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Obama expectations Determined to tackle the recession, Barack Obama may delay some campaign pledges. CNN's Jim Acosta reports."This recession could linger for years."Now the change is in him. Just days from inauguration, Barack Obama is striking a different tone, this orient campaign rhetoric, "America, this is our moment. This is our time." has given way to grim reality. With the country mired in an ugly recession, the president-elect is calling for national sacrifice, warning there could actually be more job losses this year than last. The economy is also forcing Mr. Obama's team to reconsider some campaign pledges."I don't believe in running up debt for the next generation."Such as reining in deficit spending and scrapping the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans before they expire in late 2010."We have tried the George Bush's way, and it hasn’t worked."Some of the new verein is aimed at attracting Republican support with the incoming president's economic recovery plan. But that could set up an early battle in the now heavily Democratic Congress."I want a repeal of the tax cuts for the highest income people in America.""There would be a tax increase for those richer Ameri..."" This isn’t a tax increased, this focus of the tax cuts should be on America's middle class, the backbone of our democracy. We've gotten really the moil shaft in the past eight years."Mr. Obama is asking for sacrifice from Congress as well. Some political observers say the economic crisis raises the stakes."This strengthens of Barack Obama's hand with the Congress and with the public. It's so urgent. That is going to be very, very hard I think for people who don't like partial of this package devote against it.”Mr. Obama is now in the business of managing expectations, warning Americans the country not only needs hope, but hard work. He calls the task ahead, a heavy lift.Jim Acosta, CNN, Washington.01/61540。

  • Two senior U.S. advisers have wrapped up talks in Beijing with top officials that included a rare meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao. While both sides stressed the importance of expanding cooperation and promoting healthy U.S.-China relations, analysts note that a wide range of challenges will continue to test ties - with the value of the Chinese currency and trade relations chief among them.奥巴马总统的两位高级顾问刚刚结束了对中国的访问,他们在北京期间跟中国高级官员举行了会谈,而且会见了中国国家主席胡锦涛。尽管双方都强调了扩大合作和促进美中关系健康发展的重要性,分析人士指出,两国面临的一系列挑战依然存在,尤其是中国人民币币值和双边贸易失衡等问题将继续考验美中关系。Chinese President Hu Jintao rarely meets with lower ranking visitors. Some analysts believe it is significant that Jintao sat down Wednesday with President Barack Obama's economic adviser Larry Summers and national security adviser Thomas Donilon.胡锦涛主席不寻常地会见了这两位相对来说级别较低的来访者。一些分析人士认为,胡锦涛主席星期三能够跟奥巴马总统的经济顾问萨默斯和国家安全顾问多尼隆坐下来交谈,这本身就意义重大。China Center Director Kenneth Liberthal is with Washington, D.C.'s Brookings Institution - a government policy research group. He said, "That suggests that the discussion that had occurred during the previous several days in Beijing had gone very well.华盛顿智囊团布鲁金斯学会中国研究中心主任李侃如 (Kenneth Lieberthal)说:“这说明过去几天来他们在北京展开的讨论进展良好。”"So that President Hu is now prepared to associate himself with a line of argument that says this is an extremely important relationship we should not overstress our differences, we should be able to work out things, tensions should be reduced and so forth," said Liberthal.他说:“所以胡锦涛主席现在要显示的立场是:美中关系极为重要,我们不应过份强调我们的分歧,我们应当能够解决问题,减轻紧张气氛。”The White House said the talks touched on a wide range of topics, including North Korea, and Iran, as well as economic and security issues.白宫说,双方在会谈中讨论了一系列问题,其中包括北韩和伊朗以及经济和安全问题。The meeting comes after months of discord and as the two countries continue to grapple with trade disputes. The lagging global economy also is translating into political pressure.在这次会谈之前的几个月,美中两国一直争吵不休,特别是在贸易方面相互掣肘。拖沓的全球经济也给两国领导人增添了不少政治压力。201009/113409。
  • 耶路撒冷市政府的官员说,以色列总理内塔尼亚胡已经悄然冻结了在有争议的东耶路撒冷进行的新的建设项目。自从以色列宣布在东耶路撒冷扩建犹太人社区的计划激怒了美国之后,在七个星期内一直没有新的建设项目获得批准。以色列的声明破坏了一项有关以巴之间展开新和平谈判的协议,并引发了美以关系的深重危机。Israel Said to Be Curbing East Jerusalem ConstructionIsrael could be making a concession aimed at breaking the deadlock in the Middle East peace process.Officials in the Jerusalem Municipality say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has quietly frozen new Israeli construction in the disputed eastern half of the city. No new building projects have been approved in seven weeks, since Israel angered the ed States by announcing plans to expand a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The announcement scuttled an agreement for new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and sparked a deep crisis in U.S.-Israel relations.The ed States backs the Palestinian demand that East Jerusalem should be the capital of a future Palestinian state. But Israel sees East Jerusalem as part of its capital and Mr. Netanyahu has said Israel will not stop building there. Publicly, Mr. Netanyahu must appease his coalition partners who oppose any curbs on construction in Jerusalem. But privately, he is trying to mend fences with Washington and pull the Palestinians back to the negotiating table. Israeli analyst Ra'anan Gissin says the prime minister has no choice, but to make concessions through quiet diplomacy. "Benjamin Netanyahu faces a very tough moment," said Gissin. "I mean he is learning the hard way what many other prime ministers in about 30 years have understood, that you first have to negotiate and strike a deal with the ed States before you can even start any contacts with the Palestinian or with the Arab side."The Palestinian response appears positive. In an interview on Israeli television, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he is y to start indirect peace talks.Mr. Abbas said he will meet with Arab League representatives this Saturday to seek approval for resuming negotiations, and he said he hopes to get a green light. So there is cautious optimism on both sides that peace talks will resume next month after a 16-month stalemate.201004/102613。
  • Lexington来克星敦 Mars in the descendant下降星座——战神火星America is tired of war. That would suit Barack Obama, if not for the one he entered in Libya美国已经厌倦战争。这对奥巴马来说正合适,只要他们不讨厌利比亚战争就行Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition“I VENTURE to say that no war can be long carried on against the will of the people.” Edmund Burke should be alive today. None of America’s several wars is popular. According to a Pew Research poll this week, a majority of Americans (56%) now believe that their troops should come home from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Only 39% favour waiting for the situation there to stabilise, even though most still think that the original decision to go to war was right. In the case of Libya there was never any equivalent enthusiasm to intervene in the fighting between Muammar Qaddafi and the rebels. And most Americans are delighted that the present plan is to quit Iraq by the end of this year.“我敢说任何违背人民意愿的战争都打不长。”埃德蒙·伯克曾如是说。他真应该活着看看今天的情况。美国参与的战争没有一个是受欢迎的。皮尤研究中心本周的民意测验显示,虽然大多数美国人仍然认为当初进攻阿富汗的决定是正确的,但是大部分人(56%)现在都认为美军应尽快撤出阿富汗,只有39%的民众愿意等待局势稳定。而对于利比亚,民众从一开始就没什么热情干预卡扎菲和反对派之间的战争。大部分人都很高兴听到目前计划年底撤出伊拉克。America has reason to be war-weary. Since September 2001 it has spent some .3 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which some 6,000 service personnel have died. Even conservative Republicans, the group keenest on “staying the course”, have started to tell pollsters that America should pay less attention to problems overseas and more to the growing ones at home. In their New Hampshire debate several Republican presidential candidates joined the cry to bring the boys home—“as soon as we possibly can,” said Mitt Romney, the putative front-runner.美国患上战争疲倦症不是没有道理。自从2001年9月起,美国已为伊拉克和阿富汗战争花费1.3万亿美元,牺牲约6千名士兵。即使是最热衷于“按既定道路走下去”的保守共和党人都开始告诉民意调查员,美国应少管些国外的麻烦,多关注与日俱增的国内问题。在新罕布什尔州的辩论中,几个共和党总统竞选人齐声呼吁要让男孩们回家,而且用米特·罗姆尼的话说,“越快越好”。罗姆尼是普遍认为最有希望的竞选人。201106/142674。
  • Investors brace for Citi report Analysts expect a major restructuring of the banking giant will be announced with the fourth-quarter earnings Friday. Well there may just be one more trading day left this week, but it's a big one coming up. Banking behemoth Citigroup is announcing its fourth-quarter earnings. The outlook is grim. Analysts are expecting Citi to post its fifth straight quarterly loss, the expectation by analyst survey by Thompson Reuters is for Citi to post a loss of nearly 4.5 billion dollars or .31cent a share. That would be a smaller loss than a year ago, but still quite sizable. Now, Citi moved its earnings announcement up to Friday morning from its scheduled release. Next week, some analysts are expecting Citi to announce a major restructuring, along with those earnings now. It is expected that reserves for loan loss provisions coupled with write-downs and minimal business activity in Citi's i-banking unit will really weigh on its numbers, but here is the upside. The result should be helped just a bit by a four-billion-dollar gain from the sale of its German retail banking business. Now, you can bet people are also gonna be looking for any indication from CEO Vikram Pandit as to whether or not he has plans to break up the firm. Also coming up on Friday, uh, two key reports. One is, uh, look at consumer inflation, that will be the CPI report for December and then a look at consumer confidence so far this month. That's all coming up on Friday. We have all the numbers for you and all the info right here.02/61757。
  • Chicago’s budget 芝加哥财政预算Reality bites 陷入水深火热之中How to slash a deficit without raising taxes如何大幅削减赤字,又不提高税收Promises to keep 恪守承诺AT ABOUT 8.30am on Saturday October 15th, close to the city’s former meatpacking district, one of Chicago’s ancient water mains burst. As the road buckled and water gushed down alleyways, it was a timely reminder that the modern city is built on crumbling, century-old infrastructure. Fixing the problem is not easy, as the city is awash in debt as well as water.10月15日周六上午8:30左右,位于芝加哥前肉类加工厂附近一个老化的自来水总管道破裂,“水漫金山”。这适时地提醒了人们,这座现代化城市下已建成百年之久的基础设施如今正日渐破损。要解决这一问题并不容易,因为眼下芝加哥被债务淹没,就像被泡在这次大水中一样。Only three days earlier the city’s energetic new mayor, Rahm Emanuel, had presented his first budget. The city had looked set to produce a 0m deficit on its operating budget of billion. Worse still, for a decade Chicago has had significant and growing shortfalls which have only been plugged using creative, but one-off, fixes dreamed up by the previous mayor. These include, for example, leasing all its metered street parking for 75 years—something that still annoys the locals.就在3天前,精力充沛的芝加哥新任市长拉姆?伊曼纽尔递交了他的首轮财政预算计划。在这份30亿美元的经营预算中,似乎肯定会产生6.4亿美元的赤字。更糟糕的是,10年来芝加哥财政赤字巨大,并且一直不断增长,上任市长曾想出一些颇具创意却治标不治本的政策填补过这一空缺,将设有收费表的路边泊车位出租长达75年之久就是一例,此补救措施直到现在都令当地居民甚为恼火。Mr Emanuel had promised a lot. He said he would balance the budget and invest in the city’s infrastructure, all without raising property taxes or using one-off revenues. On paper he has, indeed, balanced the budget. About 0m has come through a mixture of cuts, reorganisation and efficiency gains. The rest has been found by raising new revenue, whether through new or increased fees, fines, charges or (whisper it) taxes. For example, the budget proposes a new -a-day “congestion premium” for drivers who park in downtown garages. And visitors to next year’s NATO and G8 summits will each be adding .78 a night to city coffers, thanks to a new hotel tax.伊曼纽尔作了很多承诺。他表示会平衡预算,投资城市基础设施建设,但他不会提高财产税,也不会征收一次性税收。的确,理论上他平衡了预算。通过削减开、重组体制和提高效率,他可以节省4.2亿美元。而通过设立新的罚款、各种费用、( 嘘!)还有税收,或是在原有基础上对这些进行提高,所获得的收益可以填补剩余部分。举例来说,预算计划上提议要向将车停在市中心车库的司机新征收每日2美元的“拥堵附加费”;多亏了新设立的酒店税,明年参观北大西洋公约组织和8国峰会的每位游客每日要多付1.78美元,所得款项将充入城市财政。Some of Mr Emanuel’s plans are politically bold. Chicago is to become the first large city in America to merge police and fire services in a co-ordinated “public safety” headquarters, and some unneeded facilities are to be trimmed. Savings of m are sought, and the plans may rationalise how the city tackles terrorism, bomb threats and arson.伊曼纽尔的某些预算计划在政治上相当大胆。芝加哥将成为全美将警察与消防务融合为一个联合“公安”总部的第一个大城市。某些多余的机构也面临解散。如此可节省8200万美元。此外,预算计划还会对如何应对恐怖主义、炸弹威胁以及纵火问题作出合理的说明。The budget still has to be approved by the city council, but the scale of Chicago’s debt gives little room for manoeuvre. Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, an independent watchdog, explains that the city can no longer kick the can down the road as the can is now a “55-gallon drum”. He says the new budget is a positive development, though the mayor has not yet tackled a looming pensions crisis. The three main ratings agencies have also reacted favourably.该预算计划还须得到市议会的同意,但即使通过,在芝加哥负债累累的情况下,其能够施展的空间也是微乎其微。公民联合会(一家独立的监察机构)主席劳伦斯?米赛尔解释说,星星之火业已燎原,芝加哥再不能对这个问题视而不见了。他表示,纵使市长尚未着手处理正在逼近的养老金危机,但新一轮的预算计划仍是件好事。三大主要评级机构对此也作出了积极的反应。Although the agony has been sp thin, the most painful new proposal is a large hike in water rates. The need, however, could not be plainer. Despite the city’s towering skyscrapers and ultra-modern Millennium Park, underground the story is grimmer. Chicago has 900 miles of ancient water pipes that need replacing and 750 miles of sewers that need improving. And four of its water-pumping stations still run on steam power.预算缩减总量虽高 ,但分摊下来并不会令人太过苦恼,不过棘手的是关于大幅提高水费的新提案。然而,其必要性已再清楚不过/ 箭在弦上,不得不发。尽管芝加哥天大楼鳞次栉比,又有着超现代的千禧公园,可地下设施却惨不忍睹。该城需要更新的老化水管长达900英里,还有750英里的下水管道需要升级,另外还有4个泵水站仍在使用蒸汽动力。201111/160103。
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