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  • Former British prime minister Tony Blair offered to be an “unofficial adviserto Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News International, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and his son James at the height of the phone hacking scandal, a trial has heard.伦敦庭审期间曝光的消息显示,英国前首相托#8226;布莱Tony Blair,上图右)曾在电话窃听丑闻全面爆发之际自告奋勇,要当新闻国News International)原首席执行官丽贝#8226;布鲁克斯(Rebekah Brooks,上图左)、传媒大亨鲁珀#8226;默多Rupert Murdoch)及其儿子詹姆James)的“非正式顾问”。According to an email from Ms Brooks to James Murdoch, then executive chairman of News International, Ms Brooks says she had spent an hour on the phone to Mr Blair. It adds: “He is available to you, KRM [Rupert Murdoch] and me as an unofficial adviser but needs to be between us.”根据布鲁克斯发给时任新闻国际执行董事长詹姆#8226;默多克的一封电子邮件,布鲁克斯表示,她与布莱尔在电话中谈了一个小时。邮件还称:“他可以为你、KRM(鲁珀#8226;默多克)和我当一个非正式顾问,但这件事只能我们知道。”The email, which was out to the court, also says that Mr Blair allegedly advised her to set up an independent unit to produce a “Hutton stylereport into the hacking allegations a reference to the inquiry into the death of UK weapons expert David Kelly in 2003.在庭上宣读的这封邮件还表示,布莱尔据称建议她成立一个独立小组,针对窃听指控出炉一份“赫顿风格”的报告——指2003年针对英国武器专家戴#8226;凯利(David Kelly)死亡所展开的调查。Ms Brooks sent the email on July 11, the same day that Labour leader Ed Miliband gave a televised press briefing denouncing the hacking scandal. The email was also sent a day after the News of the World published its final edition.布鲁克斯发出这封邮件的日期是71日,就在同一天,工党领袖埃德#8226;米利班德(Ed Miliband)举行了电视新闻发布会,谴责窃听丑闻。发出这封邮件的一天前,《世界新闻报News of the World)出版了停刊前的最后一期。Rupert Murdoch closed the Sunday tabloid, then part of his UK newspaper empire, after widesp public anger over the revelation that the mobile phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler had been hacked by the tabloid.这份周日小报当时是默多克英国报业帝国的一部分。默多克关闭该报之前,该报窃听惨遭杀害的女学生米#8226;多乐(Milly Dowler)的手机的消息引发了普遍的公众愤怒。Prosecutors have claimed that Ms Brooks and six other defendants were part of an alleged conspiracy to intercept the voicemails of high-profile figures. All seven defendants deny all the charges against them.检方称,布鲁克斯和另外六名被告均参与了意在窃听知名人士语音邮件的阴谋。七个被告均否认针对自己的全部刑事指控。The case is one of the most high profile UK criminal prosecutions of recent times.此案是英国近年最引人注目的刑事诉讼案之一。According to Ms Brooksemail, Mr Blair advised her to set up an “independent unitwith an outside counsel, Ken Macdonald, a former director of public prosecutions, “a great and good type, a serious forensic criminal barrister根据布鲁克斯的邮件,布莱尔建议她成立一个“独立小组”,并聘请前刑事检控专员肯#8226;麦当Ken Macdonald)担任外部律师,称他是“一个德高望重的人,严肃的刑事鉴识大律师”。It adds: “Get them to investigate#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and publish a Hutton style report邮件继续称:“让他们去调查……然后发表一份赫顿风格的报告”。Mr Blair appointed Lord Hutton. His report cleared Mr Blair, then prime minister and the government of any responsibility for Mr Kelly’s death and allegations of misleading the country over the Iraq war.当年布莱尔任命赫顿勋Lord Hutton)领导调查工作。赫顿后来在报告中宣称,时任英国首相的布莱尔及其政府对凯利之死没有任何责任,有关布莱尔在发动伊拉克战争问题上误导国家的指控也是没有根据的。According to the email, Mr Blair’s final advice to Ms Brooks was: “It will pass. Tough up. Keep strong and definitely sleeping pills.”根据该邮件,布莱尔最后向布鲁克斯提供的建议是:“这件事会过去的。坚强一些。要挺住,安眠药绝对不能少。”Ms Brooks begins her defence case today. The case continues.布鲁克斯今日开始为自己辩护。此案仍在审理中。来 /201402/276591。
  • A: Hi, I was wondering how Id go about getting a credit card.你好,我想知道我如何能领到信用卡B: Certainly, Sir. You do have a Current with us right?当然可以,先生您在我们这里开有活期账户,是吧?A: Oh, no, Im afraid I dont. Is that necessary?噢,没有,恐怕没有这是必须的吗?B: Yes, Sir. In order to get a credit card with us, youll need to open a Current here. Could you please fill out this m with your relevant details?是的,先生要得到我们的信用卡,您得在我们这里开一个活期账户请您在这个表上填写您的相关情况,好吗?A: That done. Do you need to see any credentials?已经填好了你需要看任何件吗?B: Yes, a passport will be fine.是的,护照就可以A: I dont have my passport on me at the moment. Ill just pop back to my office and pick it up.我没有随身带着护照我这就回办公室把它取来B: That fine, Sir. Well see you again a little later.好的,先生我们待会儿再见 56。
  • Waddling as fast as their little legs can carry them, these excited penguins have good reason to be happy. Their delighted flight towards the sealine on Mount Maunganui beach in Tauranga, New Zealand, follows almost two months in humane captivity. With a mixture of confusion and excitement some ran in the wrong direction, some of the the 49 Little Blue Penguins peeked out carefully before emerging onto the sand.小企鹅们摇摇晃晃地迈着它们的小短腿,尽可能快地踏上;回家;的道路。这群兴奋的小家伙在人类的监管保护下生活了两个月,现在终于可以重返新西兰陶朗加海岸啦!它们能不高兴吗9只小小的蓝企鹅探头探脑地走向海滩,它们既兴奋又迷惘,有的还跑错了方向。Wildlife officials nursed some 343 of the penguins back to health after they were effectively tarred and feathered when a cargo ship ran aground on a reef near Tauranga in early October, covering them in oil. The vessel called the Rena became stranded on the rocks and its torn hull released some 400 tons of fuel into the ocean. It was New Zealands worst sea pollution disaster and it killed more than 2,000 sea birds. But these penguins were the lucky ones and, though they were a little weaker for their time being cleaned and pampered by the wildlife rescue staff, they were always destined to return to the ocean.10月初,一艘名为Rena的油轮在陶朗加海岸附近触礁搁浅,船上00吨原油全部倾倒进了大海。这是新西兰历史上最严重的一次海洋污染,造成00多只海鸟的死亡。而这343只小企鹅在被焦油严重污染后,在野生动物专家的精心照顾下,恢复了健康,现在已经可以重返大海了。这群小企鹅真的很幸运,野生动物救援专家对它们进行了全面的清洗,还把它们喂得饱饱的。现在它们比起当时是消瘦了一点,但是它们始终都是要回归大海的。来 /164213。
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