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Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Bruce Lee faces a real dilemma. He is on the verge of a stardom in the ed States, with a projected TV series on horizon, but he has just achieved super stardom as a film actor here in Hong Kong, so what does he choose? The East or the West? It’s a kind of problem most budding movie actors , so welcome.It’s the Pierre Berton Show, the program that comes to you from the major capitals of the world. This edition comes to you from Hong Kong and Pierre's guest is the man who taught karate, judo and Chinese boxing to James Garner, Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin and James Coburn. The newest mandarin super star, known in the west for his appearances in Batman, the Green Hornet, Ironside and Long Street. His name is Bruce Lee and he doesn’t even speak mandarin. And here is Pierre.Well how can you play in mandarin movies if you don’t even speak mandarin? How do you do that?Well first of all, I speak only Cantonese, yeah, so I mean, there is quite a difference as far as pronunciation and things like that kind.So somebody else's voice is used, right?Definitely, definitely.You just make the words, sort of. Bruce, doesn’t that sound strange when you go to the movies especially in Hong Kong, in your hometown and you see yourself with somebody else’s voice?Well not really, you see, because most of the mandarin pictures done here are dubbed anyway.They are dubbed anyway?Anyway, I mean disregard. I mean they shoot without sound. So it doesn’t, you know, make any difference. Their lips never quite make the right words, do they?Oh, yeah, well, that’s where the difficulty lies, you see, I mean in order to, because the Cantonese have a different way of saying things, you know, I mean different from the mandarin.(yeah.) so I have to find like something similar to that, and keep a kind of a feeling going behind them, something that matching the mandarin deal. Does it sound complicated? Like the silent days, like old silent days. But I gather in the movies made here, the dialogue is pretty stilted anyway.Yeah, I agree with you. I mean, see, to me, a motion picture is motion, I mean, I mean, you gotta keep the dialogue down to the minimum.Did you go to… did you look at many Mandarin movies before you started to play in your first one?yes, yes.What do you think of them when you saw them?Quality-wise, I mean, I have to admit that it’s not quite up to the standard, however, it is growing and it’s getting higher and higher and going to, toward that standard, that what I would term quality.They say the secret of your success in that movie, the Big Boss--such a success here and (it) rocketed you to stardom in Asia, was that you did your own fighting. As an expert in the various martial arts in China, what did you think of the fighting that you saw in the movies that you studied before you became a star?02/62390Tonight on Best Kept Secrets, we go inside one of the world's most secretive crime-fighting organizations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. How does the FBI solve cases like the Oklahoma City bombing?Unfortunately in the ed States, it's very easy to build a bomb, all the components are verily available whether it be from a hardware store or a hobby store. He revealed the secrets of the FBI's Explosives , plus how the FBI foiled this gang's murderous plan to destroy an oil refinery? "My incentive of going to FBI was to save lives."And can this criminal profiler help the FBI catch a cold-blooded murderer?There was an indentation on one side of the face and not the other and there was a furrow in the brow.Plus the high-tech spy gadget that the FBI use to track down a band of dangerous cyber crooks. With the magic box, we're able to see all the things that they were sending back and forth each other, ah, all the computer systems that Calvin was hacking into. And the FBI confronts the most heavily armed militia that US law enforcement has ever faced. As we reveal the secret strategies of an FBI crisis negotiator. If we can negotiate a person now, it's much better than have to go in and drag him out, maybe shoot him. These stories are straight ahead on Best Kept Secrets. There's nothing mysterious about the manner in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation works. Its formula is a simple one: intensive training, carefully investigated and highly efficient personnel plus rigid requirement in regard to conduct, intelligence and integrity. G-men, tommy guns, public enemy No.1. Since 1908, the FBI has enforced provision and waged bloody battles with the likes of "Baby Face" Nelson and John Dillinger. Under a legendary chief J. Edgar Hoover, the bureau created the nation's first crime-fighting laboratory and developed the field of forensic science. And today the FBI employs 23,000 agents, the largest crime-fighting force in the nation. FBI, come out, put your hands up. Its headquarters is located here, in the heart of Washington DC, in a building that occupies an entire city block. Behind these close doors, agents use the latest in science and technology to combat crimes ranging from domestic terrorism to cyber crime. Put your hands behind your back. Tonight, we examine the FBI, from the files of actual cases, we'll reveal the crime-fighting secrets that have made the FBI the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. hobby store: is a place dedicated to the selling of things that people usually employ for their personal satisfaction. Hobby stores are particularly popular with men and children, less so with women, although many hobby stores today cater to women's interests too. 12/92773

Indonesian President Sets Economic Priorities for Second Term印尼总统把经济列为头等大事  During his first term in office, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono oversaw a period of robust economic growth based on exports. This year exports have slowed as a result of the global recession. As the president gets set to begin his second term, one of his chief economic advisers says the government must now focus on improving the investment climate to develop domestic industries.印度尼西亚总统苏西洛·尤多约诺在他的第一任期看到了出口所带来的扎实的经济增长。可是今年,由于受到全球经济衰退的影响,印尼的出口大幅减少。在印尼总统尤多约诺开始他的第二任期之际,他的一位首席经济顾问建议,政府现在应该把重心放在改善投资环境和发展国内产业上。As a result of the global economic slowdown, Indonesia's rate of economic growth went from 12 percent last year to 4.3 percent.在全球经济衰退的影响下,印尼的经济增长率从去年的12%滑落到今年的4.3%。Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati says the export market that fueled economic growth during President Yudhoyono's first term in office may not recover for some time. She says in his second term the president and his economic team will focus on improving domestic industries. 印尼财政部长穆里亚尼(Sri Mulyani Indrawati)说,尤多约诺总统第一任期那种出口市场所带来的经济增长,短期之内可能无法回复。她说,尤多约诺在他的第二任期内会和他的经济团队把重点放在改善国内产业上。"I guess President SBY and Vice President-elect Bodieno are going to use the theme of improvement of the investment climate still as the main topic for their agenda in the next five years," she said. “我认为当选连任的尤多约诺总统和其副总统将把改善国内投资环境做为未来五年的首要任务。”Indonesia possesses the large labor pool and the abundant natural resources required to develop a manufacturing base that can compete with Brazil, Russia, India and China. But in part because of an uncertain regulatory environment and poor infrastructure, the country has been unable to attract the investment needed to develop industry.印尼拥有广大的劳工市场和丰富的天然资源来发展一个足以跟巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国竞争的制造业。不过,印尼仍然无法吸引足够的投资来发展国内产业,部分原因是印尼的监管环境不完善以及基础设施落后。Mulyani told journalists on Wednesday that the government will first require state-owned enterprises in key agricultural industries such as sugar and fertilizer to modernize and maximize production. 穆里亚尼告诉记者,政府将首先要求蔗糖和化肥等主要国营农业企业更新并扩大他们的生产。"There is no motivation to use their division or the money, the surplus from their revenue, to reinvest it in this industry," said Mulyani. "The president has aly outlined an order and I think it will be started in the first year of his next term, 2010, to start revitalizing by these industries." “过去总是难以鼓动这些国营企业利用它们的收入盈余来重新投资这个产业。但是现在总统已经定好了大纲,我认为,在他第二任期的第一年,2010年,就会开始采取措施振兴这些产业。”To the make the economy more competitive, she says, the government is looking at ways to reduce costly fuel subsidies. 她说,为了使国家经济更具竞争力,政府会想办法减少昂贵的燃料补贴。And Mulyani says the government is going to get tough with speculators, who stifle infrastructure improvements such as roads and bridges, by inflating the price of the land needed for these projects. 穆里亚尼还说,政府将对投机商采取强硬措施。这些投机商蓄意抬高土地价格,妨碍了公路和桥梁等基础设施的改善。"The government can make sure that any speculant [speculator] that increases the price, who increases the price extraordinarily, they are also going to pay the tax," she added. "So that is going to be neutralizing from the fiscal position." “政府会确保任何过份哄抬价格的投机商都必须交税。这么一来将能从财政方面取得平衡。”Ultimately, she says over time the government must divest itself of more state-owned businesses to allow the private sector to grow.她说,政府最终还是必须让更多的国营企业转型,以促进私营部门的增长。09/84989

  Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi pounded oil tanks in the besieged city of Misrata Saturday, setting off gigantic fires that poured black smoke into the air.忠于利比亚领导人卡扎菲的部队星期六捣毁了被围攻城市米苏拉塔的石油库,导致熊熊大火燃烧,空中弥漫着黑烟。Witnesses say pro-Gadhafi forces used helicopters and rockets to attack fuel storage tanks in the rebel-held port city, causing them to explode and burn. Rebel sources say the explosions have wiped out fuel reserves needed to withstand the lengthy siege of Misrata, which is the last city in western Libya under rebel control. 目击者说,持卡扎菲的部队使用直升机和火箭袭击了这个由反叛分子控制的港口城市的燃料储备库,导致储备库发生爆炸和燃烧。来自反叛分子的消息说,爆炸摧毁了米苏拉塔承受长期围攻所需的能源储备。米苏拉塔是利比亚西部反叛分子控制的最后一座城市。Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim told journalists Friday in the capital Tripoli that government forces would not stop trying to close Misrata’s port, accusing the rebels of using it to "bring arms to the city and evacuate some criminals."利比亚外交部副部长凯姆星期五在首都的黎波里对记者说,政府部队将不会停止试图关闭米苏拉塔港口。他谴责反叛分子利用这个港口“将武器运进城里并撤离一些犯罪分子。”Also in Tripoli, a tribal organization loyal to the government called for a general amnesty, but continued to call for the "liberation" of rebel-held territory. Rebel leaders, for their part, claimed that Colonel Gadhafi is "giving out money to encourage rebel fighters to change sides."同样在的黎波里,忠于利比亚政府的一个部落组织呼吁实行大赦,但是这个组织继续呼吁“解放”被反叛分子控制的领土。反叛分子领导人方面宣称卡扎菲上校“提供金钱以鼓励叛军将士改变立场”。Pro-Gadhafi forces continued to shell areas along the Tunisian border. Witnesses say a number of shells fell inside Tunisia. Libyan government forces are besieging the towns of Zintan, Nalout and Yfran in the mostly Berber mountainous plateau near the border.持卡扎菲的部队继续轰炸突尼斯边境沿线的这些地区。目击者说,一些炮弹落入突尼斯境内。利比亚政府部队围攻了边境附近大都位于柏柏尔山区高原的景单镇、那洛特镇和耶夫兰镇。In the main rebel-held city of Benghazi, in eastern Libya, the head of the opposition Transitional National Council, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, repeated his plea to Western and Arab states to help the rebels with modern weapons to help them combat pro-Gadhafi forces.在利比亚东部主要由反叛分子控制的城市班加西,反对派过渡国民委员会负责人穆斯塔法·阿卜杜勒·加里尔重申了他对西方国家和阿拉伯的呼吁,即帮助反叛分子获得现代化武器并协助他们打击持卡扎菲的部队。He says the rebels are capable of ground combat if they receive just a small amount of modern weapons, which would even the playing field. He stresses that weapons are the only major issue, since the allies are providing enough help from the air.加里尔说,反叛分子如果能得到少量的现代化武器,他们就会拥有地面作战的能力,这将实现战场上的公平。他强调说,武器是唯一主要的问题,因为盟国正从空中提供足够的帮助。Meanwhile, the Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat ed a government source in Tripoli as saying that "matters appear to be moving towards the opening of a political dialogue to resolve the crisis." The paper said a rebel source in Benghazi confirmed the possibility of opening a dialogue. Rebel spokesmen, however, have long insisted that Colonel Gadhafi step down first.与此同时,阿拉伯语报纸《中东日报》援引的黎波里一名政府消息来源的话说,“事态似乎正朝着开启政治对话以解决危机的方向发展”。这家报纸说,班加西的一名反叛分子消息来源实了开启对话的可能性。不过,反叛分子发言人长期以来一直坚持说,卡扎菲上校必须先下台。Protests in YemenElsewhere, protests continued for another day in towns and cities across Yemen, as the mostly young protesters kept up their demands for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.Opposition leader Saleh Mohsen told journalists that the street protests, rather than a stalled Gulf Cooperation Council plan, will ultimately bring about Saleh’s resignation.He says that the revolution in the streets and squares, driven by the many people who have stood steadfastly night and day for three months, will ultimately bring about the fall of the regime.Deputy Information Minister Abdou Jundy, an ally of Saleh, told Al Jazeera TV Saturday that the president still supports the GCC plan. He refused, however, to indicate if Saleh is y to step down, which is the main condition of the plan.201105/135387

  Human-rights abuses人权问题Nothing new under the sun日光之下无新事Some dictators may have fallen, but human-rights abuses continue也许有些独裁者已然倒下,但侵犯人权之事依旧存续May 12th 2011 | OSLO | from the print editionTunisian plainclothes back in action突尼斯的便衣又开始行动了THE world really can become a better place—that seemed to be the belief of the protesters who have thronged streets in the Middle East. Sadly, those who spoke this week at the Oslo Freedom Forum,a glittering gathering of veterans of human-rights struggles, instead attested to the wisdom of Ecclesiastes: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done.”世界可以更美好——这似乎是中东地区涌上街头抗议的人们的信念。不幸的是,这周奥斯陆自由论坛——备受关注的为人权斗争的一些老兵们的集会上的发言却实了传道书中的名言:“已有之事后必再有;已行之事后必再行。日光之下并无新事。”Take the impact of technology. Facebook and other social media services have created opportunities for dissidents and revolutionaries to organise and voice their opposition. But those in power have discovered that they, too, can use the internet, in their case to stifle freedom of speech. The dream of all dictators is to know as much about you as Google does, says Jacob Mchangama, a Danish human-rights lawyer.就拿科技的作用来说吧。Facebook及其他的社会传媒为持不同政见者及革命分子创造了机会,使他们组能够织起来,表达各自的反对意见。但当权者也发现他们也可以利用互联网来扼杀言论自由。一位丹麦律师Jacob Mchangama说,所有独裁者的梦想都是像google一样了解你。201105/137341。

  Obama expectations Determined to tackle the recession, Barack Obama may delay some campaign pledges. CNN's Jim Acosta reports."This recession could linger for years."Now the change is in him. Just days from inauguration, Barack Obama is striking a different tone, this orient campaign rhetoric, "America, this is our moment. This is our time." has given way to grim reality. With the country mired in an ugly recession, the president-elect is calling for national sacrifice, warning there could actually be more job losses this year than last. The economy is also forcing Mr. Obama's team to reconsider some campaign pledges."I don't believe in running up debt for the next generation."Such as reining in deficit spending and scrapping the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans before they expire in late 2010."We have tried the George Bush's way, and it hasn’t worked."Some of the new verein is aimed at attracting Republican support with the incoming president's economic recovery plan. But that could set up an early battle in the now heavily Democratic Congress."I want a repeal of the tax cuts for the highest income people in America.""There would be a tax increase for those richer Ameri..."" This isn’t a tax increased, this focus of the tax cuts should be on America's middle class, the backbone of our democracy. We've gotten really the moil shaft in the past eight years."Mr. Obama is asking for sacrifice from Congress as well. Some political observers say the economic crisis raises the stakes."This strengthens of Barack Obama's hand with the Congress and with the public. It's so urgent. That is going to be very, very hard I think for people who don't like partial of this package devote against it.”Mr. Obama is now in the business of managing expectations, warning Americans the country not only needs hope, but hard work. He calls the task ahead, a heavy lift.Jim Acosta, CNN, Washington.01/61540

  Intellectual property知识产权Many patents, still pending悬而未决的专利Congress tweaks, but does not overhaul, America’s patent system国会将对美国专利制度进行小幅修改Sep 10th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition AFTER years of dithering, America is set for patent reform. On September 6th a bill proposing to change the system passed its highest procedural hurdle in the Senate. With Barack Obama supportive, this means the America Invents Act could soon be signed into law.徘徊犹豫了多年,美国终于着手专利改革。9月6号,整改议案过了最艰难的一关——参议院。得到总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马的持,美国发明法规将很快能正式写入法律。Instead of the “first to invent” principle, which America currently uses, patents will be awarded to inventors who are the “first to file”. This is similar to the system most other countries use. The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.美国专利目前遵循“第一发明”原则,将改为授予第一个申请注册的人。目前大部分国家都实行这种规定,这样可避免对第一发明人的确定争论不休,难以确定。As in most cases of patent law it is not going to be that simple. One criticism is that being first-to-file gives big and sophisticated organisations, highly experienced at the difficult job of filing for patents, an advantage over smaller outfits that may be technically brilliant but not legally savvy. Another problem is that first-to-file may make companies rush to put in for a patent before their invention is truly y.如专利法中涉及的案例很多都不能简单的界定。有一种批评意见是,申请注册专利会造成庞大复杂的机构,特别是申请过程更是项困难的工作,小型机构的优点在于技术上的优越而不只是合法的专业知识。另一个问题是专利的申请可能促使一些公司在一些发明尚未成型时就急于将其注册。201109/154473Shale gas extraction页岩天然气开采The need to be seen to be clean天然气是清洁能源吗?Natural-gas production is booming, but its green image is in question 天然气生产蒸蒸日上,但它的清洁能源形象却受到质疑May 12th 2011 | AUSTIN, TEXAS AND GOLDEN, COLORADO | from the print edition DRILL rigs tower over the silos on farms in Pennsylvania. Once-empty mesas in western Colorado, where mule deer and sage grouse ranged freely, now look like a neural network from a bird’s-eye view, with well-pads connected by dirt roads scattered across the landscape. 宾夕法尼亚的农场,一座座钻塔高耸,俯视着贮粮的圆仓。科罗拉多西部的山顶平地,过去这里曾经一片空旷,只有骡鹿和艾草鸡在上面自由徜徉,现在布满钻井,条条土路联接其间,从高处望过去,就像是一幅密密麻麻的神经网络图。These are the signs of America’s natural-gas boom. Thanks to new drilling technology, and in particular a controversial process called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” the size of the proven reserves is growing. At the end of the ed States had estimated reserves of 283.9 trillion cubic feet (8 trillion cubic metres) of natural gas, up 11% from the year before. In 2010 the country produced 22.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, up from 18.9 trillion cubic feet in 2005. The price at the wellhead has dropped from .33 per thousand cubic feet to .16 during the same period. 美国的天然气开采呈现这样一副蒸蒸日上的景象。随着钻井技术,特别是充满争议的水力压裂法(又称破裂法)的广泛采用。已探明的天然气储量不断增加。年末,美国估计其天然气储量为283.9万亿立方英尺(合8万亿立方米),比上一年增长了11%。2010年美国开采的天然气为22.6万亿立方英尺。而2005年为18.9万亿立方英尺。同期天然气的出井价也从每立方英尺7.33美元下降到4.16美元。201105/137007What ate dinosaurs?谁吃了恐龙Old crocs古鳄鱼Even in their heyday, dinosaurs were not quite as dominant as popular myth makes them out to be即便是在全盛时期,恐龙并非像民间传说所理解的那样占绝对统治地位ONE answer to the question, ;What ate dinosaurs?; is, obviously, ;Other dinosaurs.; The ropod predators like Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus loom large in the imagination of every lover of prehistoric monsters, and their animatronic fights with the likes of Diplodocus and Stegosaurus are the stuff of clicheacute;. Science, though, tries to look beyond the obvious, and at this yearrsquo;s meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology, held in Las Vegas, some of the speakers asked whether the top predators of the Mesozoic era really were all dinosaurs. Their conclusion was ;no;. Another group of reptiles, until recently neglected, were also important carnivores. And it is a group that is still around today: the crocodiles.;谁吃恐龙;很明显,其中一个是:;其它恐龙;每个史前怪兽爱好者的脑海里浮现出的是像霸王龙、翼龙这样的兽脚类掠食者,电脑制作的它们与梁龙、剑龙的打斗也成为俗套。而科学试图不落窠臼。今年,在召开的古脊椎生物学会会议上,一些发言人问到中生代顶级掠食者是否全是恐龙,结论是;否;。直到最近还被忽视的一类爬虫,同样是重要的食肉动物,正是仍然存活于今的一个族群:鳄鱼。That the past role of crocodiles (or, strictly, crocodilians, since they came in many sizes and shapes, not all of which resemble the modern animals) has been underestimated was suggested a few years ago by Paul Sereno. Dr Sereno, a palaeontologist at the University of Chicago, uncovered a crocodile-dominated ecosystem from about 100m years ago (the middle of the Cretaceous period), in what is now north Africa. Besides water-dwelling giants similar to (though much bigger than) todayrsquo;s animals, he found a range of forms including vegetarians and species that ran on elongated legs;more like dogs than crocodiles. That discovery has prompted other fossil hunters to look elsewhere. As a result, even the well-studied rocks of North America are revealing that dinosaurs did not have it all their own way in the ecosystems of the Mesozoic;as Stephanie Drumheller of the University of Iowa and Clint Boyd of the University of Texas at Austin explained to the meeting.几年前,芝加哥大学古生物学家保罗bull;赛伦诺士提出鳄鱼过去的角色(或者从严格意义上讲是鳄鱼目动物,因为它们形状大小各异,并非所有都类似现代鳄鱼)被低估了,在今天的北非,他发现了一个一亿年前(白垩纪中期)由鳄鱼占主导地位的生态系统。除了与现代鳄鱼同为水生巨兽外(但远比现代的大),他还发现了一系列包括食草的、用长腿行走的;;比起鳄鱼来更像的种群及形态。这一发现促使其他化石探寻者着眼于其它地方。结果是,即便是那些出自北美的已经研究得很透彻的化石也显示出恐龙并非占据中生代生态系统全部位置。;;正如衣阿华大学的斯蒂芬妮bull;庄姆海勒以及位于奥斯汀的德克萨斯大学的克林特bull;依德在会上说的那样。The Cretaceous equivalent of zebra and antelopes;the victim species in every wildlife documentary about the dramas of the African savannah;were herbivorous dinosaurs called ornithopods. Frequently, these were taken by theropods. But not always. When Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd examined the bones of juvenile upper-Cretaceous ornithopods dug up in Utah they saw marks on one skeleton that looked suspiciously like those modern crocodiles inflict when biting and tearing at their prey. On examining these marks more closely, they found a crocodilian tooth stuck in one of them.白垩纪被称为鸟脚亚目食草恐龙其地位相当于斑马和羚羊;;每部有关非洲大草原的纪录片中被捕杀的种群。这些恐龙经常被兽脚亚目食肉恐龙捕食。但不总是这样,当庄姆海勒与依德对犹他州出土的白垩纪年幼的鸟脚亚目食草恐龙的化石进行检查时,他们在一副骨架上发现了看上去像是遭受现代鳄鱼撕咬的痕迹。在对这些痕迹进一步检查后,他们发现一颗鳄鱼目动物牙齿嵌在其中一块骨头上。Crocodile tears鳄鱼的眼泪It was not a large tooth. Its size suggests the animal which made it was no more than a metre and a half (about 5 feet) long. Such a predator would have been unable to take on an adult ornithopod. Nevertheless, this tooth is the first unarguable proof that crocodilians did indeed snack on dinosaurs. Moreover, it helps to confirm suspicions that the other crocodile-bite-like marks that Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd have discovered really are what they look like. By combining that with an analysis of the whole site, the two researchers argue that what they have discovered is a dinosaur nesting ground that was being raided by crocodilians.这颗牙不是很大,其尺寸表明牙齿的主人不超过一米五(约五英尺)这样的掠食者本不能捕食一头成年鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。但无可争辩的是,这颗牙是第一个鳄鱼目动物拿恐龙当点心的据。此外,这也有助于消除对庄姆海勒与依德发现的其它看似鳄鱼咬痕的怀疑。结合对这个地区的分析,两位研究者认为他们所发现的是一个遭到鳄鱼目动物偷袭的恐龙筑巢地。Such suspicions have been aroused before. Other sites in Utah are known to be dinosaur nesting grounds, since eggs are found there. Crocodilian bones frequently turn up at such sites. Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd, however, seem to have nailed the connection down. Juvenile dinosaurs, at least, were indeed the prey of crocodilians. But what about adults?这样的怀疑以前也出现过。由于发现了恐龙蛋,人们知道犹他州还有其它恐龙筑巢地。在这些地区,鳄鱼目动物化石经常被发现。可庄姆海勒与依德像是要明确这一关系,年幼恐龙至少是鳄鱼目动物的猎物,那么成年的呢?More than mere morsels不仅仅是少数To investigate that question, Martin Lockley at the University of Colorado, Denver, and Spencer Lucas of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, turned to one of the most famous fossil phenomena on the planet;the dinosaur freeway that runs through Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. This collection of tracks, scattered over several sites of the same age along the coast of an inland sea, is thought to mark an ancient migration route. The traces of more than 1,380 individual animals can be distinguished. Most, but not all, were ornithopods. Some were small carnivorous dinosaurs;the sort that might pick off young stragglers in the way that the crocodilians identified by Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd did. But there is, Dr Lockley and Dr Lucas realised, something missing from the picture. When they looked for traces of big predatory dinosaurs, they found none.为了弄清这一问题,丹佛科罗拉多大学的马丁bull;洛克里以及新墨西哥州自然历史物馆的斯派瑟bull;卢卡斯将目光转向世上最著名的化石现象之一;;横穿科罗拉多、新墨西哥、堪萨斯、俄荷拉荷玛的恐龙公路。于同一年代沿着一个内陆海海岸分布在数个地区,这一汇集恐龙踪迹的地区被认为是标出了一条古老的迁徙路线。人们能区分出超过1380种不同动物的踪迹。绝大部分是鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。一些是小型食肉恐龙;;正如庄姆海勒与依德所确认的鳄鱼目动物那样,这些恐龙会截杀年幼离群的食草恐龙。但洛克里与卢卡斯士明白,图上遗漏了一些东西。当他们寻找大型掠食恐龙的线索时,他们什么也没发现。That is ecologically absurd. Unless, of course, the top predator of the system;the one that could hunt down adult ornithopods;was not a dinosaur at all. And, when Dr Lockley and Dr Lucas re-examined the tracks they found that that was exactly what was going on. Instead of theropod footmarks, they found those of crocodilians. More than a quarter of the places where the dinosaur freeway surfaces have yielded signs of crocs. And they were big: sometimes more than four metres long. That is certainly large enough to take on an adult ornithopod.从生物学上讲,这是荒唐的。当然除非生态系统的顶级掠食者;;即是能捕杀成年的鸟脚亚目食草恐龙的;;并不完全是恐龙。而且,当洛克里与卢卡斯士对这些线索进行重新检查时,他们发现那正是曾经所发生的。在出土的恐龙公路上,超过1/4的地区已发现鳄鱼的踪迹。而且它们很大:有时超过4米长,大到足以捕杀一头成年鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。Such megacrocs, then, could easily have acted as top predators in this ecosystem. But that does not completely explain the absence of theropod tracks. Modern migrating herbivores fall victim to many sorts of carnivore: big cats, wolves and hyenas, to name but three. The marshy conditions of the dinosaur freeway (the reason its footprints formed, and have survived) may, though, have favoured crocodilians over predators that had evolved on drier land. In that sort of environment even a big theropod would constantly have been looking over its shoulder. Perhaps the real reason why they did not plant their footprints on the dinosaur freeway is that they might have ended up as prey, as well.这样的巨鳄能在这样的生态系统中轻松担当顶级掠食者的角色。但这并不能完全解释兽脚亚目食肉恐龙的缺位。现代迁徙类食草动物成为众多食肉动物的牺牲品:大型猫科动物、狼、鬣,就拿这三样来说。然而,比起在干燥陆地上进化的掠食者,恐龙公路所处的湿地环境(形成并使恐龙足迹得以保存的原因)也许更受鳄鱼目动物欢迎。在那样一种环境下,即便是一头巨大的兽脚亚目食肉恐龙也会不时回头张望。它们为何没有在恐龙公路上留下足迹呢?真正的原因或许是它们同样亡于其它掠食者。201111/161456

  Chavez Celebrates End to Venezuela Term Limits查韦斯赢得废除民选官员期限公投  President Hugo Chavez is celebrating victory in a referendum to end term limits for elected officials. The president's proposal passed with 54 percent of votes cast. The measure will allow Mr. Chavez to stay in power as long as he keeps winning elections. 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯正在庆祝废除民选官员任期限制的全民公投的胜利。查韦斯的建议获得了54%的委内瑞拉选民的赞同。这样,只要查韦斯能不断在选举中胜出,他就可以无限期地掌权。President Chavez spoke to thousands of supporters shortly after the release of results showing a clear victory for the reform plan. Mr. Chavez had urged people to support the measure to give him more time in office to carry out his socialist-inspired reforms. 在投票结果显示查韦斯的改革计划获得胜利之后不久,查韦斯向数千名持者发表了讲话。公投前,他曾呼吁他的持者们赞同他的计划,以便给他更多的时间来进行他的社会主义改革。He said that everyone who voted in favor of the measure also voted in favor of socialism. 他说,任何在公投中投赞同票的人同时也持社会主义。Mr. Chavez dedicated the vote result to all of Venezuela's children, saying it was a victory for the future and for socialism. 查韦斯把投票的结果贡献给委内瑞拉所有的儿童。他说,这是未来的胜利,社会主义的胜利。The reform allows Mr. Chavez to seek re-election for a third term in a planned 2012 vote. The president has said he hopes to serve at least until 2018, but it is unclear if wants to remain in power beyond that date. 委内瑞拉计划在2012年进行总统选举。这次改革将使得查韦斯能够争取第3个任期。查韦斯还表示,他希望至少任职到2018年,但是目前还不清楚他是否有意在2018年后继续任职。Opposition leaders have accused the president of backing the reform in an effort to cling to power. They note the reform sets Venezuela apart from all other nations in the hemisphere -- except Cuba - which impose term limits on top elected officials.  反对派领导人指责查韦斯企图把持权力不放。他们指出,这次改革使得委内瑞拉成为整个西半球除古巴以外唯一一个不对民选官员作出任期限制的国家。Speaking Sunday, President Chavez vowed to use the coming years to rebuild many government institutions, to help them better serve the people. 查韦斯星期天在讲话中发誓要在今后几年中重建许多政府机构,使之更好地为人民务。He said the country needs new institutions staffed by men and women who are honest and committed to public service. 他说,委内瑞拉需要由诚实和致力于公共务的男女官员所构成的新的政府机构。Over the past 10 years, Mr. Chavez has redirected significant portions of government revenue from oil sales into social programs. Scores of Venezuelans say they have benefited from the education, health and job training programs. 在过去10年里,查韦斯把政府从石油销售中获得的许多利润用于社会项目。许多委内瑞拉人表示,他们从教育和医疗制度改革以及就业培训项目中获得了好处。The president said his government has made great achievements inside the country, and now he hopes to make Venezuela into an international player. 查韦斯还表示,他的政府在国内取得了巨大的成就,同时他也希望委内瑞拉在国际舞台上发挥更大作用。He said over the next 10 years he will continue strengthening Venezuela to become an international powerhouse.  他说,在今后10年里,他将继续努力,使委内瑞拉成为一个世界大国。Sunday's vote outcome was a vindication for Mr. Chavez, who lost a December 2007 poll. Voters rejected a similar proposal on term limits, which was included in a broad package of constitutional reforms. 在2007年12月举行的一次类似性质的公投中,委内瑞拉选民对包括取消官员任期限制在内的一系列宪政改革措施表示反对。对查韦斯来说,星期天的投票结果似乎是对那次公投的逆反。02/62541Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has produced products that have changed the way people around the world communicate, obtain information and entertain themselves. Here's a look at Apple’s success and what sets the company apart from other computer companies as it prepares for its founder and visionary leader to step down as CEO.在史蒂夫·乔布斯的领导下,苹果公司推出的一系列产品,从根本上改变了世界各地的人彼此之间通讯联络、获取信息以及的方式。Whether it’s iPods, iPhones or iPads, they have become a part of daily life for people around the world. Technology analyst Francis Lun in Hong Kong said the man responsible is Apple’s chief executive officer, Steve Jobs.不管是iPods, iPhones 或 iPads,它们都已经成为世界各地很多人目前生活中不可或缺的一部分。香港的一位科技问题分析人士弗郎西斯说,这些产品的背后,是苹果公司的总裁史蒂夫·乔布斯。"Steve Jobs actually changed the way that we download music, changed the way that we use handsets, and also changed the way that we use computers," said Lun.弗郎西斯说:“乔布斯改变了我们下载音乐的方式,改变了我们使用手提电话的方式,同时也改变了我们使用计算机的方式。”University of California Los Angeles management professor Richard Rumelt said the ideas behind Apple’s products are not original.加州大学洛杉矶分校的管理学教授理查德·鲁梅尔特说,苹果公司产品的概念并不是最创新的。“Apple didn’t invent personal computers, it didn’t invent [the] mouse and windows interface, it didn’t invent digital music players, it didn’t invent the smart phone or the tablet,” he said.鲁梅尔特教授说:“苹果公司并不是个人电脑的发明者,也不是鼠标和窗口界面等产品的发明一方;像iPods数码音乐播放器、SMART PHONE电话、以及TABLET平板大脑这些产品,也都不是苹果公司发明的。”Ted Rozolis of IEEE Computer Society said there is one thing Apple can do that other computer companies have not achieved.不过,国际工程师协会下属的计算机协会的一位专家罗佐里斯指出,苹果公司在某一个方面的成绩和能力,超过了其他所有公司。201108/151409

  Global Markets Finish 2008 on Positive Note今年最后一天美股升就业好于预期  After a year of gut-wrenching losses, stock markets around the world recorded a positive day amid light trading to close out 2008. 全球股市经过一年令人心痛的暴跌,在2008年的最后一天以上涨收场。Modest gains on the last day of 2008 cannot erase the massive losses of the last 12 months. Wall Street's Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 35 percent of its value, while Germany and Japan's stock markets finished the year down roughly 40 percent. Many emerging markets from Latin America to Asia fared even worse, making 2008 the most painful year in decades for investors and countless publicly traded companies across the globe. 2008年最后一天股市的温和上涨并不能抹去过去12个月的巨大损失。美国华尔街道琼斯工业平均指数一年来下挫了百分之35,德国和日本股市都大约以百分之40的跌幅结束了2008年。从拉丁美洲到亚洲,许多新兴市场的表现更差,使得2008年成为投资者和全球无数上市公司数十年来最伤心的一年。The year decimated America's corporate financial landscape, with many of the nation's best-known investment firms, banks, mortgage insurers and insurance companies bankrupt, sold, taken over by the federal government, or continuing to exist thanks to the biggest taxpayer bailout in U.S. history. 2008年彻底改变了美国金融行业的格局,许多久负盛名的投资公司、、房贷保险机构和其他保险公司宣告破产、被收购、被联邦政府接管,或者幸亏接受了美国历史上规模最大的纳税人救助才能苟延残喘。"Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Lehman [Brothers], major companies that were the cornerstone of our financial services business are no longer with us. That is just a big shock," said Hugh Johnson, who heads the New York-based financial firm Johnson Illington Advisors. 休·约翰逊是纽约的金融机构约翰逊-伊灵顿咨询务公司的主管,他说:“美林、贝尔斯登、雷曼兄弟,这些大公司都曾经是美国金融务业的柱,现在它们都不复存在了,这简直是太令人震惊了。”Over the last 12 months, U.S. unemployment has jumped by more than a percentage point as the nation weathered a deepening recession that has sp around the world. Many economists are predicting even higher rates of unemployment in . 过去12个月,美国的失业率的攀升超过了一个百分点,全国都在忙于应付不断加深并扩散到全球的经济衰退。许多经济学家都预测,年的失业率将会更高。Wednesday, the U.S. Labor Department provided a glimmer of unexpected good news. New claims for unemployment benefits fell by more than 90,000 at the end of last week compared to the previous week. Overall, however, the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits remains at the highest level seen since 1982. 美国劳工部报告说,上个星期,首次申领失业补贴的人数和前一个星期相比减少了9万多人。但是整体来看,美国的失业人数仍然处于1982年以来的最高水平。Having been battered by a year of sour economic news, U.S. markets were little-impressed by the latest unemployment figure, according to Art Cashin of UBS Financial Services. 瑞银集团金融务部门的分析师阿尔特·卡辛说,过去一年,美国股市一直受到经济负面消息的折磨,最新的就业数据总算让市场受到一点儿鼓舞。"To see a number down 92,000, particularly given the economic environment that we have, made the number look a bit suspicious [to investors]," said Cashin. “看到首次申请失业救济的人数下降了9万2千人,尤其是在现有的经济条件下,对于投资人来说,这个数字显得令人难以置信。”Oil prices traded just below a barrel Wednesday, capping a wild year for energy prices that saw oil spike to a record-high of nearly 0 a barrel in July. Oil prices have been on an almost-uninterrupted slide downward ever since, pushed lower by a global recession that has weakened demand for fuel.01/60161

  Clinton Backs Six-Party Talks for Ending North Korean Nuclear Program希拉里称持北韩核问题六方会谈  At her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton expressed support for the Chinese-led six-party negotiations aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear program. But she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the negotiating process championed by the Bush administration is being reviewed. 星期二,美国国会参议院举行听,审议批准当选总统奥巴马提名担任国务卿的希拉里.克林顿女士。克林顿在会上表示持中国主持的六方会谈。六方会谈的目的是结束北韩的核项目。但是克林顿女士对参议院外交关系委员会说,布什政府主张的谈判过程正在受到检讨。President-elect Barack Obama said during the campaign that he was willing to try face-to-face diplomacy with leaders of adversary countries, like North Korea, if it would help resolve key problems. 当选总统奥巴马在竞选时说,如果这样做能够有助于解决关键的问题,他愿意同诸如北韩这样的敌对国家的领导人进行面对面的外交工作。But in her Senate testimony, his Secretary of State-designate said both she and the incoming President believe the six-party process, underway since 2004, has merit both as a negotiating vehicle and as a channel for bilateral dialogue with Pyongyang. 但是奥巴马选中的国务卿克林顿在参议院作时则表示,她和奥巴马都认为,从2004年开始的六方会谈,作为一种谈判平台和一种跟平壤进行双边对话的渠道,都发挥了作用。Hillary Clinton told the confirmation hearing that she and outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have had several long conversations on the six-party process as part what she said is an "aggressive review" of North Korea policy by the Obama team. 希拉里.克林顿在参议院举行的确认国务卿提名的听会上说,她曾经跟即将卸任的国务卿赖斯就六方会谈进程进行过几次长时间的谈话。这是她称之为奥巴马团队对北韩政策的“积极的检讨”的一部分。She said the president-elect is under no illusions about the difficulty of getting Pyongyang to end its nuclear program and that "tough, reality-based diplomacy" is required. "Our goal is to end the North Korean nuclear programs - both the plutonium-reprocessing program and the highly-enriched uranium program - which there is reason to believe exists although never quite verified. And it is our strong belief that the six-party talks, particularly the role that China is currently playing along with our close allies South Korea and Japan, is a vehicle for us to exert pressure on North Korea in a way that is more likely to alter their behavior," she said. 克林顿说,奥巴马对劝说平壤结束其核项目的艰难程度没有任何幻想。奥巴马知道,这需要艰苦的、以现实为基础的外交工作。克林顿女士说:“我们的目标是结束北韩的核项目,这包括它的加工金属钸的项目和高度浓缩铀的项目。有理由相信,北韩拥有浓缩铀项目,不过还没有经过实。我们坚信,六方会谈,特别是中国所起的作用,以及我们的紧密盟友韩国和日本,是我们向北韩施加压力的载体。我们的压力很可能改变北韩的表现。”Clinton, under questioning from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, said the process must also end North Korea's role as a nuclear proliferator, saying there is "reason to believe" Pyongyang was involved in a reactor project with Syria in addition to its documented assistance to Libya's nuclear program that was scrapped in 2003. 克林顿女士在回答阿拉斯加州参议员利萨.莫考斯基的问题的时候说,谈判进程必须以北韩终止核扩散的角色为终点。她说,有理由相信,平壤参与了叙利亚的一个核反应堆的项目,根据记录,北韩还帮助利比亚开展核项目,直到利比亚在2003年取消该项目。The six-party talks, in which North Korea committed to end its nuclear program in return for aid and diplomatic benefits, is stalled over Pyongyang's failure to accept a verification plan for the nuclear declaration it made last June. 在六方会谈中,北韩承诺结束它的核项目,以换取援助和外交利益。后来北韩不接受它曾在去年6月申报的核项目清单的核实计划,导致北韩非核化进程停滞不前。North Korea said on Tuesday it would hold on to its small arsenal of nuclear weapons until the ed States normalized relations with it and drops what was termed a "hostile" policy toward the communist state.  星期二,北韩表示,它将保存自己小规模的核武库,直到美国跟北韩建立正常关系,而且放弃对北韩的敌对政策为止。That drew a rebuff from State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack who said Pyongyang will have to meet its six-party commitments before realizing diplomatic benefits. "Certainly we want the six-party process to move forward. It's very clear what its obligations and responsibilities are under that process. Getting to the point where North Korea has a more normal relationship with the rest of the world, including the ed States - in order to really get to that point - North Korea is going to have to move through the six-party process, and there is going to have to be a de-nuclearized Korean Peninsula," he said. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克反驳了北韩的声明,他说,平壤必须兑现在六方会谈中作出的承诺,然后才能获得外交利益。麦科马克说:“我们当然希望六方会谈能取得进展。会谈进程赋予北韩的义务和责任是很明显的。北韩要想跟包括美国在内的世界其他国家建立正常关系,它必须履行在六方会谈中的承诺。朝鲜半岛必须实现非核化。”South Korean newspapers reported on Tuesday that Pyongyang wanted to send its chief nuclear envoy to President-elect Obama's inauguration next week. But officials here say they are unaware of any contact with North Korea on the issue and that, in any case, foreign representation at the event is limited to ambassadors of countries with which the ed States has diplomatic ties. 星期二,韩国报纸报导说,平壤希望派遣它的首席核谈判代表下星期出席奥巴马的就职典礼。但是在华盛顿的官员们说,他们不知道美国就这个问题同北韩进行了任何接触。无论如何,出席就职典礼的外国代表仅限于那些跟美国有外交关系的国家的大使。01/61052。


  This is Wild Chronicles. I am White Matthews.这里是《野生动物日记》。我是怀特;马修斯。At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, an infant gorilla named Wumundi gets some tender loving care from a dedicated keeper and lots of attention from curious visitors.在夏延山动物园,一个名叫Wumundi的婴儿猩猩在一名专业看护员及很多好奇游客的帮助中得到了温柔呵护。He is on with a keeper all the time 24 hours a day.他所有的时间甚至一天24小时都无时无刻在看护。Zoo spokesman Sean Anglum explains that the babys real mother abandoned him at birth. Twelve-year-old Kwisha was hand raised by humans with diapers and bottle. She had nowhere to learn how to raise her own young.动物园发言人肖恩;安格鲁姆解释说,婴儿的亲生母亲在它出生时弃他于不顾。十二岁的Kwisha的吃喝拉撒都是经由人类之手抚养。她没有办法学习如何抚养自己的下一代。His mom gave birth to him and didnt really know what to do with him. She was hand reared; she never had a child before; she had never been around other gorillas that have a baby so she really didnt know any of the procedure. She didnt know what to do.他的妈妈生下他,真的不知道拿他怎么办。她被人类养育,她从未有过孩子,她身边从未有过其他猩猩母亲,她举棋不定不知道下一步该怎么做。她真的不知道怎么办才好。Wild gorillas, on the other hand, have plenty of role models.另一方面,野生大猩猩,有大量的榜样。I often tell people of the human, has never seen a baby and never seen, you know, anything on TV, or books about a baby, and have a baby, they probably wouldnt know what to do either. We just take it for granted that, so much around us teaches us what we need to know. And they are really about the same way; they need to learn most of things they know.我经常告诉别其他人类,虽然从来没有见过婴儿,但你能从任何相关的电视、书籍中获得婴儿的相关信息。而在有孩子的时候,他们也可能不知道要做什么。我们只是想当然地认为,我们周围的环境告诉我们需要知道的。他们应该是相同的方式,他们需要学习很多他们知道的东西。With his own mom unable to care for him, the task of rearing little Wumundi has fallen on keepers like Mandy Hollingsworth. But he is not being raised to be like his mother. Instead of treating Wumundi like a human baby, Mandy is acting like a gorilla mom.既然他自己的妈妈无法抚育他,小Wumundi的抚养任务就落在看门人曼迪?赫利沃斯身上。但他没有像个母亲,而是把Wumundi当成了人类婴儿,曼蒂表现的像一只猩猩母亲。词语解释:1. gorilla n. 猩猩2. diaper n. 尿布201111/161417

  A horrific outburst of violence." That is how President Obama described yesterday's deadly shooting at a military post in Texas. A gunman opened fire on a soldier processing center at Ft. Hood, killing at least 12 people, wounding dozens of others. According to military officials, the alleged gunman is in custody. Authorities say there is no immediate information about a motive behind the attack, but the Army has asked the FBI to look into the suspect's background.11/88614

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