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重庆星辰医院是国有的吗重庆重医附二院咨询电话US Says Door Remains Open for Nuclear Talks With Iran美官员:与伊朗核谈判大门仍敞开Top Obama administration officials say the door remains open for nuclear talks with Iran. They are discounting the latest anti-American rhetoric from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.美国政府的高级官员说,同伊朗核谈判的大门依然敞开。这些官员并不重视伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德最新的反美言辞。The ongoing post-election turmoil in Iran has raised questions about the outlook for diplomacy to deal with Tehran's nuclear ambitions.伊朗选后持续的动乱局面对于以外交行动处理德黑兰核野心的前景提出了疑问。Appearing on the CBS television program Face the Nation, U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations Susan Rice indicated the Iranian nuclear program remains a matter of high concern for the White House.美国驻联合国大使苏珊.赖斯在哥伦比亚广播公司电视节目露面时表示,伊朗核项目仍然是白宫高度关注的一件大事。"We have an interest in any case in trying to ensure that Iran does not achieve a nuclear weapons capability," said Rice. "We have pursued that through multi-lateral diplomacy. We have left the door open to bilateral diplomacy."她说:“我们在任何情况下都有兴趣努力确保伊朗不获得核武器能力。我们通过多边外交来达到这个目的。我们也为双边外交敞开大门。”On N's Meet the Press, President Obama's top advisor, David Axelrod, said the administration remains open to attending talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany.在国家广播公司的与媒体见面节目中,奥巴马总统的高级顾问戴维.阿克塞尔罗德说,美国政府仍然愿意参加伊朗和联合国安理会五个常任理事国加德国举行的会谈。He was asked if the tough talk over the weekend by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be enough to put diplomacy on hold.他在被问到伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德周末的强硬言论是否足以将外交手段暂时搁置起来时说:"Understand that he is not the decision maker when it comes to foreign policy and defense policy in Iran," he said. "His comments are meant for domestic political content."“要了解,他不是伊朗外交政策和国防政策的决策者。他的言论是为了国内政治舆论而发表的。”Iran's president has accused the ed States of meddling in his country's affairs. Axelrod said he is merely trying to change the subject.伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德指责美国干涉伊朗内政。阿克塞尔罗德说,他只不过是想改变话题。"It is a long used technique in Iran to try to make the ed States the foil for their own problems," said Axelrod. "His problems are with the Iranian people, not with us!"阿克塞尔罗德说:“这是伊朗的惯用伎俩,试图把伊朗自身的问题转嫁到美国身上。他的问题是跟伊朗人民,而不是跟我们之间的问题。”The election dispute in Iran is dominating headlines as American troops near a deadline for pulling out of major cities in neighboring Iraq.随着美国军队越来越接近撤出伊拉克主要城镇的最后期限,伊朗选举引发的争议继续是新闻的主要内容。The top U.S. commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno told the Fox News Sunday television program that Iraqis are keeping a close watch on events across the border.美国驻伊拉克最高指挥官雷.奥迪尔诺将军星期天在福克斯电视节目上说,伊拉克人正在密切注视边界另一侧事态的进展。"It gives them more confidence in their government, in the fact they just went through legitimate and credible elections to elect their provincial leaders, and the fact they are going to go through a credible and legitimate election here for their national leaders in January," said Odiorno.奥迪尔诺将军说:“伊拉克人民刚刚举行过合法、可信的选举,选出了省级领导人;他们还将在明年1月举行合法和可信的举,选出国家领导人。这些都使伊拉克人民对自己的政府更有信心。”Odierno noted that, unlike Iran, international observers will be in Iraq to validate those elections. And he said the unfolding events in Iran may serve to encourage Iraqis to bolster their young democracy.奥迪尔诺指出,跟伊朗不同的是,国际监督人员会到伊拉克实那些选举是否公正。他还说,伊朗目前的事态可能会激励伊拉克人民持他们建立了不久的民主制度。06/76070重庆市星辰医院整形美容多少钱 It was only last month that Texas Governor Rick Perry decided to enter the race for the Republican Partys presidential nomination and quickly zoomed to the top of public opinion polls. But in recent weeks Perry has stumbled in the candidate debates, and the new doubts about Perry have led some Republicans to renew pressure on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the race.美国德克萨斯州州长里克佩里上个月才决定角逐共和党总统提名,他很快就登上民意的顶峰。但是近几个星期佩里在候选人辩论会上结结巴巴,对佩里的一些新疑虑导致一些共和党人再度向新泽西州州长克里斯蒂施压,希望他出来参选。The first actual votes in the U.S. presidential nominating process are still months away, but it has aly been a roller-coaster ride for Rick Perry.虽然美国总统候选人提名过程中的首次投票几个月后才会举行,但是对里克佩里来说,参选过程已经像是过山车般的起伏动荡。Perry came into the race as a favorite among Christian conservative voters who also boasts a strong record of job-creation in Texas.佩里对保守的基督徒选民来说是个首选,佩里自诩他在德州有优异的创造就业记录。;America is going to be guided by some set of values,; said Perry. ;The question is going to be whose values and I would suggest most of the people in this audience believe it is those Christian values that this country was based upon.;他说:“美国将受到某种价值观的指引。问题是哪一种价值观。我想建议绝大部分相信这个想法的在场观众,那就是基督教的价值观,美国是建立在这个价值观之上的。”But Perry has stumbled in recent debates, both in trying to attack his main rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, and in trying to defend his record as Texas governor.但是佩里在最近几次辩论中吾其词,他在试图攻击他的主要对手前麻萨诸塞州州长罗姆尼,以及试图为自己的德州州长表现辩护时言不及义。Perry has also been criticized by conservative rivals for supporting a Texas law that allows the children of illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state university tuition rates.佩里的保守派对手抨击他持一项德州法律,这项法律允许非法移民的子女以本州居民的学费比例来付大学学费。Perry finished a disappointing second in a recent straw poll, or test vote, in Florida behind the surprise winner, Georgia businessman Herman Cain.在最近佛罗里达州举行的探测民意假投票中,佩里名列第二,落后于出人意料的胜利者-乔治亚州商人赫尔曼.凯因。Cain told Ns Today program that Perrys weak debate performances have raised questions among Republican voters as to whether he would be the strongest nominee against President Barack Obama in next years election.凯因在国家广播公司的“今天”电视节目中表示,佩里脆弱的辩论表现让共和党选民怀疑,在明年的选举中佩里是否能成为对抗奥巴马总统的最强有力提名人。201109/155625The sound coming from a small machine is the sound of green economy.这是一部小型机器所发出的绿色经济的声响。"This is the world's first commercially available pedal generator, allowing to convert your human power into usable electricity. It can currently recharge our own portable lights. It can also charge mobile phones," said Sameer Hajee, whose company, Nuru Design, has 10,000 clients in Rwanda, India and Kenya. It relies on a network of 80 peddlers who make a living out of pedaling to recharge the lights or cell-phones of their neighbors.努鲁设计(Nuru Design)公司的萨米尔·哈吉(Sameer Hajee)说:“这是世界上第一台供销售的脚踏式发电机,能将人力转化为可以使用的电力。它目前能为我们便携式照明灯再次充电,还能为手机充电。”努鲁公司在卢旺达、印度和肯尼亚有一万客户。脚踏式发电机需要80名脚踏工人轮换为所在社区的照明灯或手机充电。Nuru Design plans to increase its customer base tenfold by the end of the year. This activity is no charity but a viable business, servicing people who do not have access to electricity.今年年底,努鲁公司计划将客户数量增加9倍。这并不是慈善施舍,而是一项可行的商业活动,为使不上电的民众提供电力务。"Essentially the market is so huge," Hajee said. "There are two billion people affected by this problem. So, to the extend that you can get this technology to them, this could potentially be a very profitable business."哈吉说:“关键是市场是如此巨大。使不上电的人有20亿。所以说,如果你能向他们提供这项技术,利润潜力就非常巨大。”Economist Pahvan Sukdhev is a special advisor to the ed Nations environment program. He explains that businesses such as Nuru Design are examples of what a "green economy" would be like.联合国环境计划特别顾问、经济学家帕文·苏德赫夫(Pahvan Sukdhev)解释说,努鲁设计公司所从事的商业活动代表着“绿色经济”的未来。"It is actually a new paradigm that, in many ways, is beginning to be seen," he said. "And, what you see is a new economy breaking through what's breaking down: that heavy, industrialized, over-ambitious, over-productive, over-consumptive model, which is actually going to completely destroy our chances of survival in the future. And, what the green economy is, it's an alternative that doesn't do all that."苏德赫夫说:“这其实是一个新的范例,很多方面刚开始显现效力。你所看到的是从一个正发生严重问题的经济模式中蜕变出来的新形经济,那种以重型、工业化、雄心膨胀、生产过剩、消费过度为特色经济模式已经过时了,因为这种模式实际上会彻底摧毁我们未来的生存希望。绿色经济就是能避免这一切的替代经济。”201002/97300重庆星宸医院是私立医院吗

重庆市妇幼保健院几级Female drink offences soarThe number of women being arrested for drunk and disorderly (Damp;D) offences has soared by up to 1,000 per cent in parts of Britain.Welcome back .Free drinks, special offers in club, price happy hours, it's all feeling a massive increase in binge drinking amongst young women. New figures obtained by this program show the number of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly has soared by up to 1000% in some places. Now one chief cause of all called for a complete ban on its county drinks and alcohol advertising in an effort to tackle it all. Our North England Correspondent Nick Martin has been out on the streets of New Castle upon time to see just how bad it gets. It's only a Wednesday night, but the bars and the night clubs are filling up. This is New Castle ,the city with a reputation for a good night-out. Most of people here will have a harmless midweek drink. But it won't turn out that way for others. Figures obtained by Channel 4 News have revealed a change in women's behavior when it comes to a night on the tiles. They appeared to show that women are getting into more trouble with the police than ever before. We asked all the police forces in the UK to give us figures on the number of women they had arrested for being drunk and disorderly in the past five years. 38 forces responded to the survey, 21 of them had directly comparable figures.The West Midlands recorded the biggest rise--arrests there have got from just 59 in 2003, 2004 to more than 10 times that this year when 731 women were arrested .In Gwent South Wales there has been a 7-fold increase over five years from 28 arrests to 190. Leicestershire recorded just 14 arrests in 2003/4, but the most recent figure showed that the number has risen to nearly 80. Over Cheshire the earliest figure comes from 2005/6 when 85 women were arrested.And in just 3 years,that number has more than doubled to 200. And in Northumbria,the region with the most arrests each year, the number has increased by nearly 700, 1414 in 2003/4 to more than 2000 this year. Here in New Castle, for example, the police are concerned.They know and have them for some period of time now that womenn are drinking as much if not more than men on the average night out. But what these figures appear to show is that more and more women aren't leaving and going home in a taxi or on the late bus. But in a police van like this; the police say they want changes; the pops say they've made those changes, and the contest just wants another drink, it's a kind of stalemate. I would not rely on, oh on the private sector just self-regulate prices. I think there should be some emendation around prices that takes it or makes it extremely difficult to drink to access. I also think that the advertising on alcohol should simply not be allowed. It is midnight and signs that some have had too much to drink. The leisure industry denies that it is wholly responsible for this convert behavior, but accepts that drinks are cheaper because competition is higher. We are seeing many more people arriving on our businesses aly drunk, having consumed alcohol at home. It's a fact we have to face this. The government asked us to face it. The police authorities have to face it. And We have to face it. It's an industry that supermarkets are selling alcohol below local price and this is fueling the problem. The fact is that no one really knows who is fueling the problem of excessive drinking on Britain streets. But the figures appear to show that women are playing a bigger part than they ever have before. They mark around the big market and in the statement tight the home office told us responsible drinking is something we must all take responsibility for and losing control through excessive drinking is no excuse for anti-social behavior and violence. Overall, alcohol-related violence has fallen by around a third since 1995 and we are not complacent. We are launching this summer a multi-million pound publicity campaign to help prevent the harms that irresponsible drinking can cause to communities and individuals.200811/55170重庆市星辰属于私人医院吗? Carried by the female anopheles mosquito, malaria is a disease of the poor. In rural Africa, it is killing the young and the vulnerable. The need for a vaccine which would dramatically reduce mortality has never been greater. Dedicated teams of scientists all over the world at universities, at commercial laboratories, and in small front-line labs buried deep in malaria infested forests, search for answers to the malaria enigma. One such laboratory is the Tropical Diseases Research at Lambaréné in Gabon on the west coast of central Africa. The research unit is part of the famous hospital built on the banks of the Ogooué River in 1913 by Doctor Albert Schweitzer. Very much an outpost in the jungle, Lambaréné is on the forefront of malaria research. Its team includes people from Gabon, other African nations, Europe and the Middle East. And it's headed up by parasitology professor Peter Kermsner of the University of Tübingen in Germany. “Malaria is a serious problem in the whole of the tropical world, especially in Africa, or here in Gabon. About 400 million cases are seen every year, and about one to two million, especially children in Africa, die because of malaria. We see around ten cases a day, sometimes twenty, thirty malaria cases a day. A year round we see 5000-8000 malaria cases in our unit.” Staffers from the research unit regularly visit villages throughout Gabon, they also investigate ways to control the sp of malaria in these villages. When they find suspected cases, they bring the patient back to the Schweitzer hospital. But patients also find their own way here, sometimes from far away. The hospital treats thousands of Gabonese every year, saving lives and doing continuous research into the causes and prevention of malaria. An important part of Schweitzer’s village hospital concept is the accommodation of patients and their relatives. For about $ 13, a patient receives a package that includes a doctor's consultation, medical tests and medication. Hospitalized patients may also bring along their family or friends. The pediatric ward is filled with children, 1/4 to 1/3 of them malaria cases. In the shadow of malaria's many fatalities, the doctors of the research unit sometimes take turns working around the clock and hoping that one day soon, a vaccine will be found.参考中文翻译:疟疾由雌性疟蚊传播,是穷人的疾病。在非洲的农村地区,疟疾带走了幼儿和弱者的生命。对于急剧降低死亡率的疫苗的需求非常大。来自世界各地大学,商业性实验室和小的前沿实验室的科学家们深入疟疾密布的森林,研究疟疾之谜的。其中一个这样的实验室是位于非洲中部西海岸的加蓬的热带疾病研究中心。该研究中心是1912年由Albert Schweitzer医生在Ogooué河岸创立的著名的医院的一部分。Lambaréné位于丛林的前沿,所以该研究中心是疟疾研究的最前线。该研究团队的人员来自加蓬,其他非洲国家,欧洲和中东地区,由德国Tübingen大学的寄生虫学教授Peter Kermsner 领导。“疟疾在整个热带地区,尤其是非洲和加蓬,是非常严重的问题。每年大约有4亿个病例,非洲每年有一两百万儿童死于疟疾。我们每天能看到大约10个病例,有时候每天有20甚至30个。我们中心每年见到5000至8000个疟疾病人。”该研究中心的采访记者经常出入于加蓬的村庄,他们同时也会调查控制疟疾在这些村庄之间传播的方法。当他们发现疑似病例时,会将病人带回Schweitzer医院。但是病人在这里也找到了自己的方法。该医院每年治疗数千名加蓬人,拯救他们的生命,并且不断的研究疟疾的病因和防治方法。Schweitzer乡村医院理念的一个重要部分就是对病人和他们亲属的适应。大约花费13美元,病人就可以得到包括医生咨询,医疗测试和药物在内的一系列务。就医的病人也可以带他们的家人或朋友一起来。儿科病房里住满了孩子,四分之一到三分之一是疟疾病人。在疟疾仪器的影子下,研究中心的医生经常轮班工作,希望有一天可以发现疟疾疫苗。单词注解:anopheles n. 疟蚊mosquito n. 蚊子vulnerable a. 易受伤害的,有弱点的mortality n. 必死的命运,死亡数目,死亡率vaccine n. 疫苗 v. 疫苗的,牛痘的infested v. 骚扰,群居于,大批出没pediatric a. 儿科的200811/57390重庆大坪医院是私立还是公立的?

重庆星辰哪个医生好Some Japanese Families Face Hunger During Recession经济复苏迟迟不到 日本更多家庭寻求食品援助Aid groups say thousands of Japanese families are living under the poverty line. For many that means they cannot afford to put food on their tables. One organization is trying to fix Japan's hunger problem.一些救援机构说,成千上万的日本家庭生活在贫困线以下。对很多人来说,这意味着买不起食物。Helping families in needVolunteers at the Second Harvest Food pantry in Tokyo fill cardboard boxes with b, vegetables and canned goods. The boxes soon will be sent to families living around the city. 东京的赈饥慈善机构“第二丰收组织”的志愿务人员往纸箱里装面包、蔬菜和罐头食品。这些纸箱将很快送往东京各处的家庭。"Our three main groups of people are refugees, single mothers and Japanese who are unemployed," said Ruby Sakuma, the pantry's coordinator. "Right now we have about 140 households we are serving. They get one package of food every two weeks, a total of six packages and when those six packages are sent we send them a letter saying this is the end, if they are in really dire circumstances then we sometimes renew their order and send them another six packages."佐久间是东京“第二丰收组织”的协调员。他说:“我们务的三个主要群体是难民、单亲母亲和失业的日本居民。目前我们向大约140个家庭提供务。他们每两个星期得到一箱食品,总共将得到6箱食品。我们发送完6箱食品之后,会给他们一封信,说赠送食品行动结束。如果他们的处境实在糟糕,我们有时候会再次帮助他们,向他们发送6箱食品。”Hard to keep up with demandSakuma says during this year's global economic slowdown it has been harder to keep up with demand and fill their clients' orders. 佐久间说,在今年的全球经济滑坡期间,他们更难满足对食品救援的需求,帮助有困难的家庭。Second Harvest is Japan's first and only food bank. Workers go to supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses to collect food that often, because of damaged packaging or other problems, would have been thrown away. “第二丰收组织”是日本第一家、也是唯一一家所谓“食品”。这家组织的工作人员到超市、餐厅和其它企业收集食品。这些食品通常由于包装损坏或其它原因而要被扔掉。This waste is what compelled American Charles McJilton to help create the organization in 2002. 这种浪费使得美国人麦克吉尔顿2002年创建了“第二丰收组织”。"Japan every year throws away about 20 million tons of food, worldwide food aid is only about 8.5 million tons. So over two and a half times the food that is delivered in the form of aid, is actually thrown away here in Japan. But at the same time, there is virtually no infrastructure in place within Japan to get those tons of food out to individuals out there who need it," he said.他说:“日本每年扔掉大约两千万吨食品,而全世界的食品援助每年总共才850万吨。因此,在日本扔掉的食品相当于世界食品援助总量的两倍半,而日本几乎没有任何机制把这些食品收集起来,送到需要的人那里。”Economic downturn has political implications Japan was hit worse than many other countries in the global financial crisis. Exports tumbled and joblessness rose to its highest levels in several years. 日本在全球金融危机中比很多国家受到的打击更严重,出口大幅度减少,失业率上升到近年来的最高水平。Some political analysts say the unemployment and economic distress that contribute to hunger helped Japan's Democratic Party win a landslide victory in recent elections. 一些政治分析人士说,失业和经济衰退加剧了饥饿现象,致使日本的民主党在最近的选举中以压倒优势获胜。Jeff Kingston, Asia studies professor at the Tokyo campus of Temple University, says many voters blamed the defeated Liberal Democratic Party for the nation's stagnant growth. 美国天普大学东京分院的亚洲研究教授金斯顿说,很多选民指责败选的自民党为日本经济的停滞不前负有责任。""There is a strong sense of disquiet, I think perhaps among some there is a sense of betrayal, the social contract has been sundered," he said. "I think in Japan there was a collective identity as a society where everyone is middle class, everybody shares the same fate, there are not huge, wide disparities of income. That myth has taken a pummeling in the past few years."金斯顿说:“人们有强烈的不满情绪。我想,一些人感到受了欺骗,社会契约离破碎。我认为,日本是一个有集体意识的社会,所有人都是中产阶级,大家的命运休戚相关,收入没有巨大的差距。有这种想法的人最近几年急剧减少。”The Democratic Party, which will form a government later this month, pledges to help Japan's poor. During the campaign, the DPJ promised monthly stipends of around 0 to families for each child attending primary school.将在9月底之前组建政府的日本民主党承诺将帮助穷人。民主党在竞选期间承诺,将对有上小学子女的家庭每个孩子每月补助大约260美元。Denial of poverty But Second Harvest's McJilton says that if hunger is going to be resolved, it will take more than new government initiatives. He says throughout Japan, there is a denial that poverty is a problem. 不过,“第二丰收组织”的麦克吉尔顿说,要想解决饥饿问题,仅靠政府的几项行动计划远远不够。他说,日本上下几乎都不承认有贫困问题。"Poverty or hunger are things that exist in different countries, not here in Japan. And even among those that e, une may be hungry or poor, it's quite often viewed as 'they deserved it, they are not hard workers, it's not my problem,'" he said.麦克吉尔顿说:“就好像贫困或饥饿是存在于其它国家的事情。日本不在其列似的。即使一些人承认有人可能挨饿或贫困,他们也通常认为那些人应该如此,因为他们没有努力工作,所以不是我的问题。”McJilton says since the downturn began, the number of their Tokyo clients has doubled. Second Harvest has also received more requests from around the country to dispatch food to shelters and other charities.麦克吉尔顿说,自从经济滑坡开始以来,在东京要求他们帮助的人数翻了一番。“第二丰收组织”也从日本各地救援庇护机构和其它慈善机构收到更多要求提供食品的请求。And they might get even busier.他们可能会更加繁忙。Though Japan is now showing signs of economic recovery, economists say the long-term forecast remains unclear, as exports remain weak.虽然日本开始出现经济复苏的迹象,但是经济学家说,出口仍然疲软,长期经济展望仍不明朗。09/83800 Bush Marks Thanksgiving Holiday, Monitors India Attacks布什感恩节讲话 慰问孟买遇袭者 U.S. President George Bush is monitoring developments in India from Camp David, where he is observing America's Thanksgiving holiday with members of his family. Mr. Bush called India's prime minister from the presidential retreat to express condolences in the wake of terrorist attacks in Mumbai. 美国总统布什在戴维营密切关注印度事态的发展,布什在戴维营跟家人一道欢度美国的感恩节。孟买恐怖袭击发生之后,布什从总统度假地戴维营向袭击受害人表示慰问。White House spokeswoman Dana Perino says President Bush called Prime Minister Singh to stress his solidarity with the Indian people. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,布什总统通过电话向印度总理辛格强调要跟印度人民站在一起。She says Mr. Bush offered support and assistance as the Indian government works to restore order, comfort the victims and investigate "these despicable acts." 佩里诺说,布什提出,在印度政府努力恢复秩序、抚慰受害者、并调查卑鄙行径的同时,布什要给予印度人民持和援助。Mr. Bush placed the call in the early morning hours from Camp David. A short time later, he was back on the telephone, carrying out what has become a holiday tradition. 布什一大早就从戴维营拨打电话。稍后,他开始进行已成为传统的节日通话。He called members of the U.S. military to thank them for their service - speaking with soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel now deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and in support operations around the world. 他通过电话向美国军人致谢,感谢他们的贡献,布什在电话里跟现在驻扎在伊拉克、阿富汗以及在世界各地执行援助行动的士兵、水兵、空军战士、海军陆战队员以及海岸警备队队员交谈。In his weekly radio address - released early to coincide with the holiday - he saluted their bravery, and said he will miss serving as their commander-in-chief. 布什在为了配合感恩节而提前发表的每周例行广播讲话中,赞扬了美国军人的勇敢精神,说他将怀念担任他们的军队统帅的这段时光。"During this holiday season, we give thanks for those who defend our freedom," President Bush said. "America's men and women in uniform deserve our highest respect and so do the families who love and support them." 布什说:“在节日期间,我们向那些保卫我们自由的人们表示感谢。美国的男女军人应该得到我们最高的尊重,热爱和持,而且他们的家人也应该得到同样的尊重。”President-elect Barack Obama once again delivered the Democratic Party response. He talked about the challenges facing the ed States as it observes Thanksgiving Day 2008. 当选总统巴拉克·奥巴马再次代表民主党发表每周广播讲话。他谈到在美国人民欢度2008年感恩节时美国面临的各种挑战。"Times are tough. There are difficult months ahead," he said. "But we can renew our nation the same way that we have in the many years since Lincoln's first Thanksgiving: by coming together to overcome adversity; by reaching for and working for new horizons of opportunity for all Americans." 奥巴马说:“世事艰难。未来的几个月将非常困难。不过我们能够让我们的国家获得新生。林肯总统在第一个感恩节时说过:齐心协力能克逆境;通过我们为全体美国人民追求新天地和新机遇,我们能排除万难。从当初到如今这么多年来,我们都是用这样的方式振兴国家的,这次也不例外。”Mr. Obama spent the holiday at his home in Chicago with his wife, daughters and a houseful of guests. He has also been monitoring the situation in India, and getting updates from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 奥巴马在芝加哥的家里跟夫人、女儿以及一屋子的客人一起过节。他也一直关注着印度的局势,并且不断从国务卿赖斯那里得到事态发展的最新报告。200811/57396重庆星辰美容医院怎么走重庆市星宸美容做整形



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