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三山区人民男科医院包皮手术怎么样芜湖那家医院治疗梅毒效果好:天堂里的母亲 -01- ::5 来源: Angel: A chief broadcaster.Anny: A primary school girl who had called so much in order to look her mother.Anny’s fatherAnny’s teacherAnny’s classmatesDivide the stage into two parts.On the left: Children’s ward, a chair, some flowers.On the right: A desk, a chair, a lamp, some books.(幕启,舞台左半亮,右半暗)(The phone is ringing)Old woman: Hello!Anny(曲生地): Hello, I, I want mum. Is that mum?Old woman: Oh, I’m granny. I’m not mum.Anny: I’m sorry.(电话挂断声,拨号声又起)A young woman: Hello!Anny(曲生地): Hello! I want mum. Is that mum?Young woman: Are you joking? I’m not married.(电话继续响,右半舞台亮)Angel: Hello!Anny(鼓起勇气): I want mum. Is that mum?Angel: Who’s that speaking?Anny: I’m Anny, your Anny.Angel: Anny?(充满疑惑)(略为思索后,用母亲的声调)Where are you?Anny(仿佛遇见母亲,忍不住哭起来): Mum,(哭声,欲语泪先流,又猛然惊觉)Mum, mum, I’m not crying.Angel(安慰地,担心地): You are a nice little girl.Anny: Mum, why don’t you come to see me? Dad says you will come back if I am well behaved. Mum, don’t you miss me?Angel(慈爱地): Of course, I do. I do miss you?Anny: Really? Angel: Yes. I miss you so much.Anny: Mummy!Angel: En…Anny: Mummy!Angel: Yes?Anny(笑若银铃)(Angel 慈爱地笑,心略有所安)Anny(突然又哭了): But mummy, why don’t you come back? I’m ill. Angel(关切地): Anny, where are you? Tell me, where are you?Anny: Mummy, I’m in hospital now. I felt pain, but I didn’t cry. Dad says the one who cries is not a good girl. Then you won’t come back. Mummy, can you come back to see me? I’m waiting you with no tears.Angel: Anny, I’m, I’m not… Oh, yes, mummy will come back to see you(Dad推门入,见Anny在打电话,连忙夺过)Dad: I’ve told you not to call anybody else.(对着电话)Sorry, I’m really sorry. The child has disturbed you.Angel: Never mind. I’m a mother, too. I understand her. May I know the truth?Dad: Eh…, her mum isn’t here. So she called and called.Angel: Where’s Anny’s mother? You divorced?Dad: No, no. I hope she would come back. But…Angel: You don’t trust in me? I’m Angel, the chief broadcaster of the hot line.Dad(回头看Anny): Then, I’ll tell you the truth some other day.Angel:All right.(灯暗景换)On the left: Anny’s sitting room.On the right: Anny’s classroom.(左右同时演绎)Left:Dad: Anny’s mum passed away in a tracffic accident six years ago. She told me to hide the truth. This is the letter Anny.Right:Teacher: Children, in this class. Let’s enjoy Anny’s composition “A letter to mummy”.(Angel, Anny同时,时空错接,音乐起)Angel: Anny, my dearest baby!Anny: Mummy, my dearest mummy!Angel: When we played hide and seek, I was found easily.Anny: When we played hide and seek, I could found you easily.Angel: But this time, you can’t find me.Anny: But this time, I can’t find you.Angel: Baby, we have a date. When you are , you can find me.Anny: Mummy, we have a date. Dad says when I am , I can find you.Angel: Baby, the game lasts so long. I wonder if you have the courage to go on.Anny: Mummy, don’t worry. I grow up with your arms around me in my dream.Angel: Anny, if the time is so long, mummy will talk with you when you are looking at our photo.Anny: Mum, the letter you left to me is so long. I it every night, again and again.Angel: Anny, your birthday present is on the wardrobe.Anny: Mummy, I’ve known the truth. Every time I take a bus, I can see your dad eyes.Angel: Anny, I’m really worried if you will be so sad after your th birthday. Is there anyone to love you all his life?Anny: Mummy, I’ll never give up. I believe there is a call to the paradise. I will love Dad. I will love myself. I can fly with my own wings one day.Angel: Anny, my dear.Anny: Mummy, be safe all the way. There are no tears in paradise.(灯亮,谢幕)芜湖最好治疗早泄医院 湖边小屋精对白:Kate给Alex的第一封信 -- :: 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影对白系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第三段对白 一个清冷的早晨,Kate离开伊利诺伊州美丽的湖边小屋,去繁忙的芝加哥医院工作其实她不愿离开这个宽敞明亮、甚至还能在房中看到湖景的地方Kate离开时在门外的信箱里留下了一封信,希望小屋的下一个住客能转交她的信件,还顺便解释说前门擦不掉的爪印早在自己搬进的时候就已存在,希望不要介意……Kate:Dear new tenant, welcome to your new home. As the previous tenant, let me say, I hope you'll like living here as much as I did. I filed the change of address with the post office but, you know what a crapshoot that can be. So if anything slips through, would you do me a favor and ward my mail? I'd appreciate it. My new address is below. Thanks in advance. P.S.:Alex:Sorry about the paw prints by the front door. They were there when l moved in. Same with the box in the attic. Paw prints? What the hell is she talking a bout? Kate:Hey, baby girl. Hi. Hi. Hey. Fix the light. Get dog food, huh? Get human food.注释:1. tenant:n. 房客. crapshoot:有风险的事业这里指Kate担心邮局会出错,仍然把她的信寄到旧的地址3. do me a favor:帮我一个忙. I'd appreciate it.:这句是在美国口语里经常用到的表示“感谢、感激”的话5. in advance:提前,预先6. attic:n. 阁楼,顶楼7. what the hell:(用以加强语气或咒骂)究竟,到底,也是口语里常用的 湖边 对白 小屋 精 第一封信 KateMy Teacher --19 :: 来源: Our art teacher is not too old and not too young. He’s tall and strong. He has a big mouth and small ears. He likes wearing a hat. He is good at drawing. He’s very funny. We all like him.三山区治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好

安徽芜湖人民医院男科专家现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙 --1 :: 来源: 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙你见过跳着街舞的黑人孙悟空吗?你见过穿着普拉达、古琦、阿玛尼的玉皇大帝吗?你见过龙王和他的妻子为是否给孙悟空金箍棒争打不休吗?你见过身着现代装、脚穿高跟鞋为孙悟空争锋吃醋的龙女吗?这就是现代版的音乐剧《大梦神猴The modernized version of the famous Monkey King musical makes jaws drop with its contemporary twists. The people behind the scenes share with Chen Jie their inspirations and their optimistic views about Chinese musicals.Every Chinese grows up with the story of the Monkey King, but I'll bet not many have ever seen it like this: the main character is an African-American who dances hip-hop; the Emperor of Heaven wears Prada, Gucci and Armani; the Dragon King and his wife fight with each other about whether to give weapons to the monkey or not; their three daughters, all in modern dresses and high-heel shoes, compete the heart of the monkey.Everything in the new version of the Monkey King musical, co-produced by Beijing Permance Arts Group and Beijing Genhua International Culture and Media, makes jaws drop.Broadway actor Apollo Levine, who plays the monkey, sings in English while he duets with the Emperor of Heaven actor who sings in Chinese. The monkey converses in English with his followers, who all speak in Chinese.Audiences may feel a bit disconnected in the first few minutes, but are soon so drawn by the actors' emotions and the dramatic story, that they will not find anything strange in the musical.The story is no longer a hundred-year-old folklore about the gods, the spirits and Buddha, but an aspiring contemporary drama about a young man who keeps leaving home in search adventures, after he gains power, he takes the responsibility to protect his family and finally realizes the value of home."I had no idea about the Monkey King bee I came here. The cast and director are wonderful and they help me learn everything about the story. I watched movies and television versions," Levine says."I always try to find something in me similar to the character and get to the table. Ironically, I find myself in the monkey. Like him, I travel and explore everywhere. I don't want to stay at home. The play helps me to find my responsibility in my family." 3 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴芜湖东方医院包皮过长 六年级英语作文:My Favourite Flower --1 :: 来源:   my favourite flower is lily. lily is the national flower of france. i like white lily best. because itrsquo very beautiful and pure. i planted a white lily in my garden in ring. i watered it every day.  it grew very fast. it was taller and taller. one day, i got home after school. the lily bloomed. it looked like an elegant fairy. i was too excited to cry, “oh, white fairy, white fairy!” i couldrsquo;t help dancing. at that night, i dreamt that i was a beautiful fairy.皖南医学院第二附属医院男科预约

皖南弋矶山医院前列腺炎多少钱天津独乐寺英文介绍 --9 ::33 来源: 天津独乐寺英文介绍独乐寺位于天津市蓟县西大街,以“古建、泥塑、壁画”三绝享誉中外,被专家誉为我国古代木结构建筑的代表作  Temple of Solitary Joy is located at inside west city gate of Ji County, Tianjin City. It is known its refined architecture skill in Channel's ancient buildings and has got the reputation of Six Best. These are: The earliest Dingshan Gate (Gate of Withstanding Hill) of the ground hall preserved now; The earliest Chiwei object on the Hill Gate preserved now; The earliest plane distribution which took pavilion as the center on the architecture plane; The biggest clay sculptured statue of Avalokiteavara inside a pavilion in China; The Avalokiteavara is also the most ancient high storeyed one; The more precious fact is that the Temple of Solitary Joy has stood unscathed after thousand years of rain, snow, wind and frost and big attacks, hence the most durable ancient Monastery of thousand years.  Entering the Temple , the first comes to sight is m high gate, on the arch of which there hangs a horizontal inscribed board: Temple of Solitary Joy. The single eaves ground hall roof was the roof building m during the western Tsin (AD65-3) and Southern and Northern Dyansty (-589) period, which was called Siadading in ancient time and now it is called big roof. On the two ends of the plane ridge, there are inward Chiweis. Chi denoted sparrow hawk in ancient time, which is a kind of fierce bird. The stand base of the gate is comparatively low, but the hall pinnacle is much higher above eaves and the pottery animal figures look sturdy; solemn and sturdy. There is no ceiling inside the pinnacle, there the painted beam and purlieus are visible. The whole piece is exquisitely wrought, simple arranged and skillfully done, which people gasp in administration.  Crossing the gate, one comes to the core building - Avalokitesvara Pavilion, 3 m in height. m outside appearance, it is two storeyed, but inside there is a hidden storey, thus three storeyed in fact. On the eaves corners, pottery unicorns are sculptured, on which little Buddha statues ride. Copper bells are hung under eaves corners, swaying with the wind, a specially refined scene. The most attractive thing is the structure of Dougong (sets of brackets on top of the columns supporting the beams within and roof eaves without——each set consisting of tiers of outstretching arms called Gong, cushioned with trapezoidal blocks called Dou). It is made of overlapping Dougong shaped wood blocks and bow shaped horizontal wood bars by adopting ms with each layer stretching out as bracket, big in upper part and small in lower part, thinly scattered, steady and sturdy. It makes eaves of the pavilion look like flying, far and deep in the sky, a beautiful and magnificent view.  Entering the Avalokitesvara Pavilion, the very sight is a huge standing Avalokitesvara Statue. If one stands by it, his height is only up to her ankle. The Statue, .7 m in height, is the biggest clay sculpture of Avalokitesvara in China. Two statues of attendant Bodhisattvas under the knee of Avalokitesvara are also 3 m in height. On the crown of the head of Avalokitesvara, there are small Avalokitesvare's heads, hence it is called faces Avalokitesvara. Reviewing around the inner part of the pavilion, one can discover that pillars of high and low storeys are not directly linked through, but the pillars of the upper storey are inserted into the arch head of that of lower storey. The upper storey of the pavilion is in a m of six corners empty well, while the lower storey is in a m of square empty well. This kind of structure is not only beautiful and strong, but also adds the space of the upper part of Budha statues. On the four walls inside the pavilion, colorful murals are painted, the theme of which is the images of Arhats and Ming Dynasty Emperors, which are the earliest subjects of Buddhism. On he murals, m high Arhats with 3 heads and arms are extremely lifelike and Ming Emperors on the four walls are full of power and grandeur. On the upper part of the murals, there are mountains, est, cloud and river, while on the lower part, there are paintings of secular themes with vivid and natural lines, which embody the superb the skill and arts of painting of ancient Buddhism in China. 天津 独 乐 盘点全球最值得旅游的十大花园 -- :: 来源: Top 1 Chateau de Versailles (凡尔赛宫) 由法国著名园林设计师勒诺特(André Le Nocirctre)设计The famous French landscape designer André Le N?tre laid out these gardens Southwest of Paris in the th century at the behest of Louis XIV. The Sun King wanted them to magnify the glory of his palace at Versailles, which was itself a monument to his absolute rule. The 50 acres (1 hectares) are riddled with paths that lead to flower beds, quiet corners decorated with classical statuary, ornamental lakes, and a canal that King Louis used gondola rides.Top The Master-of-Nets Garden (网师园)苏州园林中极具艺术特色和文化价值的中型古典山水宅园代表作品This residential garden in Southeast China, called Wangshiyuan in Chinese, was designed during the Song dynasty (A.D. 960-70). The arrangement of pavilions, halls, music rooms, winsome bamboo groves, and waterside perches is an exercise in natural harmony. The central section is a small world within itself; piles of yellow stones m "mountains" complete with caverns, and a tiny arched bridge called the "leading to quietude" crosses a pond to a small pavilion in the center.Top 3 Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew 皇家植物园邱园Set amid hectares (36 acres) of landscaped grounds, greenhouses are a popular feature of the gardens. Underneath their domes, botanical science and conservation come together in an elegant setting kilometers ( miles) from London. The Temperate House is the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse; the Bonsai House has trees more than 0 years old. Beneath the sloping glass roof of the Palm House, ten climatic zones grow baobab trees and vanilla orchids. Queen Charlotte’s Cottage royal picnicking and the Orangery lunch are enchanting.Top Powerscourt Gardens (鲍沃斯考特园林) 位于爱尔兰威克洛郡The gardens and grand Palladian villa at Powerscourt, south of Dublin, were designed in the 18th century and punctuate 19 hectares (7 acres) of mal walled gardens and shaded ponds. The grounds, waterfalls, parks, garden pavilions, and fine tree-lined arbors were suggested by the Italian Renaissance and the great estates and gardens of France and Germany. Cascading terraces and mal landscapes are planned with carefully designed walks that are framed by the gentle beauty of the Wicklow Mountains.Top 5 Butchart Gardens (宝翠花园)位于英国温哥华岛The Butchart Gardens are a dazzling example of a successful reclamation project. The land, used years by Portland Cement, by 19 had exhausted its value as a quarry. That's when Jennie Butchart, the wife of Portland Cement's owner, filled the space with soil from nearby farms. Her vision expanded into a 55-acre (-hectare) tract filled with 700 varieties of plants that bloom from March to October.Top 6 Villa d'Este (埃斯特庄园)意大利台地园的典范,与兰特庄园(VillaLant)、法尔耐斯庄园(VillaFarnese)并列文艺复兴三大名园A Renaissance cardinal decided to make life in Tivoli bearable by turning a dilapidated Benedictine monastery into a lovely villa, the Villa d'Este. This was embellished by one of the most fascinating garden and fountain complexes in the world, recently listed by UNESCO as one of Italy's 31 major historicalartistic sites. Among the most bewitching of the mossy fountains are the Fontana del Bicchierone (water pours out from a large shell-shaped basin); the Rometta fountain, which is a miniature Rom complete with a wolf-suckling Romulus and Remus; and the Avenue of the Hundred Fountains, where animal heads, lilies, a small boat, basins, and so on all spurt water.Top 7 Dumbarton Oaks (敦巴顿橡树园)位于美国华盛顿You might feel as though you've stepped into a Merchant-Ivory set in any of the gardens that make up this estate at the north end of Georgetown, one of Washington's poshest neighborhoods. Vines tumble down stone walls enclosing the Fountain Terrace. Lovers' Lane meanders past a Roman-style amphitheater built around a small deep-blue pool. And what used to be a simple cow path leading away from the pool is now called Melisande's Allée, perhaps as a nod to the haunting opera Pelleas et Melisande.Top 8 Gardens of the Villa éphrussi de Rothschild (St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France)In the early 1900s, Béatrice éphrussi, a Rothschild baroness, built a pink-confection, Venice-style villa surrounded by breathtaking gardens, with the sparkling sea beyond. Pathways meander through the seven themed gardens, the focal point being the French gardens, with a lily-pad-dotted pool, dancing fountains, and a Temple of Love replicating the Trianon at Versailles. There are also a Proven?al garden, filled with olive trees and lavender; a lapidary garden, with sculptures too large to be displayed in the villa; and Spanish, Japanese, Florentine, and exotic gardens.Top 9 Stourhead (斯托海德风景园)位于英国沃明斯特To the English gentry of the 18th century, the more classical something could be, the better. Stourhead is a grand example of genteel fascination with the past. Henry Hoare II punctuated the gardens of his Wilshire estate with re-created ruins and classical buildings such as the Pantheon and Temple of Apollo.Top Sans Souci (无忧宫)位于德国波茨坦市Frederick the Great of Prussia built the splendid rococo palace as his summer place, where he could live without a care, sans souci. Busts of Roman emperors, decorative statues, and a Chinese teahouse dot the lavish grounds. 盘点全球最值得旅游的十大花园芜湖南陵县男科医生芜湖包皮手术费和住院时间




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