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Taking pills to tame your allergy symptoms or to get some sleep may not be as harmless as you once thought.用药片来缓解过敏症状或帮助睡眠也许不是你曾经认为的那样无害。Building on past research, a new study suggests anticholinergic drugs are linked to cognitive impairment and an increased risk of dementia.在过去研究的基础上,一项新的研究表明,抗胆碱能药物与认知功能障碍有关 ,并增加痴呆症的风险。Anticholinergic drugs include both over-the-counter and prescription medications. Were talking about drugs like Benadryl, Dimetapp and Unisom — chances are you have at least one of these types of drugs in your medicine cabinet.抗胆碱能药物包括非处方药和处方药。我们谈论的药物如Benadryl、Dimetapp和Unisom,在你的药柜里可能至少有一种这类药物。A link between these types of drugs and cognitive impairment isnt a totally new discovery, but for the first time, researchers used brain imaging techniques to determine the physical changes associated with these drugs.此类型的药物和认知功能障碍之间的关系不完全是新的发现,但这是第一次,研究人员通过大脑成像技术确认与这些药物相关的身体变化。More than 400 participants, with an average age of 73, were given memory and cognitive tests, PET scans and MRI scans.超过400名参与者,平均年龄为73岁,参加记忆和认知测试,正电子发射层析扫描和核磁共振成像扫描。Participants who were taking anticholinergic drugs didnt do as well on memory tests and had lower levels of brain activity than those who werent.用抗胆碱能药物的参与者在记忆测试中表现不佳,相比那些没有用的具有更低的大脑活动水平。A researcher told CNN, ;Given all the research evidence, physicians might want to consider alternatives to anticholinergic medications, if available, when working with older patients.;研究人员告诉美国有线电视新闻网,“考虑到所有的研究据,面对老年患者医生可能要考虑替换抗胆碱能药物。”译文属。201604/438337。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201506/38。

Long before the Egyptians,The people of South America preserved their dead.早在埃及人之前 南美洲的人民就开始保存遗体Children, adults, whole families.孩童 成人 甚至整个家族The oldest mummies have survived for 7,000 years.最古老的木乃伊保存了七千年之久With Uscovilca leading them,Chanca warriors feel invincible.在尤斯科维尔卡的领导下 昌卡帝国的战士感觉刀不入They outnumber the Incas and take no prisoners.他们人数占优 对印加帝国的人格杀勿论But Pachacuti has a plan.但是帕查库提有个计策The goal was to capture the mummified body of your enemy.旨在俘获敌人的木乃伊尸体If you could topple Uscovilca, then victory was yours.如果你能够颠覆尤斯科维尔卡 胜利就是你的He believes in something more powerful than Uscovilca.他相信有比尤斯科维尔卡更强大的存在Inti, the sun god,The most important god in Inca mythology.那就是因蒂 太阳神 印加神话中最重要的神The night before the battle, Inti comes to him in a dream战争前夜 因蒂进到他的梦中And promises him a glorious victory.允诺他定会誉满全军 大获全胜Pachacuti seizes the idea of portraying himself帕查库提灵机一动 将自己描绘成as the living son Inti himself,embodied by the power of the sun.因蒂的化身 被赋予了太阳之力201512/416786。

Turkey has acknowledged it shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border Tuesday, saying it did so after the pilots ignored repeated warnings that they were violating Turkish airspace.土耳其承认周二在叙利亚边境附近击落了一架俄罗斯战机,称飞行员侵犯其领空并多次无视警告后被击落。The Turkish Air Force says the Russian warplane was warned 10 times in five minutes before being shot down. Meanwhile, Russian news agency Sputnik claims the plane was ;gunned down from the ground; while still in Syrian airspace.土耳其空军称,在被击落前俄罗斯战机五分钟内接到了十次警告。与此同时,俄罗斯通讯社Sputnik声称战机仍是在叙利亚领空被从地面击落。All reports indicate the pilots ejected safely before the plane was hit, but their current conditions are unknown.所有的报告都表明,战机在被击中前飞行员安全弹射出来了,但他们目前的情况还不清楚。Now, its unclear which reports are correct, since the news agencies providing the predominant coverage for both Russias and Turkeys sides of the story are state-run and semi-state-run, respectively.目前还不清楚哪些报道是正确的,因为为俄罗斯和土耳其提供主要报道的新闻机构分别是国有和半国有化的。Russias decision to join the coalition fight against ISIS in Syria looked to many like an opportunity for relations between it and Western nations to improve.俄罗斯加入联军打击叙利亚ISIS的决定像是改善其与西方国家关系的机会。But everyone may not be in the fight for the same reasons. Turkey opposes Bashar al-Assads regime in Syria, while Russia supports it.但是,每个人参战的原因各有不同。土耳其反对叙利亚巴沙尔·阿萨德政权,而俄罗斯则持它。A think tanks international security director told CNN, ;This is a situation that unfortunately was almost inevitable at some point, because Turkey has long been accusing Russia of interfering in their airspace.;一综合研究所的国际安全主任告诉美国有线电视新闻网,“这是一种不幸的情况,在某个时候几乎是不可避免的,因为土耳其一直指责俄罗斯干涉其领空。”The incident is the first time since the Cold war ended that a NATO member shot down a Russian fighter plane.此次事件是自冷战结束以来,北约成员国第一次击落俄罗斯战机。译文属。201511/412181。


I once said that I was unhappy with the explanation given in terms of negative energy particles being created.我曾经说过 对粒子负能量子的产生的解释 让我很不满意But I feel this is part of the controversy of science.不过 我觉得这是科学思辩的一部分You must have the give and take, and Im delighted to be a part of that.你必须有所取舍 我很开心自己参与了这场思辩Thats what makes it fun.If you all sat down and said, ;Oh, lovely;这是个很有趣的过程 当人们的脑子里萦绕着闹人的疑惑时when you do have niggling questions in your mind thats not doing a service to science.如果所有人都试图忽略他们 那么这实际上对科学毫无意义的But I was not antagonistic to it in any way except for that one time when I questioned.不过我对这并不抵触 除非脑子里不安生的人是我I finally convinced myself that black holes radiate最终我说自己 黑洞确实有辐射when I found a mechanism through which this could happen.我找到一种黑洞辐射的机制According to quantum mechanics space is filled with virtual particles and antiparticles根据量子力学 空间充满虚粒子和反粒子that are constantly materializing in pairs separating, coming together again and annihilating each other.它们成对地以实物形式存在 分离然后靠近 共同湮灭In the presence of a black hole one member of a pair of virtual particles在黑洞附近 上述一对虚粒子中的一个may fall into the hole leaving the other member without a partner with which to annihilate.可能落进黑洞 这样剩下在外面的一个就失去了伙伴 没法湮灭The forsaken particle appears to be radiation emitted by the black hole.And so black holes are not eternal.于是就成为辐射 被黑洞释放出来 所以黑洞并不能永远存在They evaporate away at an increasing rate until they vanish in a gigantic explosion.它们以一个不断增加的速率蒸发 直到在一次巨大的爆炸中灰飞烟灭Quantum mechanics has allowed particles and radiation to escape from the ultimate prison a black hole.量子力学允许粒子和辐射 从黑洞这种终极监狱中 逃逸出去201604/437582。

Now, an acre of land can feed 100 times as many people现在 一英亩地可以养活的人数As hunting and gathering.是捕猎和收割的一百倍Farming is a game-changer, its the difference between;农耕;改变了游戏规则 这就是there being only a few million humans on the planet地球上只有几百万人and there being billions of humans on the planet.和有几十亿人时的区别所在A new crop conquers the globe: wheat.一种新的作物掌控着地球 那就是小麦From a single 60-lb bushel, 70 loaves of b.每60蒲式耳小麦可以做出70条面包By 3000 , farming reaches Southern England,公元前三千年 农耕延伸到南英格兰Creating a blueprint for the future:创造了一幅未来的蓝图The village.那就是村庄Mankinds first settled communities.人类首次以社区形式定居And a new figure: the leader.随之出现的是个新的角色:领导者Smart, outspoken, charismatic.他智慧过人 坦诚率真 魅力四射The first farm animals: 同时也出现了首批农畜 pigs, sheep, goats, cattle.比如猪 绵羊 山羊 牛Its a turning point.这是个转折点201508/394503。

Its only a question of finding them.But now, theres a new theory.问题只是找没找到 但是现在有种新的理论Its called the Rare Earth Theory.像我们这样的星球可能很稀少这就是稀有地球理论It says that simple life, like bacteria,该理论认为像细菌一样的简单生命the type of slime Ive seen in hot volcanic pools,may be common in the universe.我曾在火山泥浆潭里看到的那种粘性物质 可能在宇宙随处可见But for complex life like plants and animals to evolve但是复杂生命像植物和动物如果进化requires an extraordinary sequence of events.则需要大量事件发生A nd ha ving tra veiled the world to make this series,在环游世界制作这个系列节目的时候what strikes me most is the incredible good fortune我最大的感触是地球its taken to make our planet a home for such rich and diverse life.能够成为如此丰富多样生命的家 真是不可思议的好运气To get an idea of just how lucky Earth has been,为了能够明白地球有多么幸运let me take you back to what I reckon is the most important day in Earths history.让我带你们回到 我所认为的地球历史上最重要的一天This one day was responsible for much of what makes Earth so special.让地球如此特别大部分原因归功于这一天And yet, it was just a chance event.但是,这只是偶然的事件201512/414006。

Electing a US President in Plain English简说美国总统大选Every four years, Americans who are eighteen or older have a big responsibility. Our votes decide who becomes the President of the ed States. Unfortunately, the U.S. election system isnt that simple! This is Electing a U.S. President in Plain English.每四年,十八岁以上的美国人就有个重大的责任。我们的选票决定谁会成为美国总统。不幸的是,美国选举系统不是那么的简单!这里是“简说美国总统大选”。Its easy to imagine every U.S. citizens vote being counted together on Election Day, but this is not the case. U.S. elections are not decided by the total or popular vote, but individual states. Let me explain.很容易联想到的是在大选之日,每位美国公民的选票被集中起来开票,但不是这样子的。美国选举不是由直选或普选决定,而是由每一个州来决定。让我为你解释。It starts with your vote. On Election Day, youll vote for president and their vice president. You get one choice. Then, all the votes in your state are counted. The candidate with the most state-wide votes becomes the candidate your state supports for president. This happens across the country until each state has selected their candidate.从你投票开始。在大选之日,你将投票选出总统和他们的副手。你只能选一个。然后,你的州所有票数被加以计算。州内得票数最高的候选人成为你的州所持的总统候选人。全国都是这样,直到每个州都选出它们的候选人。We end up with most of the fifty states and the District of Columbia voting to support one candidate each. But theres a problem. We cant elect a president by just counting up the choices of these states. U.S. states are different.结果我们得到的是大部分的五十州加上哥伦比亚特区,各投票持一位候选人。但有个问题。我们不能只是算一算这些州的选票就选出总统。美国的州各有不同。Consider this: California has about thirty-six million people; Kansas has less than three million. We need a way for Californias choice to have more influence on the election because the state has more people. The question becomes: how do we make sure each state has the right amount of influence on the election?想想看:加州有三千六百万人;堪萨斯州只有不到三百万人。我们需要有个方法,让加州的抉择对大选更有影响力,因为这一州人口较多。问题变成:我们要如何确保每个州对选举拥有正确的大选影响力?Well, we need a way to account for the population of each state.这个嘛,我们需要一个能够说明每个州的人口之影响力的方法。As an example, lets consider my home state of North Carolina. Like every state, it is divided up into congressional districts that are based on population. North Carolina has thirteen districts, California has fifty-three and Kansas has four. When it comes to a states influence on the election, the number of districts matters most. More population equals more districts equals more influence.举例来说,看看我的家乡北卡罗莱纳州吧。就像每个州一样,它以人口数为基础来划分为不同的众议员选区。北卡罗莱纳州有十三个区,加州有五十三个区而堪萨斯州有四个区。谈到一个州对大选的影响力,区的数量影响最大了。较多的人口等同于较多的区也就等于较大的影响力。The influence a state has in the election is measured by the number of Electors. This number comes from the number of districts in a state plus the number of U.S. senators, which is always two. North Carolina has fifteen Electors, while California has fifty-five.一个州在大选所拥有的影响力是用“总统选举人票数”来衡量的。这数字是从州内众议员选区的总和加上美国参议员数而来,参议员数目都是两位。北卡罗莱纳州有十五张总统选举人票,而加州有五十五张总统选举人票。When a candidate wins the voting in a state, they win that states number of Electors. Thats why big, populous states can be so important to candidates. Their electors add up quickly. And the number of electors is what really matters.当一位候选人在州内赢得选举,他们就赢得那一州的总统选举人票数。那就是为何大的、人口众多的州对候选人来说是非常重要的。它们的总统选举人票数会很快地增加。而总统选举人票数才真正是关系重大。Heres why:这里是为什么:If you add up the Electors of all fifty states and the District of Columbia, there are five hundred and thirty-eight in total. The candidates goal on Election Day is to win the majority of five hundred and thirty-eight, or two hundred and seventy electors. Once a candidate wins enough states to reach the two hundred and seventy majority, they have won the election and become the President-elect. Yeah!如果你把全部五十州和哥伦比亚特区的总统选举人票数加起来,总共有五百三十八张票。在选举日,候选人的目标是要赢得五百三十八票中的大多数,或是说两百七十票。一旦一位候选人赢得足够的州数,达到两百七十票的多数,他们就已经赢得选举,成为总统当选人。耶!So, lets recap. Your vote helps your state choose a single candidate. That candidate receives all the electors from your state. The candidate who can win enough states, to reach two hundred and seventy total electors wins the national election and becomes the President-elect.所以,让我们来重述一下要点。你的选票帮助你的州选出一位候选人。那位候选人接收你州所有的总统选举人票。能够赢得足够州数,抵达总共两百七十张总统选举人票数的候选人赢得全国大选并成为总统当选人。Then, on the following January 20th the President-elect is sworn in as the next President of the ed States. And it all starts with your vote. Make it count!然后,在次年一月二十日,总统当选人宣誓就职成为下一任美国总统。而这一切都是从你的投票开始的。让你的选票说话吧!Im Lee Lefever, and this has been Electing a U.S President in Plain English on the Common Craft Show. One more thing: the Common Craft Store now offers downloadable versions of our s for use in the workplace. Find them at commoncraft.com/store.我是Lee Lefever,而这是Common Craft Show的“简说美国总统大选”。还有一件事:Common Craft Store现在提供让你在工作场所使用我们的可下载版本影片。在commoncraft.com/store可以找到它们。201505/373907。