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On Oct 5, 2011, two Chinese cargo ships were attacked along the Mekong River, resulting in 13 Chinese sailors being slaughtered before their corpses were discarded by a Myanmar drug-trafficking lord.2011年10月5日,两艘中国货船在湄公河上遇袭,13名中国船员被残忍杀害,尸体被缅甸大毒枭抛入河中。This exceedingly inhumane incident shocked the whole nation, and indeed the whole world. Through the countless reports that followed, we were all well-informed of what happened next – the warlord was captured and extradited to China in 2012. He admitted his responsibility for the crime to Chinese authorities and was then condemned to death.这一惨无人道的凶案震惊了中国乃至全世界。一系列的报道聚焦跟进着案情的进展——2012年,该毒枭最终落网,并被引渡至中国。他向中国有关部门承认了当时所犯下的罪行,随后被判处死刑。Operation Mekong (《湄公河行动》), a film based on the murderous massacre which was released on Sept 30, topped the box office during the National Day holiday – beating star-studded romance film I Belonged to You (《从你的全世界路过》) and fantasy L.O.R.D.–Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (《爵迹》). You may wonder how a film telling a tale of something most of China is all too familiar with won filmgoers’ hearts (and their ticket money).9月30日上映的电影《湄公河行动》便是根据上述惨案改编而成。在十一黄金周期间,《湄公河行动》击败了众星云集的爱情电影《从你的全世界路过》和奇幻大片《爵迹》,成为国庆档电影票房的最。你或许不禁想问,这部电影所讲述的事件大部分国人都再熟悉不过了,那么,它究竟是如何抓住观众的心(并让他们甘愿自掏腰包)呢?With a theme that could easily have been developed into an informational yet tedious documentary about the perils of drugs, Hong Kong director Dante Lam (林超贤) made this film an exhilarating action thriller filled with violent fights and massive explosions. In a behind-the-scenes , Lam says that as audiences are aly well aware of the story’s beginning and end, his film focuses on depicting the behind-the-scenes operation of bringing the criminals involved to justice.这样的故事很容易就会被拍成冗长的教育性纪录片,以体现毒品的危害。但香港导演林超贤却将它变成了热血沸腾的动作大片,片中满是激烈的打戏和大量的爆炸场面。在一则幕后视频中,林超贤表示,因为观众们都十分熟悉整个事件起因和结局,所以,电影更多的是描绘将涉案罪犯绳之以法的幕后故事。But this is just a walk in the park for Lam – many of his signature works are crime and gangster flicks, including the critically acclaimed duo The Beast Stalker (《人》,2008) and The Stool Pigeon (《线人》,2009).但对于林超贤来说,这不过是信手拈来——他的代表作多为警匪片,如备受赞誉的《人》(2008)和《线人》(2009)等。Every second of the knuckle-biting operation led by narcotics officer Gao Gang (Zhang Hanyu) and undercover agent Fang Xinwu (Eddie Peng, 彭于晏) is tense and thrilling enough to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats. Throw in some crazy car chases, exploding buildings and intense, bullet-ridden gun battles, and you have an incredible action thriller on your hands.在片中,缉毒警官高刚(张涵予饰)和卧底情报员方新武(彭于晏饰)执行了一系列环环相扣的行动。行动的每分每秒都扣人心弦,险象环生,令观众们绷紧神经往下看。疯狂的飞车场面、连环爆炸的建筑物、子弹横飞的战……这些都是你眼前动作大片中的精一幕。“Though more sensationalistic than serious, this film has a scale and an energy that rivals any Hollywood blockbuster,” a Los Angles Times review wrote.“尽管这部影片更多地追求轰动效果而非严肃氛围,但它依然形成了一种规模优势和能量,可以与任何好莱坞大片分庭抗礼,”一则《洛杉矶时报》的影评写道。Military films often aim to educate and one purpose of Operation Mekong is to get “more media attention and screen productions to show the public the dangers of drugs”, Zhao Zhongchen, a police officer who had taken part in the investigation of the case, said at a promotional event for the film in June.军事题材的电影多数含有教育意义,而《湄公河行动》这部影片的目标之一便是“获得更多媒体和影视制作方的关注,向公众展现毒品的危害,”曾参与湄公河大案调查的赵中辰(音译)警官在六月的一场电影宣传会中表示。And if this was its intention, Operation Mekong has exceeded this mission by visually bringing to our attention the shockingly brutal and violent underbelly of a world that most never see.如果这就是电影《湄公河行动》的目标,那么,这部影片已经超额完成了任务,并向我们展现了一个大部分人都从未见过的、野蛮而又凶残的黑帮世界。It’s easy for mainstream films about military action and drug wars to end up as a solemn and depressing 90 minutes for the viewer, however this movie shows that the genre can also be entertaining when it wants to be.90分钟的军事行动和缉毒战的主旋律电影很容易就会令人感到严肃而沉闷,然而,这部电影却向我们明了,这样的主旋律电影也可以如此引人入胜。 /201610/472108Having sex increases spirituality and #39;makes people more likely to believe in God#39;啪啪啪能增强“灵性”,让人们更相信上帝Hormones released while having sex can increase spirituality and belief in God, scientists have claimed.科学家称,啪啪啪时产生的荷尔蒙,能增强“灵性”,让人们更相信上帝。According to the research, the release of oxytocin not only promotes social bonding and helps childbirth in women, but also stimulates increased feelings of religiousness. 研究表明,啪啪啪时产生的催产素不仅能加强社会联系、助产,还能刺激人们对宗教的虔诚之感。A research team from Duke University in North Carolina carried out a study in which they boosted levels of oxytocin in middle-aged men and found increased self-reported spirituality on two separate measures and also that this effect remained significant a week later.北卡罗莱纳杜克大学的研究小组对中年男人进行促进催产素分泌的研究。结果表明,两次独立测量下,他们都感觉自我灵性增强,一周后的感觉更强烈。A control group who received a placebo did not report higher levels of spirituality. Those who received the hormone also reported more positive emotions during meditation. 而用安慰剂抑制催产素分泌的那组实验对象,则没有类似感觉。被促进分泌的实验对象在冥想中能感到更多积极的情绪。Patty Van Cappallen, a social psychologist and the lead author of the study said: ;Spirituality and meditation have each been linked to health and well-being in previous research. We were interested in understanding biological factors that may enhance those spiritual experiences,; she told the university#39;s newspaper Duke Today. Oxytocin appears to be part of the way our bodies support spiritual beliefs.;社会心理学家Patty Van Cappallen是这项研究的主要作者。在《今日杜克》的报纸中,她表示:“之前的研究表明,灵性和冥想跟身体健康和身体状态有关。我们对加强这种精神体验的生物因素的研究很感兴趣。催产素是人体产生灵性信仰不可或缺的一部分。”The results were published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.研究结果已经发表在《社会认知与情感神经科学周刊》上。Oxytocin is produced naturally in the hypothalamus, and previous research has indicated the hormone may play a role in promoting empathy, trust, social bonding and altruism.人体下丘脑会自然分泌催产素。之前研究发现,这种荷尔蒙有助于增加同情心、新人、社会联系和无私等感情。The group who received oxytocin were more likely to report that spirituality was important in their lives and that life has meaning and purpose. 被增加催产素的小组明显感到灵性在生命中的重要性,觉得生活充满意义和目标。This remained true after taking into account whether the participant said they belonged to an organised religion or not. 无论研究对象是否有严格信教,他们都会有这种感觉。The results provide the first experimental evidence that spirituality appears to be supported by Oxytocin. 研究结果为“催产素有助于增加灵性假说”首次提供了可靠依据。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201610/468648

I know this is going to be slightly bizarre, but I think you should go out and exercise.我知道这听起来有点奇葩,但是我认为你该出去做点运动。A few years ago I was suffering from being extremely lazy. Usually, what I would do is come home after a long day of college and not go over everything that I had learnt in class - complacency on my part because I#39;m a fast learner - but it would mostly be due to laziness.几年前我因为太懒受了不少苦。通常我在大学上了一天课回家后是不会主动去复习当天内容,我自认为自己学东西快,但其实是懒癌在作怪。When I had started exercising, my organisational skills, problem solving skills and general intelligence had substantially improved. I was no longer absent-minded, lazy and stressed. It could have possibly been due to the motivation my teachers were giving me to achieve my potential, not just due to the exercise; but the exercise was enormously beneficial, and is what spurred me on.当我开始运动后,我的组织能力、解决问题能力和综合智力都有了质的飞跃,我不再健忘、懒、紧张兮兮。这可能是因为我的老师一直鼓励我去挖掘自己的潜能,而不单单是因为运动;但是运动确实好处多多,而且是运动一直激励着我。A friend of mine wanted to lose some weight.我有个朋友很想减肥。He tried everything. He spent a whole day eating fish soup only.尝试过很多方法,甚至一天就只喝鱼汤Then he spent another day fasting. Then he started to skip breakfast. Then, for an afternoon he had fruit only. Then only rice, for 12 hours.然后第二天节食、第三天开始不吃早餐、下午只吃水果,接下去时只吃米饭坚持12小时But nothing would work. Big belly, small arms.然并卵,大肚子小胳膊一直在。“Why do you want to be skinnier?” I asked.我曾问他为什么想变瘦。“I don’t really know, it’s just better” he replied.他回答说他也不知道,只是觉得瘦更好。And then he only had salad for a day. And then a Chinese takeaway.接下去他一天只吃沙拉,隔天只点了份中国菜外卖。He didn’t know what he wanted, he only knew what he didn’t really want.他不知道自己想要的,但他知道自己特别不想要的。I like this e from Lewis Carroll.我很喜欢出自路易斯?卡罗尔这一席话。One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.一天,爱丽丝走到分叉口,看到一只柴郡猫正在树上。;Which road do I take?” she asked.”我该走哪条路呢?”她问。“Where do you want to go?” was his response.“你想走哪条?”他反问。“I don’t know.” Alice answered.“我不知道。”爱丽丝回答。“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”“其实选哪条都不要紧。”猫回答。Hard work is just a tool. But where do you actually want to go?努力只是工具,重要的是知道自己想要什么。 /201703/498767

We need to talk about what you#39;re doing...我们得谈谈你在做的事……Why are you so interested in us? Who sent you?你为什么对我们如此感兴趣啊?谁派你来的?Are you a narc?你是缉毒警察吗?You shouldn#39;t go snooping around...你不应该四处窥探的……a ornithologist#39;s worst nightmare一个鸟类学家最糟糕的噩梦 /201705/506906

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