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Page: 19He will give his hat to the man.He is giving his hat to the man.He gave it to the man.He gave it to him.It is in the man hands now.Page: The man will give his hat to the woman.He is giving his hat to the woman.He gave it to the woman.He gave it to her.It is in the woman hands now.Page: 1The woman will put the hat on the table.She is putting it on the table.She put it there.It was in her hand.It is on the table.Page: This is a ship.These are ships.This ship is in the bottle.These ships are on the water.This is water.Page: 3This is water.This is a bottle.The bottle is in a man hand.This is a glass.It is on the table.Now the glass is off the table.The glass and water are on the floor.Page: This is a bottle and this is a bottle.This and this are bottles.This is a glass and this is a glass.These are glasses.That is a bird and that is a bird.Those are birds.They are birds.That man and that woman are there.This man and this woman are here.Page: 5This is a man.These are his arms.These are his legs.These are his feet.This is an arm.This is a leg.This is a foot.This is a table.These are its legs.Its feet are on the floor.This is a seat.These are its arms.These are its legs.Its feet are on the floor. 3863讲解Today key word is PeePee p-e-e小便 嘘嘘When someone pees, they urinate(小便).Here is an example:I must go a pee.我得去小便 不要惊讶,没错,我们今天要说的就是 Pee Pee. Dont be shy. So what do you think about peeing in the shower? Is that acceptable? It is debatable! So let talk! those who pee in the shower: They will say “it is natural, it is called being a human being!” If you suddenly want to pee during a shower, you will get water all over your toilet which you will then have to clean.It wastes time and toilet paper. Think about the environment! Every little bit helps. And peeing in the shower doesnt mean youre dirty, use your soap! No matter whether you pee in your toilet or pee in the shower, they go to the same place eventually!他们都会流到下水道去Everybody has done that once or twice, be honest with yourself! And by the way, did you ever pee in a public swimming pool when you are a kid? Dont be afraid to be a human being! But those who are against peeing in the shower. It is unbelievable! Filthy! (肮脏的) There is a reason why we have a toilet at home! Use it please! And peeing in the shower? Are you trying to get clean or dirty? Oh my goodness! Would you ever put your foot inside your toilet? No! 6371大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:When do people have two mouth?什么时候人们有两张嘴?下面给大家揭晓:When there’s two of them 有两个人时!词汇:mouth v.不出声说;装腔作势地说;喃喃地说The nurse mouthed the word ;quiet;.护士以口形默示;安静;(不出声说)I dislike lecturers who mouth their speeches.我不喜欢夸夸其谈的演讲者(装腔作势地说)词组:close one mouth 闭嘴keep one mouth shut 守口如瓶shoot off one mouth 信口开河,夸夸其谈mouth off 大发议论下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:How many sides does a circle have? 圆圈有几边?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 0191President Xi speech (English translation): 习近平国宴致辞选段Friends, people have walked out of the war and conflicts and we are now entering the time of peace, development, cooperation and win-win. We have shared interests and we are stakeholders. This year marks the 70 anniversary of the founding of the ed Nations. China and the UK are both the founding member and the member of Security Council and we share the sacred responsibility of the world peace and development.As a representative of both developing countries and developed countries, both China and UK are facing a critical time development. There was once a saying in China that: ;You have to seize the time.; And you have a similar saying in English that is: ;The wise man has to seize the opporty and turn it into a brighter future.This year marks the beginning of the second decade of the China, UK comprehensive strategic partnership. Both of us should seize the opporty and march hand-in-hand a brighter future.Vocabulary:Stakeholder, seize 1

讲解Today key word is HomelessHomeless h-o-m-e-l-e-s-s无家可归的Homeless people have nowhere to live.Here is an example:In the worst-case scenario, you could become a homeless person. 最坏的情况是你可能会无家可归 无家可归的人不仅中国有,欧美国家也是存在的全世界的homeless给人的印象大都是邋遢,可怜,蓬头垢面,露宿街头Yes,although our society is developing, there are still lots of homeless people around us. But 意大利的流浪者这次不一样了! In , a 36 year old Italian man couldnt afd anything to eat, so he stole less than five dollars worth of cheese and sausages from a supermarket. He was caught and sentenced to a fine of 0 euros and six months in prison.因为偷了不到5美元的食物,就被判罚款0欧元,加6个月监禁也是让人惋惜啊 However, his fate has been changed this week.意大利最高法院宣布了一条新规定:Stealing a little food should not be considered a crime if you really need it.如果你特别需要食物的时候偷一点点不能叫做犯罪 What do you think of this rule?无家可归的人实在没办法了 所以去偷一点点食物来填饱肚子,这样算不算犯罪,应不应该受到谴责呢? 785

I mentioned bee that I was in Europe. It not the first time that I was in Europe, I was in Europe many years ago with Ernest Hemingway. 我前面提到我去过欧洲,那不是我第一次去欧洲,许多年以前,我在欧洲跟厄内斯特·海明威在一起Hemingway had just written his first novel, and Gertrude Stein and I it, and we said that is was a good novel, but not a great one, and that it needed some work, but it could be a fine book.海明威刚写完他的第一部长篇小说,葛楚德·斯坦因【1】和我读了一下,我们说那是一部好小说,但还称不上伟大,需要有所改进,但仍不失为一本好书And we laughed over it. Hemingway punched me in the mouth.为此我们笑了起来,海明威照着我嘴巴就是一拳That winter Picasso lived on the Rue dBarque, and he had just painted a picture of a naked dental hygienist in the middle of the Gobi Desert.那年冬天,毕加索住在巴克街,他刚画完一幅画——戈壁沙漠中的裸体牙齿卫生师Gertrude Stein said it was a good picture, but not a great one, and I said it could be a fine picture.葛楚德·斯坦因说那是一幅好画,但还称不上伟大,我说那仍不失为一幅好画We laughed over it and Hemingway punched me in the mouth.为此我们笑了起来,海明威照着我嘴巴就是一拳I remember Francis Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald came home from their wild New Year Eve party. It was April.弗朗西斯·斯科特和泽尔达·菲茨杰拉德【】从他们疯狂的新年除夕晚会回家,那是在四月份Scott had just written Great Expectations, and Gertrude Stein and I it, and we said it was a good book, but there was no need to have written it, cause Charles Dickens had aly written it.斯科特刚写完《远大前程【3】,葛楚德·斯坦因和我读了一下,我们说那是一本好书,但是没必要写它,因为查尔斯·狄更斯已经写过了We laughed over it, and Hemingway punched me in the mouth.为此我们笑了起来,海明威照着我嘴巴就是一拳That winter we went to Spain to see Manolete fight, and he was looked to be eighteen, and Gertrude Stein said no, he was nineteen, but that he only looked eighteen, and I said sometimes a boy of eighteen will look nineteen, whereas other times a nineteen year old can easily look eighteen.有年冬天我们去西班牙看马诺来特【】斗牛,他看上去像是18岁,葛楚德·斯坦因说不,他是19岁,他只是看起来像18岁我说有时一个18岁的男孩看起来像是19岁,而有时一个19岁的男孩很容易被看成是18岁That the way it is with a true Spaniard. We laughed over that and Gertrude Stein punched me in the mouth.真正的西班牙人就是这个样子为此我们笑了起来,葛楚德·斯坦因照着我嘴巴就是一拳Good night.晚安 373639

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