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23 Increasing Number of Foreign Experts第23章 越来越多的外国专家David: The number of foreign experts in China has risen sharply. Can you explain why?现在在中国的外国专家人数激增。你能解释一下原因吗?You: China has opened its doors to foreigners because we need experts to bring over advanced technology to help our country develop.由于我们需要通过专家引入先进技术来帮助我国发展,所以中国向外国人敞开了大门。David: So you are saying that recently, as the country develops, there is an increasing need for experts. Do you think foreign experts are only good for technological advances?就像你所说的,最近随着国家的发展,对外国专家的需求也与日俱增。你认为外国专家只对技术进步有贡献吗?那么我们又怎样来衡量他们的技术水平呢?You: They are also helpful in creating global connections between China and the world, enhancing friendships between nations and advancing world peace. But the funny thing is that we can’t tell who are the real experts, so we need some way of testing who the real experts are.不,他们还可以帮助中国与整个世界建立联系。增进各国人民之间的友谊以及友好合作往来,促进世界和平。但是,问题是有时我们不能很好的识别哪些是真正的专家,哪些不是。因此,我们需要有一些来作为衡量的标准。David: Well, what countries do these foreign experts come from?那么这些专家都来自哪些国家呢?You: You name it. They come from a lot of countries, such as America, countries in Europe, and even other Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea.你说呢?他们来自许多国家,例如美国,欧洲各国以及亚洲的日本,韩国等地。David: I see. Most foreign experts are from developed countries.噢,大部分外国专家都来自发达国家。You: As China develops rapidly with an aim to become a stronger nation in the world, she needs more experts from different backgrounds to come and share their knowledge in order to keep pace with modern science and technology.中国现在发展很快,要跻身世界民族之林,要与世界先进的科技接轨,其中很重要的途径就是不断引进西方各种专家。 /201209/198725Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Andrew: Wow, so many students are crowding in — more than I expected. We’re lucky to arrive an hour earlier. Or else we would definitely have problems getting good seats。哇,这么多学生涌进来了----比我预料中的还要多。我们早到一个小时真是太幸运了。否则我们肯定就找不到好位子了。Heather: I learned my lesson from the last experience. I didn’t arrive early enough, so I ended up with a terrible seat — all the way up in the front row! It was one of my worst movie experiences ever。我这也吸取了上次的教训。上次我到得不够早,结果坐了一个很差的位子---最前排!那是我最痛苦的看电影经历之一了。Andrew:Yeah. I hate sitting in the front row。是啊。我也不喜欢坐在前排。Heather: By the way, it was really thoughtful of you to get me the ticket. I really appreciate it. I’ll buy some popcorn and a drink for us。顺便说一句,你可真细心为我弄到了这张票。我真的很感激。我去买点爆米花和饮料。Andrew:That would be great!那太好了。Heather: You hold my place, and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Oh, I almost forgot. I’d better hold on to my ticket stub in case they won’t let me in。你占着位置,我会尽快回来的,哦,我差点忘了,我最好还是自己拿着票根吧,以防他们不让我进来。Andrew:OK.好的。重点句子:今晚去看电影怎么样? How about going to a movie tonight?这是一部热门电影。The movie is a big hit。我是个电影迷。I’m a big movie fan。你喜欢看什么电影?What kind of films do you like?这部电影的女主角是谁??Who is the heroine in this film?是什么剧情?What’s the plot?我已经?很长时间没看电影了。It’s been a long time since I last saw a film。我有两张电影票。I have two movie tickets。我有两张首都电影院的赠券。I have two coupons for the Capital Cinema。我们去哪家电影院?Which cinema shall we go to?你想看哪部片子?Which movie do you want to see?我们要看哪一场?Which showtime shall we choose?我们可以从网上订票。We can book the tickets online。我们应该早点动身去电影院。We should head for the cinema early。否则我们肯定就找不到好位子了。Or else we would definitely have problems getting good seats。电影院里污浊的空气让我讨厌。The foul air in the cinema disgusts me。这么多票贩子!So many scalpers!《朱诺》这部电影下午10点那场还有票吗?Do you still have the tickets for the performance of Juno at 10 am?我要两张15排的票。I’d like two tickets in the fifteenth row。我要7号座位。I’d like seat 7.咱们进去吧。Let’s get in。这个电影院的环境和设施还可以。The conditions and facilities of this cinema are pretty good。我出去一下。Excuse me for a while。你小声点讲话。Keep your voice down。我看不下去了,我走了。I can’t watch it any longer. I’m leaving。这部影片很感人。This film is very moving。这部电影真没劲。This film is boring。 /201412/350933

Life is like a rainbow, you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.生活就像虹,你既需要阳光,也需要雨水才能画出绚烂的颜色。 /201206/184962

我们今天还要学几个以hold这个词为主的习惯用语。To hold常用来表示用手拿住或者抓住。今天要学的第一个习惯用语是: to hold your end up。 To hold your end up的意思是:做你份内的工作。也可以说,承担你份内的责任。人们从二十世纪中期就开始用这个习惯用语了。要知道to hold your end up这个习惯用语的来源很容易。你只要想象两个人搬一件重的东西。你得把你这一端抬起来,要不然这个东西是动不了的。下面我们来听一个例句。说话的人在一家公司工作,为了完成一个重要的项目,公司雇了一个人来跟他一起工作,可是他对这个人很不满。他说:例句-1:Joe isnt a bad guy but he simply doesnt hold his end up, so I have to work late every day to finish what he doesnt do. Ive talked to him about this and hes promised to do better. If he doesnt Ill go to our boss and ask him to get someone else.这个人说: Joe这个人并不坏,可是他就是不完成他份内的工作。我每天得加班做他没有做完的事。我跟他谈过这个问题,他也保会改进。要是他不改进的话,我就去找老板。请他另外找一个人。******我们今天要学的第二个习惯用语是: dont hold your breath。 Breath是个名词,意思是:呼吸。Dont hold your breath是来自一个比较老的说法: Hold your breath,意思是:吸了一口气后憋住,不要吐气。Hold your breath 也可以指一个人由于太紧张,太恐惧而憋住了气。Dont hold your breath从字面上来解释,它的意思是:不要憋着气。这也是dont hold your breath的一般意思。但是,我们这里讲的是习惯用语。它的意思就不同了。要是某人对你说: Dont hold your breath, 那是指你所说的事可能不会发生。另外,要是有人向你保他会做某件事,而另外一个人对你说:Dont hold your breath,他的意思是:你不要当真,这个保可能不会兑现。Dont hold your breath也就是对某人预料的事,或者保的事表示十分怀疑。好,我们来听一个例句。讲话的人在跟一个同事谈关于老板说要给他们年终加薪的事。他不太相信老板真的会这样做。他说:例句-2:Sure, I know that he said he expects to give us all a nice increase in our pay this winter, but dont hold your breath, friend. Dont you remember he made the same promise two years ago and were still waiting to see any money?他说:是啊,我知道他说今年冬天会给我们大家加薪。嗨,我的朋友,你可别信以为真。两年前他也做过同样的保,你还记得吗? 我们到现在还没见到钱呐。******今天我们要学的第三个,也是最后一个习惯用语是: to hold someones feet to the fire。 To hold someones feet to the fire,最开始是折磨囚犯的一种方法,把囚犯的脚置于熊熊大火之上,烫得他受不了,以迫使他承认罪行,或者是提供信息。现在,to hold someones feet to the fire的意思已经有所改变。它是指给某人非肉体的压力,以迫使他同意做他不太愿意做的事。在下面例句里说话的人是一个公司的总裁。他正在叫他的销售部经理给一个大的客户施加压力,促使他同意购买他们公司的产品,签一个涉及资金很大的合同。他说:例句-3:Okay, Pete, stay after the CEO of that outfit - keep phoning him, inviting him to lunch, use any other way you can think of to keep pressure on him. We really need his business, so do your best to hold his feet to the fire!他说: 行,Pete, 你就紧追那个单位的总裁不放 - 不断打电话给他,请他吃午饭,你可以想尽一切方法来给他施加压力。我们确实需要他的生意,所以你要尽你最大的努力来促使他同意签约。 /201411/339650

Todd: So, Tres can you talk about American high school. What was high school like for you? What is American high school like?托德:特雷斯,你谈谈美国的高中吧。你念的高中是什么样的?美国的高中是什么样的?Tres: Thats a very good question. When one says ;an American high school;, to some people maybe movies that depict high school life come to mind. But the most thing I would like people to keep in mind is that depending on the school district, the state, the area of the state in which you live, the high school you go to can vary extremely. There are many poor schools in poor districts. And there are very rich schools similar to the ;Beverly Hills 90210; television show, thats quite popular around the world. I was fortunate to go to a high school that was a public school under a magnet program. And the idea was that you have a test to get in to the school. You have to excel academically. And the school would try to suck in, or attract students from all over the state, students that excelled in the math and sciences, sports, English, literature, foreign languages, and tried to bring those students together. Not only that, the idea of the school was to create an atmosphere that was ;biologically diverse;. That just sounds better than ;racially diverse;. So we had students of various socioeconomic backgrounds, meaning we had students of various races. Even though I dont think ;race; truly exist. But sociologically speaking, we had students of various races. At the school you could take classes from Italian to classical English. Many of our teachers had Ph.D.s so it was just a great academic atmosphere to be in. And then, we had a lot of fun on top of that. The first few years I went there, we had an open campus, which meant that during our lunch, we were able to get in our cars because we all drove to school. Get in our cars and drive home or drive to our friends house or drive to a restaurant during our lunch period. So we didnt have to stay at school for lunch. We were completely free. And the school was very liberal. So the teachers had a very open idea of how students learn, and they wanted to make sure that we were learning in a way that was best for us. Now that doesnt mean that they were not strict on us. When we did something bad, when we were in trouble, they let us know. But still many of our teachers were very open, and they would give us hugs if we needed hugs.特雷斯:这是个好问题。当提到“美国高中”时,有些人可能会想到电影中描写的那种高中生活。不过我希望人们记住,高中生活要取决于学区、州和你生活的那个地区,这些因素使各高中产生极大的不同。贫穷地区有许多糟糕的学校,而也有很多与电视剧《新飞越比佛利》类似的奢侈高中,这部电视剧在全世界非常受欢迎。我很幸运,我上的高中是加入磁石计划的公立学校。在被学校录取前要进行测试。你要有优异的学业成绩。学校会试图从全州吸引在数学和科技、体育、英语、文学以及外语方面表现优异的学生,并试图把这些学生整合在一起。不仅如此,这类学校的理念是营造一种“生物多样性”的氛围。这种说法听起来比“种族多样性”好多了。我们学校的学生有不同的社会经济背景,有不同的种族。虽然我不认为“种族”真实存在,但是从社会学的角度来看,我们学校的学生确实来自不同种族。学校内设置的课程包括意大利语和古典英语。许多老师都有士学位,所以学校里的学术氛围非常棒。除此之外,我们在学校过得很开心。最初的几年我们有校园开放日,因为我们都是开车去学校的,所以在午餐期间我们可以开车回家或开车去朋友家或者去餐厅。我们不用在学校里用午餐。我们拥有完全的自由。学校很开明,所以老师对于学生的学习方式持开放思想,他们希望确保我们用最好的方式学习。这并不意味着他们对我们不严厉。我们做错事还有惹麻烦的时候,他们会对我们很严厉。不过仍有许多老师非常开放,如果我们需要拥抱那他们就会拥抱我们。Todd: The teachers would give you hugs.托德:老师会拥抱你们。Tres: Yes, I know some schools, many teachers would want to keep that professional distance. But I think when youre working with children, always keep in mind that they are young adults. And they need to be taught a good model to fit into society. I think one of those models is reaching out to others when they are in trouble. Sometimes you know, a student may need a hug, be it your friend or be it a teacher. So I really enjoyed getting hugs from my principal, so I always give hugs to everybody.特雷斯:是的,我知道基于专业上的考虑,有些学校的老师会希望和学生保持距离。不过我认为如果你的工作要和孩子接触,要记住他们是青少年。老师要教导他们成为好榜样并适应社会。我认为这些榜样应该是指在他人遇到困难时出手相助的人。你知道,有时学生需要拥抱,亦师亦友的感觉。我很喜欢校长拥抱我,所以我也会去拥抱他人。Todd: Wow, thats a lot different from my high school.托德:哇,这点和我的高中有很大的不同。 译文属 /201412/349539Li: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Yang Li.莉:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是杨莉。William: (subdued) Im William Kremer.威廉:(闷闷不乐的)我是威廉·克莱默。Li: So, what English are we speaking today, William?莉:威廉,今天我们要学什么英语短语啊?William: (sigh) I dont know.威廉:(叹气)我不知道。Li: Oh what a big sigh! Whats wrong?莉:哦,好沉重的叹气啊!你怎么了?William: Oh, it doesnt matter.威廉:哦,没什么。Li: Oh, come on! I can see somethings not right. Whats wrong?莉:告诉我吧!我能看出来你不太对劲。你到底怎么了?William: (sigh) Its... well, if you must know, its Tigger... hes died.威廉:(叹气)就是……嗯,如果你非要知道的话,就是提格死了。Li: Tigger? Whos Tigger?莉:提格?提格是谁?William: Tigger... Tigger is... Tigger was my beautiful cat. He was my best friend. I suppose you could say that. Im going to miss his stripey face in the morning. And his purr, yeah, Im going to miss that. But, you know, these things happen. I shouldnt get so upset...威廉:提格……提格是……提格是我漂亮的宠物猫。它是我最好的朋友。我想可以这么说。早上我会想念它那布满条纹的脸。当然我也会想念它的呼噜声。可是,你知道,发生了些事。我不应该这不沮丧的……Li: Why not? I think its normal to be very sad when a pet dies.莉:为什么不呢?我认为失去宠物谁都会非常伤心的,这很正常。William: No, no, its silly! Im getting upset over an animal! Im not a baby! I should grow up.威廉:不,不,这太傻了!我竟然为一只宠物而沮丧!我又不是孩子!我应该更成熟些。Li: But you might find it helpful to talk about your feelings for Tigger.莉:不过谈谈你对提格的感情会对你有帮助的。William: No, no, no, no! I hate all of that touchy-feely stuff!威廉:不,不,不,不!我讨厌所有这些煽情的事情!Li: Touchy-feely?莉:Touchy-feely?William: Yeah, if something is touchy-feely its very emotional. If you are a touchy-feely person you dont mind talking about your feelings and maybe actually hugging people.威廉:对,这个词指那些情绪化的事情。如果你不介意谈论你的感情或是去拥抱别人,那你就是情感外露的人。Li: I see. So is this a negative phrase, touchy-feely?莉:我明白了。所以这是个贬义词组吗?William: Yeah, a little bit. Lets hear a couple of examples of it in use:威廉:对,有一点贬义的成分。我们来听几个应用此短语的例子:Man: Do you know, I never once saw my mum and dad kiss or hug.男:你知道吗,我从来没看到过我妈妈和我爸爸亲吻或是拥抱。Man 2: Really? Gosh, that seems incredible.男2:真的吗?天哪,那简直让人难以置信。Man: But I think they really loved each other. They just werent all touchy-feely about it.男:不过我认为他们真的非常相爱。他们只是没有把情感表露出来。Woman: Did you go to that drama group?女:你去那个剧团了吗?Woman 2: Yeah. I dont think Ill go again.女2:去了。不过我不会再去了。Woman: Oh? Why not?女:是吗?为什么?Woman 2: Well, the acting was fine. But its all that touchy-feely stuff they do that I dont like.女2:嗯,他们的表演还不错。可是他们太情绪化了,我不喜欢那样。Li: Look, you English people! You just cant talk about your feelings, can you?莉:看看,你们这些英国人!你们就是不想谈论你们的感情,不是吗?William: Well, you might be right Li–were not famous for talking about our feelings. Now, before we finish, I have heard this phrase touchy-feely being used in a very different way too. Listen to this:威廉:嗯,莉,也许你是对的,我们不擅长谈论情感。现在,在结束节目之前,我听到过这个词组的另一种用法。我们来听下面这个例子:Woman: I love your sweater!女:我喜欢你的毛衣!Man: Thanks.男:谢谢!Woman: Its so soft! I love this material. Its so touchy-feely!女:这件毛衣太柔软了!我喜欢这个布料。它真的太柔软了!Man: OK. Shall I take it off and then you can touch it properly?!男:嗯。我是不是该把衣脱下来让你好好摸一下?Li: So in that example, touchy-feely was being used to describe a kind of material.莉:在刚刚那个例子中,touchy-feely用来形容一种布料。William: Yes. If something is touchy-feely it is very soft. You want to stroke it, just like Tigger. Im going to miss stroking Tigger.威廉:对。如果用来形容某样东西,说明这个东西非常柔软。让你想去抚它,就像提格一下。我会想念柔软的提格的。William: The way he used to purr... And sometimes he would bring me a little present, you know. A dead mouse or maybe a little bird. So thoughtful.威廉:它打呼噜的方式……你知道,有时它还会给我带来小礼物。可能是一只死老鼠或是一只小鸟。太体贴了。Li: Hmm. Its OK to cry you know, William...莉:嗯。威廉,你知道,你哭出来也没什么的……William: (recovering himself) No! No its not. No touchy-feely stuff!威廉:(自我恢复)不!不行,我不会哭的。不能有这种煽情的事情!Li: Oh I give up. Goodbye everyone.莉:好吧,我放弃了。大家再见。William: Bye!威廉:再见! /201407/314049

(Feifei and Finn bump into each other at the supermarket)(菲菲和芬恩在超市偶遇)Finn: Hello Feifei. I didnt know you shopped at this supermarket too.芬恩:你好,菲菲。我不知道你也在这家超市购物。Feifei: Hi Finn. Usually I dont. But its close to the office and I have to rush home to welcome an important guest.菲菲:你好,芬恩。一般我不在这里买东西。但是这里离办公室很近,我要马上回家去接待一位重要的客人。Finn: Who is it? Someone I know?芬恩:客人是谁?我认识的人吗?Feifei: No, its my landlady. Shes coming to collect some of her post and... well, I want to make her like me because next month, the contract on my flat is due to be renewed and she might want to increase the rent.菲菲:你不认识,客人是我的房东。她要过来取邮件……嗯,我想给她留个好印象,因为我下个月要续签公寓的合同,她想涨租金。Finn: Yeah, I see what you mean. So youd better butter her up then!芬恩:我明白你的意思了。所以你最好去奉承一下她!Feifei: Butter? Oh, yes. But Im a pretty bad cook. If I baked a cake it would probably be horrible!菲菲:黄油?哦,对。不过我厨艺不好。如果我烤蛋糕可能会很可怕!Finn: No. I dont mean butter for a cake. In English, when you say youll butter someone up, you mean youll be especially nice to them in the hope theyll do something good for you in return.芬恩:不是。我不是说蛋糕里的黄油。在英语中,butter someone up的意思是你要对某人特别好,希望他们做好事来回报你。Feifei: Oh, I see. So Ill be nice to her and pay her compliments so that she likes me and keeps the rent low. Ill butter her up! But isnt it a bit insincere?菲菲:哦,我明白了。所以我要对她好,称赞她,这样她就会喜欢我,然后她就会继续给我低房租。我要去讨好她!但是这样会不会有点虚伪?Finn: Well, it can have a negative connotation, yes. Lets hear some examples of how to use to butter someone up or to butter up someone, which is todays expression in The English We Speak.芬恩:嗯,这个短语可能会有负面含义。to butter someone up或是to butter up someone就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式,我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Johnny: I was very impressed with your presentation, Mrs Beany. You are really intelligent and perceptive and...约翰尼:我对你的展示会印象深刻,比尼太太。你真是既聪明又思维敏捷……Mrs Beany: Dont waste your time buttering me up, Johnny. Im not raising your salary anytime soon.比尼太太:不要浪费时间来巴结我。我近期内是不会给你涨工资的。The director was always y to butter up Angelina Jolie. He knew she was looking for her next role and he wanted her in his movie.这名导演总是乐于去讨好安吉丽娜·朱莉。他知道她正在物色下一个角色,而导演想让她出演他的电影。Feifei: Oh, look. Its 6pm aly. Im very late. I might not be on time to meet my landlady and shell be angry with me. Shes a very busy woman.菲菲:哦,看啊。现在已经下午六点了。我真的太迟了。我可能不能准时回家去见房东了,她会生我气的。她是个非常忙的女性。Finn: Yeah, well, then you are in a jam!芬恩:那你有麻烦了!Feifei: Jam?!菲菲:果酱?Finn: In English, when you say someone is in a jam, you mean they are in a difficult situation — but thats a different kind of jam!芬恩:在英语中,我们说某人in a jam的意思是他们遇到了困境,又是种不同的果酱!Feifei: All these expressions about food!菲菲:这些表达方式都是和食物有关的!Finn: I know. We have a huge appetite for food expressions. But lets leave some for another day. Bye!芬恩:我知道。我们对与有食物有关的表达方式很感兴趣。不过我们把其他的表达方式留在以后讲吧。再见!Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见! 译文属 /201409/3317851. Youre a good singer!你唱歌真好听!还能这样说:You sing very well!You are good at singing.应用:sing away 唱歌把……忘掉;唱歌庆贺;sing out 大声喊出,大声唱;sing to sleep 哼着歌儿使……入睡2. I really enjoyed her singing.我真的很喜欢听她的歌声。还能这样说:I did like to hear her sing.I really liked her song.应用:really and truly 真正地;千真万确;for real 认真的;a real idiot 十足的傻瓜;the real thing 了不起的经历或成就3. They sang and danced all night after graduation.毕业后他们通宵唱歌跳舞。还能这样说:They enjoyed themselves all through the night by singing and dancing after their graduation.They kept singing and dancing throughout the night after they graduated from college.应用:all the night through 整夜;通宵;night sweat 盗汗;pass a night 过夜;make a night of it 玩到天亮4. He sang with a furry voice.他用略带沙哑的嗓音唱歌。还能这样说:His voice rang huskily.He sang raucously.应用:be in good voice 嗓子好;in a hushed voice 低声地;round voice 洪亮而柔和的嗓音;strain ones voice 喊坏嗓子;扯起嗓子喊 /201310/259769

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