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襄阳中心医院正规吗襄樊市第二人民医院能做孕检吗It#39;s rare when a single photograph defines an historic event. But one of those photographs is ;The Kiss.; It#39;s from Aug. 14, 1945, the day Japan surrendered to end World War II, when a sailor and nurse locked lips in Times Square.一张照片定格一个历史事件,这是很罕见的,然而“胜利之吻”恰好正是这样的一张照片。1945年8月14日,日本在二战中正式宣布投降。时代广场之上,一名水兵和一位护士相拥而吻。Until just recently, their identities remained a mystery, but with the 67th anniversary of VJ Day coming up Tuesday, the time seemed right for CBS News to reunite them. The photo is one of the most famous from the 20th century - a moment filled with such spontaneous euphoria it seemed to last forever.随着二战胜利67周年的日子临近,这正好是CBS新闻让这二位过去一直身份不明的两位主角重逢的好时机。这张照片是20世纪最著名的照片之一,它记录下了永久珍藏的狂欢之景。;It was the moment. You come back from the Pacific, and finally, the war ends,; reflects 89-year-old George Mendonsa, who says he#39;s the sailor in the photograph. The sailor, in uniform, is seen with Greta Friedman, a nurse, in her white uniform.“那时我刚从太平洋回来,接着战争就结束了。” 照片中的水兵,现年89岁的乔治·门德萨回忆道。照片中的水兵身着军装,而那个护士格丽塔·弗里德曼也穿着她的白色护士。As the perfect strangers embraced and kissed, world famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt snapped four pictures, taking only ten seconds to do so.目睹着素不相识的陌生人相拥而吻,摄影师阿尔弗雷德·艾森施塔特只用了10秒钟就抓拍了四张,记录下了这个瞬间。Greta was a dental assistant on break. George, a first class sailor in the Navy, was on a date with another woman when he heard the news at Radio City Music Hall.当时格丽塔是正在休假的牙医助手。乔治则是海军一等兵。当他在和女友约会,从城市广播里听到了日本投降的消息。He and his date then went to a nearby bar, celebrating that he wouldn#39;t have to return to combat.听到这个好消息,他和当时约会的女友走进附近的酒吧,庆祝他也许再也不会回战场厮杀了。;The excitement of the war being over, plus I had a few drinks,; George explains. ; ... So when I saw the nurse, I grabbed her, and I kissed her.;“战争结束了,我实在太高兴了,再加上我喝了点酒,” 乔治解释说,“所以一看到那名护士,我就抱住了她,吻了下去。”His date, Rita Petrie, can be seen in the background, smiling from ear-to-ear. She says, ;Either I was dopey or something, but it didn#39;t bother me!; Rita said with a laugh about George kissing another woman the first week they were dating. It must not have: She#39;s been married to George for the last 66 years.“胜利之吻”的照片中还能看到他当时的约会对象丽塔·皮特里在背景中咧嘴而笑。她表示:“我可能是太迟钝了,不过我不介意这个吻!” 聊起乔治在他们约会的第一周就当着她的面拥吻别的女人,丽塔边笑边说。值得一提的是,丽塔嫁给了乔治,他们在一起66年了。Greta says she#39;s ;sure; he saw the photo when it was published in Life magazine, and ;of course,; she recognized herself. ;You don#39;t forget this guy grabbing you!; she remarked.格丽塔则说,当生活杂志把照片刊登出来的时候乔治肯定看到了。当然她也在照片中认出了自己。“我永远忘不了抱住我的那个帅哥!”People write George all the time now, asking for autographs, and offering words of encouragement. He described a recent letter, saying the writer ;states something like, #39;It must be something great to be involved in a photo that means the end of World War II.#39; Well, I#39;m proud of that.; As is a nation that#39;s still mesmerized by his timeless kiss.很多人至今还在给乔治写信,索要签名并致以赞美之词。有封信这么写:“能够成为象征战争结束的照片中的一部分太了不起了!” 乔治说:“是的,我也为此感到自豪。” 至今他经久不衰的“胜利之吻”仍令万众着迷。 /201208/195231襄阳保康县人民医院治疗不能怀孕 Patterns and bright colours, it is hardly surprising if these curious-looking painted bulls attract close attention. But the reason behind their colourful hides is actually meant to ward off intruders.复杂的图案,鲜艳的颜色,难怪这些神奇的绘牛会如此地夺人眼球了。但是,牛体绘背后的故事却是为了阻挡猛兽入侵。Artistic residents in Jiangcheng County, Yunnan Province, China decorated their bulls for a festival, but the tradition began from a small Chinese group who believed painting their bulls would protect their village.中国云南省江城县富有艺术细胞的居民们把绘牛体当成了一种节日来庆祝,相传这一传统源于少数民族哈尼族,目的是为了保护自己的家园。The Hani minority tale preached that the painted bulls would scare away tigers from wandering into their homes. And this tradition now gives people the prefect excuse to show off their artistic talents.根据哈尼族的传说,最初绘牛是为了吓唬在附近游荡的猛虎。而现在,这一活动却无可争议地展现了哈尼族的艺术天赋。Altogether 48 teams joined this year#39;s China-Laos-Vietnam Bull Painting Festival.在今年的中老越绘牛狂欢节上,共有48队伍参加了比赛。With bright blues, dazzling yellows and splashes of deep red and green, these bulls#39; makeover was a bright change from their usual brown or white skin. Elaborate scenes of countryside, people, weather and patterns were painstakingly etched and tidily painted, including even the bulls#39; horns.鲜艳的蓝色、耀眼的黄色、还有亮丽的深红色和绿色,这些耕牛也从原来的棕色或白色变装成了鲜艳夺目的色。所绘的图画包括郊外风光、普通人民、天气情况等,这些图案都是一点一点、小心翼翼地绘制到牛体上的,甚至连牛角都给化了妆。The Hani people in China are mainly sp across the counties on the Honghe River in the Yunnan Province. They have a population of 1.4 million, mostly engaged in agriculture.哈尼族是中国的少数民族,主要分布在云南省红河流域。人口约为140万,以务农为主。 /201203/175629襄阳人民医院几点上班

襄樊职业技术学院附属医院价位表For those keen to look after their health, sugar-free fizzy drinks may seem a wise choice.But they could actually increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, research shows.   对于那些十分关注自身健康的人来说,无糖的碳酸饮料似乎是个硬质的选择。但有研究称,饮用该类饮料将提高患上心脏病或中风发作的危险机率。   A study of more than 2,500 people found those who had diet drinks every day were 61 per cent more likely to get vascular problems than those who did not have any carbonated drinks.   在一项对于2500人进行的调查研究中发现,那些每天都会饮用减肥饮料(无糖碳酸饮品)的人群要比不喝的人出现血管方面疾病的风险高出61%。   Researcher Hannah Gardener said: ‘If our results are confirmed with future studies, then it would suggest that diet soda may not be the optimal substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages for protection against vascular outcomes.’   研究者称,若调查结果在写下来的研究中被实,那么低卡的苏打水或将不再是出于对心血管的保护而选择的含糖饮料的最佳代替品。   The 2,564 participants had to state whether they drank diet fizzy drinks, regular fizzy drinks, a mixture of the two or none at all.Researchers said the survey did not include data on the types of diet and regular drinks consumed however, which could have given further information on how drinking different brands affected participants.   有2564人接受了调查访问,他们提交了自己的习惯:在无糖和含糖的碳酸饮料中如何选择,或将两者掺何在一块,又或者根本不喝。研究者表示,研究并未收集受访者日常的饮食习惯和消费饮品类型,尽管如此,该结果还是对于不同饮料对于消费者所产生的不同影响给出了进一步的信息。 /201102/125682襄阳宜城市妇幼保健院中医院是公立医院么 襄阳中医院引产多少钱

保康县人民医院处女膜修复 Lifetime lovers Frank and Anita Milford have reportedly become Britain's longest-married living couple after celebrating their 78th wedding anniversary. Lifetime lovers Frank and Anita Milford have reportedly become Britain's longest-married living couple after celebrating their 78th wedding anniversary. The pair met as teenagers at a dance in Plymouth, southern England, in 1926 and married two years later. Asked for the secret of their enduring union, Frank Milford, 98, a retired dock worker, said: "We don't always see eye to eye and we do have a small argument every day. "But that comes and goes. We are always here for each other." His 97-year-old wife added: "The key is give and take and lots of laughter." With their relationship as strong as ever, the couple hope to beat the record for Britain's longest-ever marriage of 80 years, set by Percy and Florence Arrowsmith. Percy Arrowsmith died last year. "There's every chance we could break that record," Anita Milford said. "These days marriages don't last long. A lot of people get married with the idea that if it doesn't work out there's no worry, but we can't understand that." The couple, who lived in a bungalow in the St Budeaux area of Plymouth until last year when they moved into a nursing home. Elaine Clarke, a senior care assistant at the Warwick Park Nursing Home, said of the couple: "It is very rare to see something like this. They are always by each other's side." Anita Milford was in bed for 10 days recently after falling ill and her husband stayed with her the whole time, Clarke said. "They are still very much in love." The world's longest marriage on record is 86 years, set by two couples -- Sir Temulji Bhicaji Nariman and Lady Narima in India and were married in 1853 and US couple Lazarus Rowe and Molly Webber, who tied the knot in 1743. 据报道,英国终身伴侣弗兰克和安妮塔·米尔福德夫妇日前度过了78周年结婚纪念日,他们因此成为英国婚龄最长的在世夫妻。 这两个人在1926年英国南部普利茅斯的一次舞会上结识,当时他们才十几岁。两年后,两人结为连理。 当谈及维系婚姻的秘诀时,98岁的退休码头工弗兰克说:“我们的意见并不总是一致,几乎每天都要小吵一下。” “但是我们很快就会和好。而且我们总会陪伴在彼此身旁。” 97岁的安妮塔补充说:“关键是要相互谦让,多一些笑声也很重要。” 目前英国婚龄最长的是结婚80年的珀西和弗罗伦斯·艾罗史密斯夫妇,可珀西·艾罗史密斯已于去年辞世。米尔福德夫妇的感情久而弥坚,他们希望能够打破80年的婚龄纪录。 安妮塔说:“我们很有希望打破纪录。” “如今的婚姻都不能长久。很多人抱着‘不成也没什么’的思想结婚,可我们却无法理解。” 这对夫妇一直住在普利茅斯圣布迪由斯地区的一间平房里,直到去年,他们搬进了一个养老院。 沃里克公园疗养院的高级护理助手伊莱恩·克拉克说:“这样的夫妇实在是很少见。他们总是形影不离。” 克拉克说,安妮塔最近因病卧床10天,这段时间,她的丈夫一直陪伴在她的身边。 “他们仍然很相爱。” 世界上有记载的最长婚姻是86年,由两对夫妇创下,他们分别是1853年结婚的印度的特米基·比察基·纳里曼爵士和纳里曼公爵夫人,以及1743年结婚的美国夫妇拉扎勒斯·罗和莫莉·韦伯。Vocabulary: see eye to eye: 意见一致give and take : 互相谦让;交换意见 /200808/46278襄州妇幼保健院中医院哪年成立枣阳妇幼保健院做人流好不



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