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This film will show you the basic tricks to remember someone#39;s name - and what to do when you forget! A great six step guide to make sure you have no embarrassing situations of forgetting names.本视频将告诉你巧记人名的基本方法——以及忘记对方名字时怎么办。按照以下六个步骤,你不会再面临忘记对方名字的困境。Step 1: Repetition, repetition, repetition.1.重复,重复,再重复When you are first introduced, repeat your new acquaintance#39;s name - three times will cement it in your memory. ;Tom, Tom,Tom.;当你们第一次结识时,重复你的新朋友的名字——重复三次可以加深记忆。“汤姆,汤姆,汤姆。”The trick is to do this without them noticing. First, repeat it directly. ;It#39;s nice to meet you, Tom. How do you do?; Then repeat it twice during the course of your conversation. ;That#39;s an interesting point. Tom, what do you think?;, ;So, Tom,what do you do for a living?;技巧是在他们没有注意到的情况下重复。首先,直接重复。“汤姆,很高兴认识你。你好。”然后在对话的过程中重复两次。“这非常有趣,汤姆,你认为呢?”“那么,汤姆,你是做什么工作的?”After this, occasionally throw their name into conversation to keep it fresh in your mind. But don#39;t overdo it, or you will seem odd.之后,在对话中偶尔不经意地提到他们的名字,让这个名字在你的脑海中保持清晰。不过要适当,否则你会看上去非常古怪。Step 2: Association2.联想During your first conversation, subtly study their face and clothing, paying particular attention to any distinguishing features.在第一次对话时,暗自研究他们的面孔和装,特别注意与众不同的特点。Anchor their name to a particular feature. In your mind, a simple ;Tom; might become ;Tom with the eyebrows;; ;Tom wearing blue;; or ;Tom with the crazy hair;.把他们的名字与某个特征联系起来。在你的脑海中,一个简单的“汤姆”可以变成“眉毛特别的汤姆”,“穿蓝色衣的汤姆”,或“发型张扬的汤姆”。Next time you see them, that feature will remind you of their name.下次见到他们的时候,这个特征会让你想起他们的名字。Step 3: Find a rhyme3.找出韵律Alternatively, try making a simple rhyme out of their name. This can be as ludicrous as you like because, remember, it only needs to make sense to you. Tom could be ;Tom went to the prom;.此外,试着用他们的名字制作一个简单的韵律。你可以随心所欲地编造,记住,这只对你自己有效。If you can tie this in with a distinguishing feature, then you#39;ve got yourself a double-whammy. A bearded man named Dave, for example, might become ;Dave needs a shave;.如果你可以在韵律中加入某个显著特征,记住对方的名字就会更加容易。These three tricks should help you to remember people#39;s names in any situation. However, no-one is perfect, and if you find yourself unable to remember a name, don#39;t fret. VideoJug has the answers.这三个技巧可以帮助你在任何情况下记住别人的名字。然而,任何人都不是完美的。如果你忘记了对方的名字,不要担心。VideoJug教你怎么做。Step 4: Ask someone else4.问别人If you want to address someone but your memory fails you, discreetly ask a mutual friend their name. You needn#39;t be embarrassed - far better to do this than to call them ;Oi;.如果你想和某人说话却忘了他的名字,直接问你们共同的朋友。不需要尴尬,总比叫错别人的名字好多了。Step 5: Introduce them to someone else5.把他们介绍给其他人Introduce your new acquaintance to a friend, using your body language to prompt them to give their own name.把你新结识的朋友介绍给其他朋友,使用身体语言鼓励他们说出自己的名字。;Have you met Peter? He#39;s a good friend of mine from the polo club.;“你有没有见过彼得?这是我在保罗俱乐部结识的好朋友。”Take control, be polite, and do it with a smile. Hopefully they will step up and introduce themselves, giving you the opportunity to hear their name again.要控制,有礼貌,并且微笑着这样做。他们可能会做自我介绍,这样你就有机会再次听到他们的名字。Step 6: Ask them6.直接问他们If all else fails, simply ask them again. Politely say, ;I#39;m terribly sorry, I#39;ve forgotten your name.;如果以上措施全都没用,直接再次问他们。礼貌地说,“非常抱歉,我忘了你的名字。”Everyone forgets names from time to time, so don#39;t be embarrassed, and don#39;t make a big deal of it.每个人都会不时忘记别人的名字,所以不要尴尬,不要小题大做。After this reminder, you#39;re unlikely to forget a second time. But if you do, simply throw a drink over yourself and escaping in the ensuing melee.经过这次以后,你不可能再次忘记同一个人的名字。但是不幸又忘记的话,赶紧把自己灌醉,藏在人群中吧。Thanks for watching How To Remember People#39;s Names感谢收看“怎样记住对方的名字”视频节目。 Article/201209/199741How To Fall Asleep Fast on HowcastAre you tired of lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing sleep would come? Try these lab-tested tips.你厌倦了躺在床上,盯着天花板,希望能尽快入睡?试试下面这些办法。Step 1: Time your workoutsGet some exercise during the day. People who are physically active fall asleep faster and sleep better overall, as long as they don’t exert themselves within three hours of bedtime.第一步:计算运动时间在白天做些运动。生理上活跃的人更能较快地入睡,而且总的来说睡得很好,只要他们在就寝的三个小时内不受到运动的影响。Step 2: Get off the cell phoneTurn off your cell phone at least an hour before going to bed. One study indicated that being exposed to cell phone radiation before going to bed may compromise sleep quality.第二步:关掉手机最晚在睡觉前一小时关掉手机。研究表明睡觉前处于电话信号的辐射下可能会影响睡眠质量。Step 3: Get a whiff of thisPut a few drops of vanilla oil on a tissue and tuck it inside your pillowcase. Studies have indicated the scent may help people nod off faster than they normally would, and get them into the REM, or dream state, more quickly.第三步:将少许香草放到薄纱上,然后塞进枕头套中。研究表明香气能使人们比正常状况下更快地有困意,更快地进入快速眼动或做梦状态。Tip:The scent of lavender may help people fall asleep, too.小贴士:香草的香味也能帮助人们尽快入睡。Step 4: Picture thisImagine a scene that is pleasant and soothing to you. This may help you relax enough to fall asleep.第四步:想一个温馨平缓的画面。这能使你充分放松从而入睡。Step 5: Take a pillStill not asleep? Take a tablet of melatonin, an over-the-counter hormone that promotes sleep. It proved effective in a study of nurses who took it to deal with the sleep problems brought on by shift work.第五步:吃药还是无法入睡?吃些褪黑激素,它是种不需处方也可出售的激素,它能提升睡眠。这在护士们用它来对付由于倒班引起的睡眠问题时明很有效。Step 6: Don't force itIf nothing is working, get out of bed, keep the lights dim, and do something — as long as it doesn’t involve turning on an electronic device, which will only stimulate your further. Return to bed when you feel drowsy.第六步:不要强迫自己入睡如果这一切都不管用,在保持灯光昏暗的状态下,起来做些别的事——只要你不打开电子设备,否则会使你更难入睡。当你感到昏昏欲睡时,再回到床上睡觉。 Article/201012/119606

Missing someone can be painful.相思何其苦。You may be heartbroken, and struggling to adapt to your new life with this person missing.你也许会悲伤心碎, 而且要随着思念这个人而挣扎着适应你的新生活。You can move on after a relationshiop ends though, and the guys in our new soap ;Broken Hearts; can help you do just that.其实你完全可以在一段感情结束之后就重振旗鼓,而我们的新肥皂剧《破碎的心》中的这些家伙就将帮助你做到这一点。Try and snap out of your usual routine试着摆脱你的平常习惯。Make some changes.尝试做出一些变化。Put away the things that remind you of the one you are missing.抛开提醒你思念着人的东西。You can#39;t erase them from your history, but you can keep those painful reminders out of sight.你无法从你的历史中抹去他们,但是你可以将那些痛苦回忆的物件们抛诸九霄云外。Remember that if you are missing an ex, you do not own them.记住,如果你正在思念的是一位前任,你就已经不拥有他们。Let them go and make their own life. Give yourself time and space.随他们去吧,他们有自己的生活。给你自己一点时间和空间。Keep getting up in the mornings and making the most of your days.保持在早晨起床并享受你日子的绝大多数时光。Keep yourself active and get down the gym.保持自己积极向上并经常去健身房运动。Chances are this happened for a reason and it is the right decision so remember that.铭记在心,对你而言,机会是万事皆有因,这件事也是如此,而你已经做出了正确的决定。Get them out of your head, perhaps take a trip away, visit some family将他们从你的脑袋中赶出去,出外来一次旅行或拜访一些家庭都是不错的选择。 Article/201207/190689

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