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济南小阴唇整形费用济南的妇科医院那好济南紫荆花女子医院做人流 Times are hard for Japanese with a sweet tooth as the country bemoans the latest side effect of Abenomics: a surge in the price of chocolate.对于喜爱甜食的日本人来说,现在的日子有点不好过,该国正抱怨安倍经济学(Abenomics)的一个最新副作用:巧克力价格飙升。Over the past two weeks, all three of Japan’s largest confectioners — Meiji, Morinagaand Lotte — have announced sharp increases in the price of any sweet that uses cocoa.过去两周,日本三大糖果制造商——明治(Meiji)、森永(Morinaga)和乐天(Lotte)均宣布大幅上调所有以可可粉为原料的产品的价格。The price rises reflect the yen’s latest slide, taking it from Y120 to Y125 against the dollar since mid-May, a move with decidedly mixed consequences for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic stimulus.此番涨价反映出日元汇率的最新下跌行情,自5月中旬以来,日元兑美元汇率已从120日元兑1美元跌至125日元兑1美元,对于日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)推出的经济刺激计划而言,这必然会产生好坏不一的结果。A weaker currency should help exporters, while higher inflation is one of Mr Abe’s main goals. Economists worry, however, that rising prices for imported food will drain Japanese consumers of cash and confidence, hampering the recovery of domestic demand.汇率下跌应会帮助出口商,而通胀上升是安倍晋三的主要目标之一。然而,经济学家担心,进口食品价格上涨将损耗日本消费者的现金和信心,从而阻碍内需的回暖。Deploying very similar language in their press releases, each confectioner said it had done its best to absorb the cost of imported raw materials, but was now having to pass the costs on to customers.这三家糖果制造商在新闻发布会上使用了非常类似的措辞,它们都表示,已尽全力消化进口原材料的成本,但现在不得不将成本转嫁给消费者。At Lotte, the prices of its eight best-selling chocolates are up 10 per cent; the largest increase at Meiji is 11.9 per cent on its Banana Chocco product.乐天的8种最畅销的巧克力价格上涨10%;明治价格涨幅最大的是其香蕉巧克力(Banana Chocco)产品,上涨11.9%。Nor is it just chocolates. The price of everything from curry to cup noodles is on the up, with food inflation running about 2 per cent, compared with the flat level of core goods prices.涨价的不仅仅是巧克力产品。从咖喱到杯面的所有产品都在涨价,日本的食品通胀率为2%左右,而核心商品价格却未见上涨。“We are certainly hearing more companies increasing prices in line with increasing import costs relating to the yen,” said Shusuke Yamada, chief Japan foreign exchange strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.美银美林(Bank Of America Merrill Lynch)首席日本外汇策略师山田秀佑(Shusuke Yamada)表示:“我们确实听到有更多企业在涨价,以应对以日元计价的进口价格上涨。”“But the ability of the companies to raise prices is also because the deflationary mindset of Japan is disappearing, so companies are more confident passing the rising costs of raw materials on to customers.”“但企业之所以能够涨价还因为日本的通缩观念在消失,因此企业有更多的信心将不断上涨的原材料成本转嫁给消费者。”Hiromichi Shirakawa, chief economist at Credit Suisse in Tokyo, said companies tend to use the yen as a convenient excuse for price rises aimed at boosting their margins.瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)驻东京首席经济学家白川弘道(Hiromichi Shirakawa)表示,企业往往会利用日元作为涨价的便利借口,而它们涨价是为了提高利润率。“The Bank of Japan may want to argue the phenomenon shows a rising expected inflation rate,” he said. “In reality, it seems to us, this is not about expected inflation as much as companies wanting to get some money back.”“日本央行(Bank of Japan)可能希望辩称,这种现象显示出通胀预期日益上升,”他表示,“实际上,在我们看来,这与其说关乎通胀预期,不如说是因为企业想收回一些现金。”The bump in food prices will help keep headline inflation above zero through the summer — with propaganda benefits, at least, for Japan’s central bank. The economic effect will depend on whether the boost to exports outweighs the hit to consumption.食品价格上涨将有利于在今年整个夏季将整体通胀率保持在零以上,至少对于日本央行而言,这具有宣传效应。其经济效应将取决于对出口的提振是否超过对消费的冲击。Mr Shirakawa thinks the benefits will be modest, because sluggish global demand means low export prices are offsetting the boost from a weaker currency. Meanwhile, it will be harder to raise consumption, with wage increases for Japanese workers absorbed by higher prices at the supermarket.白川弘道认为,汇率下跌对经济的好处将较微弱,因为全球需求乏力意味着低出口价格正抵消日元走软所带来的提振作用。与此同时,日本劳动者的薪资上涨被超市涨价吸收,提高消费的难度将加大。“I think the average Japanese will feel they are getting somewhat poorer,” he says.他表示:“我认为,日本普通人会感到自己变穷了。”Analysts at Nomura argue that Japanese households are well able to tolerate a weaker yen but that the speed of yen depreciation makes a big difference.野村(Nomura)分析师称,日本家庭具备很强的能力忍受日元贬值,但日元贬值的速度会有很大影响。“While it takes some time for the yen depreciation’s positive impact on exports to be felt by the domestic economy, the prices of imported energy and domestic consumer prices rise much more quickly, effectively reducing real income levels of Japanese households,” noted economist Tomo Kinoshita in a report.经济学家木下智夫(Tomo Kinoshita)在一份报告中指出:“国内经济需要一段时间才能感受到日元贬值对出口的积极影响,但进口能源和国内消费者物价上涨的速度要快得多,这事实上降低了日本家庭的实际收入水平。”With Japan’s economy trundling forward, the path of the yen is likely to depend greatly on how fast the US moves towards a rise in interest rates, and whether China manages a soft landing for its economy.随着日本经济缓慢向前,日元汇率的走势可能会在很大程度上取决于,美国迈向加息的步伐有多快,以及中国是否能实现国内经济软着陆。“The yen is getting to the point where the dollar rally has been driven by technical factors and could stall at any time,” said Mr Yamada.山田秀佑表示:“日元兑美元汇率即将到达这样一个点,即一直受到技术因素推动的美元升值可能会随时停止。” /201506/379801济南人流那里医院好

济南阳光妇科公立还是私立;Some of our people are insisting that we give birth to our new enterprise in a tub of warm soothing water with new age music and a vegan midwife.;我们中的一些人坚持说,我们的新公司需要在有安慰性的热水里诞生,由一个素食助产护士结绳,伴随着新生代音乐。 /201506/379829山东省济南市妇幼保健医院引产多少钱 7. Chinese Gardens7. 中国园林Chinese gardens can be divided into two categories, the imperial the private, and sometimes landscape gardens are considered. The former are seen in northern China , while most of the latter can be found in the south, especially in Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing.中回林可分为御花酬私家花园两类,有时人们也会加上风景园林。御花园都在北方,私家花园则多见于南方,尤以苏州、无锡和南京三地最多。 Small and delicate, cleverly laid out and pleasing to the eye, the streams, bridges, rockeries and pavilion of a private Chinese garden reveal a natural beauty of their own. Most of the bridges in these gardens are of stone, including straight, winding and arched ones. The straight bridge consists of just one stone slab without any decoration, and is usually leveled with the riverbank or with the river to make the visitors feel as if they are surrounded by water. The winding bridges have low balustrades and the Nine Winding Bridge in Xihu Lake is one of them. The arch bridges can be divided into the single-arch and the multi-arch varieties. Streams in these gardens do not cover a large area, but fit in well with bridges and islets to yield a uniformed effect.南方私家花园中的溪、桥、山、亭小巧玲珑,布局精明,尽显其自然美,令人赏心悦目。桥大多为石桥,有直桥、曲桥、拱桥。直桥其实是一块不加装饰的石板,通常与河岸或河水齐高,给人一种临水的感觉。曲桥设有低栏杆,西湖上的九曲桥就属此桥。拱桥可分为单拱桥和多拱桥两种。园内的小溪虽占地不多,却同小桥与石屿相得益彰,浑然一体。Rocks and rockeries are special features of southern Chinese gardens. Stones of grotesque forms are often attractive with undulated lines and water holes. Some large stones form sceneries of their own, while smaller ones are put together to form artificial hills to add to the fantastic attractiveness of the gardens. Corridors form another feature of Chinese gardens. There are water corridors built along a riverside, flower corridors inserted among flowers, willow corridors among rows of willow,and bamboo corridors among rows of bamboo. For visitors, these corridors are good travel guides leading to various views of a big garden.石头与假山是中国南方园林的特色。奇形怪状的石头常带有引人注目的波纹线条和水孔。硕大的石头可自成一景,而较小的石块则堆积成假山,为园林增添元穷魅力。走廊是中国园林的另一大特色,有河边的河廊,花丛中的花廊,柳树丛中的柳廊,竹林中的竹廊。对客人来说,这些走廊可谓是优秀导游,在一座大花园里沿廊而行,可以观赏园内的各处景观。Corridors are dotted by windows of various shapes-square, round, hexagonal and even octagonal. Many of the windows are decorated with very beautiful patterns and designs. Tourists can have an excellent view of the garden through these colorful corridor windows. The doors to the gardens,like the windows,are also carved in many different shapes, to bring more vividness and elegance to the surroundings.形态各异的窗户点缀在走廊上,有方形,有圆形,有六角形,也有八角形。许多窗户的图案也都装饰得非常美丽,游客可以透过这些艳丽多的走廊窗户,将园内的佳境尽收眼底。园林的大门同窗户一样也雕刻成各种形状,给环境带来了生气,增添了雅趣。Walls of these gardens are usually painted white. Hidden among the flowers, trees and hills, white walls stand in sharp contrast to the gray tiles and brown windows. Strolling about these gardens, with the tree shadows swaying on the white wall and willow reflections dancing in the ponds, tourists may then find themselves truly enjoying a moment of peace and relax ation in this paradise beyond the turmoil of the world.花园的墙壁通常是白色。隐匿在鲜花、树木、小山中的白墙,与灰瓦褐窗形成强烈反差。白墙上树影婆婆,池塘中柳枝起舞,在园中倘祥的游客,也许能在这世外桃园里真正地享受片刻安宁。 /201505/373231齐河县中心医院妇科怎么样

山东省第七院是不是私立医院You should probably be drinking your morning cup of coffee around10 a.m., according to a new from AsapScience.科普频道AsapScience近日发布视频声称,早上十点或许是喝咖啡的最佳时间。We know, we know. If you#39;re an I-need-caffeine-as-soon-as-I-wake-up kind of person, this isn#39;t great news. But as AsapScience explains it, the production of cortisol, the ;stress hormone; associated with the way the body naturally wakes itself up, generally peaks between 8 and 9 am -- right around the time most people are sipping their cappuccinos and lattes.我们知道,如果你是那种一起床就需要喝咖啡的人,这并不是个好消息。AsapScience解释说,人体内的皮质醇,也就是“压力激素”的分泌与身体自然唤醒的方式相关,其分泌高峰期一般在早上八点到九点,也就是大部分人喝咖啡的时间。Peak cortisol hours also happen between 12 and 1 p.m. and 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. And according to AsapScience, drinking coffee during those hours lessens caffeine#39;s effects.皮质醇的其他分泌高峰分别是中午十二点到一点和下午五点半到六点半。AsaaScience认为,在这些时段喝咖啡,会削弱咖啡因的作用。If you#39;re an early or late riser, your peak cortisol hours are probably different from the average person#39;s. So whenever it is you wake up, just wait a bit before hitting the coffee maker.早起或晚起的人分泌皮质醇的高峰期与平均值会有所不同。所以最好起床后过一段时间再去泡咖啡。“Cortisol levels do indeed increase about 50 percent right after you wake up, regardless of the time,; the explains. ;Science says, wait at least an hour to get your cup of joe and your body will be optimally y to go.”视频中介绍说:“无论几点起床,皮质醇的含量在起床后都会激增50%左右。科学家认为,起床一小时后再饮用咖啡,可以让身体获得更多动力。”Hey, we#39;re all about reaping all of coffee#39;s benefits -- especially because it#39;s been linked to a healthier heart and, ahem, a lower risk of erectile dysfunction. Let#39;s keep that stuff brewing.我们这也是为了充分利用咖啡的功效啊,尤其是听说它能强健心脏并减少勃起功能障碍。喝咖啡不能停啊。 /201506/378241 济南省中医二附院多久了?正规吗济南妇科网上专家



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