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If theres a teen or 20-something in your life, chances are that youve seen plenty of ;LOL; and ;BFF; in your texting conversations.It seems like text abbreviations are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of written correspondence. Are they making communication more efficient, or are they just making it harder to do so clearly?University of Michigan English professor Anne Curzan tells us that, to some extent, texting abbreviations are creating a sort of generation gap.;Young people text at a rate that I have to say I dont,; she says. Polling her students, she typically finds they each send between 40 and 150 texts per day.;And they look at me and they say, how many texts do you send a day? And I say, I dont know, four? So right there you see a generation gap,; Curzan says.Curzan tells us that at the rate young people are texting, it isnt surprising that theyd use some abbreviations, but the phenomenon isnt exactly new.;Young people will always have language that older people dont have. We call it slang,; she says. ;Its a way to signal that youre young, to be a little irreverent, to have language that distinguishes you.;But despite the fact that new abbreviations are born into existence every day, Curzan tells us research is suggesting that texting slang might not be used as commonly as one would believe.;One study said somewhere between 6% and 20% of texts have abbreviations, which means a whole lot of them dont,; she says.Shes backed up by her experience as a teacher. Her students tell her that ;Yeah, some (abbreviations) we use, but using a whole lot of them isnt necessarily that cool,; she says. Some point out that their parents tend to use a lot more abbreviations than they do.Curzan tells us that in the relatively short lifespan many of these abbreviations have enjoyed, some have shifted meaning. While ;LOL; has made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, some of her students have suggested that the definition there is no longer accurate ;if you are interested in how young people use it,; she says.Rather than the original ;laughing out loud,; Curzan says ;LOL; is more commonly used now as a way to express tone and acknowledgement.For example, she says ;LOL; is often used in a similar context as ;JK,; or ;just kidding,; expressing that youre not speaking in a serious tone.She adds that it also functions as what linguists call a backchannel. ;When were in conversation and were listening to someone, we make those little noises, like uh-huh, yeah, and we need to do that on texting,; she says.It can be confusing and kind of hard to keep up with, but according to Curzan the ever-changing nature of text-speak is baked into the language just like more traditional slang. Its not surprising, she says, that young people make up and use terms that older generations dont know ;because they want us not to know.;;It makes me so grateful that I hang out with 18- to 24-year-olds on such a regular basis because they keep me informed about whats happening in this kind of written language,; Curzan says.Anne Curzan is an English professor at the University of Michigan and co-host of Michigan Radios Thats What They Say.201512/414619they had this stayed on that form,we didnt see each other or our outfits untill right before the wedding他们让这裙子保持形状 我们只在婚礼前一刻才跟彼此见面 见到彼此的礼We tried to save that moment,so this was another section of the house on the form我们想保留那一刻 这是我们屋子的另一个角落And that dress is just so,it took three weeks for him to make and ten weeks of work for me to pay for这条裙子他花了3个星期完成 花我10个星期的工作来付gorgeous,gorgeous,and beautiful,beautiful picture非常漂亮 非常漂亮 非常好看的图片This picture I think is so,and I love that picture,I konw it looks candid这图片非常 我喜欢这图片 这张照片是偷拍的but right before she took it the photographer said look stuning and radiant在拍这个照之前 摄影师说 面带微笑 散发魅力and like the happiest day of your life and so Portia pretended好像这是你生命中最幸福的一天 所以Portia是假装的the whole thing though is very simple,very traditional,both of us wore pink and white整个婚礼都非常简单 传统 我们两个身穿白色和粉色because the pink is pretty and white is you know the old wedding rhyme因为粉色很漂亮 白色呢 就是我们传统的婚礼音律you hve chosen right if you married in the white如果你结婚穿白色 你就是做了正确的选择and the half if of course you will forever be blessed if you married in a vest and so the vest另一个音律就是 如果你结婚穿马甲 你将永远受保佑 所以then so before the ceremony,we just spent a few minutes just some time alone to be together在婚礼之前 我们一起单独呆了一会I think those are the little moments before the wedding这是婚礼前的一点点美好时刻It just made it so special,so we were kind of hanging out,this is us in the back door这让我们婚礼比较特别 我们到处走走 这张照片 我们当时在门后we were just watching while the caters argued with the florist right there,hoping them got over pretty quick当时我们的宴席承办方和花匠有点争执 我们就在那儿看 希望他们能早点解决争端and then mama was there,and mama gave us some good advice,yeah,very happy我的妈妈也在那儿 她给了我们一些很好的建议 对 非常幸福 /201607/456395Money in politics政界金权Skys the limit任君捐The justices open the door to more campaign contributions法院为竞选赞助敞开大门SHAUN McCUTCHEON, a businessman from Alabama, wanted to give a symbolic ,776 to 28 Republican candidates for Congress in 2012. Because of federal limits imposed after the Watergate scandal, Mr McCutcheon was allowed to donate this sum only to 16 campaigns. On April 2nd, however, the Supreme Court ruled that he can get his chequebook out again. In McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the justices voted 5-4 to strike down two “aggregate caps” on campaign contributions, leaving “base limits” of ,600 per candidate, per election intact. Where individuals had been limited to total contributions of ,600 to candidates for federal office and ,600 to political parties and political-action committees, they can now give as much as they like.2012年,亚拉巴马州的商人肖恩·麦克卡森曾想为竞选国会议员的28位共和党人象征性捐赠1776美金。但由于水门事件后强制实行联邦限度,麦克卡森只得用这笔款项资助了16场竞选。然而,根据最高法院4月2日的裁决,他又可以拿出票簿来了。在麦克卡森起诉联邦选举委员会一案中,众法官以5:4的投票比例,最终取消了竞选献金的两处“总限额”,只对每名候选人一次全程竞选作2600美金的“基本上限”要求。相比过去,联邦政府部门的候选人所能接受个人捐款上限为48600美金,政党和政治行动委员会的上限则为74600美金;如今个人捐款已不再受限了。“There is no right more basic in our democracy,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the courts plurality opinion, “than the right to participate in electing our political leaders.” The First Amendments freedom-of-speech guarantee includes the right to “contribute to a candidates campaign.” So although “money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some,” it is entitled to “vigorous” protection. It is unconstitutional, Mr Roberts wrote, to “restrict the political participation of some in order to enhance the relative influence of others.”“我国民主政治中最基本的一项权利,”首席法官约翰·罗伯茨在法庭多数意见书中写道,“就是参与政治领导人选举。”第一修正案中的言论自由权规定了“为候选人竞选捐款。因此,尽管“政界金权有时会引起某些人的反感,”但这一权利有着“有力”保障。罗伯茨还写道,“为了提升某些人的相对影响力而限制其他人的政治参与”不合宪法规定。The only good reason to curb campaign donations, the Court ruled, is to prevent corruption. So caps on donations to individual candidates make sense: a “financial quid pro quo”, or appearance thereof, taints a m cheque to someone running for Congress. But if it is lawful to give ,776 to one candidate, or 16, it is odd to argue that the same sum would corrupt the 17th recipient, or the 400th. “The Government may no more restrict how many candidates or causes a donor may support,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “than it may tell a newspaper how many candidates it may endorse.”根据法庭判决,预防腐败是唯一条限制竞选捐款的充分理由。这样一来,制定候选人的个人受捐总限额就合乎情理了:若是让国会议员候选人另外寻求一样补偿,或是让其付公开露面的费用,他们便会脏了好好一张百万票。但若是法律允许候选人个人接收1776美金,或允许16位候选人接收1776美金,第17个人或是第400个人就不会脏了这笔钱。“政府不可对捐赠方资助的候选人人数或事业项数作限制,”首席法官罗伯茨写道,“也不可在新闻中透露捐赠方所持的候选人人数。”In dissent, Justice Stephen Breyer and three other liberal justices argued that the ruling undervalues the “integrity of our governmental institutions”. Together with the Citizens eddecision of 2010, Mr Breyer charged, McCutcheon “eviscerates our Nations campaign-finance laws, leaving a remnant incapable of dealing with the grave problems of democratic legitimacy that those laws were intended to resolve.” The majority fails to understand what donor dollars can buy, fumed Mr Breyer. “The threat...posed by the risk of special access and influence,” he wrote, “remains real.”斯蒂芬·布雷耶同其他自由派法官对此表示饭随,他们声称这一裁决低估了“美国政府机构的廉正”。布雷耶以2010年出台的《公民联合决议》为据,起诉麦克卡森“一棍子打倒了美国竞选筹款法,该法旨在解决的民主合法性之严峻问题自此滞而无解。”布雷耶怒斥多数派没能理解捐赠方的手中的金权。“这一威胁…由特殊渠道和特殊影响造成,”他如是写道,“它一直存在着”。译者:王卓 译文属译生译世 /201601/423107

The USS Conestoga departed San Francisco Bay for Pearl Harbor in March 1921 and vanished , the boat never made it to Hawaii, and the 56-man crew was declared lost.1921年3月,Conetoga号战船在离开旧金山湾前往夏威夷的途中消失,船只没有抵达夏威夷,56名船员宣布失踪。however it recently has been found by a team of government researchers off the San Francisco coast. 然而最近一组政府研究人员在旧金山海岸发现了它。The discovery process began in when a coastal survey documented a possible shipwreck near the islands. 发现过程始于年,一岸线测量在岛屿附近记录了可能失事船只。In October 2015, a joint NOAA and Navy mission confirmed the Conestogas identity.2015年十月,美国国家海洋大气局和海军代表团确认了Conestoga的身份。译文属。201603/433119

I have to do a Texas accent.I have to do a Texas accent.Oh,you can do it.Howdy yall!Howdy partner我必须得发德克萨斯的口音 我必须得发德克萨斯的口音 哦,你能做到的 你好吗?老兄好吗?My agent thought this would a good part for me,My agent thought this would a perfect part for me,Because it showed me another side.我的经纪人觉得这个部分很适合我演 我的经纪人觉得这个部分很适合我演 因为这展现了我的另外一面Because it showed another side on me,But I have to be sad.I have to be sad all the time.因为这展现了我的另外一面 但是我必须表现得很悲伤 但是我必须一直表现得很悲伤I have to cry. I have to cry.Like this.Start crying.Why?! Cry! Why do I have to do it?Im so sad.我必须得哭 我必须得哭 就像这样 开始哭 为什么!哭 为什么我一定要这么做呢?我简直太伤心了。Somebody told me I have junk in my trunk.Somebody told me that I have junk in my trunk.有人告诉我说我行李箱里有垃圾。 有人说我行李箱里面有垃圾。No I dont think so.Do you have junk in your trunk?Do you have junk in your trunk? you?No..呃,我不这么认为。 你行李箱里有没有垃圾?你,你行李箱里有没有垃圾? 没有。。I have to cry again, I have to stay in the charactor.You know what, I have to stay in the charactor.我还得哭。。我得努力沉浸在我的角色里。。你知道么,我得保持沉浸在我的角色里。I have to cry again.I have to cry again.Just silently cry.HEE--No,but silently.Just silent.我得再哭一次。 我得再哭一次。就是安静的啜泣。嗷 哦哦只是安静的哭。只是静静地。Do you believe me? Do I cry well?Do you think Im crying well?你想不相信我?我哭得到不到位? 你觉得我哭得像不像?I think you did good, theyre really good.Then do you believe me?我认为你哭的非常到位,非常好。那你相信我么?I believe you big time.Tell me the truth.I told you the truth.我特别特别相信你。 告诉我实话。 我告诉你的就是大实话。Gallop around like a horse.You know, I have to, I have to cry,and do like the.学马一样蹦来蹦去。你知道么,我得..我得哭,然后,要这样. /201603/434360

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