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Number one: I wish I hadnt worked so hard.第一位:我希望我工作没有那么卖力。Number two: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.第二位:我希望我和我的朋友们一直保持联系。Number three: I wish I had let myself be happier.第三位:我希望我能让自己过得跟快乐些。Number four: I wish Id had the courage to express my true self.第四位:我希望我曾鼓励过我做真正的自己。And number five: I wish Id lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me.第五位: 我希望我曾为我的梦想而活,而不是按照别人的要求苟活。Now, as far as I know, no one ever told one of the hospice workers,现在,据我所知,没有一个人告诉善终医院的工作人员,;I wish Id spent more time playing games,;我希望我曾花多一点的时间打,but when I hear these top five regrets of the dying,但当我听到这五个说得最多的临终遗憾时候,I cant help but hear five deep human cravings that games actually help us fulfill.我真的帮不上什么忙,而只能听听人类内心深处的渴望,游戏其实能帮助我们活得充实。For example, I wish I hadnt worked so hard.例如这句,我希望我工作没有那么卖力。For many people, this means, I wish Id spent more time with my family, with my kids when they were growing up.对许多人来说,这意味着,我希望我曾经花跟多的时间和我的家人在一起,陪伴我的孩子长大。Well, we know that playing games together has tremendous family benefits.很好,我们知道一起打游戏有极好的家庭益处。A recent study from Brigham Young University School of Family Life reported that伯明翰杨大学最近的研一个关于学校的家庭生活研究报告指出parents who spend more time playing games with their kids have much stronger real-life relationships with them.多花时间和孩子们打游戏的家长们,和孩子们在现实生活中的关系更紧密。;I wish Id stayed in touch with my friends.;我希望我和我的朋友们一直保持联系。Hundreds of millions of people use social games like FarmVille or Words With Friends是呢,成千上万的人们借助社交的游戏像Farmville或者Words,to stay in daily contact with real-life friends and family.在现实生活中和朋友们去保持每天的联系。A recent study from the University of Michigan showed that these games are incredibly powerful relationship-management tools.一个最近的Michigan大学的研究表明,这些游戏是难以置信的有力的人际交往工具。They help us stay connected with people in our social network that we would otherwise grow distant from,它们帮助我们保持和人际圈里的人一直联系。我们就渐渐疏远了,if we werent playing games together.如果我们不一起打游戏的话。201706/513054Now we have instant neighborhoods outside.现在大家都成了新的邻居。So the Exo is designed to be simply, basically like a coffee cup.这个房屋系统被设计的很简洁,基本上很像一个咖啡杯。They can actually stack together它们可以摞在一起so we get extremely efficient transportation and storage out of them.所以我们可以非常高效的运输和储存它们。In fact, 15 Exos can fit on a single semi truck by itself.事实上,一个半挂卡车可以装15个这样的屋子。This means the Exo can actually be transported and set up这就表明这种房屋比目前世界上其他任何住房系统faster than any other housing option available today.都能更快的运输和安装。But Im obsessive, so I couldnt just stop there,我对这个项目很着迷,所以我并不止步于此,so I actually started modifying the bunks接着我就开始设计床铺,where you could actually slide out the bunks and slide in desks or shelving,你可以从墙壁上把床滑出来然后耨把桌子和柜子滑进去,so the same unit can now be used for an office or storage location.这种设计也可以被用为办公室或者储藏室。The doors can actually swap out,房屋的门是可以拆换的,so you can actually put on a rigid panel with a window unit in it for climate control,所以你可以换一个带窗户的门来调节气温,or a connector module that would allow you to actually connect multiple units together,或者装上连接模块,就可以让你把多个房屋连接起来,which gives you larger and kind of compartmentalized living spaces,这样生活空间就会变大而且可以分成不同区块,so now this same kit of parts,因此同一个屋子,this same unit can actually serve as a living room, bedroom or bathroom,可以被当做起居室,卧室或浴室,or an office, a living space and secure storage.或是办公室,居住空间和安全储藏室。Sounds like a great idea, but how do you make it real?这听起来很不错,但是要怎样才能让这些成为现实?So the first idea I had, initially, was just to go the federal and state governments and go,我最初的想法是找到政府部门并且跟他们说,;Here, take it, for free.;“这个送给你们,拿去吧 。”But I was quickly told that, ;Boy, our government doesnt really work like that.;但是我很快被告诉,“亲,我们的政府根本不会这么做的。”Okay. Okay. So maybe I would start a nonprofit好吧,好吧。我或许应当创立一个非盈利的机构to kind of help consult and get this idea going along with the government, but then I was told,来使这个想法能得到政府的持,但之后我却被告知,;Son, our government looks to private sector for things like this.;“亲,我们的政府还指望私营企业来做这样的事情呢。”Okay. So maybe I would take this whole idea好吧。我也许应该把这个主意and go to private corporations that would have this mutually shared benefit to it,交给那些能共同获利的私营企业but I was quickly told by some corporations that my personal passion project was not a brand fit可接着我很快收到一些公司的答复,他们认为来源于我自己倒腾出来的项目和品牌形象不符because they didnt want their logos stamped across the ghettos of Haiti.他们不愿意让自己的品牌沾上海地贫民区的痕迹Now, I wasnt just obsessed. I was outraged.那时,我就不止是着迷怎么简单了。我愤怒了。So I decided, kind of told myself, ;Oh yeah? Watch this. Ill do it myself.;于是我对自己说,是嘛?等着瞧吧,我自己来做。201606/449990即学即用英语会话词典C部分:随声附和 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15097And then -- this is the key part -- that block is linked to the previous block随后是关键的部分,该区块连接到前一个区块,and the previous block to create a chain of blocks.以及更前面的区块,形成了一连串的区块。And every one is time-stamped, kind of like with a digital waxed seal.每一个区块都是时间标记,有点像是数字蜡印。So if I wanted to go and hack a block and, say, pay you and you with the same money,假如说我想要破解其中的一个区块,比方说给你还有你一样的金钱,Id have to hack that block, plus all the preceding blocks,我需要破解那个区块和前面所有的区块,the entire history of commerce on that blockchain,就是那区块链上完整的交易历史,not just on one computer but across millions of computers, simultaneously,并不只是破解一台电脑,而是要同时破解数亿台电脑,all using the highest levels of encryption,它们都使用着最高级别的加密技术,in the light of the most powerful computing resource in the world thats watching me. Tough to do.世界上最强大的计算资源正在监视着我。几乎不可能的任务。This is infinitely more secure than the computer systems that we have today.比起我们现有的计算机系统,这绝对要安全得多。Blockchain. Thats how it works. So the Bitcoin blockchain is just one.区块链,这就是它工作的原理。而比特币的区块链只是其中之一。There are many. The Ethereum blockchain was developed by a Canadian named Vitalik Buterin.还有许多种类。以太坊区块链由加拿大人维塔利·布塔林开发。He is 19 years old, and this blockchain has some extraordinary capabilities.他只有19岁。(实际年龄应为22岁)这一区块链有一些无与伦比的特点。One of them is that you can build smart contracts. Its kind of what it sounds like.其中之一是你可以制定智能合约。它正如其名。Its a contract that self-executes, and the contract handles the enforcement, the management, performance and payment它是自我执行的合约,合约负责处理强制措施,经营管理,工作情况和付方式,the contract kind of has a bank account, too, in a sense -- of agreements between people.某种意义上来说,该合约也有一个账户,是关于人们之间的协议。And today, on the Ethereum blockchain, there are projects underway to do everything如今,通过以太坊的区块链,有各种工程进行着各种任务,from create a new replacement for the stock market to create a new model of democracy, where politicians are accountable to citizens.从创造新的股票市场的替代品,到创立一个政客对公民真正负责的民主制度的新模型。201703/501342

46. I have a feeling that... 我有感觉······ 用法透视 这个句型可用来表示对尚未表面化的事情有预感,含义与"I feel..."相同。只不过该句后面只能接从句。 持范例 1. I have a feeling that your mother doesn't like me. 我有种感觉好像你妈不太喜欢我。 2. I have a feeling that this place is a little dangerous. 我觉得这地方有点危险。 3. I have a feeling that this dress will be too formal for the party. 我感觉穿这件裙子参加那聚会太正式了。 会话记忆 A: It's awfully quiet around here. 这附近好安静啊。 B: Yeah. There's nobody in sight. 是啊,不见半个人影。 A: I have a feeling that we're not supposed to be in here. 我有个感觉,我们不该待在这里。 B: I think you're right. Let's go. 我也这么想。走吧! /200705/13325

Im interested in the kind of constituency that thinks something along these lines:我对有些情况非常感兴趣,有些人会说:that thinks, ;I cant believe in any of this stuff.“我完全不相信这些宗教I cant believe in the doctrines.那些教义,那些学说I dont think these doctrines are right.我觉得它们全部都是假的But,; a very important but, ;I love Christmas carols.但是,”一个非常重要的但是,“我会喜欢圣诞颂歌I really like the art of Mantegna.我非常喜欢曼坦那的艺术I really like looking at old churches.还非常喜欢那些古老的教堂I really like turning the pages of the Old Testament.;而且还喜欢看旧约圣书”Whatever it may be, you know the kind of thing Im talking about这样类似的情况还有很多,你懂我的意思吧people who are attracted to the ritualistic side, the moralistic, communal side of religion,有些人喜欢宗教仪式,喜欢宗教里的道德,文化but cant bear the doctrine.但他们就是讨厌那些教条Until now, these people have faced a rather unpleasant choice.直到现在,他们一直都非常为难Its almost as though either you accept the doctrine and then you can have all the nice stuff,要么你接受那些信仰,然后你可以享受那些文化,艺术,道德or you reject the doctrine and youre living in some kind of spiritual wasteland要么你排斥那些教条,然后你就不能拥有那些崇高的灵魂under the guidance of CNN and Walmart.并且在CNN和沃尔玛的光辉下被遗弃So thats a sort of tough choice.所以那些人就很难选择I dont think we have to make that choice.但我觉得我们不必去做这些选择I think there is an alternative.我们可以有第三种选择I think there are ways -- and Im being both very respectful and completely impious -- of stealing from religions.我觉得--而卧是无比的尊重但同时不虔诚的这么说--我觉得我们可以从宗教里剽窃一些文化If you dont believe in a religion,如果你不相信宗教theres nothing wrong with picking and mixing,把宗教和世俗的文化混一起没什么关系with taking out the best sides of religion.把自己享受宗教最好的一面也没事And for me, atheism 2.0 is about both, as I say,对我来说,无神论2.0是对宗教充满敬意a respectful and an impious way of going through religions and saying, ;What here could we use?;而同时又不对神有所景仰,就像走进宗教的世界去寻找对我们有用的东西The secular world is full of holes.世俗的世界有许多缺点We have secularized badly, I would argue.我觉得许多人都被严重地世俗化了And a thorough study of religion could give us all sorts of insights into areas of life that are not going too well.而对宗教的学习研究可以帮助我们看破尘世,帮助我们走出生活中的窘境201608/459466

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