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French actress Sophie Marceau recently joined middle-aged Chinese women for a square dance in the southern city of Guangzhou, a local newspaper reported.近日,据当地媒体报道,法国女演员苏菲·玛索在南部城市广州加入了中国大妈的队伍,跳起了广场舞。Popular with Chinese audiences, the actress frequently visits China for cultural exchange events or promotional activities for endorsed brands.深受中国观众欢迎的这位女演员经常来华参加文化交流活动和代言品牌的推广活动。The Parisian beauty said as a French woman she may only have one chance in her life to dance like this and ;it just feels great.;这位巴黎美女表示,作为一个法国人,这种在广场跳舞的机会,可能一生只有一次,;感觉真是太棒了;。Current humid weather in Guangzhou did not seem to dampen her spirits. She said she isn#39;t bothered by the weather and looks forward to some good local cuisine.广州目前潮湿的天气似乎并没有让她的精神萎靡不振。玛索表示,她不会受到天气的影响,并期待着能吃到一些当地的美食。Many elderly women enjoy swiveling their hips and rolling their arms in parks and plazas across the country, but it#39;s not to everyone#39;s liking since the music -- pop from the present and decades ago -- can be loud and disturbing.在全国各地的公园和广场上,许多中老年妇女都喜欢扭动臀部、挥动胳膊。但是并不是所有人都喜欢这种事。究其原因是因为那些现在或者几十年前流行的音乐实在是太吵、太让人不安了。Netizens are quite pleased with Marceau#39;s participation, with one comment saying she added ballet elements to the Chinese-style dance.广大网友对玛索跳广场舞大为赞赏,有人称,她把中式广场舞跳出了芭蕾舞的感觉。 /201603/433466

For many men, the idea that they have a better sense of direction than women was never in doubt, but now a scientific study has proved it.很多男性都坚信自己的方向感要比女性的强,而现在更有科学研究实了该说法。Researchers from Norway scanned the brains of volunteers as they completed navigation tasks to discover men are more adept at finding their way because they use a separate part of their brain.挪威的研究人员在志愿者完成导航任务后,对他们的大脑进行了扫描,结果发现男性更善于找路,因为他们的大脑中有单独的区域分管方向识别。Adding fuel to the fire, when women had testosterone dropped onto their tongues, their navigational skills improved.更不可思议的是,向女性舌头上滴了睾丸素后,她们的方向感也提升了。Using 3D goggles and a joystick, a total of 36 participants - 18 men and 18 women - had to orient themselves in a large virtual maze while functional images of their brains were continuously recorded.共有36人参与了此项研究,男女各18人。他们需要佩戴3D眼镜,使用操纵杆在一个巨大的虚拟迷宫中找出路。与此同时,研究人员会跟踪记录这些人的大脑运转图像。In the MRI scanner, they were given 30 seconds for each of the 45 navigation tasks. One of the tasks, for example, was to #39;find the yellow car#39; from different starting points.在核磁共振扫描仪内,研究对象只有30秒的时间完成每项任务,一共有45项导航任务。其中有个任务要求研究对象在不同的起点“找一辆黄色的车”。The men solved 50 per cent more of the tasks than the women.最终男性比女性多完成了50%的任务。According to lead researcher Dr Carl Pintzka from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), women and men have different navigational strategies.本次研究首席研究员、来自挪威科技大学(NTNU)的卡尔·彼斯卡士认为,女性和男性的导航策略不同。Men use cardinal directions – the use of north, south, east and west - during navigation to a greater degree.男性在找路时,很大程度上使用基本方位,比如东南西北。#39;Men#39;s sense of direction was more effective. They quite simply got to their destination faster,#39; he said.他说:“男性的方向感更有效率。他们能更快到达目的地。”#39;If they#39;re going to the Student Society building in Trondheim, for example, men usually go in the general direction where it#39;s located,#39; Dr Pintzka explained.彼斯卡士解释道:“举例来说,如果男性想去特隆赫姆的学生社团大楼,他们一般都会朝着目的地大致的方向走。”#39;Women usually orient themselves along a route to get there, for example, ;go past the hairdresser and then up the street and turn right after the store.;#39;“女性通常会顺着一条路线走,比如过了理发店后,一直朝前,走过商店再右转。The study shows that using cardinal directions is more efficient because it is a more flexible strategy.研究表明,使用基本方位的效率更高,因为这个策略更加灵活。The destination can be reached faster because the strategy depends less on where you start.使用基本方位能让人更快到达目的地,因为它不依赖起点的位置。Images of the brain showed that both men and women use large areas of the brain when they navigate, but some areas were different.大脑扫描图表明,男性和女性导航时都会使用大面积的大脑区域,但部分区域有所区别。The men used the hippocampus more, whereas women used their frontal areas to a greater extent.男性更多会用到海马体,而女性很大程度上会使用额叶区。#39;That#39;s in sync with the fact that the hippocampus is necessary to make use of cardinal directions,#39; added Dr Pintzka.彼斯卡士补充道:“这个发现与前面的结果是一致的,因为使用基本方位时必须要用到海马体。”He explained the findings in evolutionary terms.他认为这是人类进化的结果。#39;In ancient times, men were hunters and women were gatherers. Therefore, our brains probably evolved differently.“古时,男性是狩猎者,女性是采集者。因此我们的大脑进化方式很有可能不同。”#39;For instance, other researchers have documented that women are better at finding objects locally than men. In simple terms, women are faster at finding things in the house, and men are faster at finding the house,#39; Dr Pintzka said.彼斯卡士说:“比如,其他研究人员发现,女性要比男性更善于找到附近的东西。简单来说就是女性能更快地找到房子里的东西,而男性在找房子在哪的时候更快。”During a second experiment, a separate group of women was given a drop of testosterone under their tongue just before they were going to solve the maze puzzles.在第二个试验中,研究人员向一组单独的女性试验对象的舌下滴一滴睾丸素,然后让她们进行迷宫测试。In this step, 42 women were divided into two groups.过程中,42位女性分为两组。Half of them received a drop of placebo, and 21 got a drop of testosterone under the tongue.其中一组女性的舌下滴入的是安慰剂,另一组21人滴入的是睾丸素。The study was double-blinded so that neither Dr Pintzka nor the women knew who got what.该研究是双盲测试,彼斯卡士和女性试验对象都不知道滴入的试剂是什么。#39;We hoped that they would be able to solve more tasks, but they didn#39;t.“我们希望她们能完成更多的任务,但实际上并未如此。”#39;[However], they had improved knowledge of the layout of the maze, and they used the hippocampus to a greater extent, which tends to be used more by men for navigating,#39; he said.他说道:“然而,她们对迷宫的布局认知有所提升,在很大程度上利用了海马体,但还是不及男性的使用程度。”Losing one#39;s sense of direction is one of the first symptoms in Alzheimer#39;s disease.失去方向感是阿尔茨海默病的先兆之一。He hopes that by understanding how men and women use different brain areas and strategies to navigate, researchers will be able to enhance the understanding of the disease#39;s development, and develop coping strategies for those aly affected.他希望,研究人员能在了解男性和女性使用不同大脑区域和策略进行导航的原理后,增强对阿尔茨海默病发病原理的认识,为方向感受到影响的患者找到应对策略。 /201512/415062

They say beauty and comfort rarely go hand in hand. To get one, you normally have to sacrifice the other. But blanket scarves defy this logic. They allow you to wrap yourself up during cold weather while still oozing style.人们常说美丽和舒适不可兼得。通常取其一意味着不得不牺牲另一个。不过毛毯式围巾是个例外。它们在寒冬给人温暖,还能让你走在时尚前沿。The only problem is that blanket scarves are larger than average scarves, which means you#39;ll have to deal with a lot more fabric without looking overwhelmed. The key is to wear a blanket scarf as casually as possible.唯一的问题是,毛毯式围巾比普通围巾大很多,也就是说我们要在身上裹更多的布,还不能让自己看起来臃肿不堪。穿戴毛毯式围巾的关键是尽可能随意些。“Many women struggle with getting a scarf to look right. However, this trend is all about it looking carefree,” wrote Bridgette Raes, an American style expert, on About.com.“很多女生绞尽脑汁想把围巾戴得好看。然而,这股潮流的正确打开方式其实是随性,”美国时尚专家布里奇特·瑞伊在百科网站About.com上说。1.Drape it across your shoulders or belt it up1.披在肩上或系上腰带Nothing looks more effortless than simply draping a scarf over your shoulders. While you can do this with many types of scarf, the large size of a blanket scarf has the advantage of doubling as a light coat for chilly weather.没什么比把围巾往肩上一披更简单的了。虽然很多款式的围巾都能这么戴,不过大围巾的优势是,天冷时能让人有穿了件薄外套的即视感。If you don#39;t like how your blanket scarf moves on a windy day, tie it up with a belt around your waist. This way, it almost looks like you#39;re wearing a vest or a poncho.如果你不喜欢刮风时围巾风中凌乱的样子,那就在腰上系一条腰带吧,这样你看起来就像穿了件马甲或披肩。Tip: Wear it with black小贴士:大围巾配黑色上衣A blanket scarf can take quite a large area of the upper part of your body. Wearing too many colors will make your outfit look busy. Bright colors can also make it harder for your scarf to stand out.毛毯式围巾会占据上半身大部分的空间,如果身上穿了太多种颜色,会让人看起来很花哨,亮色衣也不容易突出围巾。“The key is to let the scarf shine and be the focal point of the outfit,” Melanie Morais, a Canadian style blogger, wrote on Edmonton Journal. She also added that it#39;s important to “keep all accessories to a minimum”.加拿大时尚主梅勒妮·莫雷斯在《埃德蒙顿日报》上写道:“关键是突出围巾,让它成为整套搭配的最大亮点。” 她还补充道,务必不能让配饰喧宾夺主。2.Wrap it around your neck as many times as you can2.尽可能地多围几圈Wearing multiple layers has always been the opposite of looking sleek. So the more layers you pile on, the more casual you#39;ll appear to be. Blanket scarves can help you achieve this laidback look.围巾的层数越多就越不井然有序。所以,你围的层数越多,你看起来就越休闲。毛毯式围巾能让你看起来自然随性。“I like to do this because it#39;s so simple,” American fashion stylist Sally Lyndley told Fashionista magazine. “[I#39;ll wrap it] three or four times around my neck and then tie in the front, just one knot.” She recommends that you buy a long scarf – at least the length of your wingspan – do make sure it goes around enough times.“我喜欢这么戴,因为比较简单,”美国时尚造型师莎莉·林利告诉《时尚狂人》杂志。“我会把围巾在脖子上围3到4圈,然后在前面打个结,一个就好。”她建议大家买长一点的围巾,至少不能短于自己展开的双臂的长度,必须确保长度够围足够多的圈数。Tip: Create a lean silhouette小贴士:给围巾个简洁轮廓If you sport multiple layers, you can risk looking sloppy. If you drape your scarf as an extra layer, pair it with something less baggy – such as a shaped blazer or fitted sweater.如果你心水多层次的围法,那就要冒着看起来邋遢的危险了。如果把围巾作为额外的一层,那就搭配一些不太宽松的饰,如合身的夹克或者运动衫。 /201511/411211

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