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统计学家尼克·马科斯质疑为什么我们要以一个国家的生产力,而不是人民的快乐和幸福感,来衡量其是否成功。他向我们介绍全球幸福指数, 这个指数测量一个国家的国民幸福感和资源使用率的比例(因为你可以不靠牺牲地球来换取幸福的生活)。 哪个国家的幸福指数最高呢? 你会大吃一惊的。201303/230426随着全世界的目光聚焦伦敦,英国女王伊丽莎白二世的钻石庆典和2012年的奥运会,在德国首都及所有的地方英国食物被那里的人们所喜爱。As the eyes of the world turn towards London for the Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, British cooking is gaining appreciation. In the German capital, of all places.A typical full English breakfast, frying away on the griddle.All over Britain people tuck in to this hearty meal in the morning, at lunch, even for dinner.But this is not London, Birmingham or Brighton.This breakfast is served up in the shadow of the Berlin TV tower in the German capital’s trendy Kreuzberg district.The restaurant is called East London. Only a year old, it’s a regular haunt for both expat Brits and local fans of British cooking.That may come as a surprise to some as British cuisine is not known here for its merits.Chef Benn Hayes thinks he knows why.Benn Hayes says, ;We have a lot of fried stuff in England. The fried Mars bar probably doesn’t help the rep (reputation). You know, putting chocolate in a fryer. That doesn’t help.;But British restaurants abroad are getting a boost from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the 2012 Olympics.At Hudson’s cafe in Berlin, owners Jim and Katie Hudson have aly witnessed an increased interest in British cooking and baking.The Londoners moved to Berlin on a short-term basis while taking sabbatical leave. Five years later they are still here.A year after their cafe’s opening, it’s become famous for its British cakes and scones.Both Hudson’s and East London have planned special events to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. They are also expecting large crowds of expats and Germans to show up during the Olympics.201206/185452They need to fix 300 pieces of copper shell to the framework.他们得把300块铜片安装到铁架上with more than 300,000 rivets.足足用了30多万个铆钉Her robes have over 4000 square yards to cover her.女神像的外袍有4000平方码之大Her outstretched arm is 42 feet long.她伸展出去的手臂长42英尺A finger nail weighes 3 and a half pounds.一个指甲就有3磅半重The scale of Liberty is unimaginable.自由女神像的规模之大超乎想象After six months of hazardous construction,theres no fatalities,经过长达6个月充满危险的工作总算有惊无险the Libertys 17-foot face is finally winched to position女神像长达17英尺的脸终于通过绞盘安装到位Its bigger than Lincolns on Mount Rushmore比拉什莫尔山上林肯雕像的脸还大Its said the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi modeled the face on his own mother.据说雕刻者弗雷德里克·奥古斯特·巴托尔迪是按照他自己母亲的样子来雕刻的It takes 25 years for Liberty to acidize and turn green.经过了25年的风吹雨打,自由女神像酸化并变成了绿色A functioning lighthouse until 1902.1902年之前 它被用作灯塔The statues official name is: Liberty Enlightening the World.这座雕像的正式名字是:自由照耀世界At first, the symbol of the alliance and friendships between France and the 13 colonies in the American Revolution.首先,它象征了独立战争期间法国和美国13个殖民地之间的盟约和友谊It will come to represent much more.它的象征意义渐渐不止于此At the entries to New York Harbor,the Statue of Liberty becomes a beacon to the world,and a welcome to millions.矗立在纽约港的入口处,自由女神像俨然成了全世界的灯塔迎接了几百万人的到来Later, a poem by Emma Lazarus in her base,celebrates America as a land of refugees:后来,她的基座上刻了一首爱玛·拉扎露丝的诗庆祝美国成为了逃难者的乐土;Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!;欢迎你,那些疲乏的和贫困的聚在一起,渴望自由呼吸的大众,那熙熙攘攘的被遗弃了的可怜的人们,把这些无家可归的饱受颠沛的人们一起交给我 ,我在金门旁高擎自由的灯火 /201212/212272

Chinas Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said on Tuesday that China was always seeking consultations to solve disputes with the European Union over mobile telecommunications equipment.中国商务部长高虎城周二表示,就欧盟对中国手机通讯设备进行调查一事,中方一直寻求磋商解决争端。Gao said the interests of both sides would be hurt if the EU goes ahead with an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation into mobile telecom equipment from China.高部长说,如果欧盟继续以反侵销和反补贴的名义对中国手机通讯设备进行调查,这一行为势必会有损双方利益。Last week, the European Commission decided in principle to open an investigation into the mobile telecom sector.上周,欧盟决定对中国手机通讯设备部门展开调查。The minister also said that the Chinese telecom market was open to the world, including European companies, and channels of consultations at various levels have remained open.高部长还表示,中国通讯市场面向世界开放,包括欧洲公司,而且各级磋商渠道仍然保持开通。201305/241058

If you find yourself wondering whether hes keeping you a secret, take control of the situation and find out the truth!如果你想知道他是否不想把两人的恋情公开,控制形势,查明真相!Step 1: Take Control1.控制Tell your date you want to treat him to dinner for once. Then, take him to a place in his neighborhood, where you might run into someone he knows. Check his reaction when he realizes where youre going. If hes aly getting nervous, bad news.告诉约会对象你想邀请他共进晚餐。然后,带他到他居住的地方附近,你们可能会在这里遇到他认识的人。当他意识到你们要去哪里的时候,看一下他的反应。如果他开始有点紧张,这就不太妙了。Step 2: Touchy Feely2.敏感动作Even if its not normal in your relationship, try out some PDA. Hold his hand, kiss his cheek, give him a little pinch on his other cheek. Gauge his reaction. If hes OK, youre OK. If hes nervous, suspect foul play.即使这在你们的恋情中并不正常,也可以尝试一下。握住他的手,亲吻他的脸颊,搔一下他另外一边的脸颊。观察他的反应。如果他还好,你也没什么。如果他很紧张,就要怀疑他是不是玩弄感情。Step 3: Introductions3.介绍When you run into someone he knows, the introduction tells all. Will he introduce you as his girlfriend? Or does he stutter and chicken out?当你们遇到他认识的人时,他的介绍可以说明一切。他是不是介绍说你是他的女朋友?还是言辞闪烁,顾左右而言他?Thanks for watching How To Find Out If Youre His Secret Lover.感谢收看“怎样查明你是不是他的秘密情人”视频节目。201211/211161

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