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Its the helmet of a hero, and when it was found, people were immediately reminded of the great Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf. Until 1939, it had been taken for granted that Beowulf was essentially fantasy, set in an imaginary world of warrior splendour and great feasts. The Sutton Hoo grave ship, with its cauldrons, drinking horns and musical instruments, its highly wrought weapons and lavish skins and furs, and not least its hoard of gold and silver, was evidence that Beowulf, far from being just poetic invention, was a surprisingly accurate memory of a splendid, lost, pre-literate world.这是一副英雄的头盔,一经发现,人们便立刻联想起伟大的盎格 鲁-撒克逊史诗《贝奥武甫》。在1939年前,人们都理所当然地认为 《贝奥武甫》完全是虚构的,是一个想象中的由武士的荣耀与丰美的盛宴组成的世界。但萨顿胡船葬中发现的大锅、酒器、乐器、磨损严重的武器、大量的皮草与为数众多的金银财宝,都表明《贝奥武甫》绝不只是诗歌想象,而是对一个在文字出现之前就已存在、业已逝去的光辉世界的精确记忆。Think for a moment of the helmet, decorated with animal motifs made out of gilded bronze and silver wire and bearing the marks of battle; now listen to the poet Seamus Heaney ing from Beowulf:头盔上装饰着用镀金青铜制作的动物图案以及银线,带着战场厮杀的痕迹。看着它,再看看《贝奥武甫》中的描述:;To guard his head he had a glittering helmet为了护头他戴着闪亮的头盔that was due to be muddied on the mere-bottom将来必会被水底的淤泥污染and blurred in the upswirl. It was of beaten gold,还会被旋风卷得模糊 它用金箔打造princely headgear hooped and hasped王子般的帽子紧紧扣住by a weapon-smith who had worked wonders一个武器工匠创造的奇迹in days gone by and adorned it with boar shapes;饰以公猪since then it had resisted every sword.;自此之后抵御刀剑无数Clearly the Anglo-Saxon poet must have looked closely at something very like the Sutton Hoo helmet. Seamus Heaney was ing from his own translation of Beowulf - what does the Sutton Hoo helmet mean to him now?:很明显,这位盎格鲁-撒克逊诗人曾仔细观察过类似萨顿胡头盔的物品。我询问过诺贝尔文学奖得主、桂冠诗人、《贝奥武甫》的译者谢默斯希尼对萨顿胡头盔的看法:;I never thought of the helmet in relation to any historical character. In my own imagination it arrives out of the world of Beowulf, and gleams at the centre of the poem and disappears back into the mound. The way to imagine it best is when it goes into the ground with the historical king, or whoever it was buried with, then its gleam under the earth gradually disappearing.我从不觉得这头盔属于哪个历史人物。在我的想象中,它来自 《贝奥武甫》的世界,在诗章中闪耀,又消失于土丘。最好的方式是,想象它与某位历史上的国王或别的什么人一起入葬.然后它的光亮在泥土中慢慢暗淡。201509/400686

German police arrest two suspects in raid德国警方逮捕两名恐怖袭击嫌疑人Police in neighboring Germany say they have also arrested two people following a raid on 11 properties linked to radical Islamic Salafists.德国警方突袭伊斯兰激进派萨派名下11处房产后将两名恐怖袭击嫌疑人逮捕。The arrests followed months of investigation into five Turkish citizens aged 31 to 44.此次逮捕是历时几个月对5名31至44岁的土耳其公民调查后才进行实施的。Police said they believe the suspects were ;preparing a serious act of violence against the state in Syria; and laundering money.警方表示他们认为该2名嫌疑人涉嫌对叙利亚展开一系列暴力袭击及洗钱行动。Some 250 police officers took part in the raid in Berlin.大约有250名警察参加了此次在柏林的突袭行动。But authorities said there were no indications that the group had been planning attacks inside Germany.但当局表示没有迹象明这个组织计划在德国内部制造袭击。201501/354857

英语非常道 第51期:追忆光影年华201512/402199

一位研究玩耍的先锋,说到,幽默,游戏,调情和幻想不仅仅是有趣。孩提时代的玩耍让成年人更加高兴和聪明 -- 保持这种状态可以让我们永远与聪明相伴。201508/393277

Deals signed to buy 300 Boeing planes访美首单 中国购300架波音飞机A group of Chinese companies have just signed a deal with Boeing to order 300 airplanes.中国政府有关部门和企业分别与美国波音公司签署了购买300架波音飞机等系列合作文件。China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, IC Financial Leasing, and China Development Bank Leasing are the firms involved in the deal.签署协议的公司包括中国航空器材控股公司,工商金融租赁及中国国家开发租赁公司。At the same time Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China also signed a cooperative document with Boeing to build a 737 aircraft completion center in China.同时中国商用飞机有限责任公司也同波音公司还签署了一项在中国构建一份737型飞机完工中心的合作文件。The National Development and Reform Commission of China, the countrys economic planner, inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the US plane maker.国家经济计划制定者的中国国家发展和改革委员会与美国飞机制造商签署了一份谅解备忘录。 译文属201509/400681

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