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The Chinese film Black Coal, Thin Ice won best picture at the Berlin International Film Festival over the weekend, the latest win China as it seeks global prominence in film.中国电影《白日焰火(Black Coal, Thin Ice)在柏林国际电影节(Berlin International Film Festival)获颁最佳影片奖,这是中国电影在寻求在国际建立声名过程中最新一项斩获Director Diao Yinan, who accepted the award the film on Saturday, spent nearly a decade writing the screenplay. Black Coal, Thin Ice (Bairi Yanhuo , or Daytime Fireworks, in Mandarin) is a detective mystery, set in cold northern China during the late 1990s, that unfolds through flashbacks, telling the story of a detective investigating a trail of murders in a factory town.导演刁亦男上周六领取了这一奖项他花了差不多年的时间写剧本《白日焰火是一部侦探悬疑片,故事发生在九十年代末的东北,以闪回的手法逐渐揭示情节,讲述一名侦探调查一个工厂小镇上发生的一起谋杀案Berlin film festival jury also gave Liao Fan, who plays the detective in Black Coal, Thin Ice, with the award best actor.柏林电影节的评审们还把最佳男演员奖颁给了在《白日焰火中扮演侦探的廖凡The recognition comes as China film studios and directors vie a stronger position on the global stage -- and they appear to be gaining ground. Jia Zhangke, one of China most provocative directors, won the award best screenplay at the Cannes International Film Festival last May with his film A Touch of Sin.眼下,中国电影制作室内和电影导演都在希望在国际舞台上获得更大的一席之地,而且他们的地盘似乎正在扩大去年5月份,中国最具挑 性的导演之一贾樟柯就凭借电影《天注定(A Touch of Sin)在戛纳国际电影节(Cannes International Film Festival)获得了最佳剧本奖Berlin has previously acknowledged other Chinese directors, such as Wang Quanan, who was awarded best screenplay at the festival Tuan Yuan (Apart Together).以前就曾有中国导演在柏林获奖,比如年王全安就凭借《团圆(Apart Together)获颁最佳剧本奖It very hard to believe this dream has come true, Mr. Diao said when accepting his award.刁亦男在发表获奖感言时说,难以置信,看来这个梦是一直醒不了Mr. Diao, a graduate of China Central Academy of Drama, is also known his two other films, Unim and Night Train.刁亦男毕业于中央戏剧学院,他的另外两部电影《制(Unim)和《夜车(Night Train)也很有名 7651Kate Bosworth — The Warrior's Way沙漠战士---凯特.斯沃思Kate Bosworth as a cute surfer chick in a bikini? Hot. Kate Bosworth as a knife-wielding borderline psychopath circus permer with a mysterious blood-soaked past and a knack hunting humans? Super hot. Yes, we have issues.还记得那个穿着比基尼冲浪的小妞凯特.斯沃思吗?性感吧!凯特.斯沃思在片中饰演一个心理扭曲的马戏团飞刀女演员,这是个边缘的人物,她的神秘过去又沾满鲜血,她还能娴熟的猎杀人类?她太正了,我们有麻烦了 65

The Radio and Television Association of China has condemned a popular comedian after comments he made online about the death of a mer head of television station Beijing TV.近日,中国广播电视协会公开谴责著名相声演员郭德纲在北京电视台台长王晓东因病去世时,在微上发布的不当言论Guo Degang, a top cross-talk permer, has been embroiled in a public feud with the station several years.郭德纲与北京电视台之间的恩怨由来已久Yet on Sunday he was urged to apologize to BTV and the family of Wang Xiaodong over an ;immoral; micro blog post that appeared to celebrate his death.上周日,郭德纲被要求就王晓东去世时的失徳言行,向北京电视台以及王晓东的家人道歉Wang, the mer head of BTV, died of liver cancer on Nov 19.事件缘起自月19日,北京电视台前台长王晓东因患肝癌逝世The next day, Guo posted a Chinese limerick on Sina Weibo - a popular Chinese micro blog platm - that many people felt was aimed at Wang. The post was accompanied by an image of the character shuangxi, or double happiness, which is commonly used celebrations, such as weddings.次日,郭德纲在新浪微上发布了一首打油诗,同时还配了一张红双喜的图片此举被指是在影射因病去世的王晓东The comedian deleted the controversial post about four hours later, but not bee it sparked much discussion among his more than 55 million followers.尽管大约小时后,郭德纲删除了这条颇具争议性的微但此事还是引起了他微上5500多万粉丝们的热议During an award ceremony on Sunday, the association`s television art working committee issued a statement criticizing the cross-talk star, branding him ;disrespectful; and lacking in morals.在周日举行的某颁奖仪式上,中国广播电视协会电视文艺工作会委员会发表声明,强烈谴责郭德纲,认为其言行是对人性、良知的无视,对道义的颠覆The statement said the public had every right to boycott Guo`s live permances and popular TV show, and even suggested TV stations blacklist celebrities that make such comments.声明中还称,社会大众有权抵制郭德纲的现场表演及电视节目,并呼吁电视台将发表这样过分言行的艺人列入黑名单;We will keep an eye on the case, and we call on the industry to protect its dignity,; the committee added.该委员会还表示:“我们会密切关注这一事件,也会呼吁整个新闻行业来捍卫自己的尊严”Guo`s most recent comment on Sina Weibo on Saturday was a vague apology to anyone he may have offended.郭德纲新浪微上的最新一条更新时间是上周六,疑似含糊的致歉称:“骂过的我道歉”Zhang Fan, a BTV reporter, said she did not know about the row until Sunday, although she revealed the station had previously ordered employees to post online ;only sensible opinions; about the limerick.据北京电视台记者张帆(音译)透露,尽管台里之前就曾要求员工对网上的“打油诗事件”只发布“合理见解”,但她直到上周日才知道这一争端愈演愈烈;Guo has had conflicts with the media organization bee,; she said. ;No matter what the cause of that was, he shouldn`t show his resentment toward a dead person. It`s immoral.;“此前,郭德纲与北京电视台已有过节,”她说,“无论出于何种理由,他也不应该侮辱逝者名誉,这种做法太不厚道了”The feud between the comedian and BTV dates back to August , when a BTV reporter visited Guo`s home in Beijing`s Daxing district to verify reports the comedian had illegally extended his property onto a public space. The reporter was punched several times by one of Guo`s associates, Li Hebiao.郭德纲与北京电视台的恩怨可以追溯到年8月,当时北京电视台记者为查郭德纲别墅是否非法侵占公共绿地一事,前往其位于北京大兴区的住所进行采访而该记者在采访过程中多次遭受郭德纲徒弟李鹤彪的殴打Li later apologized, but BTV still blacklisted Guo and refused to broadcast his cross-talk.尽管事后李鹤彪致歉,但是北京电视台仍然抵制郭德纲,封杀他的相声节目According to media reports, the station wrote to the Radio and Television Association on Dec to complain that Guo`s post was aimed at Wang and had ;negative effects on social morality;.据相关媒体报道称,北京电视台于月日致信中国广播电视协会,谴责郭德纲的“打油诗事件”,并指责其为“社会道德带来不良影响”The association gave a written reply and a spokesman it in front of representatives of almost 00 television stations at Sunday`s awards ceremony.中国广播电视协会随即给予书面答复,并于上周日举行的一场颁奖典礼上,在00多家媒体面前当众宣读Cheng Manli, a media professor at Peking University, said respecting the dead ;is a basic requirement; but explained that the association cannot compel Guo to provide an apology.北京大学新闻与传播学院教授程曼丽表示,尽管尊重逝者是“最基本的要求”,但同时她也指出,广电协会不能强迫郭德纲道歉;If Guo doesn`t comply, the association won`t do anything,; she said. ;It would be better the association to negotiate with Guo and BTV to end the conflict.;“如果郭德纲拒绝道歉,那么广电协会也没办法”程教授指出,“最好的解决方法是由广电协会出面,与郭德纲本人以及北京电视台双方协商,来平息这场争端”Tang Yu, one of Guo`s followers on Sina Weibo, said his impression of the comedian had been affected by the latest row, but added, ;I`ll still go on watching his cross-talk.;郭德纲新浪微的粉丝唐宇(音译)表示,尽管这次的“封杀门”事件改变了他对郭德纲的看法,但他“仍然会去观看郭德纲的相声表演” 695George Clooney and his mer “ER” costar Julianna Margulies reed Sunday night at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills when the actress, along with actor Don Cheadle, presented the newlywed with the Cecil B. DeMille Award.周日夜晚,于比佛利山庄举办的年金球奖上,乔治克鲁尼和他在《急诊室的故事中的合作影星茱莉安娜·玛格里斯再次相聚,玛格里斯和演员唐·钱德尔为这位新婚的影星颁发了金球奖终身成就奖True to m, Clooney took the opporty to not only thank those in the industry, but to give a bit of a pep talk to those in the room who may not walk away winners.一如往常,克鲁尼不仅借此机会表达了对同行的致谢,还对在座的所有和奖项擦身而过的人打气“If you’re in this room, you’ve caught the brass ring,” he said.“如果你在这个屋子里,那么你就抓住了成名的大好时机,”他说In a rare moment, Clooney went on to talk about his personal life.很难得的,克鲁尼继续谈到了他的私生活“It’s a humbling thing to find someone to love, even better if you’ve been waiting your whole life,” he said, referring to his new wife Amal Alamuddin. “I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband.”“寻找你的爱人真是件很畏羞的事情,如果你的一生一直在等待更是如此,”他说,指的就是他的新婚妻子阿迈勒·阿拉姆丁“能成为你的丈夫,我再荣幸不过”Clooney wrapped up his speech by highlighting his humanitarian side, referencing the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, he talked about the protests that took place all around the world earlier Sunday. “They marched in protest. ... We will not live in fear.”克鲁尼强调了人道主义的一面结束了他的致谢,他所指向的就是发生在巴黎的《查理周刊击事件,他谈到了周日早些时候全世界掀起的抗议活动“他们在示威游行……我们不在活在恐惧中”Prior to receiving his award, Margulies and Cheadle argued over who was closer to Clooney, with Cheadle using starring in “Ocean’s Eleven” with him as proof he’s good friends with the actor. To which, Margulies said “Who wasn’t?” She continued, ”I did over 0 episodes of ‘ER’ with him. ... And I kissed him.” But, as Cheadle pointed out, “Who hasn’t.”在获奖之前,玛格里斯和钱德尔争论了一番谁才是克鲁尼的好“基友”,钱德尔提到了他在《十一罗汉里和克鲁尼的共演以明自己才是真正的“好基友”而玛格里斯说“谁不是呢?”她继续辩驳到,“我和他拍了0多集的《ER……我还吻了他哦!”不过,正如钱德尔指出的那样,“谁不是呢”The lifetime achievement award recipients are chosen by the Hollywood eign Press Association’s board of directors. Past recipients include Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Barbra Streisand.终身成就奖的获得者是由好莱坞好莱坞外国记者协会理事会选出的过去的获奖者分别有迪恩·马丁,鲍勃·霍普,露西尔·鲍尔和芭芭拉·史翠珊 696

QUENTIN Tarantino Oscar-winning ;Django Unchained; returned to Chinese screens yesterday, about a month after it was pulled unspecified ;technical reasons.;昆汀#86;塔伦蒂诺的奥斯卡获奖影片《被解放的姜戈昨天重返中国大银幕,在因未指明的“技术原因”而下线的大约一个月后Nude scenes are believed to have been cut and the original 5-minute movie is now minutes long.裸露镜头相信被剪掉,原来的5分钟的电影现在只有分钟长The month delay didnt help at the box office. Guo Ying, an official with Shanghai ed Cinema Lines, said the film had taken in just 0,000 yuan (US$,800).这个月的推迟无益于票房上海联合电影院线的官方人士郭英说这部电影已经入账万元人民币(合800美元);It is not a good screening slot,; Guo said. ;The movie has to face strong competition from two Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters with stunning visual effects - Iron Man 3 and Oblivion.;“这不是电影的黄金时段,”郭说“这部电影不得不面对两个有着惊人的视觉效果的好莱坞科幻大片《钢铁侠3和《遗落战境的激烈竞争A cinema in the city Xujiahui area sold around 7,000 yuan worth of tickets the film yesterday, compared to ticket sales of 0,000 yuan ;Iron Man 3; and 50,000 yuan ;Oblivion.;上海徐家汇地区的一家电影院昨天为这部电影了售出约7000元的票,相比万元的《钢铁侠3票房和5万元的《遗落战境The cinema manager, who asked not to be named, said the low ticket sales came as no surprise. Tarantino movies, with their scenes of sex, bloodshed and carnage, would not be the first choice the majority of cinema-goers, she said.要求不透露其姓名的影院经理说低票房并不令人吃惊塔伦蒂诺的电影充斥着床戏、流血和杀戮,对于大多数影迷来说不会是第一选择,她说Also, since the suspension, a lot of movie fans have seen the film on DVD or online.此外,由于延迟,很多影迷已经DVD或网上看过这部电影The film was released in China on April but was halted one minute after the screenings began ;technical reasons,; according to the film distributors.这部电影月日在中国上映但开始一分钟后因“技术原因”停止放映,根据影片的分销商At the 85th Academy Awards the film received best original screenplay award Tarantino and best supporting actor award Christoph Waltz.在第85届奥斯卡奖上电影使塔伦蒂诺获得了最佳原创剧本奖,克里斯托弗#86;沃尔兹获得最佳男配角奖 39A great switch-off is under way on US primetime television with a majority of cable channels losing viewers in , a trend that is reshaping the media landscape and rattling investors.美国观众正大举放弃在黄金时段观看电视节目,今年大多数有线电视频道的收视率都出现下滑,这一趋势正在重塑媒体格局,并让投资者不安Audience data compiled by Nielsen, the research firm, show that 6 of the top 35 cable channels attracted lower average primetime audiences in compared with . ESPN, Bravo, Comedy Central and MTV were among those hit.研究机构尼尔森(Nielsen)编制的收视率数据显示,年,在最受欢迎的35个有线电视频道中,有6个频道的黄金时段平均观众数量低于年,其中包括ESPN、Bravo、Comedy Central和MTV“This is a multiyear issue and is leading to lower industry advertising growth,” said Michael Nathanson, a media analyst with MoffettNathanson. “A business that had been growing in advertising is now struggling.”“这种情况已持续多年,正导致行业广告增速下滑,”墨菲特纳萨森公司(MoffettNathanson)媒体分析师迈克尔纳萨森(Michael Nathanson)表示,“曾经在广告收入方面增长的行业现在步履维艰”Lower audience ratings and fears about “cord-cutting” — the cancellation of cable and satellite television subscriptions — hit US media shares in with the Samp;P 500 Media Index falling 5.5 per cent, far more than the broader market, which was flat the year.收视率下滑以及对“掐线”(cord-cutting,取消有线电视和卫星电视订阅)的担忧在年打击了美国的传媒类股,标准普尔500指数(Samp;P 500)的传媒指数(Media Index)下跌5.5%,跌幅远超大盘,今年标普500与去年持平Walt Disney, which recently released Star Wars: The ce Awakens , and AMC Networks, home of The Walking Dead series, are the only media companies to end the year with their shares up on . Disney sparked a sell-off in media stocks this summer when it warned that subscriber growth at its ESPN network had slowed. The channel lost an estimated 3m subscribers in the year to August, said Nielsen.年进入尾声之际,股价较年上涨的传媒公司只有沃尔特迪斯尼公司(Walt Disney)和AMC Networks迪斯尼最近发布了《星球大战:原力觉醒(Star Wars: The ce Awakens),而AMC Networks的频道播放电视剧《行尸走肉(The Walking Dead)迪士尼今年夏季警告称,旗下ESPN频道的订户增长放缓,这引发了传媒股的抛售潮尼尔森表示,ESPN在截止今年8月的一年时间里失去了约300万订户Lower average audience ratings cable networks are indicative of a big shift in viewing habits. Audiences are increasingly using on-demand streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, rather than tuning in to watch live television. “The world is moving to on-demand viewing,” Mr Nathanson said.有线网络的平均收视率下降表明,观看习惯发生了重大转变观众日益使用Netflix、亚马逊(Amazon)和Hulu等点播流媒体务,而不是打开电视看直播纳萨森表示:“世界正在转向点播观看” 198

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