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2018年07月20日 12:19:11 | 作者:飞度管家快对话网 | 来源:新华社
Three out of four Americans do have cell phones. But new research from Britain has found that they could be well breeding grounds for germs and A's Heather Nauert right here with us back from the news desk this morning. I gotta tell you, I'm gonna be making calls, like this: hello, can you hear me now?Totally speaker phone.Ohh!This is a gross one. Of course we all expect certain places where we would find germs and bacteria, in kitchens and bathrooms, for instance. But now we learn that when you put your cell phone up to your ear, you may be getting a lot more than a ringtone.Hello mom. We've seen George Bush chat away, not to mention Paris Hilton and don't forget Maxwell Smart, the secret agent who used a shoe for a phone. It may sound like a dirty proposition, but actually his shoe phone could be cleaner than your cell phone. That's disgusting.What do you think is dirtier, the sole of your shoe, a doorknob, or a toilet seat, or your cell phone?Definitely, toilet seat.Actually he is wrong, your cell phone is filthier.So what's your reaction when I tell you that?Er, a little disturbing, I think I'm gonna be, er, doing a little more of this.New research out of the UK found mobile phones are technological Petri dish for tens of thousands of germs. Germs multiply in warm places. Between the heat the phones generate and the germs on your face and hands, you've got a breeding ground.You put it in a warm place, you hold it in your hand, you put it in your pocket like I have to do, it's nice and warm. Bacteria like that. They can grow under those conditions.Believe it or not, the filthiest phones can sp the ded staph bacteria which can cause everything from skin infections to meningitis. And where do these germs come from? Your hands and face.Usually right down here, coz the mouth comes here in this area too, and so you usually find more there.Microbiologist Chuck Gerba recently tested 25 mobile phones and found the staph bug growing on nearly half. So we brought some of our own phones in for testing, the results were shocking, especially the one from our soundman.Sony has the dirtiest phone I have ever tested. He has somewhere between 10 and 15 million bacteria on, on this phone. If there's ever a new life form that's gonna evolve on this planet, it's gonna be on your phone.If you're worried about germs roaming on your cell, Motorola has come up with a clever tactic. Some of their phones have an anti-microbial coating, which prevents bacteria from growing, in the meantime, keep your phone to yourself.You're not only sharing the phone, you're sharing germs at the same time. So, anything that becomes mobile you take with you or you share with other people is a way germs get move from one person to another.So everybody wants to know what on earth do you do to keep this clean, they just say take this anti-mi..er, this wipes, wipe it off , (Antimicrobial) that's the best you can do. As for this new Motorola phone that comes out, we can't verify that the technology actually works. But the company says it does.All right, so it doesn't it hurt your phone to do this?It doesn't hurt your phone, but if you spray it, of course, with a Windex or something,(Oh, yeah) you are gonna ruin your phone.It can get into the little holes. /You can get the little hopesOkay, thank you...I mean, you think about it, nobody really ever cleans their phones, so…No, no one would ever do it.No? We have one more thing to worry about.Okay, thanks, Heather, I think...200810/52210Democratic Party presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced off in a debate Thursday in Texas. There was more agreement on issues than clashes over differences. 民主党总统候选人提名竞争者希拉里.克林顿和巴拉克.奥巴马星期四在德克萨斯州进行了辩论。他们在辩论中对许多问题更多地表示了一致而不是相互对立的看法。The debate, on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin, was marked more by broad agreement on policy issues from immigration to health care; from the war in Iraq to this week's resignation by Cuban president Fidel Castro. But there were a few contentious moments. One came when Senator Obama was asked about charges that he had stolen phrases from a speech by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, using them in his own speeches without attribution. 在德克萨斯州立大学奥斯丁分校举行的这次辩论当中,两位民主党总统候选人提名竞争者在移民、医疗保健制度改革、伊拉克战争、本星期古巴领导人卡斯特罗辞职等一系列问题上表示了相当一致的看法。但是,辩论当中也出现几个激烈争辩的场面。奥巴马参议员被问道,他从马萨诸塞州州长帕特里克的一篇讲演当中“盗用”了几个说法用在自己的讲话当中。"The notion that I had plagiarized from someone who is one of my national co-chairs, who gave me the line and suggested that I use it, I think is silly," he said. 他回答说:“一个人是我的全国竞选班子的共同主席之一,他把一些说法给了我,建议我使用。我使用了,就说我是盗用,这种说法我觉得实在是愚蠢。”Senator Clinton followed up by saying that if a candidate bases his campaign on words, they should be his own.  希拉里.克林顿接著说,假如一个候选人把自己的竞选建立在言辞的基础上,那么其言词就应当是他自己的:"There is no doubt that you are a passionate, eloquent speaker and I applaud you for that, but when you look at what we face in this country. We do need to unite the country, but we have to unite it for a purpose around very specific goals," she said. “毫无疑问,你是一个富有、雄辩的演说家,我为你喝。但是,面对我们国家的现状,我们需要团结全国,我们必须围绕一些非常具体的问题把全国团结起来。”In the sharpest attack in the debate, Clinton said that Obama's message was not "change you can believe in, it's change you can Xerox" -- a reference to a well-known photo copy machine. The line fell flat, however, and drew boos from the audience.  在这次辩论当中,希拉里.克林顿对奥巴马发动了一次最严厉的攻击。她说,奥巴马的竞选竞选口号“诸位可以信任的变革”实际意思不过是“诸位可以用复印机复印的变革”而已。但是,希拉里.克林顿的这句话没有达到目的。辩论会会场的听众对她喝倒。In another exchange, the two candidates sparred over who would be the most y to assume the position of commander in chief.  在另外一次辩论交锋中,两位候选人就谁最有能力担当全国武装部队总司令的问题进行了争辩。Clinton emphasized her experience over the past seven years in the senate and cited an Obama supporter who had trouble coming up with a single accomplishment by the Illinois senator.  希拉里.克林顿强调她过去7年中在参议院的经验,并说奥巴马的一个持者不能明确指出奥巴马有任何一项政绩。Obama said he believed he was y to take on the responsibilities of the presidency and he noted that every major newspaper in Texas has endorsed him. In response to a question on how he would confront the probable Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, a decorated war veteran, Obama noted that McCain had supported the war in Iraq, while he, Obama, had opposed it. 奥巴马说,他认为他有能力承担总统职责。他说,德克萨斯州的所有大报都发社论对他表示持。在回答有关他会如何应对很有可能成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩参议员这个著名的老兵这个问题的时候,奥巴马说,麦凯恩持伊拉克战争,而他反对伊拉克战争。"It is going to be much easier for the candidate who was opposed to the concept of invading Iraq in the first place to have a debate about the wisdom of that decision than to have to argue about the tactics used subsequent to that decision," he said.Asked about her criticism of the U.S. military surge in Iraq, Clinton said achieving progress by adding more U.S. troops is not the result the ed States should be seeking."Upon taking office, I would ask the Secretary of Defense and the Joints Chief of Staff and my security advisors to give me a plan so that I could begin withdrawing our troops within 60 days," she said.One of the best moments for both candidates came at the end when they were asked to describe a crisis they had faced. Obama spoke of being raised by a single mother and overcoming challenges as a youth. Clinton said the crises she has faced are well known, but that these were nothing compared to the difficulties faced by soldiers who have been maimed in combat overseas and the problems faced by workers, homeowners and people in need of health insurance.Clinton once held a large lead here in Texas and in Ohio, the other large state which holds its primary on March 4, but Obama has won the last 19 contests in a row and has now pulled even with her in the polls. Analysts agree that Clinton needs wins in both states in order to remain viable, whereas Obama only needs to maintain his momentum to stay in the lead.200802/27793McCain Promises to Reach Out to US Allies If Elected President麦凯恩警告不要过早从伊拉克撤军  Republican presidential candidate John McCain laid out a detailed foreign policy blueprint in a speech in Los Angeles. McCain warned against a premature U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, but also said as president he would pursue closer relations with allies abroad. 共和党总统参选人麦凯恩在洛杉矶发表讲话,详细阐述外交政策蓝图。他警告不要过早地从伊拉克撤军。他还表示,如果他当选,他会谋求同海外盟友建立更紧密的关系。McCain spoke to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and described the threat of radical Islamic terrorism as the transcendent challenge of our time. 麦凯恩在洛杉矶世界关系委员会讲话,他说,激进的伊斯兰恐怖分子是我们时代的重大挑战。But McCain also sought to put some distance between himself and the Bush administration with a commitment to do a better job of reaching out to U.S. allies around the world for support and consultation on a wide range of issues. 但是,麦凯恩也寻求将自己和布什政府区别开来,他承诺在广泛的议题上更加主动地向世界各地的美国盟友取得持,征求意见。"Our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to succeed," he said. "We need to listen to the views and respect the collective will of our democratic allies." 麦凯恩说:“我们强大的国力并不意味着我们想做什么就做什么,想什么时候做就什么时候做,我们也不能自认为我们有能够取胜的所有必须的智慧和知识。我们需要听取不同意见,尊重我们民主盟友的集体意志。”McCain spoke of expanding links with Latin America, urged China to move toward political liberalization, and promised to make the eradication of malaria in Africa a priority if he is elected president. 麦凯恩说,如果他当选总统,他将扩大和拉丁美洲的联系,敦促中国开展政治自由化,保让非洲根除疟疾的工作成为重点。But McCain devoted a large part of his speech to warning against the dangers of a hasty withdrawal from Iraq. 但是,麦凯恩演讲的主要内容还是警告不要急于从伊拉克撤军。McCain said he agreed that Iraqi political leaders must do more to take responsibility for their own security. 他说,他同意伊拉克政治领导人必须做得更多来承担自己国家安全的责任。But the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said a U.S. defeat in Iraq would hand al-Qaida a victory and would threaten the ed States for years to come. 但是,估计会顺利成为共和党推选的总统候选人的麦凯恩说,如果美国在伊拉克失败,就会给基地组织一个胜利,也将给美国带来长期的威胁。"We have incurred a moral responsibility in Iraq," he added. "It would be an unconscionable act of betrayal, a stain on our character as a great nation, if we were to walk away from the Iraqi people and consign them to the horrendous violence, ethnic cleansing and possibly genocide that would follow a reckless, irresponsible and premature withdrawal." 他说:“我们在伊拉克承担了一种道义责任。如果匆忙撤军,就是违背良心的背叛行为,成为我们伟大民族的品行的一个污点。如果我们对伊拉克人民撒手不管,把他们置于可怕的暴力之中,那么,民族清洗以及可能的族群灭绝就会在这样鲁莽、不负责任的、时机不成熟的撤军之后发生。”McCain's views on Iraq differ sharply with those of both remaining Democrats in the race, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both have promised to begin a withdrawal of U.S. troops if they are elected president, and both have criticized McCain for wanting to continue President Bush's policy in Iraq. 麦凯恩在伊拉克问题上的观点和民主党争取总统候选人提名的奥巴马和克林顿参议员截然不同。奥巴马和克林顿都许诺说,如果当选总统,他们就会开始从伊拉克撤军。两人都批评麦凯恩要在伊拉克政策上步布什总统的后尘。Obama was back on the campaign trail in North Carolina after a few days vacation and once again promised to end the war in Iraq if elected in November. 奥巴马已经在继续他的竞选征程,他经过几天的休整以后又来到了北卡罗来纳。他再次保说,如果11月当选总统,他就要结束伊拉克战争。"So our nation is at war on two battlefronts," he said. "We are fighting a war that we need to win in Afghanistan against al-Qaida, and a war that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged that has distracted us from the war we need to win." 奥巴马说:“我们的国家在两个不同的战场同时作战。我们需要在阿富汗的战争中打败基地组织,另一个战争本来是根本不应被批准的,根本不应该发动的,就是这场战争分散了我们在应该取胜的战场的注意力。”Senator Clinton continued to campaign in Pennsylvania, which holds a primary on April 22. Clinton has a big lead in the polls in Pennsylvania and a victory there is essential to keep alive her hope of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. 克林顿参议员继续在宾夕法尼亚州竞选,这里在4月22号要进行初选。克林顿在宾州的民调中大幅领先,而只有在宾州取得这个关键的胜利,她才能在希望赢得民主党总统候选人提名的选战中继续保持活力。Obama, however, holds the lead in the overall delegate count. 不过,奥巴马的党代表选票总数领先。200803/32440You’ll never find me working late!你从来没见过我加班!Yes, I had noticed that actually,Denise.是的,我注意到了,丹尼斯。But this presentation must be perfect.但这个报告务必要完美。If youre not careful, youll burn out!如果你不注意,你会累死的!Then youll really be of no use to anyone.那么你就对任何人都没用了。Youll be as useful as a chocolate teapot.你会像巧克力茶壶一样没用。Its good that youre putting in the hours Anna, but you should calm down.安娜,你为此花了很多时间,这很好,但是你应该冷静。Look at me, I do very successful presentations without spending hours preparing.看看我,我不用花时间准备也能做出很成功的报告。In my presentation to Every Apple I just swooshed in with no preparation after a night on the town.在城里度过一夜之后,我不用准备也可以毫不费力的跟所有大客户做报告。I charmed them. They loved me!我吸引住了他们,他们都爱我! /201701/483824

EU Diplomats Widen Sanctions Against Zimbabwe欧盟加强对津总统穆加贝制裁 The European Union Tuesday tightened sanctions against Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe. The EU foreign ministers added 37 more people to the EU list of individuals under a visa ban and asset freeze that aly includes the president and members of his inner circle. Now, for the first time, companies have also been added to the list. 欧盟星期二加强了对津巴布韦总统穆加贝的制裁。欧盟各国外交部长在欧盟对津巴布韦实施的禁止签以及冻结资产的制裁对象名单上又增加了37人,已经在这个名单上的有津巴布韦总统以及他的多名亲信。现在,欧盟第一次将一些企业也包括在制裁名单里。The additional sanctions come a day after President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change agreed to open power sharing talks aimed at solving Zimbabwe's political crisis.  欧盟加强对津巴布韦总统穆加贝制裁的前一天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对党“争取民主变革运动”领导人茨万吉拉伊同意开始举行旨在化解津巴布韦政治危机的权力分享谈判。EU spokesman John Clancy tells VOA this is a "very positive step," but there is need to maintain pressure on Mr. Mugabe. 欧盟发言人克兰西对美国之音说,这是“非常积极的步骤”,不过有必要继续对穆加贝施加压力。"It's not a simple handshake over a memorandum of understanding despite us recognizing its importance, that suddenly means the international community must simply return to business as usual with Zimbabwe. It's simply not the case. It's very important that the average citizen in Zimbabwe realizes that the international community is not simply going to forget the last months of violence and intimidation that they have had to face coming from the government authorities," he said. 克兰西说:“尽管我们认识到签订谅解备忘录的重要意义,但是,并不是双方在达成谅解备忘录时握了手,就算完事了,也并不意味着国际社会突然间就必须完全恢复跟津巴布韦的正常往来。完全不是这样。津巴布韦老百姓应该意识到,国际社会不会把近几个月来津巴布韦政府部门对他们施加的暴力和恐吓忘得一干二净,这点非常重要。”The EU has refused to recognize the result of the June 27 presidential run-off poll in which Mr. Mugabe was the sole candidate. Opposition leader Tsvangirai, who won the first round in March, withdrew from the run-off citing violence against his party and supporters.  欧盟拒绝承认津巴布韦6月27号的总统决选结果,穆加贝是那次选举的唯一候选人。赢得3月第一轮总统选举的反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊因为针对“争取民主变革运动”及其持者的暴力而退出决选。Earlier this month, an effort by the British and U.S. governments to impose U.N. Security Council sanctions on Mr. Mugabe was vetoed by Russia and China. 这个月早些时候,英国和美国政府在安理会提出的应对穆加贝实施制裁的建议,遭到俄罗斯和中国的否决。Clancy stressed that the European sanctions target individuals responsible for human rights abuses and not ordinary Zimbabweans. He says the bloc will maintain humanitarian support for Zimbabwe's needy.  欧盟发言人克兰西强调,欧盟的制裁是针对那些践踏人权的个人,而不是普通津巴布韦人。他说,欧盟将继续向贫困的津巴布韦人民提供援助。"We would like to see as a first step the authorities in Zimbabwe allowing humanitarian aid to the full extent that is should be allowed 100 percent access for international humanitarian aid workers. Let us not forget that Robert Mugabe, his government, his authority blocked humanitarian aid to the civilian population, to the most vulnerable people just days before the second round of the elections. That situation has not changed," he said. 克兰西说:“首先,我们希望看到津巴布韦当局允许全面展开的人道主义援助,也就是说国际人道主义救援人员应该被允许向每个津巴布韦人提供人道主义援助。我们不要忘记就在举行决选的前几天,穆加贝、他的政府及其有关当局还阻挠向津巴布韦平民百姓、向津巴布韦最弱势的群体提供人道主义援助。那种局面现在还没有转变。”The EU first imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 citing human rights abuses and electoral irregularities in the 2002 presidential election. The sanctions also include an arms and military material embargo.  欧盟第一次对津巴布韦实施制裁是在2002年,原因是津巴布韦政府践踏人权,以及2002年的总统选举违规举措。当时的制裁措施包括武器和军用物资禁运。The travel ban does not stop Mr. Mugabe from traveling to international organization meetings such as the ed Nations. Earlier this year, he took part in the summit of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome. 对穆加贝实施的禁止其旅行的制裁并不包括不许他出席联合国等国际组织会议。今年早些时候,他去罗马出席了联合国粮农组织首脑会议。200807/44623

US Lawmakers See Video Indicating N. Korean Nuclear Cooperation With Syria美指北韩帮助叙利亚建造核反应堆 Key members of the U.S. Congress are being briefed Thursday on U.S. intelligence information indicating North Korean nuclear cooperation with Syria. North Korea is being pressed to disclose its proliferation activity as part of the six-party agreement to end its nuclear program.  美国国会的重量级议员星期四听取了情报部门获得的有关北韩和叙利亚进行核合作情报的通报。作为结束北韩核项目的六方协定的签约国,北韩正受到压力,要求它公开其核扩散活动。State Department officials say the intelligence briefings were requested by congressional leaders, and acknowledge they come at a sensitive point in negotiations aimed at getting Pyongyang to give up its nuclear program. 美国国务院官员说,这次情报通报会是应国会领导人的要求举行的。国务院官员承认,目前力图让平壤放弃核项目的谈判正处于敏感的时刻。News reports say legislators are being shown a obtained by Israel and said to show North Koreans helping build a nuclear reactor in northern Syria, nearly identical to North Korea's now-shuttered main reactor at Yongbyon. 新闻报导说,议员们观看了一段以色列得到的录像。据悉录像显示,北韩人在叙利亚北部帮助其建造一个核反应堆。这个核反应堆和北韩在宁边那座被废弃的主要反应堆几乎完全一样。The Syrian facility was destroyed by Israeli war planes last September in action condemned by Syria, though Damascus said the Israeli target was an unused military site. 叙利亚的这个设施在去年9月被以色列战斗机摧毁。叙利亚谴责了这个行动,尽管大马士革说,以色列攻击的这个目标是个没有使用过的军事设施。In advance of the briefings, Syria denied any nuclear cooperation with North Korea and suggested that the has been faked. 在举行通报会之前,叙利亚否认与北韩有任何核合作,并表示那段录像是伪造的。Some analysts caution that the high-profile exposure of the North Korean project in Syria could anger the Pyongyang government and upset the six-party process. 分析人士警告说,以高调方式曝光北韩在叙利亚的工程可能激怒平壤政府,破坏六方谈判的进程。There have also been suggestions of conflict within the Bush administration itself over the wisdom of dealing with Pyongyang given its role with the Syrians. 考虑到平壤在叙利亚发挥的作用,布什政府内部在如何对付平壤的策略问题上,也存在相互矛盾的建议。But in a talk with reporters, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack dismissed the idea of a factional rivalry among U.S. agencies over North Korea policy as "cartoonish."  但是国务院发言人麦科马克在向记者发表讲话时,否认美国政府内部在北韩政策上存在派系斗争,称这种观点“滑稽可笑”。He said North Korea will have to decide for itself whether it is in its interests to give up the potential benefits of the six-party process. 他说,北韩必须自己决定放弃六方谈判进程可能带来的好处是否符合它的利益。"The North Koreans will make their own decision. And if they were going to, at some point, use some perceived slight as a pretext to not perform, then they were going to do that in any case," McCormack said. "But there's been, within the six-party framework among all the parties including the North Koreans, a discussion about the importance of verification as well as the importance of the non-proliferation aspect to the nuclear programs." 他说:“北韩人将自己作出决定。而且如果他们打算在某个时刻利用一些他们认为受到的怠慢而借口不作为,那么他们无论如何都会这样做。但是,在六方框架内,包括北韩人在内的有关各方都一直在讨论核实的重要性,以及核项目不扩散方面的重要性。”North Korea agreed last year to scrap its nuclear program including weapons in return for aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties in the Chinese-sponsored negotiations. 在由中国斡旋的谈判中,北韩去年同意放弃它的核项目,包括核武器,以换取其它参与谈判的国家的援助和外交利益。Pyongyang is more than three months overdue in making a promised declaration of its nuclear assets and activities, including any nuclear help given to, or obtained from, other countries. 平壤承诺要申报它的核资产和核活动,包括给予别国帮助或者从别国获得帮助。但是平壤已经拖了3个多月还没有兑现承诺。Senior U.S. and North Korean diplomats reported making progress on the declaration at a meeting in Singapore earlier this month. The State Department's Korean affairs chief, Sung Kim, is en route back to Washington after more talks this week in Pyongyang. 美国和北韩高级外交官员报告说,这个月初在新加坡举行的会谈在核申报问题上取得了进展。美国国务院韩国事务主管金成这个星期在平壤进行更多会谈后正在返回华盛顿。Conservative critics of the State Department's handling of the matter have seized on press reports that a Singapore understanding requires North Korea only to acknowledge U.S. concerns about proliferation, rather than be explicit about its dealings with Syria. 对国务院处理这个问题的方式持批评态度的保守派人士利用了媒体的报导。这些报导说,在新加坡达成的谅解要求北韩只承认美国对核扩散的担心,而没有要求北韩披露它与叙利亚的交易。But the State Department has said the declaration will be subject to strict verification and that if North Korean deception is discovered, it could halt the process at any point.  但是,国务院说,北韩的申报将经过严格核实,而且如果发现北韩进行欺骗,美国可能随时停止这个进程。If the declaration is completed and accepted by all the parties, the next phase of the process would involve among other things the dismantling of North Korean nuclear facilities and lifting terrorism-related U.S. sanctions against Pyongyang. 如果申报完毕并且被各方接受,这个进程的下一个阶段将涉及拆除北韩的核设施,和美国取消对平壤实施的和恐怖主义相关的制裁等问题。 200804/36563

Concern Grows as Steep Decline Marks End of Tumultuous Trading Week in Europe欧洲股市急剧下滑 民众忧心忡忡 Despite a raft of government interventions, markets in Europe have ended a tumultuous week with a steep decline Friday as fears of a worldwide recession start to take hold. For VOA, Tom Rivers in London has been talking to average Britons about the financial problems and gauging their mood.尽管过去一周里欧洲国家政府采取了一系列救市行动,但欧洲股市星期五仍然以大幅度下滑结束了这个动荡的星期。与此同时,担心全球性经济衰退的情绪有增无减。在遭受金融危机重创的英国,普通市民如何看待这场危机?他们的情绪怎么样?美国之音记者最近和一些普通英国人进行了交谈。Following the lead in Asia, a shock wave of heavy declines hit all of the European markets Friday. And after weeks of extreme volatility, worries are sping from the global financial centers to the average man and woman on the street.星期五,紧随亚洲股市的后尘,欧洲市场急剧下跌。在经历了几个星期的剧烈震荡后,焦虑情绪正在从全球金融中心向普通市民心中蔓延。In Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried to shore up sentiments by urging other countries to adopt a financial rescue package similar to the one he unveiled two days ago.在英国,首相布朗试图通过敦促其它国家效仿英国两天前公布的金融救助计划来振作英国人的士气。"What we need now as I said this morning, is other countries doing similar things because this is a global financial system," he said. "We have got problems that have come out of America. I'm trying to persuade others leaders to do exactly the same as we have done so we can get the whole system moving again."布朗说:“就像我今天上午说的那样,我们现在需要其它国家仿效我们的做法,因为金融体系是全球性的。我们现在面对的问题源自美国。我正在试图劝说其它国家领袖采取和我们一样的行动,这样我们才能激活整个系统。”Mr. Brown is calling for a summit of world leaders to build a unified approach to what is now a firmly established global problem.布朗呼吁召开一次全球领袖峰会,寻找可以解决这个毫无疑问是全球性问题的统一行动。Market Analyst at BGC Partners in London, David Buik, says that cannot happen soon enough because the pain is just starting to be felt in the real economy of everyday life.伦敦BGC公司的市场分析师大卫.布维克说,金融海啸的阵痛已经可以在实体经济中感受得到,因此,出台全球协调的应对措施越快越好。"The fabric of society is seriously damaged, old people, pensions, schools, all these sort of things," he said. "I sound like a politician, I can assure you I am not but you can feel it around you. So, unless people get a grip on this banking sector and restore this confidence that all these areas that are so dear to everybody's hearts in terms of their futures, is severely under pressure."布维克说:“我们的社会生活已经受到了损害。老年人、退休金、学校等等,所有这些都受到影响。我听起来有点像个政府官员,但我向你保我不是。不过,我们确实感受到这场危机的存在。因此,除非我们控制住业的动荡并恢复信心,否则所有和人们未来以及日常生活息息相关的方面都将遭受巨大压力。”Here on a busy, bustling street in west London I spent the afternoon talking to average Britons about their concerns and worries. From senior citizens to teenagers the story was the same. People feel they are in a situation they do not control.在位于伦敦西部的一条繁华街道上,记者花了一下午时间和普通伦敦居民谈论他们的担心和忧虑。无论是老年人还是十几岁的青少年,他们的谈话内容大同小异。人们觉得现在的情况无法控制。"I am worried, obviously," said a man. "I think everyone is worried. When it comes to finances, if you are not worried about your finances, there is something wrong with you. Things are changing all the time but it is never for the good. It is always for the bad at the moment. You know, things are going down so, I do not know really, it is definitely worrying you know, you are downsizing everything at the moment." 一名男士对记者说:“我当然感到担心。我想大家都是这样。说到个人理财,如果你现在不担心你的财务状况,那只能说明你有问题。情况在不停变化,但从来没有变好,现在总是往坏了变。总是不停地恶化,我也说不太清楚,但这的的确确让人担心。大家现在都是精打细算,能省就省。”This man works for an airline at Heathrow airport. He says job security there is becoming a big concern. "We work for a firm at the moment where they are cutting back," he said. "You know, everything is being cut down and trying to go towards, cut back."这位男士在伦敦希斯罗国际机场为一家航空公司工作。他说,他们那里的饭碗现在能不能保住也成了问题。他说:“我们公司现在正在裁员。一切都在被精简。”This week, the Bank of England, in concert with a number of other key central banks, cut interests rate by a half point in a coordinated move. So, what does the man on the street here think about that?本星期,英国央行和其它几个主要经济体的央行一道降息0.5个百分点。这位伦敦男士如何看待这次联合降息行动?"Half a percent is a drop in the ocean to be honest," he said. "[Let us] see what happens in the next week, two weeks and take it from there."他说:“半个百分点只不过是杯水车薪而已。我们要看看下个礼拜、下下个礼拜有什么措施。”"Well, every little helps but a little is not enough really," said another man.“小动作多少有些帮助,但远远不够。”At the other end of the age scale, young university students I spoke with are feeling the tightening financial squeeze as well. 在伦敦年轻人群体当中,记者接触的一些大学生也感受到了信贷紧缩的影响。一位同学告诉记者:"I would say we are cutting down on a how much we spend but purely because we have to," said a student. "We have no choice. We have no money. Like, I am constantly a poor student and so therefore everything else kind of goes with that like. I spend far less on things that I want to spend it on and I have to kind of manage my money a lot more so I can afford to live rather than just buy nice clothes and stuff."“我们现在花钱更仔细了,原因很简单,我们必须得这样。没别的办法。现在我们没钱。我一直都是个穷学生,现在就更得勒紧腰带了。很多想要花的钱现在必须省着花,比如漂亮衣还有其它诸如此类的东西。我现在比以前更仔细地理财。”One thing everyone seems to agree on is that this problem will not be going away anytime soon and there will be more pain is store before things turn around. And no one here seems to know just when that might be.和记者交谈的所有伦敦居民都认为,现在的金融问题不是短期内可以解决的。在情况好转之前,可能会有更多阵痛。至于情况何时才能好转,大家谁都不知道。200810/52535

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