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Pilates: How To Get A Perky Butt教你练就性感美臀 Make your butt as perky as you want with this great VideoJug Pilates film. Allowing you to tone your backside to perfection, this is a great Pilates exercise.You will need1 exercise mat or thick towelsome comfortable clothing1 small towel or cushion - optionala clear wall spaceExercise One: Single Leg Kick练习一,单腿踢 Step 1: To prepare准备Start by lying face down on your mat or towel and resting your forehead on your hands. Keep your shoulders down and legs and feet together.If you feel any pressure on your lower back in this position, place a small towel or cushion under your hips for support.Before we break down the exercise, have a go at practising the simple mechanics.Remember back to when you were young and you'd lie on your belly to watch the TV or a book and at the same time, kick your legs up and down. This is basic the action of the exercise.Step 2: Breathing呼吸 This is how the breathing will be when you're lying down. Inhale deeply through the nose to prepare, aiming the breath towards the back of the rib cage and exhale twice, deeply through the mouth as you perform the movement.When you exhale, think of flattening the abdominal region. Imagine gently pulling your belly button towards your spine.Step 3: The exercise练习Inhale to prepare then half exhale and draw one foot in a straight line towards your backside, squeezing it and the back of your leg,half exhale to pulse the foot again, still squeezing, then inhale to return to the centre and prepare for the other side.So that's inhale, prepare, exhale squeeze, exhale squeeze, inhale down.Repeat this 8 times in total - alternating legs each time and paying particular attention to your pelvis - it shouldn't move at all during the exercise!You will feel your hamstrings and gluteus muscles working.Important tip - make sure you don't just 'kick' your legs up and down. The movement needs to be controlled and guided to be effective.Exercise Two: Leg Extensions腿屈伸Step 1: To prepare准备Stay lying down in the same position, but slightly rotate the legs and feet outwards. Check that your shoulders are still relaxed.Step 2: Breathing呼吸The same principles apply as before but this exercise will be performed in 2 breaths.Step 3: The exercise练习Inhale to prepare, then as you exhale lift and lengthen one leg off the floor. Inhale and slowly bring the leg back down y to alternate to the other sideRepeat this 8 times - 4 times on each leg, paying particular attention to, once again, keeping your pelvis stable.You will feel the same muscle zones working as in the previous exercise and also the hip rotators.Exercise Three: Side Leg Kicks右踹腿Step 1: To prepare准备Roll over onto one side, lining yourself up with the edge of the mat. Rest your head in your hand and use the front arm as a light support.Move both legs forward onto a diagonal, more or less aiming towards the bottom corner of your mat.Step 2: Breathing呼吸The breathing is similar to that in exercise one but here in reverse.You will inhale deeply twice to begin the movement and then exhale once to complete it.Step 3: The exercise练习On the first inhale, move your top leg forwards as if lightly kicking a football, inhale again and repeat the action then as you exhale, extend the leg backwards stretching from the hip and pointing the toe.Repeat this five times - picking up the pace as you go.Pay particular attention to your posture. Keep the pelvis as still as possible. It should just be the leg that moves.You will feel your quads, hamstrings and gluteus muscles working.When you finish, change sides and repeat the same sequence with the other leg.Exercise Four: Hamstring Press压肌腱Step 1: To prepare准备 Stand up and go the wall. Position yourself about 1ft away. Have your legs and feet together and gently rest your hands on the wall for support.Step 2: Breathing呼吸 Concentrate on the same principles while you breathe as before but here the breath in will initiate the movement.Step 3: The exercise练习As you inhale, pick up your right foot and bend the knee to a 90ordm; angle. Have your thigh pointing straight down to the floor and your foot flexed.Then on the exhale move your knee and lower leg away from your body, maintaining the same angle, inhale and return to the start.Repeat this same movement 6 times being careful to keep your back straight, butt down and abdominals in. You should feel your hamstring and gluteus muscles working.When you finish, repeat the same thing with the other leg.201108/147493The next morning, Geng returns with his son to collect his catch第二天清早老耿和他的儿子回来收获他们猎物At first sight, it looks disappointing乍看之下收获平平Tiny fishes, lots of shrimps, and some wriggling bugs小鱼.虾米.和扭个不停的虫子Geng doesnt seem too down hearted然而老耿看上去来并不那么消沉The larger fish are kept alive大鱼被保持存活the only way theyll stay fresh in the heat这是唯一在酷暑下保鲜的办法Surprisingly, some of the bugs are also singled out for special treatment令人吃惊的是 一些虫子也被专门挑捡出来They are the young stage of dragonflies它们是蜻蜓的幼虫predators that feed on worms and tadpoles以蠕虫和蝌蚪为食的掠食者Nowhere else in the world are dragonfly nymphs harvested like this这里是世界上蜻蜓卵收获最丰的地方Back home, Geng sps his catch on the roof to dry回到家后 老耿把他的获物在屋顶上摊开晒干Its being in China, nothing edible would be wasted在中国,但凡能吃的东西都不会被浪费There is a saying in the far south在遥远的南方有这样一种说法We will eat anything with legs, except a table长腿的唯桌子不吃and anything with wings, except a plane.长翅膀的独飞机不啃Within a few hours, the dried insects are y to be backed up and taken to market几个钟头后 这些晒干了的昆虫便会被带到市场上卖掉Its the dragonfly nymphs that fetch the best price其中蜻蜓蛹能卖到最好的价格Fortunately, Caohais dragonflies are abundant and fast breeding幸运的是 草海的蜻蜓资源非常丰富且高速再生so Geng and his fellow fishermen have so far had little impact on their numbers所以老耿和其他的渔民远不会危及它们的数量But not all wildlife is so resilient但绝非所有野生动物都这样生机勃勃 /201207/191531北京多天大雾笼罩背后的雾霾污染困境201301/220351

Rotating your veggies helps reduce insects and plant disease, and allows the soil to recharge and rebalance its minerals.蔬菜轮作可以减少昆虫和植物疾病,让土壤中的矿物质得到自动补充和平衡。You Will Need你需要A guide to vegetable families蔬菜科属指引Various vegetable seeds各种各样的蔬菜种子Steps步骤Step 1 Get a guide to vegetable plants from a home store or garden supply shop. It will list the different plant ;families; or groupings.1.从家具商店或园艺用品商店了解蔬菜作物指引,其中会列举出不同植物的科属。Step 2 From season to season, avoid growing vegetables from same family in the same garden.2.随着季节变化,不要在同一块菜园种植同一个科属的蔬菜。Step 3 For the best results, develop a three-year rotation plan, such as legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts the first year; onions, carrots, and tomatoes the second; and turnips and kale the third.3.为了获得最佳效果,制定以三年为期限的轮作计划,例如第一年种植蚕豆,四季豆和花生等豆类作物。第二年种植洋葱,胡萝卜和番茄。第三年种植萝卜和甘蓝。Step 4 Follow your three-year plan and plant seeds from a different family in each garden plot at the start of the growing season.4.根据制定的三年计划,当种植季节开始的时候,在花园的每一块区域种植不同科属的植物种子。Did you know? George Washington Carver, who developed hundreds of uses for peanuts, introduced the concept of crop rotation in the American South.你知道吗?发明了花生数百种用途的乔治·华盛顿·卡弗在美国南方提出了作物轮作的概念。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/232469

Modern gymnasts use many innovative moves in their routines. In fact, so many new moves have been created that the International Gymnastics Federation has to continue to raise the difficulty classification code. Lets take a look at how the worlds top gymnasts accomplish these astonishing twists. Gymnasts turn and twist in a free exercise event and maintain a steady posture on the balance beam. How this is followed by a perfect landing at the end of their routines?现代体操运动员会在他们的训练中加入许多独创元素。事实上,这么多的新动作被创造出来,国际体操联合会不得不继续提高难度等级。让我们来看一看世界顶尖的运动员如何完成这些惊人的奇思妙想。体操运动员将在平衡木上时而闪转腾挪,时而静若止水。他们最后是如何完美落地的?201111/160810

Capone is one of the richest men in the country.卡彭是美国最富有的人之一He should be paying 25% tax.他应当交纳25%的个人所得税Between 1925 and 1929,he pays nothing.1925年到1929年间,他的纳税额为零The defendant himself had no bank accounts,kept no book records of activities,bought no property in his own name.被告没有账户,也没有经营活动的收记录,名下没有任何不动产He conducted all his financial dealings with currency.他的所有活动都使用现金交易To secure a conviction, Wilson needs to prove,Capone has an income on which he is paying no tax.要给卡彭定罪,威尔逊必须明卡彭有未纳税收入He uncovers a ledger,confiscated from a business called Hawthorne Smoke Shop,thought to be a Capone front.他找到了一本账簿是从一间叫霍桑烟店的公司收缴来的,他认为这家店不过是卡彭的幌子Its a detailed record of a gambling business,but no taxes have been paid on the income from this business.账簿里记录的是生意的详细帐目,但这部分的生意收入并没有上税If Wilson can establish a direct link with Capone,若威尔逊能够明卡彭还经营生意he may be able to nail the nations most notorious criminal on tax evasion.他也许就能将美国头号犯罪头目以逃税罪名绳之于法Wilson studies the ledger but cant connect it to Capone.威尔逊仔细研究了账目,但无法找到其与卡彭的联系Then, a breakthrough.The handwriting.然后,找到了突破口,笔迹A careful comparison of the handwriting in the ledger with specimens from various employees of Capone organization established that the handwriting belonged to the managers and the cashier of the Hawthorne Smoke Shop.在将账簿中的笔迹与卡彭一干雇员笔迹样本仔细比较后,威尔逊明了账簿里的笔迹均来自霍桑烟店的经理和收银员The handwriting proves Capones connection to the business.Its the vital evidence.笔迹明了卡彭还经营生意,这项据十分关键On October 18, 1931,Al Capone is found guilty of tax evasion,and sentenced to 11 years in prison.1931年10月18日,阿尔·卡彭逃税罪名成立被判有期徒刑11年Frank Wilson found out that he was not paying his taxes.弗兰克·威尔逊查出了他逃税的据Its an odd thing,this man who had done all these other things,ordered the execution of lots of people,was responsible for the murder of people,and they get him on tax evasion.这有点出乎所有人意料,这个人恶贯满盈,被他一声令下杀死的人不在少数,他策划了这么多起谋杀案却因逃税罪名锒铛入狱Tax is no small matter.税收并非无足轻重Prohibition has been a disaster.禁酒令招致了灾难性的后果It has massively increased the stranglehold of organized crime.它使黑社会犯罪势力大大增强Its cost the government billions in lost tax revenue.让联邦政府损失了几十亿税收Gangsters like Capone have become rich at Americas expense,像卡彭一样的黑帮将自己的财富建立在整个美国的损失之上but now more than ever,the government needs cash.然而,政府此时却陷入了有史以来最大的财政危机The stock-market crash in 1929 has brought the economy to its knees.1929年的股市大崩盘拉垮了整个美国经济The government is broke.联邦政府破产A levy on alcohol is a solution.对酒类饮料征税是出路之一On December 5, 1933, Prohibition is abolished,killed by the need for cold, hard cash.1933年12月5日,禁酒令被废止,直接原因是政府空前的财政短缺Its an extraordinary U-turn.这种180度的政策大转弯极为罕见The only time in history an amendment to the Constitution is repealed.这也是美国历史上唯一一条被废除的宪法修正案The three decades of economic boom, fueled by oil, cars and the rapid growth of megacities are now over.历经三十年,由石油、汽车和大城市快速发展拉动的美国经济大繁荣就此终结The country has hard times ahead.这个国家将迎来一段艰难时期 /201301/218193

第21届国际木偶联会大会暨国际木偶节27日在成都非物质文化遗产览园开幕,来自全球五大洲65个国家和地区的代表和木偶艺术家汇聚于此。国际木偶联会成立于20世纪20年代,是世界上历史最悠久、影响力最广泛的艺术机构之一。国际木偶联会每4年在其会员国的一个城市举办一届联会大会和国际木偶节。Puppets and shadow puppets have a long history in China. But the ancient art of puppetry is another of China’s ancient traditions that’s under threat from the modern age. Now, the puppets are fighting back! More than 1,500 of them are showing at the 21st World Puppetry Festival in Southwest China’s Chengdu City.Entering the hall, you’re met by an imposing sight. It is copy of a Han dynasty puppet, dating back some two thousand years.Guide Luo Ting said, ;It’s nearly 2 meters tall, and made of 13 bits of wood. Each joint in its legs and arms can move. Some scholars believe it was the first ever string puppet.;In 1950s, tens of thousands of puppet and shadow play troupes would travel across China. But now, there are only 30 functioning groups.The puppets are under threat...Li Mingbin, Vice President of Chengdu Museum, said, ;As a museum, we consider it our obligation to save this endangered ancient art from being lost. ;This ancient art reached its height in the Song and Qing dynasties, when every region had its own style.Craftsmen would bring the delicate works to life, to dance to the music of the times.Those passing on their puppetry skills hope the thousands of puppets gathered in Chengdu might be able to lead an attack... and turn around the fortunes of China’s strange and wonderful ;wooden army;.201205/184739

They keep you warm in winter, protect your skin in summer, and are your go-to for bad hair days – but is your hat doing your face any favors?帽子可以在冬天保暖,夏季保护皮肤,发型糟糕的日子也可以向它求助。但是你的帽子有没有为你的脸型加分呢?You Will Need你需要Knowledge of your face shape了解自己的脸型Confidence自信Steps步骤Step 1 Try them on1.试戴Try on hats in a variety of colors and note which ones flatter your skin tone. Pale complexions look best in warm tones, such as pink. If you’re dark-skinned, avoid black hats. Make sure the hat fits your head and doesn’t fall over your ears or squeeze your forehead.试戴不同颜色的帽子,看一下哪种颜色更能衬托你的肤色。比较苍白的肤色更适合暖色调,例如粉红色。如果你的肤色较暗,不要戴黑色的帽子。确保帽子尺寸与头部相衬,不要遮到耳朵或额头。Step 2 Choose a hat based on face size2.根据脸的大小选择帽子Choose a hat proportionate to your face size. If you have a small face, avoid hats with large brims and crowns. If you have a large face, don’t wear face-hugging hats.选择适合脸部大小的帽子。如果你的脸比较小,避免有大帽圈的帽子。如果你的脸比较大,不要戴包住脸的帽子。Tuck your hair behind your ears or wear it in a low ponytail or bun before donning a hat.戴帽子的时候把头发扫到耳朵后面,或者梳成较低的马尾或发髻。Step 3 Get the right hat for your face shape3.适合自己的脸型Create length in a round face by choosing hats with high brims and sharp angles, such as a fedora or a bucket hat, and avoid rounded crowns. Long faces look best in hats with a low crown, such as a newsboy cap, or hats with large brims, such as sun hats or panama hats. Oval faces look good in just about any hat.如果脸比较圆,可以尝试帽圈比较高,有尖锐的角度的帽子,例如爵士帽或水桶帽,将面部拉长,避免圆形帽冠。长脸最好选择较低的帽冠,例如报童帽,或者有大帽圈的帽子,例如太阳帽或巴拿马帽。椭圆形脸戴任何帽子都好看。Step 4 Flatter your features4.彰显自己的特征Wear a hat that sits forward on your head and has a distinct brim if you have a large nose. A swept-up or angled-brim hat is the most flattering if you wear glasses. For every face shape, the hat’s crown should never be wider than your cheekbones. Play with angling so the hat looks its best on you.如果你的鼻子比较大,戴一顶将头部向前拉伸,帽圈比较别致的帽子。如果你戴眼镜的话,有角度的帽圈最能增加你的风度。对于任何脸型,帽冠都不要比颧骨宽。Position the hat so that it sits in the center of your head, covering half of your forehead. Most people wear their hats too far back.帽子一定要刚好戴在头部中央,覆盖额头的一半。大部分人都把帽子戴的太靠后了。Step 5 Wear it with confidence5.有自信Wear your hat with confidence. A hat definitely draws attention, so make sure you feel comfortable in it and let it show.自信满满地戴自己的帽子。帽子无疑会吸引注意力,所以一定要感觉舒适,尽情彰显自己的风采。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/234701

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