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浙江第一医院减肥瘦身多少钱金华哪家溶脂针打得比较好女性多吃豆类 男性多吃鱼Women who ate soy regularly as children have a lower risk of breast cancer, American researchers report. And men who eat fish several times a week have a lower risk of colon cancer, a second team of researchers have told the American Association for Cancer Research.The studies add to a growing body of evidence about the role of diet in cancer.Cancer experts now believe that up to two-thirds of all cancers come from lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and lack of exercise.The US National Cancer Institute and researchers at the University of Hawaii found that women who ate the most soy-based foods, such as tofu and miso, when aged 5 to 11, reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 58 per cent. It was not clear how soy might prevent cancer, though compounds in soy called isoflavones have estrogen-like effects.A second study showed that men who ate fish at least five times a week had a 40 per cent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer compared with men who ate fish less than once a week.Many kinds of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which interfere with the cyclooxygenase-2 or COX-2 enzyme. COX-2 affects inflammation, which may play a role in tumour growth. 据美国研究人员报告,儿童时期经常吃豆类食品的女性患乳腺癌的风险较小。另一组研究人员则向美国癌症研究协会提出,一周吃几次鱼的男性患结肠癌的几率较小。这两项研究进一步明了饮食对于防癌的作用。癌症防治专家认为,在所有种类的癌症中,多达三分之二都是由吸烟、节食及缺乏锻炼等不健康的生活方式造成的。美国全国癌症研究所和夏威夷大学的研究人员发现,在5岁至11岁时经常吃豆腐、味噌等豆类食品的女性患乳腺癌的几率要低58%。至于豆类食品为什么可以防癌还不清楚,不过大豆中所含的名叫异黄酮的化合物具有雌性激素的作用。另一项研究表明,一周吃鱼至少五次的男性患结肠癌的风险要比那些一周都吃不到一次鱼的男性低40%。很多鱼类中所富含的Omega-3脂肪酸能够抑制环氧化酶2的活性。环氧化酶2会引起发炎,这可能会刺激肿瘤的生长。 /200803/32263义乌市中心医院图片 Singles Day in China is the celebration -- or mourning -- of being unattached. Started by students in Nanjing in the mid-1990s, the date was selected in observation of its four solitary digits: 11/11.中国“光棍节”,一个庆祝(或哀嚎)没人相伴的节日。光棍节起源于90年代中期,由南京的几位大学生创立,节日定在每年的11月11日,因为这四个光秃秃的数字,看上去像极了“光棍”。While relatively obscure in most other countries, Singles Day is likely to increase in prominence as more single men in China are unable to find female partners. According to a recent study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, more than 24 million Chinese men could find themselves without spouses by 2020.虽然光棍节在其他国家的文化中看来有些难以理解,但在中国,光棍节的影响力越来越大,在中国有越来越多的单身男性找不到女朋友。据中国社会科学院最近的一项调查显示,到2020年全中国将有2400万男性找不到配偶。Celebrating Singles Day comes in many forms across the Asian nation, and like Christmas and Valentine#39;s Day, it has become a multi-million dollar industry.中国各地均有不同形式来庆祝光棍节的仪式。就和圣诞节、情人节一样,光棍节已经成了一门能创造几百万收益的产业。The Fig Tree, a luxury pastry school in downtown Beijing, is offering a chocolate truffle-making course to foster ;fun, flirting, measuring and mixing,; among singles on Thursday.北京市中心一家叫菲格树的高级烘焙学校,从这周四起开始招收学习松露巧克力的学生。“乐趣及情致一体、衡量及混搭并进”是他们的宣传主题。他们招的都是单身学徒。;Baking brings people together,; said Lin Zhong, school owner and pastry chef. ;[We] invite the city#39;s singles ... for an education in flirting and chocolate making.;“烘焙将人们的距离拉得更近”,校长及主厨Lin Zhong说道,“我们旨在邀请全城的单身人士……教会他们如何边制作巧克力边调情。”For those with more adventurous tastes, Beijing#39;s flagship amusement park Happy Valley is hosting a day of activities for singles, featuring games that include a singing contest entitled ;Bachelor#39;s Love Song.; Another activity in store: a dedicated area in which singles can ;confess their true feelings.;对于那些更喜欢冒险的人来说,北京具有代表性的游乐园欢乐谷就将以一系列的游乐项目庆祝光棍节,其中包括一个名为“单身情歌”的歌唱比赛,另一个针对光棍们推出的活动叫做“说出你的爱”。All of this mingling comes at a price. For every male who buys a full price ticket for , he may bring one female along at no cost.以上这些游乐项目当然不会是免费的。每一位买价值25美元全价票的男士可以免费带一位女士入场。Shenzhen#39;s theme park, Splendid China, which boasts miniature replicas of many of the country#39;s most famous landmarks, will host a vegetable hunting contest, much like an Easter egg hunt, to encourage singles to meet. The vegetables, mostly cucumbers and tomatoes, will be hidden throughout the park in a scaled-down Great Wall and bite-size Forbidden City.深圳的一家名为“锦绣中华”的主题公园拥有许多世界知名地标建筑的复制品。他们将在光棍节举行“蔬菜猎人”比赛,就跟复活节寻蛋的游戏差不多,旨在让单身人士们相遇。蔬菜主要由黄瓜、番茄组成,它们将被藏在公园的各个角落,以缩小版本的长城和紫禁城为主。In Shanghai, the city#39;s main ;marriage market; nestled in People#39;s Park is teeming with more traffic than usual. Concerned parents of unmarried children posted personal ads and photos, boasting their education, salary levels and height and weight proportions. The advertisements line the perimeter of the park, and many anxious parents sit along the curb, hoping to meet another set of parents to make a good match.在上海,人民公园中赫赫有名的“相亲市场”一定比平时还要爆满。那些为单身孩子忧心忡忡的父母们展示着子女的个人信息、照片,夸耀他们的学历、薪水、身高、体重等各种信息。相亲广告贴满了人民公园的墙,而心急如焚的父母们则在旁等候着合适的人选前来与自己儿女配对。To the west in the city of Xian, singles can reenact a famous Tang Dynasty love story or learn about the principles of love at Qujiang Cave Ruins Park, which claims to be the ;first love-themed park in China.;往西走,在古都西安,单身人士们能参与扮演一个有名的唐代爱情故事,或在曲江寒窑遗址公园学习爱情守则,据说这是中国第一个爱情主题公园。However, in a society dominated by children who grow up without siblings (due to China#39;s one-child policy), finding love on Singles Day is unlikely to be as easy as a walk in the park.然而在一个以独生子女为主的社会里(缘于中国的计划生育政策),在光棍节成功“脱光”可远远没有听上去这么简单。;For a lot of young men, they feel that what can make them more attractive to their potential dates is their good education, a good job and a lot of money ... [and] a car and apartment handy so they can attract more women,; said Dr. Chang Wei, a psychologist at Beijing ed Family Hospital. ;That leads to a lot of young men working 10-12 hours a day with no time to socialize. Parents feel they have to step in and help them find dates, and sometimes the men are okay with that.;“很多年轻男人认为,自己的教育背景、工作和钱财将决定自己在异性面前的吸引力……如果还有车有房的话,那就在女人眼里更加抢手了,”北京和睦家医院的心理医生常伟说道。“这导致很多年轻男性每天工作10-12小时,连社交的时间都没有。他们的父母感到自己需要出手帮助自己孩子寻找对象,而孩子们也往往同意这样做。”Not everyone desires to be matched up, though. In a survey of white-collar workers on popular Chinese jobs site Zhaopin.com, about 70 percent of married or committed individuals said they missed being single.然而并不是所有年轻人都愿意被凑成对。中国知名的智联招聘网站曾进行过一项针对白领的调查显示,70%已婚或已订婚的受访者都表示:他们怀念单身时光。Once frowned upon in China, divorce is now common, too. In 2009, more than 2.46 million couples divorced in the country, almost twice the number in 2001.离婚在过去的中国是不大能被接受的,然而现在已变得十分普遍。2009年,中国有246万对夫妇离婚,这个数字几乎是2001年的两倍。But like many singles in China, Alexandra Shi, an undergraduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University, is looking for love. This year, she#39;ll mark the day with her fellow single friends, and they will likely take one chopstick and make a wish to not be ;a #39;single stick#39; anymore.;Alexandra Shi 是一位来自北京外国语大学的本科学生,她和许多单身人士一样,正渴望找到真爱。今年她将和其他几位同样单身的好友一同庆祝光棍节,并且她们会拿起一根筷子,许下“尽快摆脱单身” 的愿望。;Being single is not cool...for me, being in a relationship would do me good I guess,; Shi said. ;But being single for now doesn#39;t make my life miserable. Definitely don#39;t want to celebrate next year#39;s Singles Day though!;“单身并不酷……对我来说,也许谈恋爱对我更有好处吧。” Shi 说道。“虽然单身的时光也不能算痛苦,但明年这个时候,我绝对不要再过光棍节了!” /201311/263954All Europeans think that their own country is the most compassionate, and nearly everyone judges the Germans to be the least compassionate, although both France and Germany gave that title to Britain.所有欧洲人都认为自己的民族是最富有同情心的,而几乎每一个欧洲人都评价德国人最冷漠。尽管在法国人和德国人眼中,“最冷漠”这个称号应该颁给英国。But a few eyebrows will be raised by an authoritative new survey’s findings that the French agree they are the continent’s most arrogant people and that the Greeks rate themselves as the most trustworthy.但最近一项权威调查的结果可能会让少数一些人大跌眼镜——法国人承认他们是欧洲大陆上最傲慢的民族,而希腊人评价自己为“最值得信赖”。The Washington DC-based Pew Research Centre polled more than 7,600 people in eight European countries about their attitudes towards the EU, their governments and their neighbours.位于华盛顿特区的皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Centre)对八个欧洲国家、超过7,600位民众进行民意检测,就欧盟、本国政府及邻国问题询问了他们的态度。The findings throw up intriguing insights into new national stereotypes in the wake of the Eurozone crisis, which has seen Germany take a leading role in imposing unpopular austerity measures on the struggling economies of southern Europe.调查结果为研究新的国家印象提供了有趣的视角,这种新的印象是在欧元流通区产生危机后新出现的。在这场危机的中,面对南欧窘迫的经济状况,德国人一直带头实施着不受欢迎的货币紧缩政策。Everyone, including the British, agreed that the Germans were the most trustworthy people in the EU, apart from the Greeks, who awarded themselves that accolade.除了希腊人以外,包括英国人在内的每一个欧洲人,都赞同日耳曼民族是最值得信赖的民族。在这一点上希腊人无疑使自己处在了一个尴尬的境地,因为他们之前把这个殊荣颁给了自己。The traditional antagonism between the UK and France is reflected in the survey, with Britons judging their neighbours over the Channel to be the least trustworthy and the most arrogant.   The poll highlighted an internal conflict among the French, who considered themselves to be both the least arrogant and the most arrogant country in Europe.英国与法国之间长久以来的敌对情绪在这次调查中也有所体现——英国人评价他们这位隔海相望的邻国“最不可信赖”和“最自大”。该调查突出了法国的内部矛盾——法国民众评价自己既“傲慢”又“谦逊”。All Europeans think that their own country is the most compassionate, and nearly everyone judges the Germans to be the least compassionate, although both France and Germany gave that title to Britain.所有欧洲人都认为自己的民族是最富有同情心的,而几乎每一个欧洲人都评价德国人最冷漠。尽管在法国人和德国人眼中,“最冷漠”这个称号应该颁给英国。Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, welcomed the findings, joking: “I am delighted that the Eurocrats have failed to crush national stereotyping, which is what makes Europe a great continent.”英国独立党领导人奈吉尔 法拉奇(Nigel Farage)高兴地接受了这些调查结果,并调侃道:“我很高兴看到欧共体并没有瓦解欧洲各国给人留下的刻板印象,毕竟正是这些造就了一个个伟大的民族。”The Pew report – which was based on surveys carried out in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic – concluded that the European Union was “the new sick man of Europe”.皮尤研究中心的报告结论是根据在英国、法国、德国、意大利、西班牙、希腊、波兰和捷克共和国的调查结果总结得出的。结论称:欧盟成为欧洲新病夫。The proportion of Europeans with a favourable view of the EU has plunged from 60 per cent last year to 45 per cent now.对欧盟持赞扬态度的欧洲人占欧洲总人口的比例,已从去年的60%降至现今的45%。The UK may be considered the most Eurosceptic country, but its support for the union has barely changed in the past 12 months, slipping only two points to 43 per cent.英国可能被认为是最反对欧洲一体化的国家,但是在过去一年里英国人民对欧盟的持率仅仅下降了两个百分点,为43%。By contrast, France’s backing for the EU has slipped dramatically, from 60 per cent last year to 41 per cent today.相反的,法国人民对欧盟的持率有了急剧的下降——从去年的60%降至41%。On the politically charged question of whether to remain in the EU, Britons are split evenly, with 46 per cent wanting to leave the union and the same percentage wanting to stay.就在欧盟的去留这个政治问题上,英国人的态度分布得很平均:46%的人赞成脱离欧盟,而相同人数的英国人则希望能够留在欧盟。The Pew report’s authors said: “The prolonged economic crisis has created centrifugal forces that are pulling European public opinion apart, separating the French from the Germans and the Germans from everyone else.”皮尤调查的发起人评价道:“长期的经济危机正在产生着强大的离心力,这使欧盟面临着分崩离析的危险境地。法国人正与德国人产生隔阂,而德国人正在与整个欧洲大陆分离。”They added: ;The effort over the past half century to create a more united Europe is now the principal casualty of the euro crisis. The European project now stands in disrepute across much of Europe.”他们还评价道:“过去半个世纪来,想要让欧洲成为一个密不可分的联盟的努力正是如今欧元区危机产生的主要原因。欧洲计划目前在欧洲多数国家都声名狼藉。”The only European leader rated highly by their own voters was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who received a 74 per cent approval rating.目前唯一一位受到选民高度评价的欧洲国家领导人是德国总理安吉拉·默克尔,她的持率高达74%。Prime Minister David Cameron was next highest with a positive score of 37 per cent among the British public, although he can take some comfort from the fact that 58 per cent of Poles and half of all French people think he is doing a good job.另一位受本国民众较高评价的领导人为英国首相卡梅伦,他在英国民众当中的持率达到37%。而58%的波兰民众和全数的法国民众都对他的政绩颇为赞许,这点或许可以弥补他没有获得“最受选民好评”称号的失落。Despite the gloomy economic outlook and growing disillusionment with the EU, there were strong majorities of more than 60 per cent in favour of keeping the Euro in the five countries polled that use the single currency.尽管经济前景惨淡,欧盟的状况也不尽人意,受访的国家中仍有五个国家的超过60%的民众赞成保留欧元这种单一货币。 /201305/241868金华市切双眼皮多少钱

浙江省妇女儿童医院专科医院Helping Others 美国方式:帮助他人 Christmas in America means different things to different people. To some people, Christmas means brightly wrapped packages under a decorated tree. To others, it means family reunions and a wonderful meal together. To Christians, it means Jesus' birthday. Christmas also means lending a helping hand to people in need. Along with all the hubbub of shopping for presents and sending Christmas cards, many people in America take time to help others. 在美国,圣诞节对不同的人代表了不同的意义。对某些人而言,圣诞节的意义是在布置好的圣诞树底下那些包装得色鲜艳的礼物。对另外一些人而言,它的意义则是家人团圆以及共享美好的一餐。对基督徒来说,它代表了耶稣的诞生。圣诞节的意义也是向需要帮助的人伸出援手。在采购礼物及寄送圣诞卡片的一阵忙乱当中,很多美国人仍会拨出时间去帮助别人。 In America and around the world, Christmas offers many opportunities to sp "peace on earth, good will toward men." For example, Salvation Army bell ringers are a familiar sight to most Christmas shoppers. They stand outside malls and stores collecting money for the needy. Many churches and other organizations collect toys and clothes as Christmas gifts for poor families. Going caroling is another traditional way to bring cheer to neighbors--especially the elderly and people who can't get out much. The Christmas spirit encourages people to help each other in many large and small ways. 在美国及全世界各地,圣诞节提供了很多传扬「平安与世,善意与人」的机会。例如,救世军的摇铃者对大多数为圣诞节购物的人们而言,是一个熟悉的景象。他们通常会站在购物中心和商店外面,为有需要的人募钱。很多教会和其它的机构会收集玩具和衣,作为穷苦家庭的圣诞礼物。报佳音是另外一种能够将欢乐带给邻舍的传统方式,尤其是针对那些老人和无法常出门的人。圣诞节的精神鼓励人们在许多大大小小的事情上互相帮助。 /200803/32922金华市丽都医院私密整形 You brush twice a day and floss pretty regularly? Excellent! Both are key to keeping your pearly whites clean, strong and healthy.你坚持每天刷牙两次并用牙线定期清洁牙齿吗?这个习惯非常好!坚持做下去,因为这才是保持牙齿像珍珠一样洁白、坚硬和健康的关键。But let#39;s do a checkup on four bad habits that can undo all your good work:我们看看这四种坏习惯吧,如果不及时改正,平时保护的牙齿所做的一切努力都是白费:Ducking the dentist. At least 20% of Americans have one or more untreated cavities. Ignored, cavities can get larger, deeper and cause severe aches, infection or even tooth loss. Don#39;t wait for pain to see the dentist; schedule regular checkups and cleanings once or twice a year. And be sure to tell your dentist about medicines you take: Dry mouth — a common cause of cavities in older adults — is a side effect in about 500 drugs, including those for allergies, asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, pain and Alzheimer#39;s disease. To relieve dry-mouth symptoms, drink more water or chew sugar-free gum.回避牙医。至少20%的美国人有一个或多个未处理的蛀牙。蛀牙如被忽视,它可变大,更深并可导致严重的疼痛,感染,甚至牙齿脱落。不要等到痛了才去看牙医,安排一年一次或两次的定期牙检和洗牙。并确保告诉牙医你的所药品:口干 – 一种导致老年人蛀牙的常见原因 – 是500多种药品的一种副作用,这些药品是治疗过敏,气喘,血压,胆固醇,疼痛和老年痴呆症的。为了缓解口干症状,应多饮水或咀嚼无糖口香糖。Drinking sugar. Bacteria in your mouth that feed on the sugar in sodas and sweetened fruit drinks make acids that attack tooth enamel for up to 20 minutes after you#39;re done drinking, says the American Dental Association. Repeated attacks weaken enamel, leading to cavities and sensitive teeth. Research also suggests that the high acidity of energy and sports drinks can erode enamel. The best tooth-friendly thirst-quencher is water — preferably with fluoride. This mineral occurs naturally in all water sources, and research shows it helps prevent cavities. Check bottled water labels for fluoride; if you use a filter for tap water, get one that doesn#39;t remove fluoride.饮用糖水。美国牙科协会表示,在苏打水和甜性水果饮料里滋生的你嘴里的细菌可产生许多酸性物质,喝掉这类饮料后酸性物质会攻击牙釉质长达20分钟以上。反复攻击脆弱的牙釉质可导致蛀牙和牙齿敏感。研究还表明,酸度高的能量和运动饮料可以侵蚀牙釉质。最好的利于牙齿解决口渴的东西是水 - 最好是带氟的。这种矿物质自然产生于所有水源里,研究表明氟有助于防止蛀牙。你可在瓶装水的标签上看到氟的标记,如果你要使用自来水过滤器的话,请使用那种不会去氟的。Using old brushes. They#39;re less effective at cleaning; plus the bristles may breed bacteria. Replace your brush every three to four months, sooner if it#39;s frayed, and right after you#39;ve had a cold, flu, mouth infection or sore throat. More tips: Choose a soft-bristled brush with a small head to get at hard-to-reach spots; brush in circular motions with fluoride toothpaste.使用旧牙刷。旧牙刷对刷牙来说已不再高效,并且刷毛可能会滋生细菌。每三至四个月更换你的牙刷,牙刷有磨损的话就早点换,如有伤风,感冒,口腔感染或咽喉肿痛的话也应立即更换牙刷。更多提示:选择小头软毛牙刷可用于刷到不易刷到的区域,使用含氟牙膏打圈刷牙。Biting things open. You know you#39;ve done it — with a bag of chips, a piece of tape or even a price tag on new clothes. Not a good idea: Your tooth could crack, which hurts; if the nerve in a cracked tooth gets damaged or infected, you might need a root canal.咬开东西。你知道你这样做过- 咬开一包薯片,一块胶布,甚至新衣的标签。这不是一个好主意:你的牙齿可能会开裂,疼痛;如果开裂的牙神经受到破坏或感染,你可能需要进行牙根治疗。 /201306/244763浙江省金华市人民医院诊疗中心怎么样

浦江县丰脸v脸磨骨面颊哪家便宜价格多的情人节创意Take some time to think about unusual and memorable ways to say, "I love you" on Valentine's Day. You will many men circling around the greeting card section right before Valentine's Day, looking for a card for their loved one. This is so typical for Valentine's Day. If you want to spice it up a bit, buy the card early and send it out to Kissimmee, Florida or even Loving, New Mexico with a self addressed stamped envelope and present her with a card with a postmark that says it all.If you think about love and making memories, you can come up with many creative Valentine's Day ideas for making the day special. If you do not want to go out for the night, you might think about making a special dinner with candle lights and rent a violinist to serenade you during your and after dinner drinks. If you really want to make it special, you might even find a company that rents electric fireplaces and have one delivered and set up for added warmth and romance. You can enjoy a night in front of the fireplace after the violinist leaves.There are many creative Valentine's Day ideas that will leave both of you with cherished memories. Rent a hot tub and place it outside. You can sit in a hot tub sipping your favorite glass of wine. If you live in an area where it is cold outside, do not worry, you will stay very warm in the hot tub. If it happens to snow, this could be even more enjoyable. If wine is not your choice, try some champagne, strawberries on a little tray set up outside the hot tub within reaching distance.Creative Valentine's Day ideas that are unique and memorable are endless. Think with the heart and you will come up with something unique. If you have a family with small children, you might want to give each other a break. Hire a nanny to care for the children out of the house for the day, have a maid service come in and clean the house, then have a chef come to your home and prepare a scrumptious Valentine's Day dinner.Coming up with unique ideas for Valentine's Day is more intriguing than most imagine. Most of the time, when you think about something to do for that special Valentine's Day, it makes you feel warm inside just planning the events. The feeling is one you will remember forever. 如果要你花点时间想想什么是不同凡响经久难的忘情人节表白方式,你可能会想到许多男士挤在贺卡卖区为所爱的人选卡片的场面,这自然是最有代表性的情人节场景。如果你想加点花样,那就早点买好卡片,把它发到基希米,佛罗里达,甚至浓情的新墨西哥,别忘了信封上要写回邮地址,这样,你的她就能收到一个带着远方邮戳的卡片,而那个邮戳会让她明白你所有的努力。如果你想要滋润爱情,或者留下难忘的回忆,那么你可以考虑借鉴一下形形色色的情人节创意来让你的这一天变得与众不同。如果你不想晚上活动,那么不妨来一次别致的烛光晚餐,还要请位琴师,以便在优雅的小夜曲中与她共进晚餐并在餐后浪漫地举杯谈心。如果你还觉不够,也可以找家租借公司租个电壁炉来增添温馨和浪漫的氛围。待琴师离去,你们就可以在壁炉旁过上一个难忘的夜晚。有许许多多情人节创意可以给你们留下二人世界的珍贵回忆。比如租一套热水浴设备安置在室外,就可以坐在浴桶里悠然地品一杯最爱的果酒。如果住在天气比较冷的地方就更好了,而且不用担心,浴桶里相当温暖了,如果赶上下雪,那真是情趣十足,不喜欢酒品,那就来杯香槟助兴,还要再在浴桶边备碟草莓。独具匠心的情人节创意不胜枚举,用心去想,你也会想出好点子来。如果你家里已经有小孩子了,那就让大家都放松一回,去雇个保姆来带孩子出去玩上一天,再找个家政务员帮忙打扫房间,最后请位大厨到你家里精心调配一桌佳肴,然后你们就可以享受一顿丰盛的情人节大餐了。去捕捉独特的情人节创意灵感本身就妙趣横生,超乎想象。其实,当你真心想为这个节日做些什么的时候,那一刻,你会发觉,仅仅是这个准备的过程就会让你感到从心底里生出的温暖,因为这是一种可能永远铭记的感动。 /200803/31798 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:手机致癌的问题,现在也没个定论;不过使用蓝牙耳麦的人,我还是觉得有点呆……不过,确实是路上的一道风景,没事看看、听听他们,挺解闷的!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/242066浙江省金华丽都美容好吗金华市小腿减肥多少钱




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