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It#39;s now thought that the ice caves fringing this crater现在人们觉得 火山口边缘的冰洞may even be a home for hitherto-unknown life forms.可能是一些未知生命的家园From this oasis of warmth at the edge of the continent,从这片位于大陆边缘的温暖绿洲开始our journey continues inland towards the South Pole.我们继续朝向内陆的旅程 直到南极点The first great hurdle而第一个巨大的障碍is the formidable Transantarctic Mountain range.就是难以逾越的南极横贯山脉We are following the route taken by Scott and Amundsen当年 斯科特和阿蒙森试图成为as they struggled to become the first humans征南极点的第一人to reach the South Pole.我们将追随他们的脚步They were travelling on foot他们当年只能步行and their first sight of these mountains当他们第一眼见到这些山脉时must have been daunting indeed.一定让他们十分畏惧In front of them stretched one of the world#39;s longest ranges,出现在他们面前的是世界最长山脉spanning 2,000 miles from one side of the continent to the other.横跨南极大陆 绵延近3200公里The winds up here are the fastest on Earth.这里还刮着地球上速度最快的风They reach speeds of 200 miles an hour.风速可达每小时320多公里An ice-capped mountain bears the scars of the gales,这座山脉上遗留有狂风肆虐的痕迹bizarre sculptures carved from solid ice.坚实的冰层被刻蚀出古怪的雕塑 /201210/206127

It`s time for the Shoutout. How many hurricane categories are on the Saffir-Simpson scale? If you think you know it, then shout it out. Is it 10, 8, 5, or 3? You`ve got three seconds, go.这是“大声喊出来”时间!按萨菲尔-辛普森暴风分级法,暴风共分为几级?如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是:10级,8级,5级,还是3级?你有三分钟的时间,开始!The Saffir-Simpson scale rates hurricanes on a 1 through 5 scale, based on their intensity. That`s your answer and that`s your Shoutout.萨菲尔-辛普森暴风分级法根据风力强度共分为5级。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。When a hurricane`s winds hit a certain speed, the storm moves up a category on that scale.当暴风的风力达到一定速度时,风暴的等级上升一个级别。On Thursday, Hurricane Leslie was a category 1, but forecasters are saying it could get stronger as it moves toward Bermuda.星期四的时候,风暴莱斯利是一级风暴,但天气预报预计当它移动到百慕达时风力会变强。Experts think it could hit the Caribbean island nation this weekend.专家认为它可能会在这周末袭击加勒比岛国。Officials there are telling residents to prepare for the worst.官员提醒居民们要做最坏的打算。Hurricane Michael formed on Wednesday. It got big in a hurry.麦克暴风于星期三形成。它在短时间内变得很强。By early Thursday, Michael was aly a category 3.在星期四的早些时候,麦克已经是一个三级飓风了。That made it the first major hurricane of the season, but forecasters are saying it`s not likely to pose any immediate threat to land.那让它成为了这个季节的第一个大型风暴,但是预报员说这次暴风暂时不会对陆地造成影响。 /201209/199567

How To Stop Your Boyfriend Flirting With Party Girls聚会上阻止男友与别人调情的好办法The worst party ever is the one where your boyfriend spends the whole night flirting with ladies. Here are some quick and easy techniques to stop this awfully rude behaviour immediately.聚会上最悲催的事莫过于,男友把你晾在一边,和别的女生打情骂俏热火朝天,想hold住场面吗亲?下面是些小诀窍,希望能帮上你! Interrupt to tell him the baby is kicking againInterrupt to tell her the terms of his parole mean you have to leave nowShame him with the "hot stuff" signal, and walk smartly awayFire snacks at him with an elastic bandTie his shoelaces together, and then nudge himWhisper in her ear that if she isn't gone in 60 seconds, she won't have any hair left, as you will have torn it all out.Tell him he is dumped.Flirt with the most beautiful man thereIn earnest conversation with other girls, discuss penis sizeGet a guy to pass you a mysterious note, open it, smile and go upstairsEat a peanut and fake an anaphylactic shock.Cry on the stairsShare a passionate lesbian kiss with a passionate lesbianDump him with charadesTell the host he is being treated for kleptomania, and you just saw him pocket a valuable ornamentAsk the DJ to put 'your song' onFind out who the girl is, and tell four other men she said they were hotBribe a big fella to take him outside for a fight.Call his mum, and tell her he's been trying to get hold of her for a gossip.Ignore the whole thing, and use the evening to findyourself a new boyfriend who isn't a flirty asshole. Article/201108/151373

Knowing what kind of surf board to start on can be questionable when picking up surfing for the first time. Here in this two-minute , you can know how to find out what kind of board you should be getting and what price to expect.第一次购买冲浪板时,应该购买哪一种。在本期2分钟的视频中,你将学会如何挑选价格合理适合自己的冲浪板。Okay, you guys, in this , I am going to talk you through on how to buy a surfboard. Okay, so you have decided to take up surfing, so first off, I would suggest you buy a Luna Board, okay? You probably, if you go to any surf school within the UK or the world, they are going to get you standard on one of these first off, okay? On the deck, it is nice and soft, and on the underneath, it is plastic, okay? It is a nice rigid board and especially with it being a soft deck, you are not going to hurt yourself. So you are looking at pay in between a hundred and two hundred pounds, depending on what size you go for with the Luna Board.大家好,在这个视频中,我将告诉你购买什么样的冲浪板。你已经决定去冲浪,那么首先,我建议你买个弯月牌的冲浪板。如果你去英国或者世界上任意一所冲浪学校,他们都会首先让你使用一个标准的冲浪板。这种板很结实,但是上面有柔软的表层,这样你就不会轻易受伤。根据尺码的大小,这种板的价格在100到200英镑之间。You can buy these in your local surf shop or on the internet. So, if you want to have a little bit something more progressive, okay, but still easy to surf, you might want to buy yourself a long board. So a long board traditionally is nine feet long, okay, but they go up to ten feet, but same again, you can buy these in your local surf shop or on the internet.你可以在当地的冲浪用品店,或者互联网上购买。如果你想学更高级一点的冲浪技术,而又不想太难,你可以买一个长一点的冲浪板。传统上的长冲浪板长9英尺,但是现在也有10英尺长的。同样,你可以到当地冲浪用品店或者网上商店去买。Especially with ;foamified; blast boards, I really suggest that you go to your local surf shop, but they are going to talk you through your height, your size, how long you have been surfing, and what you can actually do along the wave, okay? They are going to point you in the right direction on what board you need. Now, on a long board, you can be paying anything between five hundred to a thousand pounds. That is basically down to who makes the surf board, where it is from in the world, and if you have sprays or what not on your long board.尤其是那种带着泡沫斑点的长板,我真的建议你应该到当地冲浪器材店去买一个,但是通常情况下,他们会要求你提供身高,体重,冲浪年龄,以及冲浪技术等数据,然后他们将会告诉你需要使用什么样的冲浪板。这样的一个长板,你需要付五百到一千磅间不等。这基本上取决于冲浪板的品牌和制造地,也取决于你有没有必要的附件。So, if you progress even more from your long board, you can move down to short boards. Now, short boards again, you really need good advice on what short board to buy, so you might want to go to your local surf shop again when you buy these. So, short boards, you are probably looking at a pay in between three hundred and four hundred and fifty pounds.所以如果你还没有到需要长板的地步,你可以从短板开始练习。说到短板,你还要到冲浪用品商店里去咨询一番,一般来讲,短板的价格在300到450英镑之间。And that, in summary, is how to buy a surf board.以上内容就是如何选择冲浪板。Thanks for watching How To Buy A Surfboard谢谢收看本期节目。 /201208/196499

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