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因不良的传声效果,学生在教室里只听到老师说的一半内容;病人在医院里因长期受压而难以入睡。Julian Treasure呼吁设计师对「看不见的建筑」(即声音)的关注。201402/272453视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》There he goes!他过来了Hes gone ten centimetres in four seconds,他4秒钟内爬行了10厘米but were running at 500 frames a second,但我们是500帧一秒which is 20 times normal time.比正常时间慢了20倍So in fact, hes covered those ten centimetres in...那事实上 那10厘米距离他用了...We know that he does half a metre in one second.我们知道他1秒钟能爬半米Half a metre per second, yep.1秒半米 没错50 centimetres in one second, roughly.大约1秒50厘米So, how many body lengths is that?那相当于他的几倍身长Hes maybe doing five body lengths a second,他1秒之内能走5个身长if hes two metres tall like I am.如果他像我一样有2米高Are you? Yeah. Thats how much more than a normal man I am.你有这么高 我就是比一般人高Eventually, the duo decide that if the silver ants were our size,换算过来 如果银蚁有人类的体型theyd be doing 280 miles an hour.他们可以达到280英里的时速Theyre one of the fastest sprinters in the animal kingdom.他们是动物世界中最快的短跑健将之一了No wonder weve been struggling to film them.难怪我们拍摄得如此困难It does explain a few things.那确实说明了不少事情内容来自:201405/298671

You and your partner have decided to move in together. Here are some steps to prevent war from breaking out in your living room.你和恋人决定搬到一起。下面的措施可以帮你们避免客厅里爆发战争。You Will Need你需要Communication skills沟通技巧A chore list家务清单Personal space个人空间Flexibility灵活性Steps步骤STEP 1 Be sure1.确定Make sure youre moving in together for the right reasons. Moving in to fix your relationship problems may make those problems worse.确保你们是因为正确的原因搬到一起。为了修补恋情中出现的问题而搬到一起往往会让情况更加糟糕。STEP 2 Make it home2.有家的感觉Make your new place feel like home. With a positive attitude and willingness to compromise, work with your partner to organize and decorate each room.让你们新的住所有家的感觉。采取积极的态度和作出让步的意愿,和伴侣一起布置和装饰每个房间。Get rid of duplicate items, keeping the better of the two collections.丢弃重复的物品,留下其中较好的一个。STEP 3 Define normal3.定义正常行为Define what you consider normal behavior in a household. Find a happy medium with your partner, and respect their quirks and habits.定义在家中哪种行为是正常的。在你和伴侣之间找到一个让两人开心的平衡点,尊重他们的怪癖和习惯。STEP 4 Divide chores4.分摊家务Divide chores and create a chore list. Make sure you both feel the list is divided equally.分担家务,制作家务清单。确保两人都觉得分配公平。Specify when chores are to be completed. People have different expectations about how often the laundry should be done or the bathroom cleaned.详细说明家务应该何时完成。人们对应该多久洗一次衣或清洁一次浴室有着不同的预期。STEP 5 Assign responsibilities5.分派任务Choose responsibilities ahead of time. Make clear what you expect from each other before you move.提前划分责任。采取行动前明确期望对方做什么。STEP 6 Be alone6.私人空间Set aside time away from each other. By giving each other space, you’ll appreciate your time together even more.预留一点单独的时间。通过相互给对方私人空间,你们会更加珍惜两人在一起的时间。STEP 7 Be flexible7.灵活机动Be flexible and listen to each other’s needs. Work together to make both parties happy, and moving in will be a lot easier.灵活一点,倾听对方的需求。一起努力,让双方都开心,搬到一起住将更加容易。Did you know? More than half of all first marriages in the U.S. are preceded by couples living together.你知道吗?美国超过一半的初婚者婚前搬到一起同居。201410/339013If you take an organ like the heart,如果观察心脏你就会发现which is pumping away to pump the blood around the body,它是通过跳动来向全身输送血液it needs a lot of energy, a lot of oxygen delivered to it.这就需要很多能量和氧气来辅助If it doesnt get it,要是不够充足if it gets starved of oxygen, that can produce a heart attack.处于缺氧状态 这时就会突发心脏病We werent just suffering我们新形成的饮食结构the effects of our new diet in our hearts.岂止会损害到心脏It was hitting us in the guts, too.更会损伤内脏Our bowels were exploding.我们的肠子越胀越大It seemed that again the reason was man-made.看来又是人为造成Modern flour milling techniques现代面粉制造技术removed the fibre from our staple foods.将主食中的纤维质剔除Horizon was on hand to explain地平线栏目已精确剖析过precisely what this was doing to our digestive systems.此举对消化系统的影响The colon isnt just a static tube.结肠并非只是个静压管It contracts like an earthworm它像蚯蚓一样to force the food residue along.通过收缩来传输食物残渣Painter believes that on a low-fibre diet,佩恩特认为低纤维的饮食this residue may be stiff like tar会使食物残渣如沥青般僵硬so that the very high pressures are built up in the colon.然后施压于结肠This can cause a blow-out in于是肠壁会受到严重挤压变形the wall of the colon, called a diverticulum.我们称之为憩室201306/244082

试想一下一个不用动刀子的手术。在TEDMED,约弗amp;#65381;麦登分享了一项技术,通过使用核磁共振成像发现病灶,并聚焦超声波来治疗诸如脑部病变、子宫肌瘤和集中癌病变。201407/3091392013年是MOOCs(大规模网络公开课)泛滥的一年。随着最初的失望而来的是巨大的数字和满腔的信心。但是edX网站的负责人阿加瓦尔指出这样的事实,作为一种广泛分享的高端学习方式,作为传统教室的一种补充教学方法(也许不是取代),MOOCs仍然关系重大。阿加瓦尔分享了混合式学习的观点,教师可以利用混合式学习来为21世纪的学生创造理想的学习体验。201410/335425视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》He greets his young for the very first time.他第一次跟他的孩子们打了招呼The coolness of the Benguela Current brought the penguins here凉爽的本格拉洋流将企鹅带到了这里but that very coolness is a great disadvantage,但那凉气其实很不利because it generates little rain.因为它会产生很少的雨It can, however, produce moisture in a different form.然而 水分将以另一种形成呈现A thick blanket of fog rolls in from the sea一团厚实的云雾从海面飘来and condenses on this thirsty land.在这片干渴的土地上凝结成水And each year,因此每年the desert bursts into life with a dazzling display.这片沙漠都会绽放出五绚丽的花朵Water is so scarce that this show will not last long,极其稀少的水源使绽放期无法持续很久so plants compete to attract their pollinators with colour.因此花朵需要用艳丽的色吸引授粉的昆虫201404/286701

South Korea, a country devoid of oil.南韩,一个缺乏石油的国家。Seoul, a city where one fourth of Koreans live, with one of the worlds highest gasoline consumption.首尔,四分之一韩国人口居住的城市,拥有世界上最高的汽油消耗量。The situation is getting worse. Car usage is increasing. Petroleum costs are rising. Parking spaces are scarce. People are stressed out. Every day a Seoul driver wanders five hundred meters to find a parking space. In a month, this equals fifteen kilometers or one liter of gas.这情形每况愈下。汽车使用率增加。石油成本上涨。停车位一位难求。人们精神紧绷。首尔的驾驶每天要绕五百公尺才能找到停车位。在一个月内,这等于十五公里或是一公升的汽油。S-oil, one of the four oil companies in Korea took action. It is on a mission to save oil. Right here. Right now. Thus begins the HERE Campaign.S-oil,韩国的四间石油公司之一,采取了行动。它正在执行节省石油的任务。就在这里,就是现在。因而开始了“HERE”活动。It sent up a HERE balloon for each parking space. As a car parks in it, the balloon falls. When the car exits, the balloon rises. Cars can spot these balloons from afar. They can spot open parking spaces without wandering. Finding quick parking means saving oil. One easily spotted parking spot is worth one liter of oil saved.它在每个停车位都升起“HERE”气球。当车子停入,气球就会下降。当车子驶离,气球便回升。车辆可以在远方就看见这些气球。他们不必绕东绕西就能找到空的车位。快速找到车位代表着节省石油。一个能够快速被找到的停车位价值等同于节省了一公升的石油。I think there is nothing more economical than this especially in the times of high oil price.我认为没有什么比起这更经济实惠,尤其是在这个高油价的时代。This seems to be a good idea since you could see an empty parking spot from distance.这似乎是个好主意,因为你在远方就可以看见空的车位。It was amazing to see a balloon in the parking lot.在停车场看到气球很神奇。I seriously couldnt make it without the balloons.没有气球我还真的无法做到。Result:;HERE; balloons have saved drivers gas expenses through a new and interesting method. S-oil, the oil seller gained the impression of an oil-saving company. Save oil. Save time. Save money. Through ;HERE; balloons, the public is directly engaged with S-oils identity.结果:“HERE”气球以新颖且有趣的方式为驾驶节省汽油的开。S-oil,赢得省油公司形象的汽油销售商。省油,省时,省钱。透过“HERE”气球,大众直接参与了S-oil的企业本体。;HERE; Taking action for a better world.“HERE”为了更美好的世界而行动。Save oil, Save earth. S-OIL.省油,救地球。S-OIL。201411/341970Woz and jobs became inseparable friends,沃兹和乔布斯成为了形影不离的伙伴,But their first venture was not a computer.但是他们的第一项冒险举动并不是电脑The pair developed an electronics kit这对组合开发了一个电子小工具Mimicking telephone router codes用模拟电话交换码的方式To make free calls around the world.来拨打全球免费电话.you know, when you make a long distance phone call你知道,当你在拨打长途电话的时候,In the background you hear, ;do do do do do;你会听到耳朵里有;嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟;的声音Those are the telephone computers actually signaling each other,那是电话交换机的电脑在向其他电脑发送信号Sending information to each other to set up your call.通过这信号来完成你拨打电话的指令.And there used to be a way to fool所以那会儿有一种方法The entire telephone system into thinking通过欺骗整个电话系统使之认为You were a telephone computer.你是一台电话交换机.You could, you know, call from a pay phone,你可以,你知道吗,从一个付费电话拨打到Go to white plains, new york, take a satellite to europe,White plains,纽约,或者通过卫星拨打到欧洲Take a cable to turkey, um, come back to los angeles,或者通过海底电缆拨打到土耳其,嗯,再拨打回洛杉矶And youd go around the world 3 or 4 times and call你可以在你家门口附近的付费电话里喊一喊,The payphone next door, shout in the phone,拨打三四次全世界的长途电话号码And be about 30 seconds, it would come out the other phone.然后30秒后,那边就接通了.the pair quickly moved on from phone-jacking for fun这对年轻人很快把他们对于通过电话黑客找乐子的兴趣To creating computers,转移到了建造电脑计算机上,building the prototype of the very first apple.也就是第一台苹果电脑上.Its a fond memory for steve wozniak.对于沃兹来说那是一段美好的回忆.Wozniak: he was always thinking about certain technology,他总是在思考这些技术The early products that got developed, the building parts,这些正在制作的部分或者已经完成的早期产品What those might lead to in our future,将如何引领我们的未来And he was always pushing me as an engineer他一直在敦促我把我变成一个工程师;could you possibly add this someday,;你能在某个时候加入这个(功能)吗?Could you possibly add that someday?;你能在某个时候加入那个(功能)吗?;;yes, yes, yes, I could,;;可以,可以,可以,我能.;Thinking, ;no. Its way, way off,;其实我心里在想, ;不,还早着呢.;But eventually we all did.但是最后我们全部做到了.in those early days, woz and jobs took their creation在早期,沃兹和乔布斯带着他们的发明To the homebrew computer club,参加了;个人电脑俱乐部;,an early computer club, an early computer users group in silicon valley,一个早期由硅谷电脑用户们自发组建的电脑俱乐部Where it quickly attracted attention from their peers.在那里他们很快引起了其他人的注意 /201309/254783

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