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Anchor:Your money in the year 2006. Is this the time to get that great new job? Is this the time to sell or to buy a new home? Well our financial contributor Mellody Hobson has canvassed all the expert including herself and she's got some answers this morning , Mellody, Good morning, Happy New Year to you. Mellody Hobson:Good morning. Anchor: All right, houses. Is it the time to buy a house? Is it the time to sell a house? What's happening out there? Mellody Hobson: Well, actually, housing it looks like it's going to be a bust in 2006. The National Association of Realtors just announce that housing sales for the month of November were down 1. 7%. That's the second month in a row. And yet prices are still really high, in fact, in 65 of the biggest markets, the markets are not just overpriced, they are extremely overpriced and headed for a correction or a drop in prices. And it's important to know that mortgage rates have been up, so that's one of the big reasons that it's slowing down buying and it's been up, those rates have been up all year. And on top of that the other big indicator that we saw last week -- mortgage applications are down. Actually last week mortgage applications hit a three-and-a-half-year low. So what does all this mean? Nat, nat!(it means not.) If you are a buyer, I think you are gonna find some bargains out there. And in fact, the president of the National Association of Realtors said yesterday that he expects 2006 to be a buyer's market. Anchor: Ok! I love someone, first of all, who'd say, nat nat and really no one means it. But it, it is puzzled to both then by the middle of the year you really find bargains and it really will be a buyer's market in a whole new way. Mellody Hobson:I actually think it will. I think that this, this housing market is gonna bust, I don't think it's going to be the soft landing that people are talking about. Anchor: All right, your jobs, is this gonna be the year to look for a new job because they're gonna be available or is this a year in which more people again will get laid off. Mellody Hobson:This is good news on the job front, the Department of Labor reported that in November 215, 000 jobs were added , that's up from 44, 000 in October. December looks good. Companies out there say they're planning to hire in the first quarter of this year and there are still jobs shortages in certain areas like finance, health care and construction. Anchor:Great to get some optimistic news, and a quick word on the stock market, up downs, boom, bust. Mellody Hobson:I think 2006 is gonna be a very hard year for the stock market. I'm not expecting big returns but , long term I'm always bullish on stocks , buy the high quality names to withstand the ups and downs that we might see next year. Anchor:But watch out this year because it could be a little rocky? Mellody Hobson:It's going to be a little rocky I think so. Anchor:All right, Mellody thanks again and have a great weekend, a great New Year's Eve. 200808/46464The FBI agents race in from every direction. Thanks to the FBI's use of a secret informant, the bombing conspiracy is foiled and the suspects are put behind bars. Bob Spence has refused the witness protection program and lives in fear for his life. But he says it's a price he's willing to pay for justice. I still feel good about it. If I had to do it over, I'll do it exactly the same way, even if it did cost me. Sometimes only a civilian can help the FBI solve a crime, other times they rely on the expertise of a trained professional. October 1st, 1993, in the quiet Northern California town of Petaluma, 12-year-old Polly Klaas is kidnapped from a slumber party in her own home. Looks like they're grating the area out and systematically going through the area, and once they've gone through that area, they know that's clear. Within hours, the local police release a composite sketch of the suspect. Based on descriptions given by two of Polly's friends, he's described as 6-foot-3 and wearing a neon yellow headband. Thousands of copies are distributed to police agencies, the media and the FBI. The case attracts national attention. Actress Winona Ryder, a Petaluma native, offers a 0,000 reward for Polly's safe return. But there's a problem. The two young witnesses say the man in the drawing, the man everyone is searching for doesn't look like the kidnapper. The investigation is still continuing, we're still trying to gather more information and more evidence, and we ju(st), we can't comment on it. Two weeks after Polly's disappearance, there are still no leads. The FBI is desperate and running out of time. With each passing day, their chances of finding Polly alive are diminished. That's when they turn to Jeanne Boylan, a sketch artist who has helped them solve countless crimes. Her strikingly accurate drawings were even used in the search for the infamous Unabomber. Boylan agreed to reveal the secrets of how she creates these images for the FBI. My job title is criminal image profiler and what I do is I enter a case, usually after an existent police sketch has been done and is basically leading the investigation and I re-interview trauma victims to try to determine what they actually saw. And then I graphically depict that image so that the investigation can have a direction to go.slumber party: pyjama party, party where guests sleep at one's house (usually children)200809/51118Bush: Breakaway Regions Must Remain Part of Georgia布什:要求分离地区须留在格境内  U.S. President George Bush says Russia must not lay claim to the breakaway Georgian republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Mr. Bush says all Russia forces must leave Georgia. Russia says there is no timetable for that withdrawal. 美国总统布什说,俄罗斯绝对不能声称对格鲁吉亚共和国分裂的南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹拥有主权。布什说,俄罗斯军队必须全部撤出格鲁吉亚,但是俄罗斯声称没有撤军时间表。President Bush says the breakaway republics at the center of this military conflict will remain part of Georgia. 美国总统布什说,这次军事冲突焦点--两个争取独立的地区会留在格鲁吉亚。"A major issue is Russia's contention that the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia may not be a part of Georgia's future. But these regions are a part of Georgia. And the international community has repeatedly made clear that they will remain so," he said. 他说:“俄罗斯争辩的一个主要问题是,南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹地区将来可能不是格鲁吉亚的一部分。但是这些地区是格鲁吉亚的一部分,而且国际社会已经一再明确表示,这两个地区将留在格鲁吉亚版图之内。” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov this past week said Georgia can forget about getting back the separatist regions as Russian President Dmitri Medvedev met with the self-declared leaders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫上个星期表示,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫会见了南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹自行宣布的领导人,格鲁吉亚不要再指望这两个争取独立的地区会重新回到格鲁吉亚。President Bush told reporters at his Texas ranch Saturday that the two regions lay clearly within Georgia's internationally recognized borders. 美国总统布什星期六在得克萨斯的牧场对记者说,这两个地区清楚地位于国际公认的格鲁吉亚的边界之内。"Georgia's borders should command the same respect as every other nation's. There is no room for debate on this matter," he said. 布什说:“格鲁吉亚的边界应该和所有其它国家的边界得到同样的尊重,在这个问题上没有辩论的余地。” Russian General Anatoly Nogovitsyn Saturday said Russian peacekeepers will never leave South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Foreign Minister Lavrov said there is no timetable for the withdrawal of Russian troops in Georgia outside those territories, and that pull-out remains contingent on security. 俄罗斯的阿纳托利.诺格威茨欣将军周六说,俄罗斯维和部队永远也不会离开南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹。 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫说,把俄罗斯军队从这两个地区以外的格鲁吉亚领土上撤出没有时间表,俄罗斯撤军将继续取决于安全局势。President Bush said President Medvedev's signing a cease-fire plan Saturday is an important development and a hopeful step. Mr. Bush said Russia must now honor that agreement and withdraw its forces from Georgia. 布什说,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫星期六签署停火协议是一项重要的进展和充满希望的一步。布什说,俄罗斯现在必须信守协议,从格鲁吉亚撤军。The president met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Saturday for a briefing on her meetings in France and Georgia. Rice said French President Nicholas Sarkozy told her that President Medvedev vowed to begin withdrawing troops the minute Georgia signed the cease-fire agreement. As they have not, Rice said Russians are perhaps aly not honoring their word. 布什星期六与美国国务卿赖斯会面,听取了她在法国和格鲁吉亚举行会谈的汇报。赖斯说,法国总统萨尔科齐告诉她,梅德韦杰夫总统信誓旦旦地表示,一旦格鲁吉亚领导人签署停火协议,俄罗斯将立刻开始撤军。赖斯说,由于俄罗斯没有撤军,俄罗斯或许已经食言了。Rice travels to Brussels in the coming week for a meeting of foreign ministers, NATO allies and European Union officials to continue what President Bush says is America's efforts to rally the free world in defense of a free Georgia. 赖斯在下个星期将前往布鲁塞尔会见一些国家的外长以及北约盟国和欧盟的官员,继续布什所说的争取组织自由世界保卫一个自由的格鲁吉亚。200808/46142

That is strange – we all seem to be losing our pens.奇怪了,我们的笔好像都没了。Here, use this old pencil.先用这杆旧铅笔吧。Thanks.谢谢。Anna. Are you happy complaining officially about Rachel?安娜,你乐意这样正式地投诉瑞秋吗?Not really but what else can I do?不愿意,但我又能怎么做呢?Shes been spoiling all the work Ive been doing.她搞砸了我做的所有工作。Yes she has.确实。OK, well tell Paul the facts and tell him you want action.告诉保罗这件事并告诉他你的行动。OK.Right, here goes.好的,就这样。Come in.请进。Hi Paul. I really need to speak to you about Rachel.嗨,保罗,我有必要和你谈谈瑞秋。She really is messing things up…Paul? Paul?她搞糟了一切,保罗?保罗?Sorry, just counting my biscuits.不好意思,我在数饼干。What were you saying? Rachel?你刚才说什么?瑞秋?Great girl, isnt she?很棒的女孩,不是吗?No shes not.不,她不是。Paul, shes aly sent out the wrong order and now shes upset our new client.保罗,她已经把错误的订单发出去了,现在她又惹恼了我们的新客户。 /201705/508483

on the dot ———— 在指定的时刻(俚语)英文释义 (SLANG) Exactly at a stated time.例句 Our bus will leave our hotel at 6 oclock on the dot tomorrow morning, so we need to get up early.我们的大巴将在明早6点准时出发,所以我们必须早起。 /201606/446450

We are at the Georgia Home Theater in Atlanta and the idea of a high-end home theater, well, that's still mainly for celebrities and sports superstars. But there are some things you can do with your own home setup. And joining us now with some tips on that is Brian Cooley, editor-at-large with CNET.So Brian, first of all, let's start with the position of the couch relative to your television. And then (right) this is gonna be a sensitive issue in some households. A lot of folks get this wrong. Here is what you should do. Take the size of your TV. I don't care what kind of TV it is, flat, projection, whatever. This is a 55-inch, for example. And count off 2 to 3 times that size. Here's 2, right about where this sofa is. That's gonna seem close to some folks. But you don't wanna take a big TV and sit farther necessarily. You wanna sit close enough so that you are immersed in the picture. But not so close that you can see the pixels and it looks grainy. That's where to put your seating. All right. That's the visual part of this. Let's move on to the audio. Ok.Alright, Brian, well, I think this is what I would have if I could afford it as first home theaters goal. I bet you'll do it.OK. Er, pretty high-end stuff here. The speakers are really nice. But in terms of the position of them, anybody can learn about where to put them. Yes. It doesn't matter if you spent 50,000 dollars on the system like this or more or just a few thousand dollars on your whole home system. The placement is the same. These speakers, for example, in the front, you have two, left and right. They should go up against the picture screen on the front wall to the sides of the picture of course. And you want the main part of the speaker like this here to be at seated ear level. So wherever your ears are when you are sitting down to watch a movie. The front center channel is often a problem. This should go up snugged against the bottom of your picture whether it's a giant screen like this or if you have a smaller screen on the wall. Snug it up to the bottom because this is where the voices come from. You want them to sound as if they are coming from where the faces are. All right, and what about the subwoofer? It can be tricky to find a place for this guy. These tend to be kind of big and cumbersome, not necessarily a great design feature in your room. But the good news is you can put them almost anywhere. Base frequencies that come out of these are very non-directional. They will fill the room very easily almost anywhere you put it. All right. Now to complete the surround sound, we have the rear speakers, which obviously go behind you. (Yeah) But what about the position and the height?I want these to be a few feet behind your head. Not at the same level as your ear. I want them behind you a bit for better depth. And I'd like them to be more close to ear level like the fronts. But these are very special speakers and I’ve mounted them higher. But gemly get them at the ear level. All right, that completes our Home Theater Experience. Brian Cooley, editor at large with CNET. Thanks so much.Thank you200810/51638So Anna, any thoughts?那么安娜,有主意吗?Lots Paul. I think weve got to compete on price.Oh yes?有很多,保罗。我认为我们应该打价格竞争。是吗?We need to price Tutti Fruity out of the market.我们要用价格把Tutti Fruity赶出市场。We need to corner the market so that everyone knows we are the best choice for good quality, good value plastic fruit.我们要垄断市场,这样每个人都知道我们能提供质量最好,最有价值的塑料水果。I like it!我喜欢!And… and…还有,还有……Tell him we need to build good relationships with our customers – that means we give them good service.告诉他我们要和客户建立良好的关系,意味着我们能提供最好的务。…we need to build good relationships with our customers.我们需要和客户建立良好的关系。Talk to them regularly, send them gifts… go and meet them face to face.常和他们联络,送礼,当面交流。Face to face? Yes, great idea – just what I was thinking.当面交流?好主意,我就是这么想的。If we follow this strategy I reckon there could be a bonus for us all by Christmas.如果我们依照这个策略,我想到圣诞节的时候我们都会收到奖金。Well done Anna. Very convincing.干得好,安娜,很有说力。If you can put your ideas into practice youll save the company.如果你能将想法应用到实践,你就救了公司。Lets remind ourselves of the words you used to create the European marketing strategy…让我们回顾一下开创欧洲市场策略时用到的一些词。Weve got to compete on price.我们要打价格竞争。We need to price the rivals out of the market.我们要用价格把对手赶出市场。We need to corner the market.我们要垄断市场。We need to build good relationships with our customers.我们要和客户建立良好的关系。Well, things seem to be going well for Anna… or are they?安娜的事情似乎进展得很顺利,或者真是这样吗?Anna! Anna! That man from France has called again and left a message.安娜!安娜!那位法国男士又打电话来了并且留言了。Hes not happy this time.他这次不太高兴。Something about us trying to rip them off!是有关于我们欺诈他的!What? Rip them off?什么?欺诈他?It means over charging them or giving them poor quality goods.意思是卖高价或给他们残次品。Thats not fair.这不公平。Im going to have to sort this out.我将要解决这件事。Thats it Anna – go and build a good relationship with your customer!就是这样,安娜,和你的客户建立良好的关系!Bye for now.再见。 /201703/498757

NATO Forces in Afghanistan Return Fire Towards Pakistani Tribal Region巴阿边境暴力升级两国关系紧张 NATO forces in Afghanistan say they have fired on militant positions inside Pakistan after coming under rocket attack. The border region has experienced a surge in violence in recent months, raising tensions among Afghan, U.S. and Pakistani officials over who is to blame. Pakistan's Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas says he would welcome more NATO forces patrolling the Afghan side of the border. 在阿富汗的北约部队说,他们向巴基斯坦境内激进分子的阵地开火,在此之前,北约部队受到了来自那里的火箭攻击。最近几个月以来,巴基斯坦和阿富汗边境地区的暴力活动有所升级,导致阿富汗,美国和巴基斯坦官员之间关系紧张,互相追究责任。巴基斯坦军队发言人阿巴斯说,他欢迎更多的北约部队在阿富汗一侧的边界巡逻。A NATO statement says troops in Afghanistan's Paktika province received multiple rocket attacks from militants inside Pakistan, and responded with artillery and attack helicopters.  北约部队的声明说,北约部队在阿富汗的帕克提卡省受到武装分子从巴基斯坦境内发动的多次火箭袭击,北约部队用大炮和歼击直升机进行了回击。The incident took place near Pakistan's Waziristan region, a Taliban stronghold where locals have reported seeing more NATO troops along the border in recent days.  事件发生在巴基斯坦的瓦济里斯坦地区附近的一个塔利班据点,据当地人说,他们最近几天在边界沿线看到了很多北约部队。The troop movements have raised alarm within Pakistan and caused politicians to issue stern warnings against NATO incursions across the border. But Pakistan Army Spokesman Athar Abbas tells VOA that the troop movements are not what he called an "ominous buildup." 部队的调动在巴基斯坦国内引起恐慌,并导致某些巴基斯坦政客发出严厉警告,反对北约越过边界的入侵行动。但巴基斯坦军方发言人阿巴斯告诉记者说,调兵并非他所谓“具有不祥征兆的增兵” 。"The information from the other side was that this is a routine relief and rotation of the troops," said Athar Abbas. "They are replacing the units on the border and they are reinforcing some parts where they have received attacks from militants." 他说:“从对方获悉的信息表明这是一次例行的救援行动和部队的换防,他们正在取代边界附近的军队,并且对一些他们受到来自极端分子袭击的地区加强防卫。”A NATO spokesman told VOA there is no abnormal buildup of troops in the region, but acknowledged increased activity because of the time of year and recent developments in the area.  北约发言人告诉美国之音记者说,在这个地区没有不正常的增兵,不过他承认,由于每年这个月份以及最近该地区事态的发展,这个地区的活动有所增加。Pakistan's army says it has around 60,000 security forces manning 1,000 posts along the 2,600-kilometer Afghan border. It says in Afghanistan, there are about 100 such security posts.  巴基斯坦军方说,巴基斯坦方面有大约6万人的安全部队部署在沿阿富汗2千6百公里的边境沿线的一千个哨卡。巴基斯坦方面声称,阿富汗只部署了大约100个类似的安全哨卡。General Abbas says NATO forces have indicated they want to create more security posts along the border - a move he said the Pakistani military would welcome. But he insisted that NATO forces will not be allowed to operate in Pakistani territory.  阿巴斯少将说,北约部队表示希望在边境地区建立更多的安全哨卡,他说,巴基斯坦方面对这个建议表示欢迎。不过,他坚持认为,北约部队将不会获准在巴基斯坦领土内开展行动。 Military analyst Talat Masood says that despite the growing power of pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan and the continuing inability of the civilian government to address the problem, the presence of foreign troops would make the situation more dangerous. 军事分析家马苏德说,尽管亲塔利班的激进分子在巴基斯坦的力量有所增加,但是巴基斯坦文官政府在解决有关问题方面却仍显得束手无策。外国部队的介入将会使局势更加危险。 "The worst thing that would happen is that Pakistanis will start disowning this war and will start sympathizing more with the militants than the Americans or NATO," said Talat Masood. 他说:“可能发生的最坏情况就是:巴基斯坦人开始不再认同这场战争,并且更多地同情激进分子,而不是美国人或北约 。” Retired General Masood says the militancy problem must ultimately be addressed by Pakistan's own military and government. But he says the government has been unable to come up with a policy that is supported by the people. 退休将军马苏德说,激进分子的问题最终必须通过巴基斯坦自己的军事力量和政府来解决,但他说,巴基斯坦政府一直没能制定出能够得到巴基斯坦人民持的政策。200807/44197Hello again.又和大家见面啦。Things havent been going well at Tip Top Trading.Tip Top Trading公司今天看起来情况似乎不太妙啊。There was a fire in the warehouse, caused by Mr Ingles cigarette and now Mr Socrates – the big boss from America – has turned up unexpectedly.库房发生了火灾,是英格尔先生吸烟引起的,而现在苏格拉底先生——美国的大老板突然出现了。So honey, are you…?亲爱的,你是……?Anna. Im Anna, I work here as a sales executive.安娜,我叫安娜。我是这的销售代表。We havent met before.我们之前没见过。We sure aint. Looks like Ive arrived just in the nick of time.的确是。看来我来的不太是时候啊。Whats going on… oh, Mr Socrates!怎么了……噢,是苏格拉底先生!Golly gosh, what an unexpected...天啊,可真是意外的荣幸啊。Unexpected alright. Looks like this company is in a mess.意外是真的。看来我们公司一团糟啊。Err yes. It was OK when I popped out for some biscuits… erm, would you like one?不过我出去买饼干的时候还好好的呢。来一块吗?Biscuits? ! Theyre cookies man.饼干?不就是曲奇饼吗。Look, now what do I have to do to get a triple shot, organic, skinny cappuccino round here?现在谁给我弄一杯有三份浓缩的有机低脂卡布奇诺来?Ill get you one Mr Socrates.我去给您拿来,苏格拉底先生。Its OK honey. I need you to book me a hotel room.没事了,亲爱的,我需要你帮我订一间酒店。You...whats your name again… Paul… can you fetch me one?你……你的名字叫什么来着……保罗……你来帮我拿一杯来吧。Right Anna. Booking a room for Mr Socrates.好的,安娜。给苏格拉底先生定酒店。This is something you cant get wrong.有些事你可千万不能弄错。Well Ive never done it before.可是我之前没做过这种事情。Im sure youll be OK.我相信你肯定行的。When you book a room, heres what you could say.订酒店的时候,你会用到下面这些句子。Hello, Id like to check availability and prices for a room please.你好,我想查一下有没有空房间以及房间的价格。Does the price include breakfast?价格里面包括早餐吗?Are there any business facilities such as internet and wi fi?里面有没有办公设施,比方说互联网或者无线网? /201702/491108探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 06If inheritance was not just about DNA, if these gene switches were so important, just what could turn them on or off? Stephanie and Emend Mullins have two children, Karen and Charlotte. When we were trying to conceive, and you see all your friends around you, getting pregnant, having children. As each month went on, you become more and more desperate.Doctors recommended IVF treatment. In the UK alone, around 8,000 babies are conceived every year using assisted reproduction techniques, like IVF. After the third attempt, Stephanie became pregnant with Karen. At the time, they, they didn't really highlight any risks to us. And then we went for a routine scan. And I did feel that the scan was taking an awful long time. Basically what they'd found was something called exomphalos, em, on Karen's abdomen which basically means that part of the bowel is still on the outside of the abdomen. Doctor suspected that Karen might be suffering from Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, a rare condition where babies are born very large, often have oversized tongues and have a high risk of developing childhood cancers. They couldn't say 100 percent that the baby did have Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. But, it was showing signs. They could see his tongue protruding on the scan. And he said the beast had very big thighs. But until Karen was actually born, we didn't know how severely affected it was going to be.When Karen was born, it was clear he did indeed have Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. Within a few hours of the birth, Karen had to have surgery to have the bowel that was on the outside of the abdomen basically put back inside repaired. Karen also had surgery to reduce the size of his tongue. And every few months, he has scans to check for tumors. Good boy, Karen, you're a very, very good boy indeed.Cases of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome caught the attention of Wolf Reik. Wolf Reik worked in developmental genetics. He was fascinated by this emerging epigenetic ghost world. He wanted to know what could throw the switches on or off. To his surprise, he found that simply placing a mouse embryo in a culture dish could trigger genes to switch off.New Words amp; Phrases:IVF: IVF is a method of helping a woman to have a baby in which an egg is removed from one of her ovaries, fertilized outside her body, and then replaced in her womb. IVF is an abbreviation for `in vitro fertilization'. 试管受精protrude : If something protrudes from somewhere, it sticks out. 伸出,突出thigh: Your thighs are the top parts of your legs, between your knees and your hips. 大腿embryo: An embryo is an unborn animal or human being in the very early stages of development. 胚芽;胚胎200807/44960

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