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宝鸡市市中心医院消化病属于几级西安市儿童医院胃肠科1.Cyber Sickness1.晕屏症Also called ;digital motion sickness,; symptoms that range from headaches to woozy feelings can occur when you quickly scroll on your smart phone or watch action-packed on your screen.这种病也被称为;数字晕车;,症状包括头痛、甚至出现头昏眼花的感觉,这种病可能会发生在你快速刷屏或者看让人觉得很刺激的视频的时候。The sensation results from a mismatch between sensory inputs, Steven Rauch, medical director of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Balance and Vestibular Center and a professor of otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School, told the New York Times.这种感觉是由感官输入的不匹配引起的,马萨诸塞州眼科顾问、来自哈佛大学医学院耳鼻喉科的教授史蒂芬·劳奇对《纽约时报》说道。;Your sense of balance is different than other senses in that it has lots of inputs,; he said. ;When those inputs don#39;t agree, that#39;s when you feel dizziness and nausea.; In other words, you experience a ;sensory conflict; when you see an active motion but don#39;t physically feel it.;与其他感官不同,当有大量信息输入时,人的平衡感会发生改变。;他说,;当输入无效的时候,你就会感到头晕甚至恶心。;换句话说,当你看到一种主动行为而身体却没办法感受到的时候,你就会有一种;感官冲突;的感觉。Digital motion sickness can happen to anyone, though studies reveal the affliction effects more women than men. Those who have a history of migraines are also more susceptible.数字晕车这种病在任何人的身上都有可能发生,研究表明,就这种病的发病率而言,女性比男性更高。那些有偏头痛病史的人也同样容易的患这种病。2.Text Claw2.手机依赖症Avid texters and Candy Crush enthusiasts may be subject to text claw, the unofficial term for soreness and cramping felt in the fingers, wrist and forearm after heavy smartphone use. Any specific motor activity can cause pain in the tendons and muscles when done repeatedly, so if you#39;re always on your phone, it makes sense to feel discomfort in your hands and forearm.拇指族或者玩太多的糖果大冒险游戏的人都容易得手机依赖症。所谓;手机依赖症;,是对玩手机过多而导致手指、手腕和前臂疼痛甚至出现痉挛的非官方说法。任何不断重复的机械动作都会使经脉跟肌肉感到疼痛。所以如果你还是整天玩手机的话,那你的手跟手臂酸痛就说得通了。There#39;s not much to be done for preventing the pain (unless you#39;d like to stop using your devices!), but there are ways to alleviate it. Hand stretches, massage and hot/cold treatment can help.对于这种痛没有什么补救办法(除非你别用那些设备了!),但是有很多办法可以减轻。手部拉伸与以及冷热处理都能有所帮助。3.Eye Strain3.眼睛疲劳Do you stare at a screen for hours on end? If you#39;re ing this, you very well might. Any activity that requires active use of your eyes -- driving, ing and writing included -- cancause eye fatigue. Staring at your digital devices for long periods of time can lead to sore, irritated and dry eyes, headaches and fatigue, which, in turn, can decrease your productivity. In most cases, eye strain is not a serious issue and can be rectified with ;screen breaks,; or just taking some time out from the Google machine.你是不是会一直盯着手机屏幕好几个小时?如果你会的话, 你很可能会眼睛疲劳。任何活动都需要用到眼睛,比如开车、读书还有写东西,这些都会导致眼睛疲劳。长时间盯着你的电子设备会导致眼睛酸痛、发炎、干涩、头痛以及疲劳,从而降低你的生产能力。大部分情况下,眼睛疲劳并不会太严重,并且不看屏幕了就会得到缓解,或者只要远离谷歌设备一会儿就好了。Experts suggest taking screen breaks every 20 minutes. For 20 seconds, let your eyes scan the room or look out the window and, if they#39;re feeling extra dry, lubricate them with some eye drops.专家建议每20分钟休息一次,停止看屏幕。用20秒钟来看看你的房间或者窗外,如果你还觉得眼睛有点干涩的话,再滴两滴眼药水。4.Text Neck4.短信脖Similar to the claw, text neck -- discomfort in the neck and spine -- happens when you spend long periods of time looking down at your smartphone.;It is an epidemic or, at least, it#39;s very common,; Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, told The Washington Post. ;Just look around you, everyone has their heads down.; We#39;re certainly in an era of smartphone obsession.短信脖跟手机依赖症有点相似,即指颈部跟脊椎的不适,是由于你长时间看手机而导致的。;这是一种流行性的,或者说,至少是很常见的病,; 纽约脊柱外科和康复医学科的主任医师肯尼斯·罕斯拉杰对华盛邮报说道:;看看你周围,每个人都低着个头。;我们已经处在一个对手机极度痴迷的时代了。And according to expert calculations, the angle at which our big heads look down forces our spine to bear the weight of approximately 60 pounds. The habit may lead to people requiring medical spine care at a younger age. Being mindful of how far your neck bends when you#39;re on your phone -- and bending it back to an upright position -- can help reduce the risk of text neck.而据专家测算,我们的头向下看的角度迫使我们的脊柱承受了大约60磅的重量。这个习惯可能会导致人们年轻的时候就已经需要脊柱治疗了。看手机的时候想象你的脖子有多弯曲,然后回到直立状态,这能帮助你减少得短信脖的风险。5.Phantom Vibe5.震动幻觉If you#39;ve ever imagined your phone going off in your pocket, you#39;ve experienced phantom phone vibrations. The phenomenon is incredibly common: One 2012 study revealed that 90 percent of college students experienced the non-existent vibration. Experiencing fake vibes on a routine basis mirrors a kind of compulsive behavior, and can sometimes hint at feelings of anxiety.如果你曾经想象过如果口袋里的手机响了,那你就已经体验过手机虚幻震动了。这种现象非常的常见:2012年的一项研究表明90%的大学生都经历过这种根本就不存在的幻觉。在日常中生活中出现这种幻震反映了一种强迫行为,并且有时会激起你的焦虑感。Reduce these uncomfortable feelings by taking some breaks from your phone: While most of us have our phones nearby for all of our waking hours, doing so is not a necessity for survival. Consider scheduling time to go off the grid and live phone free and set some boundaries for moments and spaces where devices are not welcome. Doing so will keep the ghosts out of your pants.别玩手机了,休息一会儿能帮你减轻这种不适感:我们大多数人在清醒的时候都会把手机放在身边,这样做并不是生存所必须的。考虑一下,安排时间去玩个失踪,远离手机,空出一些远离电子设备的时间或者空间。这样做才会让你不再出现幻觉。6.Damaged sperm6.损伤精子Heat from laptops may damage sperm, according to some research. Notably, in one study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, researchers found that storing sperm samples under a laptop decreased their motility, or ability to move, and led to more DNA damage -- both factors that could hurt the chances of reproduction -- than samples stored normally.一些研究表明,笔记本电脑产生的热量可能会损害到精子。值得注意的是其中一项刊登在《生育与不育》杂志上的研究,研究者们发现,相对正常储存的精子样本来说,在笔记本环境下储存的精子样本能动性(或者说活动能力)降低了,并且导致更多的DNA被破坏了。这两种因素都能影响生殖几率。7.Pedestrian safety7.行人安全Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise because too many smartphone users engage in distracted walking. While focused on the cyber world, many of us can lose reality of the physical one: Researchers say distracted walkers take more time to cross the street and are more likely to neglect traffic lights while less likely to look both ways. Elemental pedestrian safety knowledge is compromised by technology, and the risks are scary. To avoid injury or worse, put your phone away until you#39;ve reached a safe spot.行人死亡人数持续上升,因为太多的手机用户走路的时候还在看手机。专注于网络世界的我们会遗忘这个有形世界的现实:研究者说分心的行人要花更长的时间来过马路,同时更容易忽视红绿灯并且不会去看路的两边。基本的行人安全知识在科技面前都没用,风险太可怕了。为了避免受伤或是更坏的结果,直到抵达安全的地方之前,请把你手机放在口袋里。8.Overeating8.暴饮暴食It#39;s not necessarily the phone itself that can lead to overeating, but a person#39;s digital food porn habit. Research shows that looking at images of caloric food can incite cravings and a person#39;s desire to eat. If you#39;re fallen victim to this diet trap, you might consider unsubscribing to accounts that frequently post irresistible images.其实并不一定是手机本身让人暴饮暴食,而是一个人在玩数字设备时产生饮食欲望的习惯。研究表明,看着那些高热量食物的图片能够激起人们对食物的欲望。如果你正是这种饮食陷阱的受害者的话,你应该要考虑卸载那些频繁发一些让人无法抗拒的图片的软件了。 /201512/415329平凉妇幼保健院肠胃科正规的吗 Think about the last wedding you attended. How many guests had their smartphones out, immortalizing every second of the special day with their digital cameras? Did they keep getting in the way of the professional photographer hired for the event? Did it look something like this?想一下你上次出席婚礼的情景。多少宾客用智能手机摄像头记录了这特殊日子的每个时刻?婚礼聘请的专业摄影师在拍照时,他们是不是经常乱入镜头?有这样的事情发生吗?Thomas Stewart, a 33-year-old wedding photographer from Sydney, Australia, captured this picture at a recent ceremony. Last week, he posted it on his Facebook page, along with a plead for brides and grooms to have ;completely unplugged; ceremonies.33岁的澳大利亚悉尼婚礼摄影师托马斯·斯图尔特在最近的一次婚礼上捕捉到了这一瞬间。上周,斯图尔特把这张照片放在了自己的Facebook主页上,并呼吁大家让新郎新娘可以有一场“告别乱入”的婚礼仪式。;This groom had to lean out past the aisle just to see his bride approaching,; wrote Stewart. ;Why? Because guests with their phones were in the aisle and in his way.斯图尔特写道:“新郎不得不探出身子才能看到缓缓向他走来的新娘。为什么?因为拿着手机的宾客站满了过道,挡住了他的视线。”This kind of thing is a serious hindrance to his job, he said. Guests often get in the way with their cameras and end up ruining many of his shots. More importantly, Stewart added, technology distracts attendees from the true purpose of the event: celebrating the love that two people feel for each other.他说,这类情况很妨碍他的工作。拿着相机的宾客经常闯进他的镜头,所以很多照片拍不好。他表示,更重要的是,宾客来参加婚礼原本是为了祝福两个相爱的人,但科技使他们偏离了这个初衷。That said, there are polite ways for guests to keep their phones on them and subtly take pics at weddings.其实也有礼貌的处理方式,使宾客参加婚礼时可以随身带着手机,适时地拍些照片。Ariane Fisher, a blogger for The Huffington Post and the co-founder of a site that creates wedding s by stitching together footage and photos shot by guests, has a list of tips attendees can follow to snap away without disturbing a ceremony or reception. One piece of advice she shares: Be mindful of the professional photographer.《赫芬顿邮报》客主兼某网站(一家通过剪辑宾客拍的照片制作婚礼视频的网站)创始人艾里安·费希尔给出了一些建议,能让宾客既可以拍照片,又不会妨碍仪式的举行。她分享的建议之一就是:时刻留意专业摄影师。;Some photographers sit in the back of the church and use a long lens to capture the ceremony. Make sure you#39;re not blocking their shot!; she writes.费希尔写道:“有些摄影师会坐在教堂靠后的位置,通过长镜头记录整个宴会现场。你需要确保你没有闯进他们的镜头!”As of Wednesday, Stewart#39;s photo had gained more than 105,000 likes and had been shared by over 70,000 people on Facebook. He told The Huffington Post he was ;pretty amazed; by the attention it#39;s received.截至周三,斯图尔特的这张照片集到了超过10.5万个赞,Facebook转发量超过7万次。他告诉《赫芬顿邮报》,看到这样的关注度,他非常吃惊。 /201511/411136陕西西安高新医院胃肠科收费贵吗

西安市市中心医院胃病胃肠网上预约西安唐都医院肠糜烂肠囊肿肠套叠肠梗阻肠扭转肠溃疡 It#39;s the debate that has long divided animal lovers. Now scientists have confirmed that cats really are better than dogs – at least from an evolutionary perspective.一直以来,;猫和哪个更好;这一问题将动物爱好者划分为两大阵营。现在科学家已经实猫确实比更好——至少从进化的角度来看是这样。A groundbreaking study of 2,000 ancient fossils reveals that felids – the cat family – have historically been much better at surviving than the ;canid; dog clan, and often at the latter’s expense.一项对2000个古代化石进行的开拓性研究揭示了从历史上看,猫科动物家族的生存能力远远强于犬科动物家族,而且猫科动物的生存是以犬科动物的损耗为代价的。The research finds that cats have played a significant role in making 40 dog species extinct, outcompeting them for scarce food supplies because they are generally more effective hunters. But researchers found no evidence that dogs have wiped out a single cat species.这项研究发现,猫科动物在40个犬科物种的灭绝过程中发挥了重要作用。由于猫科动物通常是更有效率的捕猎者,在夺取供应不足的食物的竞争中猫科动物胜过了犬科动物。但是研究人员没有发现任何犬类动物消灭掉一个猫科物种的据。The dog family – which includes the wolves from which today’s domesticated dogs are descended – originated in North America about 40 million years ago and reached a maximum diversity around 20 million years later, when there were more than 30 species on the continent. At that point, the cat family arrived from Asia.犬科家族——包括现在的驯养的祖先狼——起源于约4000万年前的北美洲,在大约2000万年后达到了物种多样性的巅峰,当时在北美洲有超过30个犬类物种。与此同时,猫科动物也从亚洲来到此地。;The arrival of cats to North America had a deadly impact on the diversity of the dog family. We usually expect changes in climate to play the overwhelming role in the evolution of species. Instead, competition among different carnivore species proved to be even more important for the dogs,; said the report’s lead author, Dr Daniele Silvestro, of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.这项研究报告的第一作者、瑞士洛桑大学的达妮埃尔·西尔韦斯特罗士表示:;猫科动物的到来给犬科动物的物种多样性造成致命打击。我们通常预计气候变化会在物种进化过程中发挥最重要的作用。但对于犬科动物来说,不同食肉动物物种间的竞争被明是更重要的。;The influx of cats prompted a period of dramatic decline among the dog clan. This has left North America with just nine species of wild dog today, comprising different variations of wolves and foxes, according to the fossil analysis published in the journal PNAS.猫科动物的涌入导致犬科动物数量在一段时间内大幅下降。依据这项发表在美国国家科学院院刊(PNAS)上的化石分析,这造成了如今北美洲仅存九个犬类物种,包括狼和狐狸的不同变种。Dr Silvestro says it is unclear exactly why, when times were tough, the cats were able to see off dogs so comprehensively. But he believed it could be something to do with the retractable claws that ancient cats have passed down to their domesticated descendants, but which dogs don’t have.西尔韦斯特罗士称,目前还不是十分清楚在当时的艰难岁月,猫科动物为什么能将犬科动物;驱逐;得那么彻底。但是他认为这可能跟古代猫科动物伸缩自如的爪子有关,这是犬科动物所不具有的。古代猫科动物还将这种爪子遗传给了自己的后裔家猫。Millions of years ago, some dog species, such as wolves, were effective killing machines, chasing down their prey at high speed and devouring it. All surviving dog species fall into this ;runner; camp.数百万年前,某些犬科物种(比如说狼)是有效的杀戮机器,能以高速追捕猎物并吞食掉。所有幸存的犬科动物都属于;奔跑系猎手;阵营。But other dog species ambushed their prey in a manner similar to the cat family. However, these dogs weren’t as good as the cats at this technique – and all the canid species who used it are now extinct.不过也有其他犬科动物伏击猎物的方式与猫科动物相似。然而,这些犬类动物并不像猫科动物那样擅长这项技能——所有曾使用这项技能的犬科动物现在都已经灭绝了。Dr Silvestro explained: ;The cats have retractable claws which they only pull out when they catch their prey. This means they don’t wear them out and they can keep them sharp. But the dogs can#39;t do this, so they are at a disadvantage to the cats in an ambush situation.;西尔韦斯特罗士解释称:;猫科动物只有在抓到猎物时才会亮出它们可伸缩的爪子,这意味着它们不会磨损并能够时刻保持锋利,但是犬科动物不能做到这一点。因此,同猫科动物相比,它们在伏击方面处于劣势。;The evolutionary success of carnivorous animals is strongly linked to their ability to obtain food, meaning that there can be significant competition for prey when there is insufficient supply for the population.食肉动物的进化成功在很大程度上与它们获取食物的能力有关,这也意味着当食肉动物的食物供应不足时,猎物的争夺将十分激烈。;Felids must have been more efficient predators than most of the extinct species in the dog family,; the report concluded.该报告总结称:;猫科动物与那些灭绝了的犬科动物相比一定是更有效的捕食者。; /201509/400172西安妇幼保健医院看胃病多少钱

西安市胃泰消化病医院胃溃疡浅表性胃炎糜烂性胃炎胃窦炎Not long ago, YouTube star Michelle Phan wowed the beauty products market when she succeeded in setting up a personal cosmetics brand by just uploading makeup tutorials to YouTube. To this day, her success is hailed as a testament to the power of the Internet.不久前,YouTube红人米歇尔·潘震惊了整个美妆市场:她靠着在视频网站YouTube上更新教程成功地建立了自己的化妆品品牌。直至今日,她的成功依然被赞为网络力量的明。Now, thousands of others are trying to emulate Phan in China. They boast huge online following. The ability to transfix eyeballs online, especially on social networking platforms, these days translates to celebrityhood and riches.现在,中国有很多人试图效仿潘。这些人在网上有大量的粉丝。她们在社交网络平台上吸引眼球的能力使得他们成为了网络红人和富人。Such leaders are building up thousands of online communities by sharing knowledge on subjects like fashion, beauty and electronic games or just by producing humorous s. In the process, they make loads of money.这些潮流领导者创建了大量的线上社区,在其中分享如时尚,美容和等不同领域的知识,或者是制作搞笑视频。在这个过程中,他们挣到了很多钱。The list below summarizes the key ways by which such cyber stars grow rich:以下几点能够总结出这些网红们挣钱的诀窍。1.Tips and virtual gifts from fans1.粉丝或打赏或送虚拟礼物Most online platforms have introduced a ;tips; system for fans to give cash to online celebrities. For example, when an online celebrity publishes a fashion-themed article on WeChat, China#39;s most popular instant messaging tool, ers can reward the author with tips ranging from 1 yuan (15 cents) to 256 yuan by using its digital payment tool.多数线上平台都引进了“打赏”系统,方便粉丝给网红们打款。举个例子,当一位网红在中国最流行的即时信息交流平台微信上发表了一篇关于时尚的文章后,读者们可以通过微信的数字付工具用1到256元的赏钱奖励作者。2.Advertising fees from luxury brands2.奢侈品牌广告费Luxury brands such as Channel and Prada are turning to online celebrities for targeted marketing. When releasing latest products, these companies often invite online celebrities to advertise the products on Sina Weibo, China#39;s version of Twitter.奢侈品品牌如香奈儿和普拉达向网红寻求帮助,以进行有针对性的营销。每当有新品发布时,这些公司就会邀请网红在中国版Twitter微上打广告。3.Profits from running online stores3.经营网店获利Setting up a personal fashion brand is the most popular income source for most online celebrities. It is also the stream that pulls in the largest part of their income. One shining example is Zhang Dayi, 28. She has cultivated more than 4 million followers on Sina microblog. By regularly posting her store#39;s fashion items and corresponding links on her Sina microblog account, Zhang successfully converted her online store on marketplace Taobao into a must-visit destination for female online shoppers. Her shop is listed as the second-best store in terms of sales in 2015 on Taobao, the consumer-to-consumer platform of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.对于网红们来说,最普遍的收入来源莫过于建立个人时尚品牌了。这也是她们收入的主要来源。一个引人注目的例子就是28岁的张大奕。她在微上有超过四百万粉丝。张大奕经常在她的微账户上发表店铺时尚单品的链接,这使得她的店铺成为女性在淘宝网红店中必逛的店铺。2015年她的店铺销售量在淘宝(阿里巴巴旗下C2C购物平台)上高居第二。4.Appearance fees4.通告费Internet celebrities no longer limit their commercial activities to the online world. It is increasingly common for companies to pay them to attend offline gatherings like product launches and similar corporate events and celebrations.网红们不仅仅只在线上赚钱。现在也有公司付费邀请网红出席产品发布会,或者类似的合作项目、庆典等线下活动,这一情况已经越来越普遍了。 /201603/432848 陕西省核工业二一五医院超声胃镜检查多少钱西安市中医院哪个大夫看消化不良看的好

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