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金华五院有哪些专家金华修复平整疤痕哪家好Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. said Thursday that its online shopping sites are temporarily blocking sellers from subscribing to marketing and promotion apps linked with rival Tencent Holdings Ltd.#39;s WeChat mobile messaging service. 阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)周四说,其在线购物网站暂时禁止卖家使用与微信(WeChat)相关的营销和推广应用。微信是腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)旗下的移动消息务。 Sellers on Alibaba#39;s Taobao and Tmall sites have been using such apps to send promotional messages to online shoppers. 阿里巴巴旗下淘宝网(Taobao)和天猫商城(Tmall)的卖家一直使用这类应用向网络购物者发送促销信息。 Unlike Amazon.com Inc., Alibaba doesn#39;t sell products but operates websites that allow sellers to find buyers. Sellers on Taobao are mostly small merchants, while Tmall hosts major brands such as Nike and Gap. 不同于亚马逊(Amazon.com Inc.),阿里巴巴并不销售产品,而是运营网站,供卖家寻找买家。淘宝网上的卖家大多是小商家,而天猫商城则有耐克(Nike)和Gap等大品牌入驻。 Separately on Thursday, Alibaba said that the company and Sina Corp.#39;s Twitter-like Weibo microblog business in which Alibaba holds a stake 岸 are launching a Taobao-friendly version of Weibo, integrating user accounts for the two services. Weibo will also provide Taobao sellers with marketing services to help them promote their products on the microblog, Alibaba said. 另外,阿里巴巴周四说,该公司和新浪(Sina Corp.)旗下类似推特(Twitter)的微(Weibo)业务即将推出适用于淘宝的微版本,整合这两项务的用户账号。阿里巴巴持有微股份。阿里巴巴说,微还将向淘宝卖家提供营销务,帮助他们在微上宣传产品。 Alibaba said the two announcements, even though they came on the same day, are not related. The company said it decided to suspend the WeChat-related apps because it received complaints from consumers shopping on its Taobao and Tmall sites that they were getting an ※excessive§ number of promotional messages on WeChat from sellers. In some cases, Alibaba said, sellers were using the apps to guide shoppers outside of the online payment process run by Alipay, an Alibaba affiliate. 阿里巴巴说,上述两项公告虽然在同一天发布,但并无关系。该公司说,其决定暂停与微信相关的应用,原因是接到在淘宝和天猫上购物的消费者投诉,说他们在微信上收到的卖家促销信息数量过多。阿里巴巴说,有时卖家还利用微信应用引导购物者越过阿里巴巴旗下付宝(Alipay)运行的付程序。 Still, the moves raise questions about whether Alibaba is trying to protect its user database from Tencent while deepening its partnership with another social network. WeChat-related apps could be getting in the way of Alibaba#39;s attempt to maintain its comprehensive user database including payment data under its control. 但这些举措仍引发人们质疑,阿里巴巴是否在试图保护用户数据库不被腾讯获得,同时加深与另一家社交网络的合作关系。阿里巴巴试图维持对其广泛的用户数据库的控制,包括付数据,而微信相关的应用会阻碍阿里巴巴的这一努力。 But Alibaba spokeswoman Florence Shih said that the sole reason behind the decision to block the apps is to ensure secure transactions for shoppers on Taobao and Tmall. 但阿里巴巴集团发言人Florence Shih说,决定阻止微信相关应用的唯一原因是确保淘宝和天猫购物者的交易安全。 There are ways to use WeChat that don#39;t offend our buyers, and we have no issue with that,§ she said. 她说,有很多使用微信的方式不会冒犯到买家,我们对此没有意见。 A Tencent spokeswoman could not be immediately reached for comment. 记者无法立即联络腾讯发言人置评。 While Alibaba dominates China#39;s fast-growing e-commerce market, Tencent#39;s strengths lie in social media and gaming and it has a strong user base among smartphone users thanks to the popularity of WeChat. 阿里巴巴主导着中国快速增长的电子商务市场,而腾讯的长处在于社交媒体和游戏,而且由于微信的普及,腾讯在智能手机用户中有着强大的用户群体。 As transactions and other online activities move to smartphones, Alibaba has aly taken steps to adapt. In April, Alibaba struck a deal to buy an 18% stake in Sina#39;s Weibo business for 6 million, gaining an opportunity to tap into the social media site#39;s strong mobile user base 岸 a much-needed alliance to bring more mobile traffic to Taobao and other Alibaba services, 随着交易和其他在线活动转向智能手机,阿里巴巴已经采取了一些措施适应这种变化。今年4月,阿里巴巴达成以5.86亿美元收购新浪微业务18%股份的交易,从而赢得了挖掘微强大手机用户群体的机会,这也是阿里巴巴急需达成的联盟,旨在让淘宝和其他阿里巴巴务获得更多手机访问流量。 On Thursday, Alibaba said that Taobao and Weibo will integrate user accounts so people can log into both services from either site. The companies are also introducing new ways to display products sold on Taobao on Weibo and allow people to place an order directly from Weibo. 周四,阿里巴巴说,淘宝和微将整合用户账号,这样人们无论在二者中的哪个站点登录,都可以同时登录两个网站。两家公司还将推出在微展示淘宝售卖商品的新方式,人们可以从微直接下单定购。 /201308/251039金华中心整形医院脱毛多少钱 David Carr, media columnist for The New York Times, today wrote a column titled “For Email Newsletters, A Death Greatly Exaggerated.”《纽约时报》( The New York Times)媒体专栏作家大卫o卡尔日前撰文《电邮通讯已死的说法纯属夸大其词》。My first reaction was, “Thank goodness, since I’m paid to write an email newsletter.” My second reaction was, “Wait. Huh?”我看到这篇文章的第一反应是:“谢天谢地,我可是靠写电邮通讯赚钱呢。”我的第二反应则是:“等等。真的吗?”For the past twelve years, I’ve written a morning email newsletter focused on the venture capital and private equity industries. It began with a few dozen ers and now has over 50,000 (being completely rebuilt from scratch a few years back, after I changed employers). For most of those years it has been profitable, in that my salary is its only substantial expense. If email newsletters were on the precipice of the Great Beyond, no one bothered to tell me, my ers or my advertisers.过去十二年,我一直在写一份专门报道风险投资和私募股权行业的早间电邮通讯。起初只有几十位读者,如今读者数已经超过50,000人(几年前我换了雇主之后完全从头做起的)。这么些年来,大部分时间都是盈利的,因为我的工资是它唯一一项大的出。如果说电邮通讯快挂了,那怎么没人告诉我、我的读者还有我的广告客户?Look, I get Carr’s point. Email isn’t as sexy as snaps, as trendy as tweets or as pretty as pins. In theory, it should have gone the way of Palm Pilots. But the reality is that email newsletters not only have persevered, but never were actually under threat. The fact that so many new ones are launching now only reflects widesp recognition of a model that has worked for more than a decade, rather than some sort of unexpected reclamation project.我明白卡尔的意思。电子邮件没有快照性感,不如Twitter消息时髦,也没有“钉图片”漂亮。理论上,它应该已经同Palm Pilots个人掌上电脑一样退出历史舞台。但事实上,电邮通讯不但没有消亡,而且从来没有真正受到威胁。现在有这么多新的电邮通讯产品推出,恰恰表明这种十多年来行之有效的模式受到了广泛认可,而并不是什么出人意料之外的回潮。Today’s email newsletters provide the same value propositions as they did at the outset: Direct opt-in delivery into an essential communication channel, without artificial layout or length restrictions determined by a third party. It is a responsive technology, where producers can enable interaction with consumers — minus the trolling risks of a website comment section. Content can be curation, long-form prose or anything in between. Email also can provide exclusivity to a much greater extent than can social media channels. Finally, email newsletter analytics are, in many cases, as good as you can get anywhere else on the web.如今的电邮通讯在价值主张方面并没有改变初衷:读者直接选择加入,内容被发送到一个重要的沟通渠道,没有人为的版式设计,也不受第三方确定的长度限制。这是一种迅速积极反应的技术,生产者可与消费者进行互动——同时又避免了网站区被人故意发布煽动性信息的风险。它的内容可以是短新闻、长篇散文或介于两者之间的其它形式。与社交媒体渠道相比,电子邮件的排他性大得多。最后,在很多情况下,电邮通讯分析的质量不逊色于其它任何线上平台。Moreover, when exactly is it that email itself is supposed to have died? Remember that Groupon, a .5 billion company, was founded in late 2008 using email as its exclusive media. Or two years ago, when Google announced that there were 425 million active Gmail accounts (or, put another way, more than 6% of the world population). Obviously not today, when email newsletters as “on the march” (as Carr writes).此外,电子邮件本身何曾消亡?2008年末,如今市值45亿美元的团购网站Groupon创建之时,可是将电子邮件作为它唯一的媒介。而两年前,谷歌(Google)宣布它旗下的电子邮件务Gmail有4.25亿(相当于全世界人口的6%以上)活跃账户。如今,电邮更不可能消亡,因为电邮通讯正在“发展壮大”(卡尔文中如是写道)呢。Indeed, the death of email newsletters has been greatly exaggerated. In that there was no decline in the first place.确实,电邮通讯已死的说法纯属夸张。因为电邮通讯根本就还没有走上下坡路。 /201407/309510In its latest step to attract Chinese smartphone users, e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. said it is planning to launch a mobile gaming service soon.阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)表示,计划不久推出手机游戏务,这是该公司吸引中国智能手机用户的最新举措。Alibaba is considering integrating its new mobile gaming service into its messaging app, Laiwang, as well as its Mobile Taobao app for online shopping, a person familiar with the matter said. It is also planning to launch the gaming service as a standalone app, the person said.知情人士表示,阿里巴巴考虑将新的手机游戏务整合入聊天应用“来往”以及淘宝手机客户端。该公司还计划推出独立的游戏务应用。In the world of gaming and other mobile-based services, Alibaba faces powerful competitor Tencent Holdings Ltd., a giant in online gaming and social networking services. Many analysts view Tencent as a leader in mobile-based businesses in China because of its popular WeChat instant-messaging app, which has over 272 million monthly active users worldwide according to the company. Tencent could use WeChat#39;s massive user base to offer additional mobile services such as gaming or e-commerce, analysts say.在游戏和其他手机务领域,阿里巴巴都将面临腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd. , 简称:腾讯控股)的强大竞争。由于腾讯的微信聊天工具(据腾讯称,微信每个月的全球活跃用户达到2.72亿)很受欢迎,许多分析师将腾讯视为中国移动业务领域的领导者。分析师们表示,腾讯可能利用微信庞大的客户群来推出其他的移动务,例如游戏或电子商务。Alibaba#39;s push into mobile-based services hasn#39;t always been smooth. It launched Laiwang more than a year ago, but the app, which competes against WeChat, struggled to gain popularity. In September, a person familiar with the situation said Alibaba was in talks with China Telecom Corp., to have the app preinstalled in smartphones sold by the country#39;s third-largest mobile carrier. According to Alibaba, Laiwang had more than 10 million registered users as of November.阿里巴巴进军移动务领域的过程并非一帆风顺。该公司1年前推出了用来和微信抗衡的“来往”,但是该应用却很难普及开来。知情人士去年9月份表示,阿里巴巴正在与中国第三大移动运营商中国电信股份有限公司(China Telecom Co., 简称:中国电信)进行谈判,希望能在中国电信出售的智能手机中预装来往软件。据阿里巴巴,截至去年11月份来往的注册用户超过了1,000万。Alibaba dominates China#39;s e-commerce market with its Taobao and Tmall shopping sites, but one of the biggest challenges it faces is how to hold onto its vast user base when more Chinese Internet users access online services from smartphones. To meet this challenge, Alibaba has made several acquisitions to strengthen its mobile-based services. Last year, it took an 18% stake in Sina Corp.#39;s Twitter-like Weibo service and integrated some of Taobao#39;s e-commerce services with the microblog. It also bought a 28% stake in mobile mapping firm AutoNavi Holdings Ltd., a move that could enable Alibaba to send location-based ads to smartphone users.阿里巴巴凭藉旗下的淘宝网和天猫网在中国的电子商务市场占据了主导地位,但是该公司面临的最大挑战之一就是,在越来越多的中国互联网用户通过智能手机使用网上务的情况下,如何留在庞大的客户群。为了迎接这些挑战,阿里巴巴进行了数笔收购交易,以加强自身的移动务。去年该公司收购了新浪(Sina Corp.)微业务18%的股份,并把淘宝网的一些电子商务务与微进行了整合。阿里巴巴还收购了数字地图公司高德软件有限公司(AutoNavi Holdings Ltd.) 28%的股份,藉此阿里巴巴可以向智能手机用户发送定位相关的广告。 /201401/272945金华五院QQ

金华儿童医院去胎记多少钱The boy who cried wolf said something bad would happen, and it did not. Sony says something good will happen, and then it does not. It is the company that cried profits. This makes it hard for it to excite the market by, say, raising its targets. In its worst business – electronics – the problem is even worse. The company can do something radical, and leave the market unmoved. Sony announced in February that it would sell its PC unit. This was unexpected, bold and wise. The market shrugged: the shares’ returns since the announcement match the market’s.嚷嚷着狼来了的男孩说有坏事发生,结果没有。索尼(Sony)表示会有好事发生,结果也没有。这是一家嚷嚷着会盈利的公司。这让它很难以调高盈利目标的方式振奋市场。而在它最糟糕的业务部门——电子,这个问题更严重。该公司可以做激进的事,可市场仍不为所动。索尼在2月份宣布将出售个人电脑(PC)业务。这是出人意料、大胆和明智的。但市场反应平淡:其股票回报率自宣布消息以来与大盘一致。On Monday, though, the market showed a little credulity. Sony announced that it would form joint ventures with the China’s Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to make and sell Sony’s PlayStation game consoles in that country. The gaming business was unprofitable last year, but Sony is a technology leader in gaming and the market has only two real competitors. With the scale the China deal can help to bring, the business could be quite profitable. The shares rose 3 per cent. If the business is right, the market will hold out hopes for Sony Electronics.然而本周一,市场显示出一些被打动的迹象。索尼宣布将与中国的上海东方明珠集团(Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group)组成合资企业,在中国生产并销售索尼的PS(Play Station)游戏机。去年游戏业务没有盈利,但索尼在游戏领域是技术领先者,而且该市场只有两家真正的竞争者。鉴于这笔中国交易可带来的市场规模,该业务可能有相当的盈利。股价上涨了3%。如果该业务部门把握得当,市场将对索尼电子重燃希望。Still, the most important thing is the unpopular work of getting out of irredeemably bad businesses. This means televisions first and foremost. At the company’s strategy meeting last week, it was announced that TVs would be moved into a separate unit. Prelude to a full divestment? Sony dismissed the idea, and stuck to its target of a nearly 20 per cent increase in unit sales, and a return to profits, for this year (Sony boss Kazuo Hirai said on Monday that the unit would be profitable even if it missed its unit target). But after a decade of losses, relentless deflation in TV prices despite technological advancements, and Sony’s lack of scale, a better TV business should not be the goal. The goal should be no TV business.话虽如此,最重要的是退出无可救药的坏业务这项不得人心的工作。这首先意味着电视业务。上周在这家公司的战略会议上,它宣布将电视转移至另一独立部门。此举是要全面剥离的前奏吗?索尼否认了这一观点,并坚持今年达到其近20%的部门销售增长目标和恢复盈利(索尼总裁平井一夫(Kazuo Hirai,见上图)周一表示,即便未达到部门销售目标仍可实现盈利)。然而在10年持续亏损、电视价格无视科技进步而一再无情下跌,以及索尼缺乏规模经营的情况下,一个更好的电视业务不应成为目标。目标应该是没有电视业务。 /201405/302207金东区儿童医院可以用医保卡 金华丽都整形医院脱毛好不好

金华自体脂肪隆胸多少钱Facebook Inc. agreed to buy messaging company WhatsApp for billion in cash and stock, a blockbuster transaction that dwarfs the aly sky-high prices that other startups have been able to recently command.Facebook Inc.已同意以190亿美元现金加股票收购即时通讯应用提供商WhatsApp。这一巨额收购交易引起市场轰动,也令其他初创公司近期卖出的已经极高的价格相形见绌。The 55-employee company, which acts as a kind of replacement for text messaging, has seen its use more than double in the past nine months to 450 million monthly users. That makes its service more popular than Twitter Inc., the widely used microblogging service which has about 240 million users and is currently valued at about billion.WhatsApp有55名雇员,该公司的产品相当于一种手机短信替代品。过去九个月中,该公司每月用户数增长超过一倍,达到4.5亿。这意味着该公司的务比推特(Twitter Inc.)的务更受欢迎。推特是一种被广泛使用的微务,用户数约为2.4亿,该公司目前的市值约300亿美元。The transaction, which includes billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp#39;s founders and employees over four years, ranks as the largest-ever purchase of a company backed by venture capital. Besides making its founders billionaires, the deal marks an enormous windfall for Sequoia Capital, the only venture firm that invested in WhatsApp.该交易是迄今为止规模最大的针对风投持企业的收购交易。该交易的内容包括在四年内向WhatsApp创始人和雇员授予30亿美元的受限股票单位。该交易除了将令WhatsApp的创始人成为亿万富翁外,还将给唯一投资该公司的风投公司Sequoia Capital带来巨额收益。The deal price also easily outranks any acquisition of startups in recent years, including Facebook#39;s purchase of photo-sharing app Instagram for more than billion in 2012, and, a year earlier, Microsoft Corp.#39;s .5 billion buy of -calling company Skype.该交易的收购价也远高于最近几年任何初创公司获得的收购价格,比如Facebook在2012年出资超过10亿美元收购照片分享应用商Instagram的交易,以及此前一年微软(Microsoft Corp.)出资85亿美元收购视频电话公司Skype的交易。What isn#39;t clear is how much revenue WhatsApp makes -- the company declined to comment on its sales. It charges 99 cents a year after a one year of free use, and doesn#39;t carry ads. On a conference call, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said he doesn#39;t think ads are the right way to monetize messaging systems.目前还不清楚WhatApp的收入情况,该公司对其销售方面的问题不予置评。该公司对其产品提供一年的免费使用,一年之后收取99美分的年费,其产品不搭载广告。Facebook首席执行长马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在一次电话会议中表示,他不认为广告是利用即时通讯系统获利的正确方式。Beyond revenue, the deal could help shelter the social network against the shifting tastes of teen users, some of whom have grown cool to it, and bolster its position internationally. WhatsApp is particularly popular outside of the U.S.除了获得相关收入之外,这项交易也有助于Facebook避免青少年用户兴趣变化对该公司业绩的影响,因为有些青少年已经开始厌烦Facebook了。WhatsApp在美国以外特别流行。The transaction comes in the wake of Facebook#39;s failed attempt to purchase another messaging service, Snapchat, for billion last year. Both Snapchat and WhatsApp are popular with younger users, a demographic Facebook has been struggling to attract in recent years, according to surveys. Facebook said in an earnings call in October that some younger teens were using the service less.在达成这项交易前,Facebook去年曾试图以30亿美元收购另一家即时通讯务商Snapchat,但交易未能达成。调查显示,Snapchat和WhatsApp在年轻用户中都非常受欢迎,而这一用户群体正是Facebook近年来在努力争取的。Facebook曾在去年10月的一次财报会上表示,一些青少年对Facebook的使用有所减少。Even by the get-big-fast standards of Silicon Valley, WhatsApp#39;s story is remarkable. The company, founded in 2009 by Ukrainian Jan Koum and American Brian Acton, reached 450 million users faster than any company in history, wrote Jim Goetz, a partner at investor Sequoia Capital.即便是按照硅谷“迅速做大”的标准,WhatsApp的发展速度也令人惊叹。红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)的合伙人戈茨(Jim Goetz)写道,WhatsApp用户数量达到4.5亿的速度要快于历史上的任何公司。该公司是由乌克兰人Jan Koum和美国人阿克顿(Brian Acton)在2009年创立的。Facebook had fewer than 150 million users after its fourth year, one third that of WhatsApp in the same time period. WhatsApp processes 50 billion messages a day, Mr. Goetz wrote, yet has only 32 engineers and does not employ any marketing or public-relations people.Facebook在成立四年后的用户数量还不足1.5亿,仅相当于WhatsApp同期用户数量的三分之一。戈茨称,WhatsApp现在每天处理的讯息量达500亿条,但该公司只有32名工程师,而且没有聘请任何市场营销或公关人员。WhatsApp built its business on the idea of offering instant messaging without the fees that carriers often charge.WhatsApp建立公司业务的理念是,提供一种无需向运营商付费用的即时通讯务。The company goes out of its way to remain private, offering little in the way of information to government agencies trying to track people. Once delivered, messages are deleted from the company#39;s servers. Privacy was particularly important to Mr. Koum, who grew up in a communist country with a secret police.WhatsApp想方设法保护用户的隐私,几乎不向试图追踪用户行动的政府机构提供任何信息。在使用WhatsApp时,讯息一旦发送出去,就会被该公司的务器删除。Koum是在一个有秘密警察的共产主义国家长大的,隐私对他来说尤为重要。#39;Jan#39;s childhood made him appreciate communication that was not bugged or tape,#39; Mr. Goetz wrote. #39;When he arrived in the U.S. as a 16-year-old immigrant living on food stamps, he had the extra incentive of wanting to stay in touch with his family in Russia and the Ukraine.#39;戈茨写道,Koum的童年经历使他向往往那种不被监听和录音的通讯;他16岁移民美国,只能靠食品救济券生活,那时他非常渴望与在俄罗斯和乌克兰的家人保持联系。The transaction came together quickly. Mr. Zuckerberg said he and Mr. Koum first discussed the deal on a Sunday evening less than two weeks ago. WhatsApp, based in Mountain View, Calif., will stay in its headquarters and continue to operate independently of its new parent company, which is based nearby in Menlo Park.这笔收购是在很短时间内达成的。扎克伯格表示,他与Koum首次讨论这笔交易是在不到两周前的一个周日的晚上。WhatsApp位于加州芒廷维尤,而Facebook的总部位于门洛帕克附近。在交易完成后,WhatsApp将继续留在芒廷维尤的总部,并独立于母公司Facebook运营。The demographics of WhatsApp#39;s users were likely a draw for Facebook, said Rebecca Lieb, analyst at Altimeter Group. #39;This is clearly also a play at securing their base of younger users who are married to text messaging,#39; she said.Altimeter Group的一位分析师表示,WhatsApp的用户群可能是吸引Facebook的原因,这笔交易显然也是为了确保该公司的年轻用户基础,因为这部分用户已经离不开即时信息的使用。Equally enticing is the percentage of WhatsApp users who log onto the service at least once a day. That figure sits at 70%, even higher than Facebook#39;s 61%. Such #39;engagement#39; percentages are valuable because the more users interact with a service, the more ads or other products can be sold to them.同样具有吸引力的是至少每天都使用WhatsApp务的用户百分比,该比率为70%,甚至高于Facebook的61%。这样的“活跃度”非常有价值,因为与务互动的用户数量越多,可以销售给他们的广告和其他产品就越多。#39;Facebook#39;s always working to find new reasons for people to come back,#39; said Forrester Research analyst Nate Elliot. #39;Facebook is desperate to keep people coming back every day.#39;Forrester Research分析师埃利奥特(Nate Elliot)称,Facebook总是在寻找让用户再次使用其务的新理由,该公司迫切希望用户能够每天都登录其网站。Instagram, a hit among teens, has also helped Facebook hedge against any loss of younger users. Instagram added a direct messaging service last year, giving Facebook control of yet another mobile messaging product on the market. The service only had about 15 million users at the time of its acquisition.在青少年中大受欢迎的Instagram也帮助Facebook预防了年轻用户的流失。Instagram去年添加了一项直接通讯务,Facebook由此掌控了市场上又一个移动通讯产品。在刚被收购时Instagram仅拥有大约1,500万用户。On a per-user basis, Facebook is paying around apiece for WhatsApp, roughly in line with the amount that other social media companies that have been acquired in recent years.根据用户数量来计算,Facebook对WhatsApp每位用户的估值在40美元左右,基本和近些年被收购的其他社交媒体公司的情况差不多。Other figures disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing show other metrics that made it particularly attractive to Facebook. WhatsApp users every day upload 600 million photos, for example, and send 100 million messages every day.从一份提交给美国券交易委员会(Securities and Exchange Commission)的文件披露的其他数据中也能看出这笔交易对Facebook来说尤为具有吸引力。举例来说,WhatsApp用户每日上传6亿张照片,每日的视频信息发送量达到1亿条。On the conference call, Messrs. Zuckerberg and Koum said it was important the company operate separately and retain the mentality of a startup, a strategy Mr. Zuckerberg said has worked with Instagram. #39;What we found is it really can work,#39; he said.扎克伯格和Koum在一个电话会议上称,保持WhatsApp运营的独立性及其作为初创公司所具有的精神非常重要,扎克伯格称这一策略在Instagram非常成功。他表示,我们发现这样的策略很有效。Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, he said, has #39;gotten a huge amount of value on being able to use Facebook infrastructure,#39; while remaining separate.扎克伯格称,可以使用Facebook的基础设施让Instagram创始人希斯特罗姆(Kevin Systrom)收获了巨大的价值。Mr. Koum will join Facebook#39;s board of directors. He said the company does not plan to add advertising, sticking instead to a subscription model.Koum将加入Facebook董事会。他表示,WhatsApp仍将维持零广告策略,继续推行订阅模式。WhatsApp, despite its surging popularity in recent years, has been wary of raising capital and entertaining suitors. Mr. Koum told The Wall Street Journal last December that WhatsApp has #39;no plans to sell, IPO, exit,#39; or get new funding.虽然近几年WhatsApp的受欢迎度飙升,但该公司在对待融资以及收购兴趣方面一直很谨慎。Koum去年12月份向《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)表示,WhatsApp没有出售、上市、退出或筹资的计划。 /201402/276701 Google is a godsend for all of us, from those who stutter and stumble through life to even the most knowledgeable of folks looking to confirm their facts and figures.谷歌(Google)是上天给我们所有人的恩赐。有了它,无论文化程度高低,都可以在谷歌上了解自己不懂的东西。A well-placed nugget of information courtesy of Google GOOG 0.22% (or Yahoo, sure, or Bing, but come on—you use Google) can prepare you for a challenging conversation or nervy meeting, and it can display for you, stripped bare, any person’s minor errors and major accomplishments.如果善用谷歌提供的知识宝库【当然还有雅虎(Yahoo),或者必应(Bing),但是相比于谷歌,你懂的】,你就能从容应对一次有挑战的谈话或会议。但同时谷歌的“人肉”能力也会把你剥得干干净净,展示在人前,无论你有多小的错误或多大的成就。俗话说,能力越大,责任越大,但是谷歌有的时候也会把我们引上邪路。就在本周,《纽约》(New York)杂志写道,拒绝用谷歌“约炮”已经形成了一场“新禁欲活动”。下面谨列出过于依赖谷歌所导致的“七宗罪”。But with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes Google leads us astray. Just this week, New York magazine wrote that resisting from Googling a potential date is “the new abstinence.” Here are the seven deadly sins that come along with relying too heavily on the G-force.贪婪:对知识的渴求导致犯错Greed: When your thirst for knowledge leads to errors人们常说,机会总是青睐有准备的人,然而《财富》杂志(Fortune)总编辑苏安迪却因为准备得太充分而吃了个大亏。当时他正与雪佛龙(Chevron)公司的CEO约翰o沃特森一起用餐,苏安迪问沃特森在圣迪亚哥教士队的董事会中扮演了怎样的角色。事实上苏安迪是在吃这顿饭之前用谷歌搜索了一下约翰o沃特森的名字,然后在维基百科的一个页面上发现这球队的董事会里赫然列着约翰o沃特森的名字。但事实上,这两个人只是重名,担任球队董事的是另一个约翰o沃特森。They say fortune favors the well prepared, but whenFortune managing editor Andy Serwer sat down to dinner with Chevron CVX -0.43% CEO John Watson, preparation backfired. Serwer asked Watson about his position on the board of the San Diego Padres, a factoid he’d picked up doing pre-dinner research on Wikipedia, a page he had been directed to through The Big G. Turns out that’s another John Watson. Oops.沃特森的属下马上去追查了这个消息的原始来源,现在维基百科上的这个词条已经被修改了过来。但在《财富》杂志社却始终有一种淡淡的背叛感挥之不去。毕竟记者们如果没了谷歌还能干什么呢?但是谷歌总是爱把维基百科的搜索结果排在前面。现在我们对维基的信任已经动摇了——或者说至少苏安迪对维基的信任动摇了。Watson’s team at Chevron has hunted down the original source and the Wiki entry has since been changed, but here at Fortune, a vague feeling of betrayal lingers in the air. After all, where would reporters be without Google? But Google gives preference to Wikipedia, and Wiki now hath poisoned our trust. Or at least Serwer’s.暴食:知道得太多了Gluttony: When you gather too much information有时,大家可能会发疯似地谷歌任何东西,比如你的朋友、你的老板、你老板的小三、你老板的老板、你朋友的老板的小三的老板的(并不是说我们真的这样做过)……有时你希望了解的事情未必是你需要知道的,有时有些事情你本不该知道,但一旦知道了又忘不掉。这就是所谓的“信息消化不良”。比如《财富》的一个实习生曾经在谷歌里“人肉”很多人的名字,最后竟然发现他一个大学同学的父亲是个登记在案的性侵犯者。Sometimes, you might go on a rampage and Google everything. Your friends. Your boss. Your boss’s significant other. Their boss. Your friend’s boss’s significant other’s boss’s dog (not that we’ve ever done such a thing). Sometimes you learn things you really didn’t need to know—things you, perhaps, shouldn’t know, but can never quite forget. It’s TMI. It’s a little like the time a Fortune summer intern started to dump names into the Googlesphere only to find out that a college friend’s father was a registered sex offender.色欲:网络泛滥Lust: When researching a romantic interest gets creepy如果你还单身的话,那么大多数时候,你抱着认识别人的目的上谷歌,肯定是为了干一些羞羞的事。比如疯狂在Facebook上看异性的照片,一条一条地查看十来页的搜索结果,或是偷看一下别人的Instagram账户(如果是公开的)。但是如果你真的交了好运,与你搜到的网友见了面,你又会遇到一个两难问题:当对方告诉你她的一些隐私时,你是该假装惊讶,还是承认你已经知道了?因为在谷歌的帮助下,你已经知道了她的大学校友,她喜欢的颜色,她的家庭住址,她家车库门口的小路铺的是什么样的石子(这要感谢街景地图)……我们暂时说到这儿。Sloth: When you lazily rely on the opinions of others懒惰:失去自主思考的能力Sometimes Google impressions trump first impressions. In a piece on Match.com, author Steve Friedman writes that he once went out with a sex-columnist who decided to cancel their second date after her post-date Google search turned up some of his articles, even though she thought he was sweet and funny in person.有时谷歌带给你的印象会打败你的第一印象。比如作家史蒂夫o弗里德曼在Match.com的一篇文章中写道,他有次与一名两性专栏作家一起约会,后来那位女作家第二天在网上搜索了一下弗里德曼的文章,就取消了他们原定好的第二次约会——尽管她原本觉得他本人非常幽默体贴。Worse yet, sometimes there is no chance for a first impression. People are relying more and more on online reviews, and as a result, companies or products with low reviews or simply not a large total of reviews don’t get business. Michael Luca, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, released a 2011 working paper that found that a one-star increase on Yelp leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue for restaurants. But what happens to new restaurants that haven’t been reviewed much yet, or restaurants that hire a new chef and up their game? Sometimes, there’s more to reality than what Google can tell you.更糟糕的是,有时候你根本没有时间来形成第一印象。现在人们已经越来越依赖在线,因此那些正面评价少的产品或者仅仅是总体评价不多的企业或产品就会没生意。哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)副教授迈克尔o卢卡2011年发表的一篇论文称,一家餐馆在点评网站Yelp上的排名每增加一颗星,收入就会提高5%到9%。但是如果一家新开的餐馆评价还不多,或者是那些餐馆换了大厨,是否也不值得去尝一尝呢?有些时候,有些事实是谷歌无法告诉你的。Wrath: When you tamper with Google results暴怒:操弄歌搜索结果Wikipedia is notorious for allowing users to change the text—and, what do you know?—sometimes they do it to suit their own purposes. After Chile beat Spain two-nil in this year’s World Cup, the Wikipedia entry for the Chile National Soccer Team’s page was changed to say, “Dear Spain, LOL. Say bye to the World Cup…… From Chile.” Or take the change from mid-May, when the New York Rangers came back from a 3-1 series deficit against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. A few days later, the Pens’ Wiki page listed the Rangers as the owner of the team. Malicious, yet creative.维基最著名的一点是允许用户修改词条,有些时候人们会出于个人意图对词条进行胡乱修改。本届世界杯智利2:1战胜西班牙以后,维基百科上智利足球国家队的主页被改成了:“亲爱的西班牙,哈哈哈,跟世界杯说再见吧——智利。”另一个例子是今年五月中旬的斯坦利杯季后赛期间,纽约游骑兵队以3:1领先匹兹堡企鹅队。几天后,维基百科的企鹅队页面资料显示,企鹅队的拥有者是游骑兵队。虽然恶毒,但是不得不说还挺有创意。Envy: When you’re jealous of someone else’s Google results嫉妒:见不得别人“晒幸福”Social media can lead to envy. It can lead, possibly, to depression. In a 2013 study, University of Michigan researchers Ethan Kross and Philippe Verduyn texted people while they were using Facebook, and found that as time on Facebook increased, a person’s mood and overall satisfaction with their lives declined. In other words, Facebook can make you jealous. It can make you feel more alone than connected. Kross and Verduyn didn’t look at other social media networks, but it’s fair to say that looking through lists of other people’s accolades, impressive resumes, and social media clout can just as easily turn you green around the ears.社交媒体可能导致嫉妒,甚至有可能导致抑郁。在2013年的一份研究中,密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的研究员伊森o克劳斯和菲利普o凡尔顿发现,随着人们花在Facebook上的时间越来越长,他的情绪和对生活的总体满意度就会下降。换句话说,Facebook可以让你产生嫉妒心,让你觉得自己变得更孤独,而不是更合群。克劳斯和凡尔顿没有调查其它社交媒体网络,但是我们可以想象,当你打开一个人的社交网络页面,看着其他人留下的一串串赞美和祝福,再看看他光鲜的履历,估计很容易就会让一个不如意的人黯然神伤。Pride: When you expect other people to have Googled you傲慢:希望别人在谷歌上搜索自己Sure, we live in a world where Googling someone has become more than common courtesy—it’s practically basic hygiene. Business meetings, dinner dates, job interviews: Google, Google, Google them. But when you sit down with someone and find out that theyhaven’t Googled you, and they have no idea who you are, what you’ve done? Painful. But it shouldn’t be.当然,当今社会,在谷歌上搜索某个人的背景已经成了很正常的事,就跟饭前要洗手一样普通。无论是商务会议、请客吃饭、招聘求职,都要先把对方在谷歌上“人肉”几遍。但是如果你和某个人坐在一起,发现对方根本没有在谷歌上搜索过你,他们也不知道你是谁,你是什么感觉?估计会有些伤自尊,但是完全没必要。Fortune (and Fortune!) favors the bold. Mind your sins. Go forth and Google, sparingly.《财富》(和真正的财富)都喜欢大胆的人。小心这些“原罪”时不时出来作祟,但你完全可以继续使用谷歌,只是要注意节制。 /201407/309509金华市田氏医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱金华丽都整形做隆胸手术多少钱



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