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You cannot keep all of the people happy all of the time. China’s latest restructuring of a state-owned enterprise is likely to make only a small number of people very happy – and upset a great deal more.你不可能总是令所有人满意。中国一家国有企业的最新改制很可能只会让一小部分人极为满意,却让大部分人沮丧。Over the weekend, state-owned China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec Group) announced two deals which will hurt shareholders who own its Hong Kong subsidiary, Sinopec. First, Sinopec will sell a 30 per cent stake in its fuel retailing business. Chinese white goods maker Haier, finance companies and domestic investment funds are paying .5bn for assets Bernstein thinks could be worth bn.上周末,国有的中国石油化工集团公司(Sinopec Group)宣布了两笔交易,这两笔交易将对其香港子公司中国石化(Sinopec)的股东造成伤害。第一笔交易中,中石化将出售其销售公司近30%的股权。中国的白色家电制造商海尔(Haier)、金融公司及国内投资基金以175亿美元购入这些股权,而伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)认为这些股权可能价值220亿美元。The second deal will save the group from a writedown on its 40 per cent stake in affiliate Yizheng Chemical. Under mainland rules, lossmaking Yizheng faced delisting next year, resulting in a writedown for Sinopec of as much as .7bn. To save Yizheng from delisting, the Sinopec Group parent will inject its profitable oil services group into Yizheng in return for just under bn in new shares of Yizheng. The price Yizheng will pay for this new business, at 10 times 2014 earnings, looks cheap – especially for a company expecting to increase earnings by nearly one half next year.第二笔交易将让集团免于减记旗下子公司仪征化纤(Yizheng Chemical) 40%的股权。根据内地规定,亏损企业仪征化纤面临着明年退市,导致中石化资产减记多达17亿美元。为保仪征化纤免于退市,母公司中石化将把旗下利润丰厚的石油务公司注入仪征化纤,换取近40亿美元的仪征化纤新股票。仪征化纤为这一新业务付出的金额是其2014年盈利的10倍,看起来很便宜,尤其是所购入公司预计明年盈利会增加近一半。Good news – but the Hong Kong shareholders will not have exposure to the new Yizheng. Their company is selling its 40 per cent stake in Yizheng back to Yizheng for just over bn in cash (an 80 per cent premium to the previous close) – and buying Yizheng’s old, lossmaking assets for just over bn. The transaction is only a marginal cash outlay for Sinopec but leaves it with poor assets in a fibre business and no exposure to the newly revitalised oil services company. Investors in Hong Kong quickly had their say on the fairness of the deal. Sinopec’s shares fell 8 per cent.这是一个好消息,但中国石化的香港股东将不会受益于仪征化纤的新股票。中石化将以略高于10亿美元(相对于此前收盘价格有80%溢价)让仪征化纤回购中石化所持的40%股份,并以10亿美元多一点买下仪征原有的亏损资产。这笔交易在中石化只是一小笔出,但给其留下一家化纤企业的不良资产,而且对新近重振的石油务公司没有敞口。香港投资者很快就对这笔交易的公平性表了态——中国石化股价下跌了8%。China is committed to allowing market forces to play a bigger role in economic development. Deals of this sort seem to be driven by market forces with Chinese characteristics.中国致力于让市场力量在经济发展中发挥更大作用。这类交易似乎受到中国特色市场力量的推动。 /201409/328661

In 2012 when 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head on a school bus by the Taliban, she became the first Pakistani student to be actively targeted by the militants. Two years later, Yousafzai is tragically joined by hundreds more.2012年,17岁的马拉拉在一辆校车中遭塔利班击,头部中弹。她是第一个被武装恐怖主义分子追杀的巴基斯坦学生。两年后,悲剧再次发生在上百名巴基斯坦学生身上。On Tuesday, a Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar has left more than 100 schoolchildren killed. Shiza Shahid, the co-founder and CEO of the Malala Fund, an organization working to break the cycle of poverty and empower girls through education, has devoted much of her life to championing women around the world. In an exclusive interview with Fortune, Shahid — speaking as a Pakistani advocate — shared her initial reactions.上周,塔利班袭击了巴基斯坦北部城市白沙瓦的一间学校,100多名学生因此丧生。关注扶贫及女童教育问题的马拉拉基金(Malala Fund)联合创始人兼首席执行官希扎o沙希德接受《财富》(Fortune)的独家专访,以一名巴基斯坦持者的身份,与记者分享了她对这一事件的看法。Edited excerpts:以下是经编辑节选的采访内容:What was your reaction when you first heard about the attack?在最初听到这起校园袭击案时,你的第一反应是什么?It’s been incredibly heartbreaking as a Pakistani and as a human being. I have seen so many terrible things happening in Pakistan in recent years. Suicide attacks, sieges, Malala’s own shooting, but this really hits home in a way that is deeply painful. Malala was the first child to be deliberately target in Pakistan. Now they are targeting over 100 children dead.对巴基斯坦人和全世界其他人来说,这起事件都令人心碎。近年来我在巴基斯坦经历过如此多可怕的事情,包括自杀式袭击、围攻、马拉拉被击等,但是这次事件仍令我如被击中要害般痛彻心扉。马拉拉是第一个被塔利班蓄意袭击的巴基斯坦青少年,现在他们变本加厉,谋杀了100多名孩子。What is missing in Pakistan right now that these violent attacks are continuing?暴力袭击仍在继续,巴基斯坦目前最缺失的是什么?The roots of terrorism in Pakistan are deep and complicated and lawless and ungoverned. Various ideologies are all in the quest for the very same thing: Power. When territories are ungoverned, and people are disappointed and not given opportunities to strive for a better tomorrow, people fall prey to terrorist groups who have the means to intimidate and frighten.巴基斯坦国内的恐怖主义根深蒂固、错综复杂,而且缺少法律的约束和政府的管治。各个流派都在追逐同一个目标:权力。领土之内缺乏有力管治,人民对此深感失望,却又无力为争取更好的未来而抗争,只能活在恐怖分子的威胁和恐吓之下。Why do school children remain a target for the Taliban?为什么塔利班一再袭击在校学童?Significant progress has been made by the military to root out certain terrorist leaders and this was really an act of retaliation. This is a school that mostly has children of military officers and cadets and their wives were teachers. So really, this was retaliation to what was done by the military, and it shows how long this battle is going to be.巴基斯坦军方铲除了一部分恐怖分子头目,取得了反恐的重大进展,这次的袭击显然是报复行为。遭受袭击的是一间军人子弟学校,学校的老师大多数是军官和军事学员的家属。因此,这就是一次针对此前巴军方反恐行动的报复行为,表明了这场战争将会旷日持久地进行下去。Also, there is nothing more precious than our children. By going as far as attacking children, they are saying that nothing is off limits, so there is an utter lack of humanity. There have been instances where terrorists have bombed empty schools as a way to protect the teachings of western ideologies, but this act was clearly and deliberately meant to kill children, and it is as heinous as can be.没有什么比我们的孩子更加珍贵。恐怖分子袭击手无寸铁的儿童,表明他们毫无顾忌,没有底线。这种做法惨无人性。此前恐怖分子曾经轰炸无人的学校,以此拒绝西方的意识形态,但此次事件攻击的目标直接就是儿童,实在令人发指。Do you think this act of violence marks a tipping point in Pakistan?你认为这次暴力袭击会否成为巴基斯坦的一个转折点?We are at a point now were the country needs to stand up and stand up together. We need to grieve for who has been lost and take action for once and for all, and we need to say no more and say never again.在这个时刻,整个国家都应该团结起来,奋起抗争。我们既要哀悼逝者,又要采取行动彻底铲除恐怖分子,不再姑息并坚决杜绝此类事件重演。Are you fearful that this will deter children from going to school?这次事件是否会让孩子们害怕去学校上课?This has been happening for awhile. In the past, areas around schools have been targeted and school buses have been threatened and for a while now, military schools have been targeted as well. I live about a mile away from the Navy complex in Islamabad, and for awhile there has been heavy security. If children aren’t given an education there really isn’t anything left. So hopefully we will take the time to grieve, and hopefully the people will come together and do everything we can to protect children. For more children to lose their one chance to get an education will result in many more tragedies just like this.这种情况已经持续了一段时间。过去恐怖分子打击学校附件的地区,袭击校车,而现在他们袭击军事管理学校。我住在伊斯兰堡海军基地一英里以外的地方,当地暂时处于戒严状态。如果儿童无法接受教育,那这个国家就真的没有未来了。所以我希望人们为逝者哀悼,同时行动起来尽一切努力保护孩子们。如果越来越多的孩子失去受教育的机会,就会酿成更多这样的悲剧。What, if anything, has changed for the better in Pakistan since 2009 when you started a summer camp to empower young girls and their education?2009年时你组织了一个夏令营为女孩提供受教育机会,在那之后,巴基斯坦国内在此方面取得了怎样的进展?Where we have taken two steps forward, we have also taken two steps backward in various aspects. We have more girls going to school than before and we have more parents agreeing that sending their girls to school is a priority. We also have more women in medical school than men. On the other hand, you have terrorists targeting schools, and you still see female medical school graduates not going to work because they are worried about getting a husband. The terrorist threat is very real against women.我们有两点进步也有两点退步。上学读书的女孩子比以前多了,有更多家长认识到了送女儿上学的重要性。医学院的女学生也比男学生多。另一方面,出现了恐怖分子袭击学校的事件,还有医学院的女生毕业后为了结婚而不去就业的情况。恐怖主义对女性存在着切实的威胁。How can concerned people outside of Pakistan help?其他国家的那些关心你们的人如何能提供帮助?I am a big believer in finding local activists and advocates and supporting them. That is very much the model that I worked with at the Malala Fund. Now I am working on a social impact fund that will invest on the ground, and there are some great organizations that try and highlight local leaders and amplify their work.我强烈建议他们去找当地的活动家和倡导者,给这些人提供持。这就是我在马拉拉基金会的工作模式。现在我在为一个具有社会影响力的基金会工作,它能够在当地进行基础的投资,还有一些大型机构选择与当地领导人联手,扩大其影响力。We have heard Malala’s story, and it was a great example of the power of story telling. We have more stories to tell, and we need to bring those stories into the media and supporting their organizations is a great way for us to do it. You are seeing young girls in villages starting companies to sell handbags that employ local women. You see entrepreneurs and young people creating change and innovation. Those are the things we need to focus on, and those are certainly the things I focus on given how hard it is to get anything done through the government.我们都听说过马拉拉的故事,它充分显示了一个故事讲得好会具有怎样的力量。我们还有很多故事可讲,而且我们要在媒体上讲述这些故事,持相关的组织就是一个很好的方法。你可以看到年轻的乡村女性创建手包品牌并聘用当地的妇女,你还可以看到创业者和年轻人在变革和创新。这些就是我们需要关注的东西,也是我最为关注的方面,因为这些很难通过政府来实现。(财富中文网) /201412/350622

What is an emerging market?什么是新兴市场?The term began as a euphemism for the pejorative-sounding “third world” but, as the FT argues, “emerging market” now stands for a haphazard collection of countries with varying economic sizes and growth rates.这个词原本是听起来带有贬义的“第三世界”的委婉说法,但英国《金融时报》认为,“新兴市场”现在代表一个由不同经济规模、不同增长率国家组成的大杂烩。The classification matters primarily because of index providers such as MSCI and JPMorgan that have a major influence over how international portfolio investors allocate their money. An estimated .3tn is invested in so-called emerging markets.分类之所以重要,主要是因为MSCI明晟和根大通(JPMorgan)等指数提供商对国际券投资者配置资金的方式有重大影响。据估计,总共有10.3万亿美元的资金投入了所谓的新兴市场。This helps explain why Greece’s stock market actually rallied when the country was demoted from developed to emerging status by MSCI in November 2013. Less than 0m of passive money tracking developed market indices would seep out of Greece as a result, according to one HS estimate, while inflows from emerging markets investors could top bn.这有助于解释为何2013年11月MSCI将希腊从发达市场降级为新兴市场时,希腊股市反而上涨了。根据汇丰(HS)的一项估计,那次降级导致不到2亿美元追踪发达市场指数的被动资金从希腊“渗出”,而新兴市场投资者投入该国的资金可能突破了10亿美元。Just how many emerging markets are there?新兴市场到底有多少个?According to the International Monetary Fund 152. Just 23, says MSCI.按国际货币基金组织(IMF)的说法是152个。按MSCI的说法则只有23个。The IMF classification basically comes from dividing the world in two: advanced economies, and emerging and developing economies. Its criteria are per capita income, export diversification and degree of integration into the global financial system.IMF的分类基本是将世界一分为二:发达经济体,以及新兴和发展中经济体。其划分标准是人均收入、出口的多样化以及融入全球金融体系的程度。MSCI, by contrast, approaches the issue from the point of view of investible equities, so its division of the world into developed, emerging and frontier markets is based on the level of market access to foreign investors, and standards of size and liquidity.相比之下,MSCI是从可投资股票的角度来处理这一问题,因此它依据外国投资者的市场准入程度以及规模和流动性标准,将世界分为发达、新兴和前沿市场。MSCI offers a Frontier Emerging Markets Index, with 163 equities from 28 countries — of which four: Colombia, Egypt, Peru and the Philippines are also represented in its Emerging Markets Index. Launched in 1988 it includes the shares of 838 listed companies from just 23 countries including 85 per cent of the market capitalisation of equities in each nation, weighted according to free float (the shares available to investors).MSCI提供一个前沿市场指数(MSCI Frontier Emerging Markets Index),包含28个国家的163只股票——其中,哥伦比亚、埃及、秘鲁和菲律宾同时也是MSCI新兴市场指数(MSCI EM Index)的构成部分。1988年推出的MSCI新兴市场指数包含仅23个国家的838家上市公司的股票,以自由流通股(投资者可以购买的股票)加权计算,该指数涵盖了其中每一个国家股票市值的85%。Do emerging markets actually emerge?新兴市场真的在兴起吗?Not really. Argentina once had developed status and lost it — as did Greece. Japan and Singapore are widely said to have gained developed status since the second world war, but others, such as Venezuela, seem to be “submerging” instead in that its economy has imploded under policy mismanagement, with soaring inflation, a collapsing currency and widesp shortages of the most basic household essentials.并非如此。阿根廷曾拥有发达市场的身份,但又失去了——希腊也是如此。人们普遍认为日本和新加坡在二战后赢得了发达市场的身份,但其他国家,比如委内瑞拉,似乎反而是在“下潜”,其经济因政策管理不善而崩溃,造成通胀飙升、货币急剧贬值、以及最基本的生活必需品普遍短缺。At issue is an idea implicit in the emerging markets concept: that those economies are on the way up, riding an escalator to developed market status. Some may be. But others are not.目前的争议焦点是暗含在新兴市场概念中的一个看法,即新兴市场经济体正在兴起、搭上了升为发达市场的扶梯。其中一些经济体可能是这样。但另一些并非如此。Why all the fuss about this term now?为什么现在要拿这个词大做文章?Because investors, economists and commentators are coming to the conclusion that it has outlived its usefulness and has actually become counter-productive.因为投资者、经济学家和人士正得出一个结论:这个词过时了,不仅不再有用,而且实际上还产生了反效果。 /201508/391133



  BJ leads annual wage list北京平均工资领跑全国As of Monday, at least 20 provincial-level regions in China had published their average salary in 2014, with Beijing taking the lead.截至15日,全国至少已有20个省份公布了2014年平均工资,其中北京年平均工资最高。Data released by the Beijing Statistics Bureau showed that the average yearly income of non-private sector employees in the capital was RMB102,268 last year, making Beijing the only region with an average annual payroll beyond the RMB100,000 mark.北京市统计局公布的数据显示,2014年北京市城镇非私营单位就业人员年平均工资为102268元,是目前全国唯一突破10万元大关的地区。Beijing is followed by Zhejiang (RMB61,572) and Guangdong (RMB59,481).浙江和广东省分列二、三位,去年平均工资分别为61572元和59481元。Only four out of the 20 provincial-level regions reported an average annual salary higher than the national average.纵览20个省份的平均工资,仅有4个省份超过全国平均水平。 /201506/381048

  China will create three new free trade zones modelled on one established a year ago in Shanghai as the government tries to support lacklustre trade and boost slowing growth in the world’s second-largest economy.中国将新增三个自贸区,仿照一年前成立的上海自贸区。政府正试图在世界第二大经济体撑低迷的贸易,提振不断放缓的经济增长。The three new zones will be established in the southern and eastern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian and in the northern port city of Tianjin, China’s state council said.中国国务院表示,新自贸区将设在南方的广东省、东部的福建省,以及北方港口城市天津。Shanghai’s free trade zone, or FTZ, which opened in September 2013, was heralded as a laboratory for ambitious free market reforms that would lift everything from financial and currency restrictions to administrative controls on foreign investment.上海自由贸易区于2013年9月挂牌成立,它曾被誉为一场雄心勃勃的自由市场改革实验,将解除各种管制,从金融和外汇管制,到针对外商投资的行政控制。But investors have been mostly disappointed by the zone, saying it provides almost no advantages for foreign or domestic companies operating there.但投资者大多对这个自贸区感到失望,称其对在里面运营的国内外公司几乎没提供任何优势。There are virtually no business or investment activities permitted in the Shanghai zone that are not also allowed in the rest of China, and the reforms that have been announced so far have been tiny and incremental.在上海自贸区内获准进行的商业或投资活动,基本上在中国境内其他地方也可进行,而且已经宣布的改革迄今是小打小闹和循序渐进的。The zone has also faced opposition from local officials, as well as some ministries in charge of financial and economic oversight, and an alleged corruption scandal saw the removal of one of its most senior officials.除了一些负责金融和经济控管的部委反对之外,上海自贸区还面临着地方官员的反对,而自贸区的一位高官因涉嫌卷入一场腐败丑闻已被撤职。 /201412/348822

  Not content with a 6.4 per cent tumble last Friday to cap off the worst week since the financial crisis, the Shanghai Composite chose to push the envelope today, chalking up a 7.4 per cent fall to 4,192.88.上周五,上综指收跌6.4%,为金融危机以来表现最糟糕的一周画上了句号。今日,该指数选择挑战一下极限,以7.4%这一更大的跌幅收盘,最终收至4192.88点。At an intra-day low of 4,139.53, the index was down as much as 8.57 per cent.该指数今日盘中一度跌至4139.53点,跌幅高达8.57%。The 7.4 per cent fall now ranks as the second-biggest fall this year for Shanghai stocks, behind a 7.7 per cent plunge on January 19. It also makes the cut as the fifth-biggest daily fall since 2000 (see table). The index is now down 18.8 per cent since a multi-year closing high of 5,166.35.上综指今日的下跌创下今年以来上海股市第二大单日跌幅(1月19日下跌7.7%),也是2000年以来的第五大单日跌幅(见图表)。上综指现在已较5166.35点的多年收盘价高点下跌了18.8%。That leaves the index very close to entering bear market territory, defined as a decline of 20 per cent from a peak.该指数非常接近于进入熊市,熊市的定义是自峰值水平下跌20%。On an intra-day basis, the Shanghai Composite did enter a bear market, with a fall of 20.06 per cent from an intra-day high of 5,178.191 on June 12 to today#39;s intra-day low. On a closing basis, the level for a bear market is 4,133.08.按盘中价格计算,上综指其实已步入熊市,从6月12日5178.19点的盘中高点到今日的盘中低点,跌幅已达20.06%。按收盘价计算,要达到熊市标准,收盘点位需要达到4133.08点。The Shenzhen Composite is aly growling, down 20.3 per cent from its June 12 record close of 3,140.663. The tech-heavy index closed 7.87 per cent lower at 2,502.96 for its biggest one-day drop since June 10, 2008, and its third-biggest one-day fall since 2000 (see table).深综指已从6月12日3140.66点的创纪录收盘点位下跌20.3%。成份股中科技股众多的该指数今日收跌7.87%,至2502.96点,为自2008年6月10日以来最大单日跌幅,也是自2000年以来第三大单日跌幅。For the week, the Shanghai Composite was down 6.37 per cent and the Shenzhen Composite was down 8.72 per cent, for the first back-to-back weekly declines since early February.本周,上综指累计下跌6.37%,深综指累计下跌8.72%,这是自2月初以来首次出现连续两周下跌。On a back-of-the-envelope calculation (relax, I#39;m using a spsheet), today#39;s fall wiped a combined 7bn in market capitalisation from the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges.粗略算来,今天的下跌导致沪深两市市值蒸发了7670亿美元。During China#39;s bull market of 2006-07, the Shanghai Composite suffered six corrections greater than 10 per cent (see squiggle chart). That includes a decline from mid-October to the end of November 2007 that wiped off 21.15 per cent. Although the index managed to recover some poise after that, the bear market had begun, and the index then sank for the next 12 months as the financial crisis took hold.2006-07年的中国牛市期间,上综指曾经历6次跌幅超过10%的调整(见图表),其中包括从2007年10月中旬到11月底的一轮下跌行情,那次的跌幅达21.15%。尽管该指数在那之后有所企稳,但沪市却开始步入熊市,随着金融危机站稳脚跟,该指数在接下来的12个月里一路下跌。In other words, during that previous bull market, there was no sustainable recovery from a correction as deep as the one Chinese investors are experiencing now. It remains to be seen whether that pattern will play out this time around.换句话说,在那次牛市中,中国投资者在遭遇和这次同等幅度的调整后,并没有迎来可持续的反弹。这一次,这一幕是否会重演,还有待观察。 /201506/383360



  IN THE White House she was an icon of style, the elegant embodiment of American aristocracy. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy, who died 20 years ago this month, was presented to the world by her husband’s slick PR team as a blue-blood who traced her lineage back to 16th-century French nobility.在白宫,她是时尚的象征,美国贵族优雅的化身。她就是美国前总统约翰#8226;肯尼迪的妻子杰奎琳#8226;李#8226;布维尔#8226;肯尼迪。今年五月,距杰奎琳离世已有20年,在肯尼迪的技法娴熟的公关团队宣传中,杰奎琳留给世人的形象是出身高贵,血统可追溯至16世纪的法国贵族。But a shocking new biography reveals that the girl who grew up to be queen of President John F Kennedy’s fabled Camelot was not what she appeared.但是,这个说法遭到了挑战。据美国媒体报道,一本关于杰奎琳的新传记披露了一些令人震撼的故事,指出这位成长为肯尼迪总统神话般的“卡米洛特”的王后实际上并非表面所呈现的那样。Jackie’s ancestors were peasants and her father was a bisexual alcoholic gambler who drank himself to an early grave, claims the book Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams, by Danforth Prince and Darwin Porter.Before reigning over the White House Jackie had spent her youth auditioning a succession of America’s wealthiest eligible bachelors in a mercenary search for a rich husband, ultimately losing her virginity in a lift caught between floors.这本传记的名字叫做《杰奎琳#8226;肯尼迪#8226;奥纳西斯:做梦都想不到的人生》(Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams),作者是丹福思#8226;普林斯和达尔文#8226;波特。书中称,杰奎琳先祖都是农民,父亲则是个风流成性的酒鬼赌徒,且因嗜酒而早逝。而杰奎琳本人在入主白宫前,把大好青春流连于一个个美国的富有单身汉之间,只为找一个有钱的丈夫,最终在一辆停着的电梯里失去贞操。“Jackie’s aristocratic heritage was total fantasy in the same way that Jackie created the myth of Camelot at the White House,” says Porter. “It never existed.“She wasn’t happy in her marriage to Jack Kennedy and before he became president she wanted a divorce. Jack’s father Joe Kennedy offered her million to stay knowing that a divorce would destroy Jack’s political future.”“杰奎琳的贵族血统完全是虚构的,和杰奎琳创造了白宫的卡米洛特神话一样,压根没存在过。”传记作者之一波特说。“在同杰克#8226;肯尼迪的婚姻生活中,她并不快乐。肯尼迪成为总统前,她曾想离婚。但肯尼迪的父亲乔#8226;肯尼迪知道离婚会毁掉肯尼迪的政治生涯,于是给了她100万美元,让她继续留在肯尼迪身边。”Jackie was born in 1929 to Wall Street broker John Bouvier III, known to his friends and foes as “Black Jack” because of his dark complexion, destructive gambling addiction and his black heart.杰奎琳生于1929年,他的父亲是华尔街的经纪人约翰#8226;布维尔三世,因皮肤黝黑、好赌成瘾和黑心肠,他在朋友和敌人那里得了个绰号叫“黑杰克”。“He was a hedonist, a rogue, a gambler, a scoundrel, a rascal, a libertine and a heartbreaker,” says Porter. “He led a dissolute life which featured promiscuous sex and reckless spending.”“他是一个享乐主义者,混混,赌徒,恶棍,无赖,浪荡子和负心汉。他过着荒淫的生活,性滥交和挥霍无度构成了他生活的主体。”波特说。He married wealthy heiress Janet Lee who claimed to be descended from the prestigious American “Lees of Maryland” but Porter reveals: “Actually she was descended from Irish immigrants who had fled the potato famine.”他与有钱的女继承人珍妮特#8226;李结婚,这位女人自称是颇有名望的美国“马里兰李家”的后裔,但波特揭道:“事实上,她只是从爱尔兰大饥荒中逃荒过来的爱尔兰移民的后裔。”Jackie grew up on the 14-acre estate of her grandfather Major Bouvier who built an English manor house to embody his family’s supposedly noble history. “They wanted it to appear that they had breeding, power and money for centuries but their genealogy was invented,” says Porter.杰奎琳成长于她祖父梅杰#8226;布维尔的14英亩庄园里,梅杰建了一座英伦庄园来凸显其家族的光辉历史。“他们想向外界展示,他们已经积累了几个世纪的权力和金钱,但他们的血统是虚构的。”波特说。“The Major traced his family back to French aristocracy but they were actually cabinet makers, maids, ironmongers, tailors, shopkeepers, tavern owners, farmers and chimney sweeps. He even created a fake coat of arms.”“梅杰吹嘘自己的家族可追溯到法国的贵族,但这个家族的人实际上只是些家具木工,女佣,五金店生意人,裁缝,零售商,酒馆主人,农民和扫烟囱的人。他甚至刻了一个假族徽。”Jackie’s parents divorced when she was only 11 and while her mother remarried wealthy investment banker Hugh Auchincloss, her father Black Jack descended into debauchery. “That’s what Jackie grew up expecting of a man,” says Porter. “So when she married JFK’s infidelities didn’t seem unusual.”杰奎琳11岁的时候父母离异,母亲与富有的投资家休#8226;奥金克洛斯再婚,父亲黑杰克则堕落于酒色。“那就是杰奎琳长大后期待男人,所以当她嫁给不忠的肯尼迪似乎没有什么不寻常。”When Black Jack first met his prospective son-in-law in 1953, despite his own invented nobility he looked down on the former Irish bootlegger turned US senator’s son calling Kennedy a “goddamn Mick”.当黑杰克1953年第一次见到他未来的女婿时,并不在乎自己虚假的血统,反而瞧不起前爱尔兰走私贩、美国参议员的儿子,并称呼肯尼迪“该死的杰克”。Black Jack’s many lovers included songwriter Cole Porter who claimed that “one night Black Jack and JFK got really drunk and arranged for a showgirl hooker to visit. Both of them seduced this girl in the same bed.”黑杰克的众多情人之一歌曲作家科尔#8226;波特曾说:“一个晚上,黑杰克和肯尼迪喝得伶仃大醉,然后安排了一个歌舞。他们在同一张床上与这名发生了关系。”Black Jack died of liver cancer in 1957. At his funeral Jackie’s cousin Edie Beale recalled: “She didn’t shed a tear.” Black Jack had been ostracised by Jackie when she came out as debutante of the year in 1947 at 18 and she set about finding a suitable husband, racing through America’s most eligible wealthy young men.黑杰克1857年死于肝癌。杰奎琳的堂兄伊迪#8226;比尔回忆说:“她(杰奎琳)(在父亲葬礼上)没有流一滴眼泪。”实际上,黑杰克已被杰奎琳排斥,1947年18岁的她成为初入上流社会的少女,开始着手在美国最合格最富有的年轻男子中物色合适的丈夫。She charmed her way into European high society and family connections got her invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Expressing her honour at meeting Winston Churchill he flirtatiously replied: “If only I were 40 years younger I might honour you in another way.”杰奎琳用自己的方式获得了欧洲上流社会的亲睐,并得以应邀参加白金汉宫(英国皇宫)的游园会。她在见温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔时向他表达崇敬,丘吉尔轻佻地回答说:“要是我再年轻40岁,我可能会以另一种方式向你致意。”She studied in France, romancing students, ski instructors, intellectuals and Parisian high society. During a party at Lady Astor’s stately home Cliveden in Buckinghamshire she disappeared into a bedroom with Hollywood legend Douglas Fairbanks Jr.在法国求学期间,杰奎琳经常往返于巴黎上流社会。在阿斯特子爵夫人的白金汉郡奢侈庄园克莱夫登举行的派对期间,她曾与好莱坞名宿道格拉斯#8226;费尔班克斯一起消失在一间卧房。Though Jackie claimed to have been Kennedy’s virgin bride she was deflowered years earlier by French novelist’s son John Marquand Jr in a stalled lift. “She was so hot to trot she couldn’t wait until I got inside my apartment,” revealed Marquand who deliberately stopped the lift between floors. “I figured I’d better go for it before she changed her mind.”杰奎琳声称自己是肯尼迪的处女新娘,但实际上早在结婚前几年就被法国长篇小说家的儿子约翰#8226;马昆德在停着的电梯里夺去贞洁。“她如此热情地慢跑,等不及进到我的公寓。”马昆德故意把电梯停在某一楼层。“我想,我最好在她改变主意前放手去做。”Her long-time friend novelist Truman Capote said: “Virginity was something Jackie wanted to get rid of as soon as possible.”When Jackie returned to the US her mother “slapped her on both cheeks” demanding that she end the affair because Marquand’s family was “poor as church mice”, claims the book.杰奎琳的老朋友,小说家杜鲁门#8226;卡波特说:“贞洁是杰奎琳想尽快摆脱的东西。”传记中写道,杰奎琳回到美国后,她的母亲“扇了她两个脸颊”,要求她停止与马昆德的风流韵事,因为马昆德的家庭“像教堂的老鼠一般穷”。Jackie was introduced at a dinner party to John F Kennedy, a US senator from one of America’s richest families. “Jack was a skirt chaser and I knew that if he wanted to become president he’d have to find the perfect wife,” said JFK’s friend Charles Bartlett, who played Cupid.再后来,杰奎琳被介绍参加晚宴派对,与来自当时美国最富有家族的肯尼迪结识。“肯尼迪是个好色之徒,而且我知道,如果他想成为总统,就不得不找一个完美的妻子。”肯尼迪的朋友查尔斯#8226;巴特利特说,他在两人间扮演了丘比特的角色。But that night Jackie drove home with her boyfriend stockbroker John Husted. They then became engaged over her mother’s objections that his banking family didn’t have enough money to treat her royally.但宴会当晚,杰奎琳却开车与男朋友股票经纪人约翰#8226;赫斯特德一同回了家。后来更在杰奎琳母亲的强烈反对下订婚,她母亲认为赫斯特德不够有钱。Husted recalled passionate love-making sessions unaware that Jackie was cheating on him with Kennedy. After dinner with Husted one night Jackie gave him a tame kiss on the cheek and slipped her engagement ring into his coat pocket.赫斯特德回忆说,他和杰奎琳翻云覆雨之时,并没察觉到杰奎琳正在背着他与肯尼迪交往。某天晚上,杰奎琳与赫斯特德用过晚餐后,杰奎琳在赫斯特德面颊上平淡一吻,并有意把订婚戒指落在了赫斯特德的上衣口袋。Yet it had not been love at first sight for Jackie or JFK. They met three times before he began showing a romantic interest. Taking her yachting she was unimpressed to see him in a swimsuit, recording in her diary: “He has a funny body, skinny with toothpick legs.”Despite her concerns about Kennedy’s notorious womanising they were engaged in June 1953 and wed three months later.因此,杰奎琳或肯尼迪并非一见钟情。在肯尼迪对杰奎琳有兴趣前,他们已见过3次。杰奎琳甚至在日记中说:“他(肯尼迪)的身体很滑稽,腿瘦得像牙签。”虽然她担忧肯尼迪的放荡成性,但还是在1953年6月与他订婚,并在3个月后正式结婚。On their honeymoon night in New York Jackie donned a see-through negligee but waited in bed for an hour and a half while Kennedy made phone calls. When he finally came to bed Kennedy complained of his bad back, made brief love, rolled over and fell asleep. The marriage went downhill from there.在纽约度蜜月期间的一个晚上,杰奎琳披着透明内衣,但躺在床上等了一个半小时,肯尼迪才打完电话。当肯尼迪上床后,又抱怨背疼,最后草草了事后就翻身进入梦乡。两人的婚姻自那以后开始每况愈下。Kennedy was infamous for his affairs with lovers including Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich and they had only been married months when Jackie walked in on JFK receiving the sort of favour from a secretary that Monica Lewinsky later reserved for President Clinton. “You must have known when you married me I can never be faithful,” Kennedy pleaded. “I can’t help myself. It’s a compulsion.”因与玛丽莲#8226;梦露和玛琳#8226;黛德丽有私情,肯尼迪臭名远播。而且,结婚没过几个月,杰奎琳就撞见肯尼迪与秘书眉来眼去。肯尼迪还自辩解说:“你和我结婚的时候就肯定知道我不可能忠诚。我管不住自己。这是强迫症。”Following two miscarriages, plunging into depression with “the world’s worst husband” Jackie was sent to Valleyhead Psychiatric Clinic in Massachusetts where she received electro-shock therapy she called “the nightmare ride of my life”.随着两次流产,杰奎琳为“世上最糟糕的丈夫”而陷入抑郁,一度进入马萨诸塞州一家精神病诊所接受电击疗法治疗,杰奎琳称这段时间“梦魇驾驭了我的生活。”Talked out of divorce Jackie returned to her marriage finding solace in her own infidelities with actor William Holden and Fiat car boss Gianni Agnelli.After JFK’s assassination in 1963 her lovers included Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra and her two brothers-in-law Robert Kennedy and Peter Lawford, the book claims.杰奎琳或许以自己的出轨找到了些许安慰,她与演员威廉#8226;霍尔登和菲亚特汽车公司老板詹尼#8226;阿涅利都有绯闻。传记中称,1963年肯尼迪遇刺身亡后,杰奎琳的情人包括马龙#8226;白兰度、保罗#8226;纽曼、法兰克#8226;辛纳屈,以及她的两个小叔子 罗伯特#8226;肯尼迪和彼特#8226;劳福德。“She wasn’t happy at all married to JFK,” says Porter. “She agreed to stay married as long as Jack’s affairs stayed private but he was constantly humiliating her. Their happy marriage like Jackie’s ancestry and the modern-day Camelot was a myth.”波特说:“与肯尼迪结婚她始终没得到幸福,她同意维持这段婚姻,只要肯尼迪保自己的私情不公开,但他却不断地羞辱她。他们的幸福婚姻就像杰奎琳的血统和当代的卡米洛特一样,只是个神话。 /201405/298733

  A supplier to McDonald’s and KFC in China has been accused of supplying rotting meat and falsifying expiry dates, writes Lucy Hornby.麦当劳(McDonald’s)、肯德基(KFC)中国业务的一家供应商被指供应变质肉类和篡改保质期。The Shanghai food safety watchdog said yesterday it had closed a US-owned meat and poultry processor in the outskirts of the city after a television station caught it putting new labels on expired meat.上海市食药监部门昨日表示,已查封市郊一家美资肉类和家禽加工企业,此前该企业被电视台曝光在过期肉类产品上贴新标签。KFC and McDonald’s apologised to customers.肯德基和麦当劳已向顾客致歉。Generally, foreign food companies are seen in a better light than domestic competitors but local media reports have clouded that reputation.民众通常对国外食品企业比国内竞争对手投以更信任的目光,但当地媒体的报道为这一声誉蒙上阴影。A probe 18 months ago found excessive antibiotic use by a supplier of poultry to KFC, the fried chicken chain owned by Yum Brands. China accounted for 35 per cent of Yum’s operating profit in 2013.18个月前一项调查发现,百胜(Yum Brands)旗下的肯德基的一家家禽供应商过度使用抗生素。2013年百胜在华营业利润占其总营业利润的35%。“Once the news gets out it is going to be difficult for them to convince Chinese consumers that [KFC] can put the needed checks in place on their suppliers,” said Ben Cavendar, analyst at China Market Research.中国市场研究(China Market Research)的分析师本#8226;凯文德(Ben Cavendar)说:“新闻一旦传出,他们很难再说中国消费者(肯德基)有能力对供应商进行必要检查。”Supply chains have scaled up quickly in China and food safety is a perennial issue. But in the latest case the processor, Shanghai Husi Food, a subsidiary of Illinois-based OSI, has been in operation almost two decades.中国的食品供应链规模扩张迅速,但长期存在食品安全问题。不过在最新这起事故中,涉事加工商上海福喜食品有限公司(Shanghai Husi Food)为总部位于美国伊利诺伊州的OSI集团的子公司,已运营近20年。“We are working with government departments and an investigation is under way,” said an employee at the Husi plant in the Shanghai suburb of Jiading.在位于上海市郊嘉定区的福喜工厂内,一名员工说:“我们正配合政府部门的调查。”OSI began supplying McDonald’s in China in the early 1990s, when the fast food group ventured into the country only to discover that local supply chains did not exist. It operates eight meat or poultry processing plants in mainland China.20世纪90年代初麦当劳进入中国市场,结果发现当地没有任何供应链,OSI便成了这家快餐集团的供应商。该集团在中国内地经营着8家肉类或家禽加工厂。In January Walmart recalled “five spice” donkey meat from stores in China after fox DNA was found.今年1月沃尔玛(Walmart)在华门店所销售“五香驴肉”被检测出狐狸DNA,随后该产品被召回。Yum said on the Weibo instant messaging site it had suspended supply from Husi’s Shanghai plant.百胜发微宣布,已停用上海福喜供应的肉类食品原料。McDonald’s said it had suspended sourcing from the plant, and expected a shortage in some items.麦当劳称,已停用上海福喜供应的所有食品原料,预期会出现某些原料断货的情况。KFC and McDonald’s restaurants in Beijing appeared to be as busy as usual, although some customers said they were sticking with drinks.北京的肯德基和麦当劳餐厅依然如往常一样繁忙 ,尽管有些顾客表示他们只点饮料。“What can you do?” sighed one mother after buying a chicken burger for her son at a McDonald’s in an underground mall in Beijing. “You can only avoid the food for a while.”“你能怎么办?”在北京一家地下商场的麦当劳里,一位母亲给儿子买了个鸡肉汉堡后叹气道,“你只能暂时不吃而已。”Another hamburger muncher snarled: “Can you please not talk about this while I am eating?”另一位正在大嚼汉堡的人咆哮道:“你能别在我吃的时候谈这个吗?” /201407/314560

  As Congress scrambles to lift the nation#39;s borrowing limit and avoid the risks of defaulting on its debt, billionaire investor Warren Buffett joined critics of the debt ceiling, calling the 1930s law originally intended to give the government more flexibility to borrow funds ;a weapon of mass destruction.;就在美国国会为提高政府债务上限并避免违约风险而挣扎的时候,亿万富翁、投资人沃伦?巴菲特也加入了批评债务上限政策的行列,他把后者称为“大规模杀伤性武器”。这项政策制定于20世纪30年代,本意是为政府在筹款方面提供更大的灵活性。;It really is like a nuclear bomb,; says Buffett on Wednesday at Fortune#39;s annual Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C.;It#39;s something that maybe you talk about but never dream of using.;巴菲特在华盛顿召开的《财富》最具影响力女性峰会(Most Powerful Women Summit)上说:“它就象一颗原子弹,你可能会提起它,但绝不希望真正用到它。”Buffett#39;s not alone. He joins the likes of U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who argue the debt ceiling makes no sense and wishes it didn#39;t exist. In recent years, politicos (ahem, Republicans) have gotten in the awful habit of framing the debt ceiling as a debate over excessive government spending, when in fact, the law has nothing to do with future spending. The debt ceiling simply gives the U.S. Treasury the flexibility to borrow for spending that Congress has aly approved.并不是只有巴菲特一个人持有这种观点。美联储(U.S. Federal Reserve)主席本?伯南克等人也已表示,债务上限毫无意义,本来就不该存在。近年来,政客们(或者说共和党人)养成了一个坏毛病,那就是把债务上限定义为就政府超展开辩论。而实际上,这项法律和政府未来的开毫无瓜葛。债务上限的作用只是让财政部能够灵活地为国会已经批准的出项目筹款。Despite all the fear and political wrangling in Washington, Buffett says it#39;s ;absolutely folly; to even think the U.S. will default on its debt because ;it is so stupid.;尽管人们都很担心,尽管国会议员们吵作一团,巴菲特却认为,光是美国将违约这个念头就“愚蠢透顶”,因为“这个想法非常愚蠢”。In true Buffett fashion, the Oracle of Omaha had positive views of the U.S. economy. The recovery hasn#39;t stalled, and it#39;s still a good time to invest.这位来自奥马哈的先知用极富个人色的方式表达了对美国经济的乐观看法——复苏并未停止,现在仍然是投资的好时候。;The country is coming back,; he says. ;You can#39;t stop the ed States. We get through everything. The country works.;他说:“美国正在恢复元气。没有人能阻止美国前进。我们可以排除一切困难。这个国家运转正常。”The Dow sank to 100 at the time, but he says that didn#39;t discourage him from investing in the stock market. He has been buying stocks since.巴菲特回忆说,他在1942年4月买了第一只股票,当时美国刚刚因为珍珠港事件而加入二战。那时道琼斯指数跌到了100点,但巴菲特说,这并没有妨碍他投资股市。从那以后,他一直在买入股票。A lesson for investors: ;You want to be greedy when others are fearful ... I#39;ve got plenty of greed.;他告诫投资者:“其他人都害怕时你要变得贪心起来……而我一直都很贪心。”Buffett touched on several other topics, from the economic rise of China to women in corporate America. On China, he says the world#39;s second-biggest economy will be ;enormously important and they should be,; but the U.S. will be ;the superpower of the world for a very, very, very long time.巴菲特还谈到了其他一些问题,比如中国经济的崛起以及美国的职业女性。他说,中国这个世界第二大经济体将变得“非常重要,而且也应该如此”,但美国“在今后非常、非常长的一段时间里仍然将是超级大国”。;What#39;s important is that the two countries largely learn to live together,; says Buffett about tensions between the U.S. and China.谈到中美之间的紧张关系,他认为:“重要的是,总的来说这两个国家正在学习如何共存。”Widely considered the best investor of the 20th Century, Buffett, 83, attributes part of his success to luck and timing. He built his career at a time when most women were either teachers or nurses or secretaries or housewives. ;I was lucky I was only competing with half the country,; he says, adding that he#39;s focused on attracting more talented women to his firm, Berkshire Hathaway.外界普遍认为巴菲特是20世纪最出色的投资人,但83岁的巴菲特把自己的成功归结于运气和时机。他的事业刚刚起步时,大多数美国女性还都是教师、护士、秘书或者家庭主妇。巴菲特说:“我很幸运,因为只有一半的美国人和我竞争。”他还说,一直以来他的一项重点工作就是吸引更多有才干的女性进入他的公司——伯克希尔-哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)。;Berkshire is going to prove that a lot of talented women could accomplish a whole lot.;“伯克希尔要明,许多能干的女性都可以取得非常高的成就。” /201310/262492

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