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Do you believe in pure friendship between a man and woman?你相信男女之间存在纯洁的友情吗?Yes, that#39;s a tacky question. But like ;love at first sight;, screenwriters, filmmakers and TV producers still have a lot to say about platonic friendship.诚然,这是个有些俗套的问题。但就如同;一见钟情;式的爱情一样,这种柏拉图式的纯洁友谊仍被编剧,电影、电视制片人们所津津乐道。The latest work of this type is the Taiwanese romantic drama In Time With You, which tells the story of Cheng Youqing (Ariel Lin) and Li Daren (Bolin Chen), who end up together after being each other#39;s best friend for 14 years.这一类型的最新代表作当数台湾偶像剧《我可能不会爱你》。剧中讲述了程又青(林依晨饰)和李大仁(陈柏霖饰)再做了14年好友后,最终携手走到一起的故事。They have very different personalities and sometimes you just don#39;t see the attraction. Cheng#39;s a tough, stubborn young woman; Li is a warm-hearted, soft kind of guy who often gives in to Cheng#39;s bad temper and takes care of her.两人性格截然不同,有时你也不明白这两个为什么会彼此来电。程又青是一个固执的姑娘,而李大仁是一个热心,温柔的小伙子,常常要忍让程又青的坏脾气,还要一直照顾她。All his kindness to her is in terms of friendship of course, because Li has once said that he would never fall in love with a girlfriend like Cheng. The pair also swear that they would never be romantically attracted to each other.当然,李大仁对程又青的百般呵护完全出自于友情,因为大仁曾说过他绝不会爱上程又青这样的女生。他们还一同发誓永远不会喜欢上对方。During their search for potential lovers, Cheng often says the girlfriends Li finds don#39;t suit him. Meanwhile, Li is not happy with the guy Cheng is going out with. As time goes by, Li can#39;t deny his feelings for Cheng. Yet he#39;s unwilling to accept the truth because he doesn#39;t want to ruin their friendship.在他们寻找可能牵手的恋人对象时,程又青常常认为李大仁交的女友配不上他。同时,李大仁也对程又青的交往对象感到不满意。随着时间推移,李大仁无法否认对程又青的感情,但他不愿接受这个事实,因为他不想破坏他们的友谊。So, as ;I would never fall in love with you; becomes ;I might not love you;, the series comes back to a simple point: to hide the true feelings in one#39;s heart, or, to take a risk and tell the truth?所以,;我绝不会爱上你;的誓言变成了;我可能不会爱你;。全剧回归到最简单的问题:是去隐藏心中的真实感受,还是冒险说出真相?It#39;s a hard decision either wayndash;lying to ourselves is as painful as the risk of losing one of the most important people in our lives. But Li takes the risk anywayndash;fortunately , Cheng is there for him, like always.无论选哪个,这都是个艰难的抉择,因为欺骗自己的感情同可能会失去生活中最重要的人,两者都让人痛心。而李大仁决定无论如何也要冒这次险,幸运的是,程又青已经站在他身边了,或者说她从未离开过。The ending might make you believe less in platonic friendship between men and women, but it also seems to deliver a positive message: If you#39;re lucky enough to have a soul mate like Cheng or Li, never let him or her go, because he or she might be ;the one;.尽管故事结局或许会让你对男女之间柏拉图式的纯洁友情更生疑问,但它似乎也传达出积极的讯息,那就是:如果你足够幸运,身边有一位像程又青或李大仁这样的精神伴侣,不要错过,因为他/她可能就是你的真命天子。 /201201/169183A Cambodian couple who separated after 40 years of marriage may have taken things too literally when it came to splitting their assets:A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.The husband cut the house in two."It is the strangest thing I've ever seen," said May Titthara, who wrote about the case for The Phnom Penh Post, an English-language newspaper in the Cambodian capital. "People there never saw this happen in a divorce. It is very interesting for them."The husband and wife had been living together in the house in a village in the Prey Veng province of southern Cambodia, roughly 50 miles (80 km) from the capital.The couple would not talk to the newspaper, but the village chief told May Titthara that the husband was angry because his wife wouldn't tend to him when he was ill.Last week, the husband and his friends moved his belongings to one side of the house -- and sawed and chiseled it off, said the reporter, who interviewed the village chief and neighbors.The couple also divided their property into four sections: for themselves and their two children.Because the couple side-stepped the provincial courts when they parted ways, their unusual resolution could pose a problem later, said Prak Phin, a lawyer for Legal Support for Child and Women in the province."This was a not a legal divorce. It never went to the court," he said. "If they have disagreements in the future, they will not have a legal (recourse)."The man moved his part of the house to his parents' property, May Titthara said. He lives with his parents, while the wife continues to reside in her precariously perched, upright half. 一对柬埔寨夫妇在结束40年婚姻时可能太过教条,居然把他们的家产真的一分为二了。A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.一对夫妇结束其40年婚姻时把他们的家一劈为二---名副其实的“分家”丈夫把房子一劈为二。“这是我看到的最为奇特的事情,”为位于柬埔寨首都的英文报纸《金边邮报》撰写此报道的MAY TITTHARA说道,"那里的人从来没看到过离婚会发生这样的事情。对他们来说,这太有趣了。”这对夫妇一起居住一个村庄的一所房子里,那里位于距首部大约50英里(80公里)的柬埔寨南部的波萝勉省。这对夫妇对记者保持沉默,不过,据那里的村长告诉MAY TITTHARA说,丈夫因为生病而他妻子不愿意照顾他,所以他很气愤。记者在采访村长和邻居们后获知,上周,这位丈夫和他的朋友们把他的财产搬到了房子的一边,然后用锯子锯,用凿子凿,把房子一分为二。这对夫妇也把他们的财产分了四份: 他们两人,还有他们的两个孩子。这个省为孩子和妇女提供法律帮助的律师PRAK PHIN说,因为这对夫妇分开的时候绕过了省法院,所以他们非同寻常的决定会留下后遗症。他说:“这不是一个合法的离婚。他们没去法院。如果他们以后出现争议,将无法获得法律持。”May Titthara说,这位丈夫把他的那一半房子搬到了他父母那里。他和他父母居住,而他的妻子则不安全地继续栖息在房子的右半部分。 /200810/54042

想必每个人都有捡到东西的经历,但相信很少有人能在大街上捡到金子。现在纽约就有一位失业珠宝商(jeweller)用镊子捡拾街头的珠宝和金子换钱。不得不令人心生感叹,纽约果然是金龟横行,有钱人的天堂啊,弯腰皆可拾金。An unemployed jewellery setter has taken to combing the streets of New York with a pair of tweezers to cash in on dropped gems and gold.一位失业珠宝商用镊子捡拾纽约街头的珠宝和金子换钱。The streets of New York may not quite be paved with gold. But one man in America is proving that the cracks on Manhattan pavements really can bear riches.纽约街道也许并不是金子铺成的,但一位美国人确实明了曼哈顿街道的间隙里确实藏着财富。Raffi Stepanian, 43, has begun crawling around the New York ;Diamond District; on his hands and knees, plucking jewels and fragments of precious metals from between the slabs.今年43岁的Raffi Stepanian经常匍匐于纽约;钻石区;,在石板的缝隙间夹出珠宝和部分贵重金属。Armed with a pair of tweezers, Mr Stepanian, an unemployed diamond setter from Queens, claims to have collected ,010 (623pound) worth in the past fortnight.Stepanian是纽约皇后区的一位失业珠宝商,他每天拿着镊子干活,据他介绍,这两个星期他已经找到了价值1010美元(623英镑)的贵重物品。;I#39;m surviving on it,; he said. ;I may be about to trigger a new gold rush on the streets of New York, The soil in the sidewalks of 47th street are saturated with the stuff ;;我就是靠这个生活的。;他说道,;我正打算在纽约街头掀起一股新的淘金热。第47号大街人行道上的泥土中充满着财富。;Mr Stepanian#39;s haul so far has included chips of diamonds and rubies, bits of platinum, and gold fragments from watches, earrings and necklaces.Stepanian的成果包括钻石及红宝石的碎片,小块片的铂金,还有手表、耳环和项链上的黄金材料。He has sold most of his discoveries to metal refiners or diamond sellers, while keeping some gold with a view to melting it down for future use.他已经将收集的绝大部分材料卖给了金炼者和珠宝商,只保留了少许黄金准备将来熔炼后再用。;You might get per piece, but it all adds up, It is a rich area and people simply drop things, or their jewellery falls on the street, and it gets stuck in the mud or the gum. It#39;s like a mine, but more concentrated.; he said.;这些黄金可能一片才30美元,但如果将它们熔炼在一起,价钱就大大提升了。这是一片富裕区,而人们经常掉东西,它们的珠宝掉落在大街上,然后被泥土或口香糖卡住。这里就像一座矿山,但宝藏更集中。;他介绍到。;Being in the jewellery industry for 26 years, it was second nature to spot glistening fragments on the floors and in elevators. It was always tempting to pick them up. Now that#39;s what I#39;m doing.; he said.;在珠宝业摸爬滚打26年,在地板和电梯里发现闪光的东西已经成为我的第二天性了。他们总是能吸引我把他们捡拾起来,这就是我所做的。;他如是说。 /201111/161970

“飞行医生”是澳大利亚医疗制度的一大特色。由于澳大利亚是一个面积广阔,人口稀少的国家,政府专门设立了远程医疗务体系,对住在边远地区的孤立居民点和家庭,借助高科技的通讯手段和先进的交通工具提供空中医疗务。然而由于肥胖症患者的日益增加,他们发现需要为“飞行医生”和患者准备更大的飞机了。Increasing obesity has prompted an Australian state to seek larger planes for the country's famous "Flying Doctor" service, ambulance and government officials said Saturday.New South Wales state has just put out a tender to assess the cost of obtaining two larger new planes for its air ambulance fleet, which is flown under contract by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to service remote and rural areas.Recent global surveys have repeatedly highlighted Australians as among the most obese people in the world, despite the country's association with an active, healthy lifestyle and love of sport.The two new planes would be able to carry patients up to 260 kg (573 lb), nearly twice the current limit of 140 kg (308 lb), a spokeswoman for the state's health ministry told Reuters."The ambulance service has obviously seen a need," the spokeswoman said.A New South Wales ambulance service spokeswoman said it followed similar moves by other parts of the service, including ground ambulances and helicopters, to accommodate larger patients.Asked if the move was prompted by increasing levels of obesity, she told the repoters: "Essentially, yes."Royal Flying Doctor Service: 皇家飞行医生务队。它是澳大利亚一个独特的组织。1928年,由澳大利亚基督教长老会的牧师约翰·弗林所创立。它在每天24小时和一年365天内都通过航空提供紧急医疗和保健务。务的对象是在澳大利亚偏僻内地居住、工作和旅行的人们。飞行医生务队平均一年接触183,000个病人,其中17000人被空运到其它医院去治疗。该务队共有17个医疗基地和38架飞机在它所管的715万平方公里的“领空”上飞行,平均每年约飞行1200万公里。飞行医生务队用飞机对病人进行急救的工作获得人们的普遍赞扬。务队在继续为偏远地区人民的基本保健发挥作用的同时,每年还在5000所保健卫生站工作,治疗患者约有117000人。此外,飞行医生务队的大夫和护士们还通过无线电和电话为居住在边远村落的人们提供咨询务,这在务队的工作中也占很大比重。飞行医生务队平均每年约需4300万澳元的开。它得到联邦、州和地方政府的经济持,同时也依靠工商界和公众的赞助。 /200901/60653

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