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Your average newborn will be nowhere near as popular as baby Pablo, whose fan club is 84 strong — and growing. Pablo has the distinction of being the first baby born in Ostano, Italy in nearly 30 years.一般的新生儿可能远没有帕布罗那么受欢迎,他拥有84个粉丝,并且这一数量还在持续增长中。帕布罗的与众不同之处在于:他是意大利奥斯塔纳小镇近30年来首个新生儿。The population of the remote Italian town—currently at 85, including baby Pablo — has been creeping toward zero for decades. A century ago, Ostano was thriving, with a flourishing economy and more than 1,000 residents. But new generations are leaving for places with more financial opportunity and this flight of young people has left remaining residents scrambling to keep their towns alive.包括新生儿帕布罗在内,目前这个偏远小镇的人口是85人。这一数字近十年来已经有变为零的趋势。一百年前,奥斯塔纳小镇欣欣向荣,经济繁荣,人口总数超过了1000人。但是,新一代居民都选择离开前往拥有更多发展机会的地方。年轻人的离开使得剩下的居民都在竭力维持小镇的活力。Ostano isn#39;t the only Italian town facing this problem. Another area, Gangi, decided to sell about 20 homes for less than to buyers who agree to stay and renovate the buildings.奥斯塔纳并不是唯一一个遭遇这一问题的意大利小镇。另外一个名叫甘吉的地区,已经决定以不到2美元的价格出售约20套房子给那些同意留下并且翻新建筑物的买家们了。;There is an absence of politics to help small communities — we are a long way from Rome,; Ostano mayor Giacomo Lombardo told The Local. By the 1980s, there was a real chance Ostano could die out completely. At its lowest point, Ostano#39;s population totaled five residents. Only 17 babies were born there between 1976 and 1987, and none have arrived since — until Pablo.奥斯塔纳小镇的镇长贾科莫·伦巴对当地媒体表示:“目前我们缺少一项政治制度来帮助小的城镇发展。我们还有很长的路要走。”在20世纪80年代,奥斯塔纳小镇差点面临灭亡。在人口最少的时候这里仅有5个常住居民。在1976年到1987年间,只有17个新生儿降临在这个小镇,而Pablo是自1987年来的第一个。 /201602/426755Emperor Guangwu Revitalizes the Han光武中兴War continued after Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu, claimed the throne.光武帝刘秀登基后战争仍不断发生。Over the next dozen years Liu Xiu wiped out the Lulin and Red-brow armies and other local forces.在接下来的十几年间,刘秀平定了绿林军和赤眉军以及其他的一些地方势力。The country became united again in A.D.36.国家与公元36年再次获得统一。Liu Xiu was one of the few Chinese emperors with talent for handling both military and civil affairs.刘秀是中国的帝王中极少同时具有军事和国家大事天赋的人之一。In war he was able to achieve victory using the strategy of surprise even when the enemy outnumbered his troops.作战中就算对手的兵力比他充足,他也能够出奇制胜。He appointed people to appropriate positions based on their different abilities, instead of their relationship with him.他根据人们不同的才能而不是与自己的关系派遣给他们合适的职务。For instance, he promoted many commoners and ordinary soldiers to become generals.例如,他任许多平民或普通士兵为大将。He even gave an important position to Zhu Wei, a man who had been involved in the conspiracy to murder his elder brother.他还重用曾密谋杀害他大哥有牵连的朱鲔。After reuniting the country, Emperor Guangwu devoted most of his time attending to state affairs, rather than resting on his laurels.重新统一全国后,光武帝将更多的时间投入到了国家大事之中而不是享受着自己的美名。According to historical records, he went to the imperial court early every morning, where he would discuss important matters with his ministers until sunset.据史料记载,他每日早早上朝,与他的大臣们商议大事直到太阳西下。Often the meetings would last until as late as midnight.大多数时候会议会持续到午夜时分。Emperor Guangwu’s dedication led to the implementation of many wise policies.光武帝的奉献为国家增添了更多的英明决策。For example, while taking measures to strengthen the power of the imperial family, he made a point of simplifying state organization and reducing surplus personnel.比如,当采取措施加强王室的权力时,他强调要简化国家机构,裁减冗官。He personally took the lead in reversing the extravagant trends of the late Western Han government.他以身作则带头扭转西汉末期的奢靡之风。Growing up among the common people, Emperor Guangwu knew their hard lot and thus promulgated lenient laws and low taxes to help the people recover.因为自己也是长于普通人之家,他充分了解人民的疾苦,所以颁布了仁慈的法律和低廉的税收来帮助人民恢复。He described such policies as “running the country with kindness” thus steering the Eastern Han toward a good beginning.他称这些法令为“温和执政”并因此引导东汉走向一个良好的开端。His reign indeed came to be acclaimed as “Gangwu Revitalizing the Han.”他掌权的时期因此被称为“光武中兴”。Before his death in A.D. 57, Emperor Guangwu decreed a simple funeral for himself because he had been “of little use to the people.”在他于公元前57年驾崩之前,光武帝为自己办了一个简单的葬礼,因为他认为自己“对人民无用”。By then the population of the country had reached 21 million, almost twice the figure at the beginning of the Eastern Han.在他之后,国家的人口达到了21000000,几乎是东汉开始时的两倍。 /201510/397356

Michael Larson is one of the most powerful men in US wealth management you have never heard of. He is the chief investment officer for Bill and Melinda Gates Investments (BMGI), and as such is in charge of managing Bill’s personal wealth through Cascade Investment, as well as handling the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Trust endowment. Despite his high-profile job, he works hard and successfully to stay out of the public eye — Cascade declined to speak for the purposes of this article.迈克尔·拉森(Michael Larson)或许是你从未听说过的美国财富管理界最具影响力的人物之一。他是比尔及梅琳达·盖茨投资(Bill and Melinda Gates Investments, BMGI)的首席投资官,以此身份负责通过Cascade Investment管理盖茨的个人财富,以及打理比尔及梅琳达·盖茨信托基金(Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Trust)的受捐资产。虽然岗位备受瞩目,但拉森努力成功地避开了公众的视线——Cascade拒绝接受为完成此稿而进行的采访。Bill Gates hired Larson 22 years ago to take over the investment of his personal wealth, which was about bn at the time. Since then Gates’s fortune has grown to around bn (of which he has given away around half) after Larson diversified the funds out of Microsoft, Gates’s software company, and into a broad range of investments.22年前,比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)聘请了拉森接管其个人财富的投资,当时前者的资产约为50亿美元。自那时起,拉森将盖茨的财富在他的软件公司——微软(Microsoft)以外进行广泛的多样化投资,盖茨的财富已增至约800亿美元(其中约一半已被捐出)。Cascade is not a family office in the traditional sense and does not like to call itself one. It does not handle logistics, payroll or expenses for the foundation and is purely an asset management firm that invests Gates’s personal wealth. BMGI is an organisation that manages the portfolios of Cascade, the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Trust and other entities, but again it does not label itself as a family office.Cascade不是传统意义上的家族理财室(family office),它也不喜欢被这样称呼。它不负责为盖茨的信托基金管理后勤、工资或者费用出,而完全是一家为盖茨个人财富做投资的资产管理公司。BMGI负责管理Cascade、比尔及梅琳达·盖茨信托基金及其他实体的投资组合,但它也不会给自己贴上家族理财室的标签。The way BMGI is structured allows the foundation to separate its programme work from its investments, say people close to the organisation. This has meant that more money has been created to go into the foundation’s mission to fight disease and improve education in the developing world.接近该机构的人士称,BMGI的结构可以让盖茨的基金会将慈善工作与投资分开。这意味着赚到的更多的钱都用在了该基金会的使命上:对抗疾病、提升发展中国家教育水平。Based in Kirkland, Washington, Cascade shies away from media attention. It declined to comment on its investment strategies but it is known to invest globally and across many asset classes. Its five largest publicly disclosed equity holdings are: Canadian National Railway; Republic Services, the waste removal company; Ecolab, the disinfectant maker; Femsa, the drinks group; and Deere, the maker of agricultural machinery.总部位于华盛顿州科克兰德(Kirkland)的Cascade避开了媒体的关注。该公司拒绝对其投资策略进行置评,但众所周知的是,它在全球范围内的许多资产类别都有投资。该公司公开披露的5宗最大规模持股涉及的公司包括:加拿大国家铁路公司(Canadian National Railway)、垃圾处理公司Republic Services、消毒剂制造商Ecolab、饮料集团Femsa以及农业机械制造商Deere。Cascade has holdings in property and non-technology companies. It holds around a 4 per cent stake in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment group, owns 47 per cent of the Four Seasons hotel company and about 6 per cent of Bunzl, the distribution and outsourcing group. In August, it increased its stake in Strategic Hotels and Resorts to 9.8 per cent.Cascade在地产以及非科技公司也持有股份。它持有沃伦巴菲特(Warren Buffett)旗下伯克希尔哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)投资集团约4%的股份,拥有四季酒店(Four Seasons) 47%的股份,以及分销与外包务集团Bunzl约6%的股份。今年8月,Cascade将其在Strategic Hotels and Resorts持有的股份提升至9.8%。Under Larson, Cascade has focused some of its attention on UK-listed stocks. In 2008, it bought a 3 per cent share of Carpetright, the flooring retailer, but has since reduced its stake. It has also invested in Diageo, the distiller, and JJB Sports, the retailer.在拉森的领导下,Cascade将一部分注意力集中在英国上市的股票上。2008年,Cascade收购了地板零售商Carpetright 3%的股份,但后来又进行了减持。它还对英国酒商帝亚吉欧(Diageo)以及零售商JJB Sports进行了投资。Cascade does not publicly disclose its performance results but it has been reported that because of Larson’s relatively conservative strategy, Cascade’s losses in the 2008 financial crisis were smaller than the industry average for the full year. Since 1995, Larson has delivered a compound annual return of around 11 per cent.Cascade未公开其业绩成果,但据报道,由于拉森相对保守的策略,在2008年金融危机期间Cascade的损失低于该行业的全年平均水平。自1995年以来,拉森实现了约11%的年复合回报率。Like Cascade, many single family investment firms are moving away from the term “family office”. Catherine Tillotson, managing partner of Scorpio Partnership, the consultancy, says: “A tour around London’s elite wealth management boutiques reveals the growing popularity of the term ‘private investment office’. Once loosely described as family offices or multi-family offices, this linguistic shift aims to put a finer point on their capabilities as independent advisers on family wealth.”像Cascade一样,许多单家族投资公司也在摆脱“家族理财室”的称谓。咨询公司Scorpio Partnership执行合伙人凯瑟琳舠洛森(Catherine Tillotson)说:“到伦敦的精英财富管理圈转一转,就可以看到‘私人投资理财室(private investment office)’一词越来越受欢迎。它们曾经被宽泛地形容为家族理财室或多家族理财室,这种用词变化旨在更明确地指出他们作为家族财富独立顾问的能力。”This change is not only happening among high-end investment firms; lawyers and accountants too are coining new phrases. “Family business consulting”, “private company services” and even “strategic philanthropy advice” have joined the lexicon of wealth management for the extremely rich, she says.这种变化不仅发生在高端的投资公司,律师、会计师们也在创造新用语。“家族企业咨询(family business consulting)”、“私人公司务(private company services)”甚至“战略慈善建议(strategic philanthropy advice)”都加入了为顶级富豪管理财富的专用词中,她说。What they signal is that family wealth investment management is big business. Across the world, Tillotson believes there are about 79,000 very rich individuals (those with personal wealth greater than m) who control roughly tn in assets. Many of them are business-owning families or those so-called “financial families”, who have sold operating businesses. When it comes to managing that money, they want to apply the best possible investment advice.这些变化显示出,家族财富投资管理是笔大生意。蒂洛森认为,全世界约有7.9万名大富豪(个人财富超过5000万美元),他们控制着约19万亿美元的资产。他们中很多都是拥有企业的家族或者是出售运营企业的所谓的“金融家族”。当需要管理这些财富时,他们希望得到最好的投资建议。“To this end they are increasingly sharing their experiences with other families via specialist peer networks, events and publications, and with their advisers,” says Tillotson. “So where once the term ‘family office’ was synonymous with the isolated management of an individual family’s wealth, today it perhaps best describes a growing body of professional knowledge and an industry in its own right that includes both specialist and general practitioners.”“为此,他们越来越多地通过专家同行网络、活动和出版物、以及他们的顾问与其他家族分享自己的经历,”蒂洛森说,“因此,曾经等同于孤立管理单一家族财富的‘家族理财室’一词,如今也许可以最恰当地描述一套越来越庞杂的专业知识以及一个本身囊括专才和通才从业者的行业。”The family office market can take many forms, from a single former executive assistant helping a patriarch/matriarch, to a 40-person professional investment organisation that also deals with personal affairs.家族理财室可以采取多种形式,可以是一位前行政助理来协助家族负责人,也可以是一个40人的专业投资机构在为家族理财的同时还打理私人事务。Bill Woodson, north America head of the family office group at Citi Private Bank, says: “While family offices take different forms, the challenges they face are very similar and, as a result, the ultimate solutions they adopt as they evolve tend to be similar, although addressed with varying levels of focus, staffing and professionalism.”花旗私人(Citi Private Bank)家族理财部北美负责人比尔伍德森(Bill Woodson)说:“虽然家族理财室的形式不同,但他们面临的挑战非常相似,因此,他们发展到后来采取的最终解决方案会趋于相似,尽管这些解决方案在焦点、人员及专业性上的水平不同。”He adds that family offices are changing and evolving in a number of fundamental ways. First, an industry has developed around supporting family offices. This allows them to outsource functions previously done in-house.他补充说,家族理财室正在经历一些根本的转变、发展。首先,围绕家族理财室已经发展出一项持性产业。这使他们可以将此前的内部职能外包出去。Second, there are more family offices as a result of the increase in wealth globally and greater information is available about best practice and resources.第二,由于全球财富增长,以及关于最佳实践和资源的更完善信息易于获得,诞生了更多的家族理财室。This helps family offices “professionalise” earlier than they would have before.这有助于家族理财室较之以前更早地实现“专业化”。Third, Woodson adds, the generational shift in control of family wealth has changed what family offices focus on and how they are structured.第三,伍德森补充说,家族财富的代际控制转移改变了家族理财室的关注点及结构。“Younger family members tend to, at a higher rate than before, focus on pursuing philanthropy earlier and on integrating philanthropy into a family’s investment activities,” he says.“比以前更高比例的年轻家族成员倾向于更早专注从事慈善事业,并将慈善整合到家族的投资活动中,”他说。 /201510/406680

One person worth mentioning in the history of Shu-Han is Guan Yu, one of Liu Bei,s sworn brothers,who was regards as a model of devotion in Chinese culture.蜀汉时值得一提的人物是关羽。关羽的一生,最重情义、誓言。He was a man of keeping his words and loyalty to his friends in his life: after promising to fight with Liu Bei and becoming his sworn brother, Guan Yu by no means changed his mind until fought to death in Maicheng city.自年轻时投奔刘备,便终生不改初衷,至死不渝。他是我国“义”的典型。In 199, while Liu Bei turned against Cao Cao and fled to Xuzhou (now Jiang Su province), Guan Yu was left in Xiapi city to function as the governor.建安四年(199),刘备反曹,逃至徐州(今江苏境内),由关羽镇守下邳城,代理太守。In 200,Cao Cao seized Xuzhou, in confusion, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei escaped, Guan Yu was forced to surrender for protecting the wives and children of Liu Bei.建安五年(200),曹操攻破徐州,刘备、张飞败逃后不知去向。关羽为保护刘备的妻子,被逼降曹。Admiring him greatly, Cao Cao knighted Guan Yu as his intimate followers and sent Zhang Liao, one of his generals, to probe whether Guan Yu meant to fight for him. Guan Yu answered clearly that: ul do appreciate the kindness of Cao Cao. However, I have accepted the honor granted by Liu Bei and sworn to live and die for him. I can never betray what I committed, and therefore I will leave once I obtain the trace of Liu Bei. Nevertheless, I will contribute to Cao Cao as a return for his generosity before leave.曹操对关羽甚为亲近,拜为偏将军。又让张辽去了解关羽的真正想法,关羽明确地说:“我确实很清楚曹公对我很好,但我曾受过刘将军的厚恩,曾发誓要同生死,这是不能背叛的。所以我最终还是要去找刘将军,不过在我走之前一定要立功来报效曹公。”M Upon hearing these words, Cao Cao was deeply moved by Guan Yu ’ s devotion and not angry with him.曹操知道后,深感关羽很讲义气,也没有追究。Before the battle of Guan Du, Yuan Shao * s general Yan Liang was sent to attack Liu Yan at Bai Ma and at the crucial moment, Guan Yu and Zhang Liao was ordered to rescue the city.官渡之战前,袁绍派大将颜良率军在白马攻打曹操的太守刘延,形势危急。曹操派张辽与关羽为先锋,前往解救。Arriving at the battlefield, seeing Yan Liang ’ s banner in far distance,Guan Yu stroked his horse and dashed ahead, beheaded him at one round and defeated his armies.到了阵前,关羽远远望见颜良的麾盖,即策马疾弛上前,斩颜良首级,大破颜良。Cao Cao recommended to Han Xiandi to grant Guan Yu as Shouting Hou, the highest position among the generals in hoping that Guan Yu might work for him.曹操知道后,为留下关羽,上表汉献帝封关羽为汉寿亭侯。In 200, after getting the message of Liu Bei, Guan Yu wrote a letter to Cao Cao and left with all the rewards in intad. Cao Cao ’ s generals meant to chase and capture Guan Yu,Cao Cao said ‘‘ let him go,he serve merely his own master”建安五年(200)底,关羽知道了刘备的下落,即封其所受的赏赐,留书信,挂印告辞而去。曹操的部将们都主张追击关羽,但曹操说:“各为其主,不追了。”Guan Yu was the only God worshiped by Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism in China : Buddhism regards him as the protector of the Buddha dharma ; and he was the symbol of devotion and fidelity being honored as Guandi Sheng Jun (the holy person) in Daoism and Confucianism.关羽也是唯一被佛、道、儒三家崇拜的神,佛教把他当成是护法。道家、儒家把他当成是“忠义”的象征,尊称为“关圣帝君”。Till now, there are still many admirers and believers in Guandi Temple all over the country.至今,全国各地的“关帝庙”仍香火鼎盛。 /201512/415719

Honey, don#39;t be afraid to cry. I#39;m not going to perceive you as less of a man if you do. We#39;re together for better or worse. Just let it out if you need to...亲爱的,不要害怕哭泣。你这样做,我也不会认为你是个懦弱的男人。无论好坏,我都们在一起。哭出来,如果你需要…A couple of hours before Dwight became single德怀特成了单身前的几小时 /201512/418287

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