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探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 12But if I were to tell you just the science of these changes I would be missing the most important thing of all. Let me show you what I mean. This is the amount of tears that an average person cries during a lifetime. Just a fraction under 65 liters, or to put it another way, about 1 million 850 thousand drops. So what do you know about them? Well, each tear weighs 35, 000 th of a gram and is about as salty as this part of the River Thames, at Greenwich.Tears are produced by a gland just above the eye which is literally squeezed when we cry and the tears come down 6 tiny tubes about the thinness of a human hair. As far as we can tell, of all the animals in the world only humans actually cry when we are hurt or upset, about 28 drops each time. Though they are 99% water, tears also contain around 80 other ingredients, including sugar and antiseptics. But what's the most important thing to know if all these were your tears, of course, it's why you cried them. How many of these thousands of droplets were shed in fits of anger? How many in pain, how many in love, in grief, how many in sorrow, how many were shed by a baby and how many by an old man facing the end of life? The truth is, a knowledge of the science of life is only made complete by a knowledge of those living it. The human body is not just a biological machine. It's much more than that. It's a person. And in this series, it's people that will tell us what the body's ever changing story really means. Take Zach for example, having aly mastered the complexities of crawling, he will be taking his first steps.words and expressionsantiseptic: A substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms.抗菌剂:抑制致病微生物生长和繁殖的物质in fits of :(感情的)激发in a fit of rage一时气愤200707/16012Say Goodbye道别A: How time flies ! Mr. Feng I must say goodbye to you and all the friends present.A: 时间过得真快啊!冯先生,我不得不向你和在场的诸位道别了。B: Well be sorry to see you leave.Is there anything I can do for you before your departure ?B: 你要走了,我们很舍不得。需要我帮忙的吗?A: No.Thank you for all the trouble you have taken, You and the other have been very considerate and helpful.A: 没有了。连日来给你们添了许多麻烦,你和其他诸位考虑的很周到,帮了我很大的忙。太感谢了。B: Dont mention it. Its a pleasure to help you,Mr. Brown.B: 别这么说,布朗先生,能够帮助你,我们感到很高兴。C: Here is your plane ticket.Mr. Brown. The plane will take off at 9: 30 tomorrow morning.C: 布朗先生,这是你的机票。飞机在明天上午9:30起飞。A: Thank you. What time should I check in ?A: 谢谢。我该什么时候办理登记手续?C: I suppose youll have to be at the airport by 8:30 at the latest so as to go through customs and other things before the plane takes off.C: 我想最迟得在8:30以前到达机场,以便在飞机起飞前能办理海关和其他手续。A: How long will it take from the hotel to the airport that time of day?A: 到时从宾馆到机场要多久?C: An hour or so. Dont worry.Just have your things packed up and wait in the room.lII come to hotel to pick you up around 7:30.C: 大概一个小时。不用担心,你把行李整理好,在房间里等我。我7:30左右开车到宾馆接你。A: Thats perfectly all right. Ill be y.A: 太好了,我会准备好的。B: Well, its getting late. I think youd better have a good rest tonight. Youll be having a tiring journey tomorrow.B:好吧,时间不早了。我想你今晚要好好休息,明天的旅程一定会很辛苦的。 /201603/432587Strong Aftershock Strikes Central China中国四川强烈余震造成更多伤亡 Central China has been struck by a powerful aftershock as the region struggles to recover from a massive earthquake earlier this month that killed tens of thousands of people and left many more homeless. Latest shock killed at least one person in Sichuan province and injured about 260. 遭受大地震的中国中部地区发生强烈余震,与此同时,该地区正在努力从大地震中恢复过来。这个月早些时候发生的地震造成几万人死亡,还有更多的人无家可归。The U.S. Geological Survey says Sunday's aftershock registered 5.8 points on the Richter scale, making it one of the strongest aftershocks since the May 12 earthquake that devastated China's Sichuan province. 美国地质勘探局说,星期天发生的余震为里氏5.8级,这是自中国四川省5月12日发生大地震以来所发生的最强余震之一。Initial reports say the aftershock caused more deaths and injuries, and led to further damage to homes, buildings, and roads. In addition, China's Vice Minister of Water Resources says scores of dams that were damaged in the initial quake are now in danger of collapse. 最初的报导说,余震造成更多的人员伤亡,并导致房屋、楼房和道路受到进一步的损毁。除此之外,中国水利部副部长鄂竟平说,在第一次地震中受损的许多水坝目前都有崩塌的危险。The minister says 69 dams are currently in danger of breaking, but have not broken yet. 他说:“有69座水库现在面临的是溃坝的风险,就是有溃坝的危险。”The aftershock, centered near the devastated city of Mianyang, was felt across the country. As far away as Beijing, buildings are reported to have swayed. 这次余震的震中在遭地震破坏的绵阳市附近,中国全国都有震感。据报导说,远在北京的楼房都出现了晃动。The death toll from the initial quake has been rising precipitously, and Chinese officials say the final tally could exceed 80,000. 5月12日大地震造成的死亡人数在迅速上升,中国官员们说,最终的统计数字可能会超过8万人。Adding to the misery are forecasts for more heavy rains in Sichuan province in coming days, heightening the strain on dams and increasing the risk of flooding and mudslides. 天气预报说,未来几天四川省将再降大雨,这将给水库大坝造成更大压力,从而会增加发生洪水和泥石流的危险。China has dispatched soldiers armed with explosives to a blocked river in hopes of clearing debris and alleviating the potential for flooding. 中国把携带炸药的军人派遣到一条堵塞的河流,希望用爆炸来清理河道淤积,减缓发生洪水的可能。 200805/401905 还盘3句英文任你选 We regret we have to decline your offer.很抱歉,我们不得不拒绝你方报盘。We cant accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 7%.除非你们减价7%,否则我们无法接受报盘。We are not interested unless your price is reduced to a level in line with the market price.除非你们把价格降到与市场价格相当,否则我们不感兴趣。 Tip:unless是从属连词,引导条件状语从句,含有否定意义,相当于 if条件状语从句的否定形式 (if... not)。常用来引导一个含否定意义的真实条件句,有时也可引导非真实条件句。 unless引导条件句时,可能会出现下列两种情况:(1)主句为肯定句。例如 Youll fail in math again unless you work har-der. (如果你不再加把劲学习,你数学考试还会不及格。 )(2)主句为否定句。例如 1 wouldnt be saying this unless I were sure of the facts. (要是我对这些事情没有把握,我就不说这话了)。 /201603/434082

Bush Calls for Withdrawal of Russian Troops from Georgia布什呼吁俄罗斯从格鲁吉亚撤军  U.S. President George Bush says Russia may be violating the terms of a cease-fire in Georgia less than a day after agreeing to stop the fighting in the former Soviet republic. The president spoke amid reports that a Russian military convoy had pressed deep into Georgian territory. 美国总统布什说,俄罗斯可能在同意结束在格鲁吉亚交战不到一天后就已经违反了停火协议的规定。他对记者们说,俄罗斯的军方车队深入格鲁吉亚领土。President Bush says he expects Russia to meet its commitment to cease all military activities in Georgia and withdraw all forces that have entered the country in recent days. 布什说,他期待俄罗斯遵守承诺,停止在格鲁吉亚的一切军事活动,并撤回最近几天进入格鲁吉亚的所有俄罗斯军队。"We are concerned about reports that Russian units have taken up positions on the east side of the city of Gori, which allows them to block the east-west highway, divide the country, and threaten the capital of Tbilisi," the president said. "We are concerned about reports that Russian forces have entered and taken positions in the port city of Poti, that Russian armed vehicles are blocked access to that port, and that Russia is blowing up Georgian vessels." 他说:“有报道说,俄罗斯部队占领了哥里市东部的一些地方,这使它们可以阻断东西走向的高速公路,将格鲁吉亚一分为二,并威胁首都第比利斯。还有报道说,俄罗斯部队进入并控制了海港城市波蒂,俄罗斯的军车封锁了前往波蒂的道路,俄罗斯还在轰炸格鲁吉亚船只。我们对这些报道表示关注。”Flanked by his secretaries of State and Defense in the White House Rose Garden, President Bush said the ed States stands with Georgia's democratically-elected government. 布什和美国国务卿以及国防部长一起在白宫玫瑰园发表讲话。他说,美国持经民主选举产生的格鲁吉亚政府。"We insist that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia be respected. Russia has stated that changing the government of Georgia is not its goal," he said. "The ed States and the world expect Russia to honor that commitment." 他说:“我们坚持认为必需尊重格鲁吉亚的主权和领土完整。俄罗斯说,更换格鲁吉亚政府并不是俄罗斯的目标。美国和世界其它国家期待俄罗斯遵守这一承诺。”Mr. Bush spoke earlier with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and with French President Nicolas Sarkozy who negotiated the ceasefire. That deal calls for the withdrawal of forces from the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and free access for humanitarian aid workers. The president says he is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Paris for further consultations with President Sarkozy and on to Tblisi where Mr. Bush says Rice will personally convey America's unwavering support for Georgia's government. 布什说,他将派国务卿赖斯去巴黎,同法国总统萨尔科齐进行进一步磋商,赖斯还将前往第比利斯,亲自表达美国对格鲁吉亚政府坚定不移的持。"On this trip, she will continue our efforts to rally the free world in the defense of a free Georgia," Mr. Bush said. 他说:“赖斯此行将继续努力,团结自由世界,捍卫自由的格鲁吉亚。”The president says the U.S. military will lead a humanitarian mission to Georgia and he expects Russia to honor its commitment to ensure that all lines of communication and transport, including seaports, airports, roads, and airspace remain open for the delivery of assistance and for civilian transit. 布什说,美国军方将率领一个人道主义使团前往格鲁吉亚,他期待俄罗斯信守诺言,保海港、机场、道路、领空等所有通讯和交通线路为运送救援物资和公众的出入开放。Mr. Bush says Russia's actions raise serious questions about its intentions in Georgia and in the region. The president says the ed States has previously supported Russian efforts to better integrate into the diplomatic, political, economic, and security structures of the 21st century. 布什说,俄罗斯的行为使外界严重质疑其在格鲁吉亚和这一地区的意图。他说,美国曾持俄罗斯进一步融入21世纪世界外交、政治、经济和安全体系的努力。"Now, Russia is putting its aspirations at risk by taking actions in Georgia that are inconsistent with the principles of those institutions," President Bush said. "To begin to repair the damage to its relations with the ed States, Europe, and other nations, and to begin restoring its place in the world, Russia must keep its word and act to end this crisis." 他说:“现在,俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚采取的行动违反了这些体系的原则,危及俄罗斯要达到的目标。为了修补同美国、欧洲以及其它国家的关系,为了恢复它在国际上的地位,俄罗斯必须遵守诺言,采取行动,结束这场危机。”The ed States has called for a emergency meeting of NATO foreign ministers to discuss the crisis. NATO says the meeting could take place early next week and that Russia will not attend in its observer status. 美国呼吁召开北约国家外长紧急会议,商讨格鲁吉亚危机的问题。北约说,这次会议可能会在下周初召开,而俄罗斯不会以观察员的身份出席。200808/45907

Up to 150 Hindu Pilgrims Die in Temple Stampede印度发生踩踏事件140人丧生 Up to 150 Hindu pilgrims attending an annual festival have been killed in a stampede in Northern India.  在印度北部,140多名印度教朝圣者被踩踏丧生。Officials say the tragedy occurred when a metal railing along a narrow mountain path leading to Naina Devi temple in Himahcal Pradesh state collapsed under the weight of tens of thousands of devotees who had come to attend a religious festival on Sunday. 有关官员说,这次悲剧发生在通往喜马偕尔邦奈纳德维女神殿的狭窄山路上。路旁的金属栏杆,在承受成千上万教徒的压力下断裂。这些印度教徒是前往参加星期天举行的一个宗教节日。The temple is situated on a hilltop in the state's Bilaspur district.  奈纳德维女神殿座落在喜马偕尔邦比拉斯布尔区的一个山顶上。Officials say the collapse of the railing triggered panic among pilgrims, and a stampede ensued as people tried to flee to safety. There are many women and children among the victims, who fell down and were trampled.  有关官员说,金属栏杆断裂引起人们惊慌失措,在人们试图逃离到安全地带时发生了踩踏事件。很多死难者是妇女和儿童,她们在混乱中被挤倒踩死。A senior police official in Bilaspur, Bimal Gupta, says bad weather worsened the situation. 比拉斯布尔区的高级警官古普塔说,恶劣的天气使情况更加糟糕。"At the same time there was heavy rain. People wanted to save themselves," Gupta said. "In the midst you know the stampede occurred. But the administration, the local police and Home Guards, they immediately started the rescue work within 15 minutes." 他说:“踩踏事件发生时正下着大雨。人们都想逃生。因此这时候发生了踩踏事件。但是政府、当地警察和地方志愿人员在15分钟之内就立即展开了救援工作。”Police used a cable car to ferry down the dead and wounded from the hilltop. Helicopters aided the rescue efforts. Scores of injured people have been rushed to hospitals. As news of the stampede sp, relatives flocked in to identify the victims. 警方使用缆车将死伤者运下山。直升机协助救援努力。数十名受伤者被迅速送到医院。踩踏事件的消息传出后,亲属们纷纷前来找认死难者。The temple was packed at the time of the tragedy . It was the second day of the nine-day long festival called Shavran Navratras, where tens of thousands gather every year to pray to a Hindu goddess. Many of the worshippers were from the neighboring state of Punjab. 这场悲剧发生时,奈纳德维女神殿内面挤满了人,当时正是为期9天的那婆罗怛罗节的第二天。每年都有成千上万的人来神殿朝拜印度女神。很多朝圣者来自临近的旁遮普邦。Stampedes at religious festivals have occurred previously in India, where massive crowds gather on such occasions - sometimes in remote towns where the local administration is not equipped to handle large crowds. In 2005, more than 250 pilgrims were killed in a stampede near a temple in Western India.  印度过去在宗教节日期间也发生过踩踏事件,这种宗教节日吸引成千上万的人,但是有时是在边远的城镇,地方当局不具备应对大量人群的能力。2005年,在印度西部一个神殿发生的踩踏事件中,有250多名朝圣者丧生。200808/45403

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