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广州输卵管检查去哪好广州白云人流哪个医院比较好广州番禺市妇科科医院 Below me is the province of British Columbia,我正在不列颠哥伦比亚省上空which is twice the size of California.这里的面积相当于加利福尼亚的两倍It is so isolated that there are more bears here than there are people.这里与世隔绝 当地熊的数量远大于人口数Survival is all about physical and mental strength.生存需要强健的体魄与心理素质With basic skills and the right attitude,you can survive in the wilderness.只要有基本的技巧和良好的心态 你在野外就能存活下来My first recruit is 39-year-old Joe Resto, from New York.第一位新成员是 来自纽约的乔·莱斯特 今年39岁 I always wanted to climb to the top of a mountain.我一直很想征一座高山I will probably be the only Puerto Rican in history to climb a mountain.我可能会成为波多黎各 登山史上的第一人But its comforting to know that Ill have Bear得知贝尔将会在我身边not too far from me to take care of things if things get out of hand.在危急关头伸出援手 我感到很欣慰And joining Joe is 29-year-old Sean Lacoste, from the midwest.和乔一起的是 来自中西部的肖恩·拉科斯特 今年29岁This is something that I signed up for,and I want it to be a challenge.我报名参加这个节目 是想挑战自我I want to be able to face my fears and my weaknesses and overcome those.我希望能够直面并征 我的恐惧感和弱点Sean and Joe wont be disappointed.一切将如他们所愿But the wilderness is both dangerous and unpredictable.但是荒野既危机四伏又变幻莫测Okay, are you set for this?你们准备好了吗Get y for the most wild cab ride youre ever gonna take.Keep low.准备踏上最狂野的荒野之旅 蹲下点儿This heli is taking us high into the Purcell mountain range,over 100 miles from the nearest city.直升机将把我们 带到珀塞尔山脉之中 距离最近的城市也有100英里之远Welcome to the big mountains.欢迎来到雪山201705/509249Right now, youre probably sitting down to watch this 现在,你可能坐着看这个视频,and staying seated for a few minutes to view it is probably okay.花上几分钟坐着看完这个视频好像没什么问题。But the longer you stay put, the more agitated your body becomes.但是你坐得越久,你的身体就越焦躁不安。It sits there counting down the moments until you stand up again and take it for a walk.你的身体坐着数倒计时,直到你重新站起来带着你的身体走两步。That may sound ridiculous. Our bodies love to sit, right? Not really.这听起来可能很荒谬。我们的身体喜欢坐着,不是吗?不是的。Sure, sitting for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise.的确,短时间地坐一会能帮我们从紧张的情绪中中恢复过来,或在运动后恢复体力。But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we move around,但是如今,我们的生活方式使我们坐的时间远远大于我们活动的时间,and our bodies simply arent built for such a sedentary existence.然而我们的身体并不仅是为了久坐而构建的。In fact, just the opposite is true.事实恰好相反。The human body is built to move, and you can see evidence of that in the way its structured.人类的身体生来是为了运动。并且你能从人类的身体构造的方式中找到据。Inside us are over 360 joints, and about 700 skeletal muscles that enable easy, fluid motion.我们全身有超过360个关节,还有大约700块骨骼肌,这让我们能够轻松流畅地做各种动作。The bodys unique physical structure gives us the ability to stand up straight against the pull of gravity.人类身体独特的构造使我们能够对抗地心引力,笔直地立在天地之间。Our blood depends on us moving around to be able to circulate properly.我们的血液需要我们活动才能合理地循环。Our nerve cells benefit from movement, and our skin is elastic, meaning it molds to our motions.身体活动同时也会给神经细胞带来好处。而且我们的皮肤是有弹性的,它会随着我们的动作而变化。So if every inch of the body is y and waiting for you to move, what happens when you just dont?所以,我们身体的每一寸都准备好了并期待着你去多活动,但如果你偏偏不动,我们身体到底会发生什么事?Lets start with the backbone of the problem, literally.让我们先来看看脊椎部分。Your spine is a long structure made of bones and the cartilage discs that sit between them.你的脊椎是一个长形的结构,骨骼和软骨交错其中。Joints, muscles and ligaments that are attached to the bones hold it all together.附着在骨骼上的关节,肌肉和韧带把它们紧紧地连结在一起。A common way of sitting is with a curved back and slumped shoulders,最常见的坐姿是弯着的背和下榻的肩膀,a position that puts uneven pressure on your spine.这个姿势往往给你的脊椎施加了不平均的压力。Over time, this causes wear and tear in your spinal discs, overworks certain ligaments and joints,日积月累,它会磨损你的腰间盘,使一些关节和肌肉过度劳损,and puts strain on muscles that stretch to accommodate your backs curved position.肌肉也紧绷着去迎合弯曲的背部。This hunched shape also shrinks your chest cavity while you sit,驼背坐着同时也缩小了你胸腔的空间,meaning your lungs have less space to expand into when you breath.这意味着,呼吸时肺部舒张没有足够的空间。Thats a problem because it temporarily limits the amount of oxygen that fills your lungs and filters into your blood.这样就形成了一个问题,因为它暂时性地限制了填充肺部和滤进血液里的氧气容量。Around the skeleton are the muscles, nerves, arteries and veins that form the bodys soft tissue layers.骨架的周围都是肌肉,神经,和动静脉,形成了人体的软组织层。The very act of sitting squashes, pressurizes and compresses, and these more delicate tissues really feel the brunt.这种坐姿,无时无刻不在向身体施加压力,而这些更为精细的组织真实地感受到了这种冲击。Have you ever experienced numbness and swelling in your limbs when you sit?当你久坐的时候,你有过四肢肿胀或者肢体麻木的感觉吗?In areas that are the most compressed, your nerves, arteries and veins can become blocked,这是因为在那些被挤压的最厉害的部位,你的神经,动脉和血管会慢慢堵塞,which limits nerve signaling, causing the numbness, and reduces blood flow in your limbs, causing them to swell.这阻断了神经信号的传导,引起麻木;并且这种堵塞减缓了你肢体中血液流动的速度,使你四肢肿胀。Sitting for long periods also temporarily deactivates lipoprotein lipase,同时,长时间的坐着会导致脂蛋白脂肪酶暂时性失效,a special enzyme in the walls of blood capillaries that breaks down fats in the blood,这是一种存在于毛细血管壁中降低血液中脂肪含量的一种特殊酵素。so when you sit, youre not burning fat nearly as well as when you move around.所以当你坐着的时候,你的体内几乎没有像你活动时那样分解脂肪。What effect does all of this stasis have on the brain?这种停滞和郁积对人的大脑又有什么影响呢?Most of the time, you probably sit down to use your brain,在很多时候,你大概都是坐着去思考问题,but ironically, lengthy periods of sitting actually run counter to this goal.但是讽刺的是,长时间的坐着却让你和你的初衷背道而驰。Being stationary reduces blood flow and the amount of oxygen entering your blood stream through your lungs.坐着不动使血液流动放缓,使通过肺部进入血液中的氧气减少。Your brain requires both of those things to remain alert,你的大脑需要所有这些东西去保持灵敏,so your concentration levels will most likely dip as your brain activity slows.随着你的大脑活动减慢,你的注意力集中程度有很大的可能性会降低。Unfortunately, the ill effects of being seated dont only exist in the short term.不幸的是,这种不良影响在短期内并不会发生。Recent studies have found that sitting for long periods is linked with some types of cancers and heart disease近期研究发现,长期坐着与某些癌症和心脏病存在特殊的联系,and can contribute to diabetes, kidney and liver problems.并且可能促成糖尿病,引起肾脏和肝脏的病变。In fact, researchers have worked out that, worldwide, inactivity causes about 9% of premature deaths a year.事实上,研究者已经发现,每年世界上过早死亡的案例中,不活动占据了9%的死因。Thats over 5 million people.总数超过5百万人。So what seems like such a harmless habit actually has the power to change our health.这个看起来并没有多大害处的习惯,实际上却有影响我们健康的能力。But luckily, the solutions to this mounting threat are simple and intuitive.幸好,解决这个威胁的方法非常简单。When you have no choice but to sit, try switching the slouch for a straighter spine,当你只能坐着的时候,试着去抬头挺胸,and when you dont have to be bound to your seat, aim to move around much more,当你不需要被绑在座椅上时就更不用说了,试着去到处走走活动活动。perhaps by setting a reminder to yourself to get up every half hour.或者你可以给自己设一个提示,每隔半个小时起来一下。But mostly, just appreciate that bodies are built for motion, not for stillness.更多的时候,我们要感激人类的身体是为运动而生,而不是寂静。In fact, since the s almost over, why not stand up and stretch right now?其实,这个视频也快到尾声了,为什么不趁现在起来走走?Treat your body to a walk. Itll thank you later.把走一走当作对你身体的小奖赏,它会在日后感谢你的。201706/515085佛山去哪家医院治不孕

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广州白云药流药多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463946 Two separate bombings in Baghdad have left over 125 people dead and more than a hundred injured. 巴格达发生两起单独爆炸袭击,造成超过125人死亡,一百多人受伤。The majority of those deaths were from a car bomb in the citys center Karrada district. According to the B, its the deadliest bombing in Iraq so far this year. 市中心卡拉达区的汽车炸弹造成了大部分的死亡。据英国广播公司,这是今年迄今为止伊拉克发生的最致命爆炸事件。The car bomb triggered a fire that sp to several nearby buildings damaging them badly. Some reports say it was a larger vehicle filled with explosives. 汽车炸弹引发一场大火,蔓延到附近的几座建筑并造成严重破坏。一些报道称是装有炸药的更大车辆。ISIS has reportedly taken responsibility for the car bombing. 据报道,ISIS已宣称对汽车爆炸事件负责。In the other bombing, a blast hit the al-Shaab district and reportedly killed at least five people. 另一起爆炸袭击了夏布区,报道称至少造成5人死亡。This comes not long after the Iraqi military claimed back the city of Fallujah, which was an ISIS stronghold. But the fight against ISIS in Iraq isnt over yet. 此前不久,伊拉克军方声称夺回ISIS的根据地费卢杰市。但在伊拉克对ISIS的打击还没结束。The bombings hit the city during the last few days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The Karrada district is a popular place for observant Muslims to gather before and after fasting. 在穆斯林斋月的最后几天里,爆炸袭击了这座城市。卡拉达地区是严守教规的穆斯林斋戒前后的聚集之地。This Ramadan, ISIS has claimed responsibility for several attacks especially in Muslim-majority countries. Attacks in Turkey and Bangladesh last week killed dozens.这个斋月,ISIS宣称对多起袭击事件负责,特别在穆斯林占多数的国家。上周土耳其和孟加拉国的袭击造成数十人死亡。译文属。201607/452587广州人民医院预约佛山不孕不育三甲医院



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