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2019年12月06日 14:12:28 | 作者:飞度技术搜医生 | 来源:新华社
All right,lets talk about your kitty cat.Now ,what made you get the kitty cat?我们来谈谈你的小猫吧 你怎么会想要养猫呢Eh,well,I wanted a dog,but I was like I cant take...我本来是要养的 但是我就像 我不能Awwww, there she is.How do you not want that?Yeah,little Chaz Bono.奥 就是它 你怎么可能不想要这只小可爱呢 是的 小CHAZ BONOAnd you got her,is...is that her name?Well her offical name is Cleo,but she,we call her CHAZ BONO,because shes ,Ive never met a cat like,你 这是她的名字吗 它的名字是Cleo 但是我们叫她chaz bono 因为她 我从没遇到过一只猫像you assumed for shes a boy,because normally dogsre boys,catre girls,right,but shes such a masculine energy.开始以为是个雄猫 因为正常来说像男孩子 猫像女孩子 对 但是她男性气质太强Right. and that we gonna always says he,right, fot the first week I thought it was boy,是的 她总是叫他 是的 头一个星期我以为她是只雄的I named her Oliver,like gotta call her Oliver.Like boy boy boy as we like, whats this name,so we call her Chaz Bono.给她取名oliver 叫她oliver 小伙小伙的叫着 这是什么名字 所以我们叫她chaz bonoThats her driving.Because because those tawny cats,thats a tawny cat,all three colors cats are girls,她在驾驶 因为黄褐色的猫 这是只黄褐色的猫 有三种颜色的猫都是雌性just you know that for the future,any cat with 3 colors is a femal.以后你在碰到就清楚了 只要有三种颜色的猫都是雌性and so, and she drives?Yes,she drive,shes cute as can be.So you got her as a kitten?所以 她会开车? 是的 她太可爱啦 你从她小时候就养了I got her as a kitten when did this problem start,tell people what shes doing?Shes peeing on my bed,because she hated my,and...我从小就养她了 什么时候开始这样的 跟大家说她在干嘛 她在我床上尿尿 因为她讨厌我So ,but there must be reasons usually do that to act out,because shes using a little box before that it means first of all,theres a down-comforter,肯定有原因她才会那么做的 因为她在用它前面的盘子 这意味着首先这有被子yeah,then shes peeing becuase its feathers,and shes smelling that.Thats what happened, oh.她尿尿是因为这些羽毛 她嗅到了 这就是原因 原来如此Thats even worse than peeing on your down-comforter,cause those are expensive,so...well I was renting the house so...and youre renting the comforter too?比在被子上尿尿更糟糕的是 这些被子还都死贵 反正是我租的房子 被子也是租的吗I gave it back.Ive waiting for the phone call,but it hasnt happened yet so...All right,thats one thing if its the down-comforter我退回去了 我一直在等人打电话给我 但是没有 好吧 被子是一个原因 另一个原因是and the other thing is shes mad at you,shes acting out,because...I think because I was working,I was gone all the time,她对你很生气 她在发泄 因为 可能是因为我 一直不在家so she was like, you know...right,so you have to get another kitty cat.I have to get another cat? thats right.所以她才这样 你知道的 对的 所以你要再买一只猫 我要再买一只猫 是的Thats the answer? Another cat?So shes not by herself,shes lonely.这就是你的 再买一只猫 她就不会一个人了 她很孤单Oh,that makes sense,people would assume cats can just be alone,you need to get another cat.奥 有道理 人们都以为猫不会孤单 你还要再买一只猫Yeah,all right I will get...were talking about a cat.Ok,a cat.好 我会的 我们居然在讨论猫 是的 猫All right,she wants me get another feline.I dont even know what youre even doing. All right.好吧 她想让我再买猫科动物 我甚至不知道你在干嘛 好的So Sliver Linings Playbook is in select theaters now,go see it. its so so good.Well be right back.《乌云背后的幸福线》现在在电影院上映 去看看吧 很不错的电影 我们很快会回来的注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/263094A listener from Ontario, California wrote to A Moment of Science with a question her sons hadasked her.一位来自加利福尼亚安大略的听众我们给写信询问她儿子们遇到的问题。The boys wondered why is it that when you get sunburned you often feel chilled.这些小男孩想知道为什么人晒伤的时候会觉得冷。It really doesseem like a contradiction: youve been burned, but you feel cold.这简直就是矛盾至极:你明明晒伤了,却觉得冷。The answer to this seeming contradiction is in your blood.这个看上去自相矛盾的问题的就在你的血液当中。Sunburn is an injury to your skin, and your bodys usual reaction to being injured is to enlarge theblood vessels in the damaged area.晒伤表明你的皮肤受到了损伤,而通常人体应对损伤的办法就是使受创的血管扩张。This allows more blood to be circulated near the injury, whereit can deliver cells to help heal the wound.这使得更多的血液在伤口附近循环,同时血液中的一些细胞也会被输送到伤口附近,帮助伤口愈合。Since sunburn is usually damage to the surface of your skin, the blood vessels in the area of theburned skin enlarge so that more blood is circulated there; this is where the redness comes from.由于晒伤通常会损害你的皮肤表面,而晒伤部位的血管会扩张,使更多的血液在附近循环。这就是为什么晒伤部位会变红。When youre sunburned a large area of your body is usually involved, so a result of so muchblood being near the surface of your skin is that you lose more than a normal amount of bodyheat through it.晒伤通常会波及到人体的大部分区域。而大量血液聚集在皮肤表面附近的结果就是:你会散失比平时更多的热量。Your brain tries to balance this loss of heat by activating reactions which attempt to conserveheat.为了平衡损失,大脑尝试通过刺激人体作出某种反应来保存热量。A common reaction is shivering, which is the body trying to generate heat in an effort tocompensate for the heat that is being lost.该反应通常表现为颤抖,这一动作表明人体正试图产生热量来补充正在散失的那一部分。So, even when your skin feels hot to the touch, you shiver and feel chilled as your body tries tomake up for the extra heat loss.因此,即使你的皮肤摸一下都觉得发烫,但你还是会颤抖,觉得冷,因为这是人体正设法补充额外散失的热量。201403/283054Business this week一周商业要闻Aug 10th 2013 |From the print editionBritain’s recovery gathered pace. Industrial output grew by 1.2% year on year, the fastest rate since January 2011, with manufacturing up by 2%. The composite purchasing managers’ index, a measure of business activity in which a ing above 50 indicates growth, stood at 59.5 in July, the perkiest since records began in 1998.英国经济加快复苏脚步。工业产出与去年同期相比增长了1.2%,这是自2011年一月份以来的最快增速,其中制造业增长率达到了2%。综合采购经理人指数七月份达到了59.5,这一指数是用来衡量商业活动的,指数大于50意味着经济增长,而59.5也成了自1998年有记录以来的最大值。The Italian economy also performed better than expected, though it still shrank by 0.2% from April to June. GDP has now sagged for eight consecutive quarters, making this Italy’s longest post-war recession. Output languishes 8.8% below its peak in 2007.意大利经济表现也好于预期。尽管二季度意大利GDP仍旧缩水了0.2%。意大利的GDP已经连续8个季度为负增长,是战后最长的衰退期。工业产出与2007年峰值相比下降了8.8%之多。Mark Carney, the new governor of the Bank of England, used “forward guidance” to set expectations for the path of future interest rates. He vowed to keep the bank’s benchmark rate at 0.5% as long as unemployment stays above 7%, unless this threatens financial stability, raises inflation expectations or pushes inflation forecasts too high.英格兰的新老板Mark Carney采用“前瞻性指导”确定未来利率走向期望。他承诺,只要失业率保持在7%以上,该行的基准利率就定在0.5%,除非该利率威胁到了金融稳定,提高了通货膨胀预期或者让通货膨胀预期过高。Raghuram Rajan, a former chief economist at the IMF, was picked to head the Reserve Bank of India. Mr Rajan, who will succeed Duvvuri Subbarao as governor in September, acknowledged that “there is no magic wand” to fix India’s problems of slowing growth, a weak currency and a big current-account deficit.国际货币基金组织前首席经济学家Raghuram Rajan被任命为印度储备的行长。Rajan先生将会在9月接任Duvvuri Subbarao,掌管印度储备。他承认解决印度经济增长放缓,货币疲软以及巨额经常账户赤字等问题没有什么妙招。The Royal Bank of Scotland named Ross McEwan, a retail banker from New Zealand, as its new boss. In June Britain’s government, which still owns 81% of the lender, decided to boot out his predecessor, Stephen Hester. Mr McEwan will take over in October.苏格兰皇家任命来自新西兰的一位零售家Ross McEwan为新行长。6月,仍持有苏格兰皇家81%股份的英国政府决定将行长Stephen Hester解雇。McEwan先生将会在十月份走马上任。HS’s net profit rose by 25% in the first half of the year. But the British bank’s revenue was down by 7%, as it reduced its global presence to focus on “priority markets”, where growth has eased. HS also admitted that it may have to pay the American government up to .6 billion in damages over the improper sale of mortgage-backed bonds.汇丰今年一季度的净利润增长了25%。但是随着汇丰收缩期全球分布,专注于优先考虑的市场,而这些市场的增速已放缓,导致其收入下降了7%。汇丰也承认它将向美国政府赔偿高达16亿美元,以应对按揭贷款不当销售。An American court found Fabrice Tourre, a former Goldman Sachs trader, liable for fraud in a complex derivatives deal from 2007. The ruling marks a victory for the Securities and Exchange Commission, which filed the case in 2010 in an effort to show it was holding bankers to account following the subprime crisis.一家美国法院判定前高盛交易员Fabrice Tourre对2007年的一起复杂衍生品交易诈骗负有责任。该判决标志着美国券交易委员会的胜利。2010年,美国券交易委员会向法院提起诉讼,表明其对次贷危机后问责家做出努力。In an effort to overhaul America’s housing-finance system, Barack Obama signalled that he will endorse a bipartisan Senate bill to wind down the two government-sponsored mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The bill would also require private investors to take the first loss on mortgage defaults, but preserve the federal government’s role as a backstop.巴拉克·奥巴马努力改革美国住房金融体系,他发出信号表示,他将会签署一项代表两党意愿的法令,逐步减少政府资助的房利美和房地美的业务。该法案也会要求私人投资者承担按揭贷款违约的直接损失,但是保留联邦政府作为最后保障的角色。The White House overturned a ban on the sale of some Apple gadgets imposed by an American trade tribunal, which had sided with Samsung, a South Korean rival, in a patent dispute. Less welcome for Apple was the Justice Department’s request to a judge to curb Apple’s influence in the e-publishing market and introduce government oversight of its iTunes and App stores. Apple called the idea “draconian and punitive”.白宫驳回了美国贸易特别仲裁机构对苹果部分产品的销售禁令。该禁令源于苹果与竞争对手韩国三星的专利纠纷。苹果公司也收到了司法部的要求,要求削弱苹果在电子书领域的影响力,并且让政府监管其iTunes和软件商店。苹果当然不高兴,并称这过于严厉,带有惩罚性。Several countries, including China, recalled milk powder produced by Fonterra, the world’s biggest dairy exporter, after the firm found traces of a bacterium that can cause botulism in one of its products. The New Zealand company’s boss, Theo Spierings, rushed to Beijing to apologise to Chinese consumers.包括中国在内的几个国家召回了恒天然生产的奶粉。恒天然石世界上最大的牛奶出口商。此前,该公司发现其一款产品中有能导致肉毒中毒的细菌。这家来自新西兰的公司老总Theo Spierings迅速来到北京向中国的消费者道歉。Royal Dutch Shell took a .2 billion write-down in the second quarter, primarily on its American shale assets. This, combined with oil theft and disruptions to gas supplies in Nigeria, which accounts for as much as one-tenth of the Anglo-Dutch oil giant’s daily production, slashed quarterly profits by .1 billion compared with a year ago, to .6 billion.荷兰皇家壳牌公司二季度减值22亿美元,主要是美国的页岩资产。而且尼日利亚的石油盗窃和天然气供应破坏也频发,这些占到该公司日生产的十分之一。上述因素使得壳牌公司与去年同期相比利润下降了11亿美元,仅为46亿美元。In the latest blow to Eike Batista, who lost the title of Brazil’s richest man earlier this year following the implosion of his oil and mining empire, a group of disgruntled investors accused him of insider trading. Brazil’s stockmarket regulator is aly pursuing 13 other inquiries into OGX, Mr Batista’s flagship company.Eike Batista陷入最新风波,今年早些时候他的油矿公司爆发内讧,使其丢掉了巴西首富的头衔,而现在一群不满的投资者则指控他进行内幕交易。巴西股市的监管者开始对Batista的旗舰公司巴西油气公司展开13项调查。Sony’s board voted unanimously to reject a proposal by Daniel Loeb, an activist investor whose fund, Third Point, holds a stake of around 7% in the Japanese firm, to spin off its lucrative entertainment division and focus on its core electronics business.索尼董事会投票一致反对激进投资者Daniel Loeb的提议。Loeb建议索尼取消有利可图的部,专注于核心电子产品业务。Loeb的第三点基金公司持有索尼7%的股份。The Washington Post Company announced it will sell its flagship newspaper (and a few other titles) to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, for 0m. The New York Times Company, meanwhile, agreed to sell the Boston Globe to John Henry, another billionaire, for m, a fraction of the .1 billion it paid in 1993.华盛顿邮报公司宣布将其旗舰报纸及其他几项出版物以2.5亿美元的价格卖给亚马逊创始人杰夫·贝佐斯。同时,纽约时报公司也同意将波士顿环球报卖给另一个亿万富翁约翰·亨利。交易价格为7000万美元,是其1993年以11亿美元购买该报纸价格的零头。201308/252811

Science and technology科学技术Marine biology海洋生物学Finding Nemos role尼莫的新角色Clownfish help their anemones breathe小丑鱼助力海葵呼吸IT IS one of the best-known relationships in nature: the anemone provides a tentacle-guarded home and the clownfish drives off predators that would chew its protector.这是自然界中一个最广为人知的关系:海葵为小丑鱼提供触须拱卫的家园,小丑鱼则会驱赶会把海葵吃掉的掠食者。Recent research has, however, shown there is much more going on.然而最近的研究显示小丑鱼做的要比这多得多。A study in revealed that waste excreted by clownfish provides vital nutrients to anemones.年的一项研究显示,小丑鱼的排泄物是海葵极其重要的营养物。Now researchers have found clownfish can boost their hosts oxygen supplies at night too.研究人员现在又发现小丑鱼还可以在夜间为其宿主增加供氧量。Clownfish and anemones live on coral reefs where oxygen levels in the water often plunge at night as photosynthesis shuts down.小丑鱼和海葵生活在珊瑚礁中,由于夜间不再有光合作用,海水在夜间的氧气含量常会骤然下降。Some fish species are known to wave their fins over their coral homes to help keep the coral oxygenated.人们已经知道有些鱼类会朝着它们的珊瑚家园摇摆鱼鳍来帮助珊瑚保持充氧状态。Joseph Szczebak of Auburn University, in Alabama, and his colleagues wondered if clownfish might do something similar for anemones美国阿拉巴马州奥本大学的约瑟夫?什切巴克及其同事想了解小丑鱼是否也会对海葵做出类似的行为。It seems that they do. In a forthcoming edition of the Journal of Experimental Biology, Mr Szczebak and his colleagues report that they studied the oxygen consumption of clownfish and anemones in the laboratory, using special tanks which can measure oxygen levels in the water as it is pumped in and out of the tanks.小丑鱼似乎这样做了。在即将出版的一期《实验生物学》上,什切巴克及其同事报道了它们在实验室中研究了小丑鱼和海葵的耗氧量。实验采用了特殊水箱,在水泵将水吸入,抽出水箱时可以测出水的含氧量。Readings were taken for 20-minute periods during the night and day with just a fish in a tank, just an anemone or both in a tank together.实验分别记录了在水箱中只有一条鱼,只有一棵海葵以及两者共存的三种情况下在夜间及日间中20分钟的含氧量读数。Infra-red cameras quickly hinted that something was going on.红外摄像机很快提供了事情发生的线索。The fish became active at night when they had an anemone to hang out with.当小丑鱼和海葵共处一箱时,它在夜间变得很活跃。They would twirl around it, push its tentacles up and down, and whip their tails about.小丑鱼会围着海葵转动,带着海葵的触须上下摆动,还让自己的尾部摇来摆去。It was like a sort of dance.这就像是一种舞蹈。The combined level of oxygen consumption when the fish and anemone were together was significantly higher than when they were kept apart.当小丑鱼和海葵共存时二者加在一起的耗氧量远高于比它们分开时的耗氧量之和。Mr Szczebak speculates that the antics of clownfish allow more water to flow over the anemone, thus increasing the amount of oxygen the anemone can collect.什切巴克推测,小丑鱼做出的滑稽动作可以使更多的水流过海葵,从而使海葵获取的氧量增加。How lucky anemones are to have such good friends.海葵有这么好的朋友真是三生有幸啊! /201310/259733

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