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本季配饰劲刮“大胆”季候风!Be bold: accessorise the seasonBig and bold-key words for this summer's accessories. Victoria Beckham might have her fashion faults, but when it comes to accessorizing she gets the message: big, bold, and more, more, more is her mantra.So Posh's bling is the real thing? Real or not, it makes no difference as long as your bracelets and bangles and shoes and specs are larger and brighter than ever.The season is aboutdressing up, being cool and always keeping one beat ahead, and that's just the accessories.As Coco Chanel once said, "fashion is not only a matter of clothing".Key looks this season are:Sunglasses: sporty, with wrap-around shapes and big logos.Jewellery: cuff bracelets and slave bangles in metallics and bright plastic. Chains with coloured gemstones..Footwear: boots with everything. Shoes with toe peepers and platform soles. Metallic fabrics and leathers (silver and gold). Ballet flats in brights and animal prints.Bags: still big. The past summer in Europe was the season of the big white handbag. The jury is out whether the style will catch on here. In the meantime, any bag made from snake, or shiny silver, gold or copper fabric has "the look".(Agencies) 维多利亚·贝克汉姆的时尚选择可能有失误的时候,不过她对于配饰的把握一向正确。她的理念是:越大越好,越大胆越好。辣戴的名牌首饰是真品吗?无论真假,只要你的手镯、脚链、鞋和眼镜都够大、够亮就行。这一季的潮流是“盛装”、要够酷,而且要永远比别人先一拍,那就得在配饰上下下功夫。就像可可·香奈尔曾经说过,“时尚并不仅仅是穿衣”。这一季的主打时尚元素有:太阳镜。运动型的、带有大标志的宽包边墨镜。珠宝首饰。金属或亮塑料手镯和脚链,链子上要镶有色宝石。鞋。百搭靴子、露趾鞋和平底鞋是本季的流行样式。金属面料及金银色的漆皮是本季的流行面料。漆皮及带有动物图案的平底芭蕾舞鞋也是本季的一大潮流。包。还是要“大”。去年夏天,“白色大手袋风”席卷整个欧洲。目前还难以确定这一风格是否还将继续流行,但蛇皮包、闪亮银和金色或铜色面料的包仍然是这一季最抢眼的元素。 /200803/30019

China has become the first country to receive more than 1m patent applications in a year — a record the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Wipo) said reflected “extraordinary” levels of innovation in the world’s most populous nation.中国已成为首个在一年里受理专利申请超过100万件的国家;世界知识产权组织(WIPO)表示,这个纪录反映出全球人口最多的国家“非凡”的创新水平。“[The Chinese] are making innovation a central part of their economic strategy,” Francis Gurry, director-general of the UN agency, said at a briefing in Geneva.“(中国人)正在把创新作为其经济战略的核心部分,”这个联合国机构的总干事弗朗西斯.高锐(Francis Gurry)在日内瓦举行的一个简报会上表示。While sceptics have long argued that China’s patent figures are skewed by state-driven filing targets, intellectual property lawyers argue they also reflect the country’s growing inventiveness.虽然怀疑者一直认为中国的专利数据被国家驱动的申请指标所扭曲,但知识产权律师辩称,这些数据也反映了中国与日俱增的创造性。“The Chinese government still wants people to file patents and they get explicit and implicit rewards for doing so,” said Erick Robinson, a Beijing-based patent lawyer. “But the quality of patents in China is improving at breathtaking speed.”“中国政府仍然希望人们申请专利,专利申请者获得显性和隐性的奖励,”在北京工作的专利律师罗瑞克(Erick Robinson)表示。“但中国的专利质量正以惊人的速度提高。”According to Wipo figures, China’s patent office received 1,101,864 applications in 2015 from both domestic and foreign filers, accounting for almost 40 per cent of the global total and more than the next three countries — the US, Japan and Korea — combined.根据世界知识产权组织的数字,中国国家知识产权局2015年从国内外申请者受理了110.1864万件专利申请,占全球总量近40%,超过美国、日本和韩国三个国家的总和。“Once again we see an increasing dominance by Asia as the origin of filing activity for intellectual property,” Mr Gurry added, noting that Asian countries had received more than 60 per cent of total patent filings last year.“我们再一次看到亚洲日益成为知识产权申请活动的主要起源,”高锐补充说。他指出,亚洲国家去年受理了全球60%以上的专利申请。“The Chinese government’s strategic policies are encouraging innovation,” said Zhang Xuemei at Janlea, a Beijing intellectual property agency. “Chinese companies are also more aware of the importance of protecting their IP.”“中国政府的战略政策鼓励创新,”北京正理知识产权机构(Janlea)的张雪梅表示。“中国企业也更加意识到保护知识产权的重要性。”Mr Robinson cited WeChat, the social media platform developed by internet group Tencent, as an example of Chinese innovation at its best. “WeChat took some functionality from a lot of other applications but just made it better,” he said.罗瑞克提到互联网集团腾讯(Tencent)开发的社交媒体平台微信(WeChat),称其是中国式创新的典范。“微信从其他很多应用程序借鉴了一部分功能,但就是做得更好,”他说。However, Yang Yuzhou, a Shanghai patent lawyer at Dacheng Law, noted that China, unlike the US, recognised “utility model” patents, which are typically easier to secure, and protect inventions for a shorter period of time than standard patents. “It’s also much cheaper to file for patents in China than in the US and Japan,” he said.然而,北京大成(上海)律师事务所的专利律师杨宇宙指出,与美国不同,中国承认“实用新型”专利,这类专利一般更容易获得,而且保护发明的期限比标准专利要短一些。“在中国申请专利的成本也比美国和日本要便宜得多,”他说。China is also becoming a more attractive jurisdiction for patent infringement disputes, given the speed with which its court system processes cases. Companies whose intellectual property has been stolen can also secure bans that prevent the infringing party from selling in China’s vast market or exporting from the country — a crippling blow given China’s centrality to global supply chains.考虑到中国法院系统处理案件的速度,中国还正在成为在处理专利侵权纠纷方面更具吸引力的司法管辖区。知识产权被窃取的公司还可以申请获得禁令,禁止侵权方在中国的巨大市场销售,或从中国出口——鉴于中国在全球供应链上占据的中心地位,这是一个沉重打击。In terms of overseas filings, US patent holders lodged the most applications, ahead of Japan and Germany. Mr Gurry said this reflected the importance of trade and foreign investment to the US business community.在海外专利申请方面,美国专利持有人递交最多申请,其次是日本和德国。高锐称,这反映了贸易和外国投资对美国商业界的重要性。President-elect Donald Trump has, however, pledged to withdraw from President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which would have bound the US more closely to 11 other Pacific trading nations.但是,美国当选总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)已承诺退出巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统推动达成的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TPP),这个贸易协定本来会使美国与11个其他太平洋贸易国家更紧密地联系在一起。Separately, Wipo said trademark applications surged 16 per cent worldwide to 5.9m last year, while industrial design applications increased 2.3 per cent globally to 873,000. China led the world in both categories as well.另外,世界知识产权组织表示,去年全球商标申请飙升16%,达到590万件;全球工业设计知识产权申请增长2.3%,达到87.3万件。中国在这两个领域也都领先于世界。Mr Trump recently won a protracted trademark case against a Chinese construction services company that had registered the Trump brand.特朗普最近赢得一起拖延已久的商标案,对方是一家注册了特朗普品牌的中国建筑务公司。 /201611/480002

为享明年福利计划 德国妇忙延产Pregnant women hope for late arrivalsExpectant mothersin Germany are doing what they can to put off giving birth until January 1 when a generous government aid program takes effect.The media has been filled with tips from doctors and midwives about holding off birth until January 1.While experts have warned women to refrain from medical intervention to delay births, they acknowledge the allure of a financial incentive worth up to 25,200 euros (,300)."We're bracing for a siege on New Year's Day and will have a full staff on hand," said Klaus Vetter, chief doctor at Berlin's Vivantes hospital.Worried about a shrinking population and a birth rate at a post-war low in 2005, the government in September introduced the law to encourage working couples to have children. Babies born on or after January 1 qualify for the new benefits.Parents who take time off from work to care for newborns can receive two-thirds of their net monthly salary, up to a maximum of 1,800 euros, for 12 months. If the other parent takes a further two months off, the benefit is extended to 14 months.Christian Albring, president of the German association of gynecologists said all his patients have asked how they could safely extend their pregnancies to January."They've all asked about possibilities of delaying delivery, but none want to risk their babies' health," he said.Physicians and midwives have been saying that avoiding red wine, stress as well as physical or sexual activity are among the recommended natural methods to help prevent inducing birth. 为了享受政府明年的一项高额补贴计划,德国的准妈妈们目前正在想方设法将产期推迟到明年1月1日。医生和助产士们提供的各种推迟分娩的秘诀一时间充斥各大媒体。虽然专家们一再提醒妇不要用药物推迟分娩,但他们又不得不承认这一高达25200欧元的补贴计划确实很有吸引力。柏林威万特斯医院的主治医生克劳斯·威特说:“新年那天我们肯定会忙的焦头烂额,我们将做好充分的人员准备。”去年,德国人口出现负增长,出生率降至战后最低水平。为了解决这一问题,德国政府于今年9月出台了一项鼓励双职工夫妇多生育的法规,根据规定,在2007年1月1日当天或之后出生的孩子才可享受这一福利。停职在家照顾孩子的父母全年每月可得到相当于税后月收入三分之二的补贴,每月最高可达1800欧元。如果父母中的另一方继续停职两个月,则可享受14个月的补贴。德国妇产科协会会长克里斯丁·阿尔布林说,他的病人都向他咨询安全推迟产期的秘诀。他说:“所有人都询问能不能推迟产期,但没有人愿意拿孩子的健康冒险。”据医生和助产士介绍,不喝红酒、减轻压力、少活动、避免性生活等较为“自然”的方法可以起到推迟分娩的作用。Vocabulary: expectant mother: 妇;准妈妈 /200803/32257

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