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探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 10It is incredible, and it is incredibly hard to believe too, because although we've changed so much, we don't actually see any of those changes happening. Generation after generation, we just look the same. The problem is one of time. The periods over which even tiny changes happen are so long that almost beyond our imagination. But to make sense of those time periods, to see them in some perspective, I've brought you here to a cave deep in the French Pyrenees. In the middle of the last century, a bookseller from a nearby town of Tuluz, used to visit this cave. And as a hobby, he dug around for bones and evidence of prehistoric remains. And he did this for some 40 years. And then late in the afternoon, on June the 11th, 1905, having been digging all day, he prepared to go but chose to go by a different route. And as he left, he was passing this wall and something caught his eye. He lifted up his lamp and this is what he saw--stencils of human hands from nearly 30,000 years ago. They are amongst the oldest images made by human beings on the planet. They are 6 times older than the Pyramids in Egypt and 8 times older than Stonehenge. Quite what they signified to the people who made them, no one knows. They were a Stone Age people and they came here at the coldest part of a last Ice Age. And over here are the most interesting images of all. It is thought that these stencils here were made by someone no bigger than a toddler, a child in a primitive world, the son or daughter of somebody who you would think of as a caveman. And yet if I had taken such a child and brought it up as a baby in my own house, it would be indistinguishable from one of my own children. Because by the time these people pressed their hands against these walls, all the changes which make us what we are had aly happened. The evolution of the human body was, to all intents and purposes, complete. If this child were to be raised with my own children, it would look the same, it would talk the same, it would play the same computer games, and it would grow up wanting to be a doctor, a footballer, or maybe even an astronaut.words and expressionsPyrenees: 比利牛斯山脉:欧洲西南部山脉,从比斯开湾沿着法国与西班牙边境,到地中海在皮科·德·皮妮特,它高达3,406·2米(11,168英尺)stencil:The lettering or design produced with such a sheet.图案,文字:用模板或蜡纸复制出的字形或图案toddler:One who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.蹒跚行走的人:一个蹒跚行走的人,尤指一个刚学习走路的幼儿indistinguishable:(常与from连用)不能区别的;不能辨别的"The synthetic material is indistinguishable from real silk, but much cheaper.""这种合成衣料与真丝难以区别,但便宜得多。"to all intents and purposes:实际上200707/16010襄州区人民医院打胎多少钱老河口人民医院妇科官网Script:You know, the growth really has come across to all sectors. We have had continued strong growth in the ermerging, new growth markets. So we have had even increasing amount of devices that have been sold in the low end below 50 million, excuse me, below 50 Euro devices. But also we have had a very good uptake of our products in the mid-range and the high end. So the Nokia N95, multi-media computer, we sold over more than 1.5 million of those very high-featured, high-functioned, and quite frankly high-priced devices. Well, that brings me onto, neatly on what I was gonna ask you about next which is what the analysts are very particularly pleased about is the fact that the margins were quite strong, the profit levels were quite good, can that be maintained though?Well, I think it is an interesting quarter to dispel some myths. And in an industry where ASPs are going down, and all the other competitors had declining ASPs, we actually had a slight increase from 89 to 90 Euros. And at the same time we increased market share from 36 to 38 percent, and you saw, you know the profitability, the gross margins were improved for the third straight quarter, operating margin is running between 18 and 21 percent in our devices businesses. So we have proved that you can take market share, you can be profitable if you have the fundamental underpinnings of the brand, the cost structure and a good distribution that we have across a, a broad product portfolio. Well, if it's really overlook of your shoulder you may have noticed that the NO.2 spot is now being held by Samsung rather than Motorola, do you see them as in the long term a more formidable competitor than Motorola. Yeah, we do keep a very close eye on the competitors and we take all of them quite seriously. It remains a very competitive industry and while Motorola is in a, particularly a downcycle, they haven’t gone away, they haven’t exited the industry, they aren’t going to exit the industry. And sooner or later they will be coming back to some degree. Samsung has overtaken them in the No.2 spot in terms of market share. And, you know, they have had a nice refresh of their portfolio, they provide us good continuing competition. But as you have seen, we have kinda widen the gap between, No.1 and No.2. and for us, uh, we think it’s important to maintain that, that allows us some of the reason why we have been able to consistently deliver better profitability than any of our competitors. 200807/44184US Banking System Faces Shakeup雷曼兄弟宣布破产金融业重组  Financial lenders are facing a major industry reorganization Monday that promises to change the face of banking in the ed States. 美国金融投资系统星期一面临重大行业重组,这一行动预示将改变美国的面貌。Early Monday, the U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers announced that it will file for bankruptcy. 星期一一大早,美国雷曼兄弟投资就宣布即将申请破产。In a statement, Lehman said its filing for 11 in U.S. bankruptcy court will not affect its broker-dealer subsidiaries or other units. 雷曼兄弟在一份声明中说,他们根据破产法第11章向美国破产法庭申报破产,并不会影响到公司旗下各个经纪自营商子公司和任何子公司。Sunday, talks aimed at stabilizing the 158-year-old investment bank ended after Bank of America and Britain's Barclays Plc decided against buying it. 星期天,在美洲和英国巴克莱决定拒绝收购雷曼以后,希望稳定这家有158年历史的投资的谈论嘎然而止。Lehman was once the fourth-largest investment bank in the ed States. But market analyst Hugh Johnson says bad investments in real estate and other areas brought a drastic fall in the value of Lehman shares.  雷曼兄弟是美国第4大投资。市场分析人士休.约翰逊说,房地产市场和其他领域的不良投资导致了雷曼股票急剧贬值。"Lehman, like so many other investment banks and banks, really got, quite frankly, caught up in the housing bubble, but, like every bubble, the bubble ended and now we're seeing the downside of that bubble," Johnson said. “很坦率地说,雷曼就像其他很多投资一样,都在房屋市场泡沫中被套牢了,但是就像任何泡沫都会破灭一样,房屋市场泡沫也破灭了,我们正看着这些泡沫在消退。”On Sunday, Merrill Lynch agreed to be bought out by Bank of America for some billion. Analysts say the move will result in the nation's prime lender (BA) becoming even bigger. 星期天,美林券同意被美洲以500亿美元的价格收购。分析人士说,这个行动将导致美国主要借贷机构美洲更加庞大。In a separate move late Sunday, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced several initiatives to make it easier for financial institutions to get emergency loans from the U.S. central bank. 星期天晚些时候,涉及金融行业的另一个新的发展是,美联储宣布了几项措施,以方便金融机构能从美国中央得到紧急贷款。Officials from 10 global banks and securities firms also announced a billion loan program that the companies could use to help ease a potential credit shortage. 另外,10家全球性和券公司的官员也宣布了一项700亿美元的贷款项目,让这些公司使用,以便帮助缓解潜在的信用短缺。Government and banking officials are concerned that the failure of a large institution, like Lehman Brothers, could shake confidence in the financial system and hurt the value of other firms. 政府和官员都对类似雷曼兄弟这样庞大的金融机构的失败感到关切, 因为它会动摇人们对金融系统的信心,并伤害其他公司的价值。200809/48909襄阳南漳县人民医院治疗膀胱炎怎么样

襄阳治疗淋病什么医院好襄阳市职业病防治医院治疗阳痿早泄So let's go back to Sheffield to that whole plan by McDonald's to try and burn the waste and the leftovers from their burgers and the packaging to try and turn it all into household energy. Lucy Manning reports from Sheffield.Their ads say their customers are loving it, but what no one much likes is the amount of rubbish McDonald's and other big businesses generate every day. So the Golden Arches are trying to take on a greener tint. A pilot project in Sheffield will see 11 MacDonald's restaurants turn their waste into heat and electricity for local buildings. It works something like this: take a MacDonald's burger, chuck it away, take that and a hundred tons of rubbish each restaurant generates a year. And instead of taking it to a landfill, drive it down the road to an energy recovery plant, mix it up with some of Sheffield's other rubbish, burn it in an incinerator and get electricity and heat.We've got a real serious issue to address here in Britain overall. And that is there is just too much rubbish being buried in the land. There is too much waste going to landfill. I think it's incumbent on big, big businesses, business like McDonald's to try and find innovative solutions ‘coz we all have aspirations to send zero waste to landfill. But bringing that into reality is something of a challenge for us.MacDonald's has done much over the last few years to try and rebrand itself. And now like a lot of other companies, it's choosing to go down the green route. But will my filleted fish, milk shake and chips really make a difference to the planet.The amount of electricity and heat it creates is not gonna be that great. In fact, this entire scheme covering 11 stores is gonna provide the heat and electricity for about 50 homes, that's all, 50 homes. And even if you extended it across the whole of the MacDonald's estate, it would only be 5,000 homes. So it's good, but it's nowhere near enough.What more do you think needs to be done for McDonald's to go green? Well, there is an astonishing fact that they have released, haven't they? They've told us that each store, each individual MacDonald's produces 100 tons of waste a year, that is the most enormous amount of waste. And that what MacDonald's really ought to be working on now is trying to diminish that, trying to cut that to a reasonable level.But MacDonald's says it has tried to minimize packaging and improve recycling. Its delivery vehicles will soon be powered with used cooking oil and it hopes it can lead the way on dealing with waste.One things that MacDonald can't bring is scalability to positive programmes such as this, so if being proven out in its 11-restaurant green city trial, then the potential across 1,200 restaurant estate and across the broader food industry and general commercial waste is huge.But there're only around 20 of these energy recovery plants across the country and unless more are built, that's going to mean long drives for the rubbish, reversing any green benefits and green campaigners say no matter how hard MacDonald's tries to be environmentally-friendly, the fact (that) its core product is beef means it will always struggle. The vegetarian society has launched this campaign, warning people about what it calls the dangerous emissions from cattle, more deadly it says than the effect on climate change of the transport system across the world, but this link between diet and global warming may be more difficult for the Big-Mac-Generation to stomach.200805/39907襄阳市第四医院打胎怎么样探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 12This correlation is the most important thing we've learned about supermassive black hole so far. Astronomers are always looking for correlations. Whenever you find one that's really tight like this one, it's a sign that there is some basic physics there that you need to look for. As it happens, the physics that might explain what was going on had been suggested years before by theorists Martin Rees and Jo Silk. Jo Silk has spent much of his life trying to solve the mystery of galaxy formation. Three years ago it became clear that he had been missing a vital ingredient. If there was a black hole in every galaxy, then scientists would need to explain what it was doing there. We had to rethink our ideas of how galaxies were made. To understand the first light at(of/in) the universe we really have to include the role of the supermassive black holes in galaxy formation. All previous ideas of galaxy formation had assumed that gas in the early universe simply condensed to form stars in galaxies. Silk and Rees came up with a completely different idea. They proposed that the center of each early gas cloud could have collapsed to form a giant black hole. The black hole would immediately start feeding on the gas around it creating a brilliant quasar.correlation: a mutual relationship of interdependence between two or more things200808/46189襄阳第四人民医院医院毛囊炎多少钱

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