal feed and used them to make low-quality oil. The app’s creator, Sky Lin, said it had gotten the bulk of its 260,000 downloads during the past two weeks.虽然该应用最早发布是在去年,但是上周,在台湾法院裁定顶新集团主席违反台湾食品安全法的罪名不成立之后,它的下载量出现了飙升。顶新集团明知进口的这种油品是用于生产动物饲料的,却仍用它们来生产劣质油。该应用的开发者林亮宇(Sky Lin)表示,它已经被下载26万次,大量下载出现在过去两周。“People couldn’t find a place to vent their anger, and that’s where our product came in to play a role,” said Mr. Lin, who added that he originally made the app not for profit or self-promotion, but instead out of raw political anger.“人们找不到地方发泄愤怒,而这也正是我们的产品的用武之地,”林先生说。他最初开发这个应用不是为了赚钱,也不是想宣传自己,而是出于政治上的强烈愤慨。The power of social media as an implement of political expression is well known. But Mr. Lin’s product shows how apps can be specifically designed to solve more complicated problems of protests. In this case, widesp calls for boycotts of Ting Hsin’s products proved difficult because the conglomerate has several subsidiaries and sells its oil to other companies for use in their products.作为一种政治表达工具,社交媒体的力量是众所周知的。但林先生的产品显示了应用可以专门设计用来解决抗议活动中的一些更复杂的问题。在这个案例中,虽然人们广泛呼吁要抵制顶新的产品,但事实明要做到这一点相当困难,因为该集团拥有多家分公司,而且还销售食用油给其他企业用于生产不同品牌的产品。The ability to tackle more complex problems gives people the ability to do more in situations where regulators or governments do not do their jobs effectively, according to Mr. Lin.林先生认为,遇到监管机构或政府不能有效地做好本职工作的情况,为公众提供可以解决更复杂问题的工具,就赋予了他们做更多事情的能力。“There are structural issues creating these types of food safety problems in Taiwan. It’s a deeper issue with Taiwanese law and government. It’s not an isolated case. We have seen it happen again and again,” he said.“台湾有一些结构性弊端造成了这种食品安全问题。这是台湾法律和政府的一个深层问题。它不是一个孤立事件。我们看到这种事情在接二连三地发生,”他说。Mr. Lin said he expected more of this type of protest to come to the fore in Taiwan as activists gain stronger programming abilities. He and his team, who normally work on an app that is a guide to Taiwan’s bars, were able to create the protest app in just two weeks, mostly by reusing code they had aly developed.林先生表示,随着活动人士的编程能力日益增强,他预计台湾会涌现出更多的这类抗议软件。他和团队的本职工作是经营一个台湾酒吧指南应用。他们主要通过回用以前代码的方式,在短短两周内开发出了这个抗议应用。The most labor-intensive part, according to Mr. Lin, was researching the products linked to Ting Hsin and photographing them to assemble a graphical database of items that should be flagged. Friends pitched in to provide other photos and research.林先生说,在整个项目中,人力需求最密集的部分是研究哪些产品和顶新集团有关联,然后给它们拍照,输入到一个可疑产品的图形数据库中。朋友们热心地为团队提供了其他一些照片和研究结果。With the app now doing well, a new question facing Mr. Lin is whether to fund it.这个应用现在表现不错,但林先生面临着如何为其提供资金的新问题。“The second day after it happened, I was contacted by an advertising agent, and they argued that we’ll need advertising if we want long-term development. But for me personally, I don’t want to see ads when using this app,” he said.“发布后的第二天,有一家广告代理联系我,说如果我们想长期发展的话,就需要投放广告。但在我个人来说,我不希望在使用这个应用的时候看到广告,”他说。Offers for sponsorships have also come in, but Mr. Lin said those, too, were problematic, because large sums from different organizations or companies could ultimately compromise the fairness of the app down the line.也有一些赞助商表示愿意提供资金,但林先生认为这样做也会有问题,因为来自不同组织或公司的大笔资金最终可能会产生影响,危及应用的公平性。Mr. Lin is still trying to figure out what to do with Bingdela. Some have suggested that his team should add other brands that have had past issues, but he said that for now he was still trying to figure out how to round up funding.林先生仍在考虑“冰的啦”的未来。有些人认为,他的团队应该把过去有过丑闻的其他品牌也添加进来,但他表示,目前他仍在考虑获得资金的方式。“We have received a lot of encouragement, some of which actually were quite touching. It gave me the motivation to do more. My wife said, ‘That’s not your expertise.’ I think Taiwan needs such a platform to do this, whether it be the government or a nongovernment entity. We need this to fundamentally fix some damages caused by economic development,” he said.“我们收到了大量鼓励,有些的确相当感人。这让我有了做更多事情的动力。我太太说,‘这不是你的专长。’我觉得台湾需要有这样一个平台来做这个,无论是政府还是非政府机构。我们需要这个来从根本上修复经济发展带来的一些损害,”他说。 /201512/416122西安最好的男科医院是哪家陕西省二一五215医院专家微信This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com.本文为与《时代》杂志的合作内容,原文发表于Time.com。In Apple CEO Tim Cook’s words, the Apple Watch is “incredibly beautiful.” But some are saying it’s “incredibly unnecessary.”用苹果公司CEO蒂姆o库克的话说,苹果手表“美得惊人”,但也有人说,苹果手表“没用得惊人”。Apple followers haven’t been shy in arguing that the upcoming Apple Watch will be a flop. Dismissive reviews of Apple’s first wearable are plentiful (“a thick, ugly clunker,” “a very stupid idea“), while analysts’ fresh estimates of first-year sales have trended on the low side. Investors haven’t been too optimistic either:Apple’s stock fell 2% Tuesday, a day after it unveiled more Apple Watch details.果粉们纷纷唱衰苹果手表。坊间充斥着大量负面(诸如“又厚又丑的破玩意儿”、“非常愚蠢的理念”等等),分析师们认为苹果手表的第一年销量或将非常惨淡。投资者也不是非常乐观:在苹果手表发布会次日,苹果股价应声下跌了2%。But what few realize is that Apple has a 3.7 million square mile ace up its sleeve: China.但人们却忽视了一点:苹果还有一个面积达960万平方公里的庞大市场——中国。It’s no secret that Chinese consumers love their Apple products. Chinese resellers and admirers alike traveled the world and lined up for days to sweep up Apple’s latest iPhone last fall. Some constructed iPhone 6 “undergarments” to bypass customs duties on the way home. One man even used 99 iPhone 6 units to propose to his girlfriend. (She said no.)中国消费者喜爱苹果产品并不是什么秘密。去年秋天,中国二道贩子和狂热果粉奔袭全世界,排上几天长队只为抢购iPhone 6的场景至今令人记忆犹新。有些水客为了逃避关税,在内衣裤里都塞满了iPhone 6。一名男子甚至用99部iPhone 6向女友求婚(女友拒绝了他。)Now, with the Apple Watch heading to China on April 24, the country’s Apple fans have aly begun generating outlandish headlines. A Guangzhou man was arrested this week for selling drugs in order to finance his Apple Watch, clearly unwilling to settle for one of many cheap knockoff Apple Watches fresh on China’s black market. Those counterfeits are good news for Apple—they’re an indication demand will be high for the real thing. Previous wearables, like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, had never been popular enough to make it into China’s counterfeit market.现在,鉴于苹果手表将于4月24日正式登陆中国大陆,中国果粉们已经开始制造各种荒诞不经的头条新闻。本周,一名广州男子因贩毒被捕,而他铤而走险的动机竟然是为了赚钱买苹果手表——显然他看不上近来各地纷纷涌现的“made in 华强北”的山寨货。但对苹果公司来说,山寨的泛滥其实是个好消息,这说明中国市场对正品苹果手表的需求极其旺盛。而此前的可穿戴设备,比如三星的Galaxy Gear,则从未享受过被山寨厂商仿冒的待遇。Apple, then, is likely counting on its legions of Chinese fans to scoop up Apple Watches to help boost worldwide sales. But China is no back-up plan. In fact, given Apple’s loyal following in China, the Apple Watch could very well have been made for China.因此,苹果很可能要指望中国果粉大军来给它刷全球销量了。然而中国并不是苹果手表的“备胎”,事实上,由于中国有这么多忠实的果粉,苹果手表很可能就是一款专为中国设计的产品。The Apple Watch’s biggest advantage in China is deceptively simple: Few Chinese consumers laugh when Apple touts the device as a luxury item.Apple became China’s top luxury brand for 2015, outranking labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. More recently, Apple’s status has risen as Chinese consumers of luxury goods prioritize functionality overostentatiousness—a taboo that China’s President Xi Jinping deplored as “unhealthy,” criticizing Chinese elites’ obsession with status symbols like Rolex watches.苹果手表在中国的优势也很简单:当苹果称该设备是一款奢侈品时,中国消费者听了很少会发笑。2015年,苹果成为中国的头号奢侈品牌,其排名超过了LV和Gucci。近来,随着中国奢侈品消费者从单纯地炫富(连国家主席习近平也谴责中国精英爱买劳力士等奢侈品炫富的心态“不健康”)转变为更注重实用性,苹果在中国奢侈品消费者心目中的地位也再度提升。Even better for Apple is how much Chinese consumers value brand names in luxury goods. According to Digital Luxury Group’s (DLG) 2014 report, 73% of online searches for luxury watches are about brand names, almost twice the rate of Americans. Apple’s brand recognition could seal the deal for the Apple Watch in China—but it could also hurt sales in the U.S., where Apple is seen as a tech brand rather than a fashion label:对苹果来说,另一个利好消息是,中国消费者非常重视奢侈品的品牌。瑞士奢侈品研究咨询机构DLG公司2014年发布的报告显示,有73%的中国人在线搜索名贵手表时是按品牌名称搜索的,这个比重几乎是美国人的两倍。单是苹果的品牌认知度,就足以使很多中国人心甘情愿地掏钱——不过品牌问题反过来却会影响苹果手表在美国的销量,因为苹果在美国一般被认为是个科技品牌而不是时尚标签。All this will help ease sticker shock, too. While Americans will compare the Apple Watch’s 9-,000 price tag to the cost of consumer electronics, Chinese consumers are more likely to stack it up against luxury timepieces. The worldwide median price of a luxury watch is about ,700, according to DLG. That means the Apple Watch Sport (starting 9) and Apple Watch (starting 9) are inexpensive by comparison, while the gold and silver Apple Watch Edition models that start at ,000 aren’t crazy purchases. China’s luxury timepiece market is also growing rapidly, partially thanks to the rise in Chinese women’s incomes:所有这些都有利于缓解高昂的售价给人带来的痛感。美国人会把349美元到1.7万美元的价格拿来与其它消费电子产品进行比较,但中国消费者则会把它与其它名贵手表作对比。根据DLG公司的数据,全球奢侈品牌腕表的中间价格是1.07万美元。相比之下,起价349美元的Apple Watch Sport和起价549美元的Apple Watch都不算特别贵,而购买一款包金裹银,起价1万美元的Apple Watch Edition也不算特别疯狂的举动。另外,中国的奢侈品手表市场一直在迅速增长,这一定程度上要归功于近年来中国女性人均收入的上涨。Apple Watch’s promise in China as a fashionable luxury item is aly clear. When former supermodel Christy Turlington Burns appeared during Apple’s U.S. event Monday to explain how she’s using Apple Watch for fitness, critics called it an awkward, even irrelevant product placement — an iconic women’s advocatewearing a watch “skewed to geeky guys.” But when theApple Watch graced the cover of Vogue Chinaalongside China’s most famous model, Liu Wen, hardly anyone batted an eye. As Vogue China’s editor-in-chief described the difference, “We embrace new technology and digital products more easily than perhaps people elsewhere.”作为一款时尚奢侈品,苹果手表在中国显然拥有非常光明的前景。上周一。当前美国超模克里斯蒂o特灵顿o伯恩斯现身苹果发布会,解释她如何使用苹果手表健身时,很多人称这是一次“尴尬甚至不搭调的代言”——作为一名超模,代言这样一款宅男专用产品,实在违合感太强。而当中国超模刘雯戴着苹果手表登上《Vogue饰与美容》封面时,几乎没有人任何人站出来挑毛病。该杂志中文版总编这样描述这种差异:“我们比其他地方的人更容易接受新技术和新数码产品。”Of course, Apple has spent years laying the groundwork in China for a potential hit with the Apple Watch. It sealed a “watershed” deal with state-owned China Mobile in 2013 to ensure China’s largest mobile network supported iPhones, an agreement that was in the making as far back as in 2007 when the first iPhone launched. Apple also recently brought its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to China, which sport the larger screens Chinese users have long demanded. Apple shipped a record-breaking 74.5 million iPhones worldwide last quarter, and while Apple doesn’t breakdown shipments by country, UBS estimates that China now claims 36% of the iPhone market, surpassing the U.S. for the first time.当然,苹果多年来一直在中国潜心耕耘,想方设法地为苹果手表铺路。2013年,该公司与中国最大的国有运营商——中国移动达成了一项具有“分水岭”意义的协议,以确保中国最大的移动网络持iPhone。而早在2007年,也就是第一代iPhone刚刚问世时,双方就开始酝酿这项合作了。最近苹果也将iPhone 6和iPhone 6 plus推向中国市场,这两款产品搭载了中国用户盼望已久的大屏。上个季度,全球iPhone销量达到了创纪录的7450万部,尽管苹果没有披露按国别划分的销售数字,但据UBS公司预测,中国目前占据iPhone市场的36%,首次超过了美国的份额。And Apple has aly linked the Apple Watch to China. The company’s March 9 event kicked off with a showing the opening of a new flagship Apple Store in China, where the retail locations are set todouble by mid-2016. Later, Apple showed off the Apple Watch’s compatibility with WeChat, a wildly popular messaging app in China. It was a wise move, as Chinese users have expressed worry that Apple Watch’s screen is too small for the app.此外,苹果已经在有意地建立苹果手表与中国的联系。在3月9日苹果发布会的开场视频中,就出现了中国一家苹果旗舰店开张的画面。到2016年年中,中国苹果零售店的数量将达到目前的两倍。随后,苹果还特意指出这款手表完全可以与微信兼容——这个举动非常明智,因为已经有中国用户表达了苹果手表的屏幕太小,恐怕难以兼容微信的担忧。So while Apple Watch’s relevance in the West may continue to be questioned, the wearable has a clear place in China. Given how lucrativeChina has been for Apple, whether or not China loves the Apple Watch could be precisely what makes or breaks the device initial reception.因此,尽管苹果手表在西方的销路或许依然存疑,但它在中国显然有自己的市场。鉴于中国市场一直在为苹果公司贡献巨额利润,中国用户是否喜爱苹果手表将直接决定这款设备上市初期的市场表现。(财富中文网) /201503/365290西安市北方医院治疗女性疾病多少钱

陕西友好有药流吗西安交通大学第二附属医院西北医院引产Beijing Capital International Airport北京首都国际机场Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing , capital of the People#39;s Republic of China, and 25. 35km from the Tiananmen Square, to the north-east of the Beijing cit)t-center. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.北京首都国际机场简称首都机场,是中华人民共和国北京市的主要的国际机场。北京首都国际机场位于北京市区东北方向,距离天安门广场25. 35千米。中国地理位置最重要、规模最大、设备最齐全、运输任务最繁忙的大型国际航空港。北京首都国际机场不但是中国首都北京的空中门户和对外交往的窗口,而且是中国民航最重要的航空枢纽,是中国民用航空网络的辐射中心。并且是当前中国最繁忙的民用机场。也是中国国际航空公司的基地机场。Beijing Capital International Airport is the only airport that consists of three terminal buildings in China. Beijing Airport was opened on March 2, 1958. The airport then consisted of one small terminal building, which still stands to this day, apparently for the use of VIPs and charter flights. On January l, 1980, a newer, larger building opened, with 60000 square meters of space, The terminal (Tl) was larger than the one in the 1950s, but by the mid-1990s, it was too small. Terminal 2 (T2) was officially opened on November l, 1999, with 336000 square meters of space. Terminal l was then closed for renovation after the opening of Terminal 2 and was reopened on September 20, 2004.北京首都国际机场是中国国内唯一拥有三条跑道的国际机场。首都机场于1958年3月2日投入使用,是中国首个投入使用的民用机场。当时仅有一座小型候机楼,主要用于VIP乘客和包租的飞机。1980年1月1日,面积为6万平方米的一号航站楼及配套工程建成并正式投入使用。随着客流量的不断增大,一号楼客流量日趋饱和。重新规划的建筑面积达33.6万平方米,装备先进技术设备的二号航站楼于1995年10月开始建设,并于1999年11月1日正式投入使用。二号航站楼投入使用的同时,一号航站楼开始停用装修。2004年9月20日,整修一新的一号航站楼重新投入使用。The third colossal expansion, including Terminal 3 (T3) , a third runway and a rail link to the city-center, was completed before August, 2008, in time for the Beijing Olympics. At its opening with a south-to-north length of 2900 meters, Terminal 3 was the largest man-made structure in the world in terms of area covered (986,000 m2 ) , and a major landmark in Beijing representing the growing and developing Chinese city. Fresh from hosting the 2008 0lympic Games and completion of its new terminal building, the Beijing Capital International Airport has overtaken Tokyo Haneda to be the busiest airport in Asia based on scheduled seat capacity.为迎接2008年北京奥运会的召开,首都机场进行了第三次扩建,包插3号航站楼、第三条跑道和机场到北京市区的北京机场轨道交通线。扩建工程于2008年8月之前全部建成投入使用。三号航站楼建成后是国内面积最大的单体建筑,总建筑面积98.6万平方米,南北向长2900米。扩建后的北京首都国际机场成为代表北京成长和发展的地标,北京奥运会的召开和3号航站楼的建设也使得北京首都国际机场取代东京国际机场(羽田)成为亚洲飞机起降最为繁忙的机场。 /201603/430099陕西省友好医院做无痛人流多少钱A self-driving car being tested by Google struck a public bus on a city street in Mountain View, Calif. The tech company’s vehicles have been involved in more than a dozen minor accidents, but this fender-bender may represent the first time that a Google car has caused an accident. A report from Google on the Feb. 14 episode was posted online Monday by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Google’s car was moving at less than two miles an hour and the bus at 15 m.p.h. No one was injured. The report does not address fault, but Google wrote that its car was trying to get around some sandbags when its left front struck the right side of the bus. Google did not have immediate comment. 加利福尼亚山景城,一辆正进行测试的谷歌无人驾驶汽车在城市车道上与公交车相撞。谷歌无人车自上路测试以来已发生十多起小型交通事故,而这场小车祸则可能是首次由无人车引发的意外。加州车管局周一披露了一份由谷歌撰写的报告,事故发生在2月14日,当时谷歌无人车的车速低于2英里每小时,公交的车速也不过15英里每小时,因此事故中无人受伤。这份文件并未指出过失方,但谷歌写道,无人车是为了避免撞上的沙袋才与公交车相撞。谷歌未对此事立即置评。 /201603/429543西安红十字会医院流产收费价格

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