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This weekend saw one of the biggest street parties in the world take over London, with crowds of around a million people flooding the streets with a vibrant sea of music, song and laughter.上周,一场世界上最大的街头派对席卷了伦敦,大约有100万人涌上街头,整个伦敦都沉浸在一片音乐、歌声和欢声笑语的海洋中。The Notting Hill Carnival, which took place Aug 28-29, is recognized as the largest street party in Europe, seeing hordes from across the globe join together every summer to celebrate the many cultures of England’s capital.8月28-29日期间举办的这场诺丁山狂欢节被认为是欧洲最大的街头派对。每年夏天,世界各地的人们都会来到这里,共同庆祝这座英格兰首都中的多元文化。But in these troubled times – with terrorist attacks, murder and religious tension being almost daily front page fixtures –is it appropriate to be spending the weekend dancing in the streets with wild abandon?但是,在如今这个动荡的时期——每天的报纸头条几乎都是恐怖袭击、谋杀和宗教冲突——周末依然在街头上狂野地跳舞,是否真的合适呢?Against adversity, people must stand up for themselves, says Patrick Bullock, 53, an artist who builds floats for the parade each year.面对逆境,人人都应该站起来,现年53岁的艺术家,帕特里克#8226;布洛克说道。每年,他都为狂欢节的游行制作花车。The smiles and dancing do not stop all weekend – the spirit of the carnival can’t be crushed.欢笑和舞蹈会持续整个周末——狂欢节精神不能够被摧毁。The festival, now in its 50th year, made its debut in 1966, albeit on a much smaller scale – around 1,000 people attended – and began as a way to encourage unity between the various groups who called London’s Notting Hill their home.诺丁山狂欢节始于1966年,到今年,它已经走过了第50个年头。尽管刚开始的时候规模较小,大约只有1000人参加,但它却促进了伦敦诺丁山地区不同群体之间的团结。Creator Rhaune Laslett, herself half Native-American, half Russian, formulated the first gathering in 1966, after being inspired by a vision. 狂欢节的创始人,Rhaune Laslett 是美国印第安和俄罗斯的混血。受到一次幻想的启发,她在1966年策划了第一届狂欢节。I could see the streets thronged with people in brightly colored costumes, they were dancing and following bands and they were happy, she told the Caribbean Times in 1989.Men, women, children, black, white, brown, all laughing.我可以看见,人们身着鲜艳亮丽的饰涌上街头,他们随着乐队起舞,无比快乐,1989年,她在接受《加勒比时报》采访时表示。不论男人、女人、小孩、黑人、白人、棕色人种,都在尽情欢笑。During what was then a period of racial tension, Laslett believed that music and laughter were what was needed to unite the melting pot of nationalities in her west London neighborhood.当时的社会正处于种族关系紧张之中,而Laslett 相信,唯有音乐和笑声能够使伦敦西区不同民族的大熔炉团结在一起。We felt that although West Indians, Africans, Irish and many other nationalities all live in a very congested area, there is very little communication between us, she explained in an interview in 1966, shortly after the first carnival took place.我们感觉到,尽管印第安人、非洲人、爱尔兰人和许多其他民族都生活在一个非常拥挤的地区,但他们彼此之间却鲜有交流,她在1966年第一届狂欢节举办后的一个采访中说道。Over the years, the party grew into its modern day form and now sees the streets swell with the sound of Caribbean steel drums, the aroma of exotic street food, and the dancing of hundreds of thousands of diverse partygoers in fabulously flamboyant costumes.这些年来,这场派对也逐渐发展成了它现在的规模。如今,街道上充盈着加勒比钢鼓声,异国街头小吃的香味。成千上万的派对参与者从世界各地赶来,他们身着艳丽饰,在街头尽情跳舞。Our participants find themselves in a space of music, color and creativity which brings about the emotion of joy and encourages the freedom to express themselves with no inhibitions, says Debora Alleyne De Gazon, the carnival’s creative director.我们的参与者们会发现,自己正身处于一个充满音乐、色和创造力的空间。它带给了人们欢乐,鼓励人们肆意地表达自己。狂欢节的创意总监Debora Allenyne De Gazon 说道。However, not everyone is queuing up to join in the festivities, despite the carnival’s all-inclusive ethos.尽管诺丁山狂欢节希望能做到包罗万象,但并不是所有人都想要参加这个活动。I can’t go out from my door on that day with all the rubbish around, Fortuoso Cruz, a local resident, tells a London newspaper. 那一天垃圾遍地,我甚至都不能走出家门,当地居民Fortuoso Cruz在接受伦敦的一家报纸采访时表示。Last year I had to throw some women out who trampled my garden to wee in there.去年还有一些女的踩踏我家的花园,随地小便,我不得不将她们都轰出去。But when a million people can come together for one weekend of eating, laughter and music – forgetting about life’s troubles for 48 hours – perhaps a few soiled lawns are a price worth paying.但是,当100万人齐聚一堂,共同享受一个充满了美食、欢笑和音乐的周末时——在这48小时中,将生活的一切烦恼抛诸脑后——弄脏几处草坪似乎也是一件值得的事。 /201609/464401。

Millions of us could be putting our lives at risk by not applying sunscreen properly, experts have warned.专家警告说,数百万英国人因为涂抹防晒霜的方法不当而对自己的生命构成了威胁。An online poll from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) revealed eight out of 10 Brits don#39;t apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. What#39;s more, 70% of us aren#39;t reapplying the protection every two hours.英国皮肤科医学会开展的一项在线调查揭示,80%的英国人在艳阳天出门前不会涂抹防晒霜。而且,70%的人不会每隔两小时补涂一次防晒霜。The findings follow last weekend#39;s heatwave and skin experts say we should be more careful to check we#39;re protected before sunning ourselves.这项调查结果发布前,上周末英国刚经历了一场热浪天气。皮肤专家说,我们在日晒之前应该更谨慎地确认自己是否做好了防晒工作。“Applying liberally half an hour before going out into the sun, and then again shortly after going outside, is vital to ensure that you are fully covered and that the sunscreen has had time to be absorbed into the skin,; said BAD#39;s Johnathon Major.英国皮肤科医学会的乔纳森#8226;马杰说:“在日晒之前半小时大量地涂抹防晒霜,然后在出门后不久再涂一次防晒霜,这可以确保你被防晒霜全面覆盖,而且皮肤也有时间去吸收防晒霜。;It should then be reapplied at least every two hours, as the protective filters can break down over time.“然后至少每隔两小时就要补涂一次防晒霜。因为防晒霜在皮肤上形成的保护层随着时间流逝会逐渐被分解掉。;It should also be reapplied after any activity where it might be accidentally removed, such as swimming. Water-resistant sunscreens are not friction-resistant, and therefore they can be accidentally removed if you towel dry after swimming or sweating.;“在有可能将防晒霜不小心擦掉的活动之后也应该进行补涂,比如游泳。防水防晒霜并不抗擦,所以在你游完泳或流汗后用毛巾擦身子的时候防晒霜可能在无意间被擦掉。As well as bringing us a scorcher of a weekend, this week is also Sun Awareness Week - and the reason for the online poll that questioned 215 people.本周不但会有一个炎热的周末,本周还是“阳光关注周”,这也是该机构为何要开展这项涵盖了215人的在线调查的原因。Other potentially bad habits also came to light as 35 percent of people surveyed would only seek shade if they were hot, rather than to avoid burning.调查还暴露了其他一些潜在的坏习惯,比如35%的受访者在天热的时候只会去寻找遮阳处,而不会采取措施防止晒伤。Although getting a tan looks great, prolonged exposure can increase the risk of developing melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer.尽管古铜色的皮肤看起来很棒,但是长时间暴露在日光下会增加患黑色素瘤的风险,这是最致命的一种皮肤癌。Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and rates have been climbing since the 1960s.皮肤癌是英国常见的一种癌症,自上世纪60年代以来皮肤癌的发病率就一直在上升。Every year over 250,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer – the most common type – are diagnosed, in addition to over 13,000 new cases of melanoma, resulting in around 2,148 deaths annually.在英国,每年新增超1.3万黑色素瘤病例,导致约2148人死亡,此外每年还有超25万例非黑色素瘤皮肤癌(最常见的皮肤癌)新增病例被确诊。;While we have succeeded in making people aware of the link between sunburn and skin cancer, we have more work to do in teaching people how to use sunscreen properly,; said Mr. Major.马杰先生说:“尽管我们成功地让人们意识到了晒伤和皮肤癌之间的关联,但是在教会人们如何正确地使用防晒霜方面,我们依然任重而道远。” /201605/443215。

In addition to sunnier skies, spring has a way of bringing about sunnier dispositions — and that#39;s never more true than for those who are spring babies.春天不仅天空更晴朗,而且还能使人性格更好。这一点在春天出生的宝宝身上体现得淋漓尽致。You may be less at risk for a mental health disorder.患精神障碍的可能性较低。A 2010 study on mice suggests that those born in the winter were more likely to develop a mental health condition than those born in warmer months.2010年的一项对老鼠的研究表明,冬季出生的老鼠比温暖季节出生的老鼠更容易出现精神问题。It#39;s important to reiterate that the study was only conducted in mice, so it#39;s not entirely conclusive on the effect it may have on humans. However, it does provide interesting insight into how birth order may potentially affect mood and behavior.需要重申的是这项研究只研究了老鼠,所以研究结果还不完全适用于人类。然而,研究确实为我们提供了一个有趣的发现,知道了出生时间是如何潜在地影响人的情绪和行为的。You may be more optimistic.更乐观。A brighter season A brighter outlook? A 2014 study conducted by researchers in Hungary found that people born in springtime were more likely to have a ;hyperthymic temperament,; a characteristic associated with being overly positive. Research suggests optimism can improve your mood and even boost your immune system.阳光明媚的季节阳光的性格?匈牙利的研究人员在2014年进行的一项研究发现,春季出生的人更有可能具有“情感增盛的性情气质”,一种与过度乐观有关的性格特点。研究表明乐观会改善人的情绪,甚至能改善免疫系统。But your risk for heart problems is higher.但产生心脏问题的风险也更高。Here#39;s some bad news: According to a study by data scientists at Columbia University, people who were born in March are more likely to have heart issues, such as atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. The same research also found that July and October babies may be more at risk for asthma, and winter babies may have a higher risk of neurological problems.下面说点坏消息:哥伦比亚大学的数据科学家进行的一项研究表明,三月份出生的人更容易患心脏疾病,比如心房纤颤和充血性心脏衰竭。研究还发现七月份和十月份出生的婴儿更容易出现哮喘,冬季出生的婴儿则更容易出现精神系统问题。A balanced diet, exercise and eliminating unhealthy behaviors like smoking are all paramount to protecting yourself against heart disease — no matter which month you were born.均衡饮食、锻炼、戒掉像吸烟这样的不健康习惯都是保护自己远离心脏病的主要方法,无论哪个月份出生的人都适用。You could be more creative.更有创造力。Your innovative brain might have to do with your birth season, according to data published in the journal Comprehensive Psychology. Researcher Mark Hamilton from the University of Connecticut analyzed more than 300 public figures — from celebrities and artists to and scientists and politicians — as a hallmark of creativity. He discovered that the majority of them were born in ;wet; months, thus potentially more likely to be creative.据发表在《综合心理学》杂志上的研究数据显示,创新的头脑可能与出生的季节有关。来自康涅狄格大学的研究员马克·汉密尔顿分析了超过300个公众人物的创造性,从名人、艺术家到科学家和政客都有。他发现这些人中大部分出生在湿润的季节,所以有潜质更富创造力。You’re more likely to become a leader.更有可能成为领导。A study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada found that babies born in March and April were more likely to become company leaders than those born in the summer months. The research analyzed 375 CEOs’ birthdates from Samp;P 500 companies between 1992 and 2009.加拿大的英属哥伦比亚大学的研究员进行的一项研究发现三月和四月出生的婴儿比夏季出生的婴儿更有可能成为公司的领导。研究在1992年至2009年间分析了375位来自美国上市的500家公司CEO的出生日期。Of course, it#39;s crucial to note all of this research is hardly definitive. There#39;s no real evidence in any of the studies that suggests there#39;s a causation, which is needed in order to draw a formal conclusion. In other words, your destiny is not defined by your date of birth but rather your own personal choices.当然,你也需要注意到所有这些研究结果都不具有决定性。任何研究都没有充分的据显示它们之间存在因果关系,可以使我们得出正式的结论。换句话说,你的命运不是由出生日期决定的,而是取决于你自己的选择。 /201604/437694。