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A shoplifter was caught red-handed trying to steal a watch from a jewelry store. ;Listen,; said the shoplifter, ;I know you don#39;t want any trouble either. What do you say I just buy the watch, and we forget about this?;一个小偷在一家珠宝店企图偷走一只手表的时候被当场擒获。“听着,”小偷说,“我知道你们也不想惹麻烦。我把这只表买下,然后我们就当什么也没发生,你看怎样?”The manager agreed and wrote up the sales slip. The crook looked at the slip and said, ;This is a little more than I intended to spend. Can you show me something less expensive?;经理表示同意,然后列了一张售货单。小偷看着单子说道:“这比我最初的预算稍稍高了一点。你们还有没有便宜一点儿东西。; /201303/229694。

  • A WOMAN who took part in a matchmaking event where she was told she would be meeting wealthy men looking for a wife described her experience as ;horrible.;一名参加相亲活动的女子描述她的经历是“可怕的”,在那她被告知她将见一位寻觅妻子的富有男人。Tang Miaomiao told the Beijing News she believed many of the men were just looking for sex.唐苗苗告诉《新京报》她相信很多男人只是在寻找性。She met the CEO of a Beijing company, the newspaper reported yesterday, and at first, everything seemed to be going well with a pleasant chat over dinner at a nice restaurant. But things soon changed when he took out an expensive Cartier watch and offered it to her as a gift.她遇到了北京一家公司的CEO,报纸昨日报道,起初,在一家高档餐馆边吃边聊得很愉快,好像一切都很顺利。但当他拿出一块昂贵的卡地亚手表给她作为礼物时,事情很快变味了。;The man said he was married, and started touching my hands. He said he could give me a Beetle car if I was willing to ‘accompany#39; him,; Tang said.“那个男人说他已经结婚了,并开始摸我的手。他说如果我愿意陪他他能给我一辆甲壳虫车,”唐说。The suggestion that she should be his sexual partner in return for expensive gifts so appalled her that she grabbed a cup and smashed it on the floor. The CEO made a quick exit.她做他的性伙伴以换取昂贵礼物的提议吓坏了她,以至于她抓起一个杯子摔在地上。那名CEO快速离开了。Tang told the newspaper that she had never taken part in a similar event since. ;It is so disgusting because they just want to sleep with you,; she said.唐告诉该报说自此她从未参加过类似事件。“这真令人厌恶,因为他们只是想和你睡觉,”她说。The matchmaking industry in China is ;chaotic,; a former agency worker told the paper.中国的相亲行业一片“混沌”,一位机构的前工作人员告诉记者。She said a major part of her job was to find girlfriends for wealthy men who had an increasingly bizarre list of requirements. ;They were required to be virgins and their height and breast, waist and hip sizes were strictly set,; said the woman who had worked in the industry for four years.她说她工作的主要一部分是为有越来越多怪异要求的富人找到女朋友。“她们被要求必须是处女,她们的身高和胸、腰、臀部尺寸都是严格设定的,”这个女人说她已经在这一行工作四年。She said VIPs were charged up to 500,000 yuan (US,480) a year in membership fees.她说VIP会员要收高达50万元(81480美元)一年的会员费。She said much of her time was spend in seeking out beautiful girls on the street or online and choosing those most suitable for the matchmaking events.她说她的大部分时间都用来在街上或网上寻找漂亮的女孩,给相亲活动选择那些最适合的。The China Entrepreneurs#39; Club for Singles recently held screening events that drew many hopeful women in Shanghai, Jinan, Nanning and Beijing. Sixty women who went through several rounds of interviews and checks were chosen from hundreds of applicants to meet 50 billionaires in the Maldives. The meetings were taking place at the weekend.中国企业家单身俱乐部最近举行了筛选事件,在上海、济南、北京、南宁吸引了无数充满希望的妇女。六十个女人经历了几轮面试和检查,从数以百计的申请人中选出,在马尔代夫与50名亿万富翁见面。会面发生在周末。Women had to meet certain requirements which included age, height, looks, and, as some of the billionaires requested, they had to be virgins.女人必须满足特定的要求,包括年龄、身高、外貌,正如一些亿万富翁们要求她们必须是处女。Interviews and checks included a session with a cosmetic surgeon to determine whether they were ;natural; beauties. Tarot cards played a part in the selection process and traditional Chinese medicine experts determined the state of their health. They also had to talk to a psychologist.面试和检查包括与美容外科医生的会话来确定他们是否是“天然”美女。在筛选过程中塔罗牌也发挥了作用,传统的中医专家确定她们的健康状态。他们还不得不跟一个心理学家交流。In some cases, their parents were also interviewed, and a face er was hired to ensure their features signified good luck for future husbands.在某些情况下,她们的父母也接受了面试,雇来一名识脸专家确保她们的特征能为未来的丈夫带来好运。Wu Changzhen, a professor of the China University of Political Science and Law, says such events were the reflection of a twisted concept of marriage, one that was money-oriented.中国政法大学教授巫昌帧说这样的活动是一个扭曲的婚姻观的反应,一个是拜金主义的。 /201307/249918。
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