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The Feature of Woodcut New Year Picture木刻年画的特点Woodcut New Year picture is for the occasion of Chinese Spring Festival. It features beautiful art design with bright, delightful colors. It fits the mood of the people longing for a happy life,a fresh start at the beginning of a year and a new cycle of perpetual life. Popular themes of New Year picture include house safeguard;family blessing;crop harvest;longevity;safety and prosperity.木版年画是用于中国春节之际。它具有优美的艺术设计和明亮的、令人愉快的颜色。它适合人们向往幸福生活,在年初重新开始和永恒生命的一个新周期的开始的心情。新年热门图片主题包括房屋安全,家庭的祝福;农作物收成;延年益寿,安全和繁荣。 /201608/461634。

Yang Liuqing New Year Pictures杨柳青年画One of China#39;s three famous folk New Year picture styles,Yang Liuqing New Year Pictures originated in Yang Liuqing Town,in the western suburbs of Tianjin City, in the early 17th century. Adopting the method of integrating block printing and hand-colored decoration,they are characterized by varied themes such as brightness, vivacity, happiness, auspiciousness and fascination. The pictures by the young people in Yang Liuqing have enjoyed a high reputation in China.在17世纪初,中国三大著名民间年画的风格之一的杨柳青年画起源于天津市西郊的杨柳青镇。采用集成雕版印刷和手工着色装饰的方法,它们的特点是有不同的主题,如明亮,活泼,快乐,吉祥和有魅力。做这些年画的杨柳青的年轻人在中国都享有很高的声誉。 /201608/461637。

We all know that men are attracted to attractive women. But we might have been wrong about what exactly they#39;re responding to. It#39;s not all long legs, shiny hair—according to a study out of Monmouth University, personality can make a big difference in whether someone finds you aesthetically pleasing.我们都知道男人会被有魅力的女性吸引,但我们可能弄错了究竟是什么吸引了他们。蒙莫斯大学进行的研究表明,并非只是大长腿和迷人的秀发,性格也会在很大程度上影响别人对你的魅力评估。Groups of men and women who were asked to judge strangers#39; yearbook photos were more likely to rate subjects as physically attractive, a potential friend, and a potential date when the images were paired with positive personality traits.几组男女被要求评价陌生人的年鉴照片,照片上附上积极的个人品质时他们能更容易地区分出哪些长得好看、哪些可以做朋友、哪些可以成为约会对象。In other words, personality plays a big role not only in interpersonal chemistry but in actually altering how attractive someone thinks you are.换句话说,性格不仅在人际关系中起到重要作用,而且能真正改变你的魅力值。Here, study author Dr. Gary Lewandowski expounds on dating, attraction, and what this all means in thegreat Age of Tinder.下面研究报告作者加里·莱万多夫斯基士就相亲app时代的约会、魅力和它们的重要性谈了一些看法。Dr. Lewandowski said, ;Especially for women, I#39;d suggest that they emphasize traits that are not suggestive of physical features in any way. Since men tend to focus more on physical features, anything women can do to broaden men#39;s impression formation to other areas would be smart. Also, whereas physical features tend to naturally diminish and become less attractive over time, personality does not, so it is in everyone#39;s best interest to avoid having a potential partner#39;s interest based primarily on appearance.;莱万多夫斯基士说:“尤其对女性而言,我建议她们强调那些与外表无关的品质。由于男人的注意力会更多地放在外表上,那么如果女性能扩展一下男人对她们的印象范围就是很明智的选择。而且容颜会老去,随着时间的流逝渐渐失去魅力,但性格不会,所以对于大家来说,尽力避免把对未来伴侣的兴趣主要放在外表上,都是有好处的。”FYI: These were some of the most valued personality traits in potential marriage partners from a 1997 poll conducted in The Journal of Personality.仅供参考(FYI 是For Your Information的缩写):以下是1997年发表在《The Journal of Personality》杂志上的一份民意测验中提到的一些未来的爱人最看重的性格特点。;When forming an initial impression of looks, it is 100 percent physical. But my study suggests that your assessment of physical attractiveness does change over time and that getting to know someone will move the needle, in good and bad ways.;“别人给我们留下的最初印象百分之百源于外表,但我的研究表明,你对别人外在魅力的评价会随着时间发生变化,对别人的了解会使你心里的指针偏向好的一面或坏的一面。”;THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS ARE BETWEEN ROMANTIC PARTNERS WHO ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST BEST FRIENDS.;“最好的情侣首先应该是最好的朋友。”Personality and your ability to relate to the other person is much more important for long-term relationship quality and stability. Really what we should do is weigh personality much more strongly and appearance much less. The best relationships are between romantic partners who are first and foremost best friends.性格以及你处理人际关系的能力对于长期关系的质量和稳定性来说更为重要,你真的应该多注重性格少注重外表。最好的情侣首先应该是最好的朋友。 /201607/455263。

1. The Pre-Emptive Customer1、先发制人的顾客In Japan, the store clerk often asks the customer if they would like a bag to carry their goods. However some customers, particularly elderly women, immediately throw out a hasty “iranai“, or “not necessary”, before the clerk even has a chance to ask the question.在日本,店员经常会问顾客,他们是否想要一个袋子来装他们购买的产品。然而,一些顾客,特别是大妈,在店员问出这个问题之前就立刻不耐烦地说出“iranai(不要)”或者“不需要”。2. The Arguing Duo2、争吵二人组This is one we’ve probably all been guilty off at least once — a friend or relative offers to pay for the shopping and a polite refusal turns into an argument over who will pay. In the meantime, the store clerk and all the customers waiting in line are silently screaming for the Arguing Duo to hurry up.这一条,我们可能都至少犯过一次。一个朋友或亲戚要为购物买单,一次礼貌的拒绝变成了争吵谁来买单。同时,店员和所有排队的顾客都默默地在心里喊着,让这对争吵二人组快一点。3. The Small-Changer3、用零钱付账的人There are times when store clerks appreciate small change and there are times when we really want to lighten our pockets too. The Small-Changer, however, shows no regard for details like counting out money, instead dumping all their coins on the tray for the cashier to pick through.有时候店员们喜欢零钱,当然,有时候我们也真想减轻口袋。然而,用零钱付账的人无视数钱这样的细节,而是把所有的硬币丢到托盘上让收银员自己挑选。4. The Finger-Licker4、舔手指的人A technique favoured by older Japanese women in particular, this customer uses saliva to give their finger some traction when picking out a note from their wallet. The obvious problem with this is that the poor store clerk has to touch the note, trying desperately to avoid the wet spot.特别是年纪大的日本妇女喜欢的一种手法,就是顾客把唾液蘸在手指上从钱包中拿出一张纸币。这种做法显而易见的问题就是,可怜的店员必须触摸这张纸币,拼命地避开湿漉漉的地方。5. The Mute5、沉默的人While most of us know to answer a simple question when asked, The Mute prefers to say nothing. Questions like, “Will you be paying with credit card?” and “Would you like a bag?” are met with silence.我们大多数人都知道,当问一个沉默的人一个简单问题的时候,他喜欢什么都不说。像“您想用信用卡付账吗?”以及“您想要一个袋子吗?”这类问题,通常会遇到顾客沉默不语。 /201606/448584。

Zhu Kezhen (1890~1974) was born in Shangyu of Zhejiang Province.竺可桢(1890~1974),生于浙江省上虞县。In 1909, he was admitted to Tangshan Road Construction and Mining College. The next year he went for advanced study in the US at the state expenditure.1909年考人了唐山路矿学堂,第二年被公派到美国深造。Thinking that China was an agricultural country, he first majored in agriculture.竺可桢认为“中国以农业立国”所以改习农业。In 1913, he was transferred to Harvard University, majoring in meteorology.1913年转人美国哈佛大学攻读气象学。After he got the Doctor#39;s Dearee of Meteorology, he returned to China.获得气象学士学位后,竺可桢回国。After his return, Zhu became professor first in Wuchang Higher Normal School and then in Nanjing Higher Normal School. In 1921 when Nanjing University set up the Department of Geography, he became its Dean.回国后,竺可桢先是在武昌高等师范学校任教,然后到南京高等师范学校创立了中国有史以来第一个地学系,并由他亲自管理教授。In 1927 when the Central Academy was established, he took the post of Director of the Meteorology Research Institute.1927年中央研究院成立时,竺可桢出任气象研究所所长。In 1936 he became President of Zhejiang University. 1936年,竺可桢出任浙江大学校长。In 1949, Zhu Kezhen became Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Thereafter, he also served variously as vice chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, President of the Chinese Geographical Society, President of the Chinese Meteorological Society, Director of the Department of Bioscience and Geoscience, Chairman of the Integrated Investigation Committee of Natural Resources, Chairman of the Translation and Publication Committee, Chairman of the Committee for the History of Natural Science, etc.1949年,竺可帧任中国科学院副院长,同时兼任全国科学技术协会副主席、中国地理学会理事长、中国气象学会名誉理事长、中国科学院生物学地学部主任、自然资源综合考察委员会主任、编译出版委员会主任、自然科学史委员会主任等。He was also member of the Standing Committee of the First National People#39;s Congress.竺可桢还是全国人民代表大会常务委员会委员。He pursued science and democracy his entire life, making ground-breaking contributions in the fields of typhoon and monsoon meteorological research, climatology, phenology, natural divisions study, natural resources integrated investigation, and the history of science.竺可桢终生追求科学与民主,在台风和季风气象研究、气候学、生物气候学、天然区划研究、自然资源综合考察、科学史等方面做出了开拓性的贡献。His major works include An Outline 0f Meteorology in China, Phenology and The Inter-relationship between Meteorology and Agriculture as well as Selected Works of Zhu Kezhen.竺可桢的主要著述包括:《中国气象概论》、《物候学》、《气象与农业相互关系》和《竺可桢文集》。 /201603/434532。