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2019年03月19日 23:16:44 | 作者:飞度管家推荐医院 | 来源:新华社
Victor Cha, a White House adviser on North Korea during the George W Bush administration, described the reclusive nation as “the land of lousy options It is a reality the Trump administration is now facing weeks after it ordered a review of its strategy toward the aggressive, isolated country.曾在小布什(George W Bush)政府期间担任白宫朝鲜事务顾问的维克托?Victor Cha),把朝鲜这个封闭的国家描述为“艰难选择之地”。这是特朗普(Trump)政府下令重审美国对这个充满侵略性、与世隔绝的国家的战略几周之后所面临的现实。Rex Tillerson, US secretary of state, will visit Asia next week in an attempt to “try and generate a new approach to North Korea The former Exxon chief may struggle to find fresh ideas. Here are his options:国务卿雷克斯?蒂勒Rex Tillerson)将于下周出访亚洲,试图“尝试和形成一种新的对朝策略”。这位前埃克森美ExxonMobil)掌舵人也许很难找到新想法。这里是他的几个选项:Cut a deal达成协议On the campaign trail last year, Donald Trump said he would be willing to sit down for a burger with Kim Jong Un.在去年的竞选中,唐纳德?特朗Donald Trump)表示,他愿意和金正恩(Kim Jong Un)一起坐下来吃汉堡。The suggestion, while unlikely given North Korea’s supreme leader has not ventured past his own borders since he ascended to power, raised the prospect that the US under a self-professed dealmaker president could strike a landmark agreement.鉴于朝鲜最高领导人自上台后从未冒险离开本国,这一提议不大可能实现,但它增加了自封为交易撮合者的总统领导下的美国与朝鲜达成一项里程碑式协议的可能性。The notion has some currency among North Korea watchers, who believe the country would be more inclined to negotiate on its nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes if its back was not against the wall.这个想法在一定程度上获得了朝鲜观察家的持。他们认为,如果不是毫无退路,朝鲜将更愿意就其核武器和弹道武器计划展开谈判。“If the US really hopes to achieve peace on the Korean peninsula, it should stop looking for ways to stifle North Korea’s economy and undermine Kim Jong Un’s regime and start finding ways to make Pyongyang feel more secure,wrote John Delury, a professor at Yonsei University, in a recent Foreign Affairs article.不久前,延世大学(Yonsei University)教授鲁乐John Delury)在《外交政策Foreign Policy)撰文称:“如果美国真的希望实现朝鲜半岛的和平,那么就应该停止想方设法扼杀朝鲜的经济和破坏金正恩政权,而要开始想办法使平壤方面感到更安全。”“This might sound counterintuitive. But consider this: North Korea will start focusing on its prosperity instead of its self-preservation only once it no longer has to worry about its own destruction.”“这听起来可能违反直觉,但请考虑一点,朝鲜只有不再担心自己被摧毁,才会开始关注其国内繁荣,而不是自卫。”Such a deal might entail the cancellation of US-South Korea military drills or even the prospect of an official peace treaty on the Korean peninsula in exchange for a moratorium on Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons development.这样的协议也许包括取消美韩军事演习,甚至包括就朝鲜半岛问题签署正式和平条约、换取朝鲜暂停开发核武器的可能性。On Monday Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said such a “dual suspensionwould help break the security dilemma. Beijing, a long-time ally of Pyongyang, is widely seen as pivotal player in any scenario.中国外长王毅周一表示,这种“双暂停”将有助于摆脱安全困境。外界广泛认为,朝鲜的长期盟友中国在任何解决方案中都是一个关键角色。The carrot and stick胡萝卜加大棒For most officials and experts, including former US director of national intelligence James Clapper, the possibility of voluntary de-nuclearisation is a lost cause.对于包括前美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆克拉珀(James Clapper)在内的大多数官员和专家而言,朝鲜自愿弃核的可能性根本不存在。Yet for others it must be the first step. Without it, the world is simply “borrowing tomorrow’s peace according to Chun Yung-woo, a former leader of South Korean negotiations with the North.但对于其他人来说,弃核必须是第一步。曾任韩国对朝谈判主要代表的千英Chun Yung-woo)表示,没有这一步,世界只是在“透明天的和平”。Previous deals with North Korea have been undercut by mutual distrust and a lack of transparency in Pyongyang. The breathing space gained from reduced tensions ultimately helped the regime propel its weapons programmes.以前与朝鲜达成的协议,因彼此猜忌和平壤方面缺乏透明度而受到削弱。从紧张减轻中获得的喘息空间,最终帮助朝鲜政权加快了其武器研发计划。Critics of a deal scenario, including Mr Chun, argue that sanctions must be ratcheted up to the point where the Kim regime is on the edge of collapse. Then aggressive diplomacy must be enacted to force Mr Kim to abandon his nuclear ambitions.包括千英宇在内的对达成协议的前景持批评态度的人认为,必须加大制裁力度,直到金正恩政权走到崩溃边缘。接着,必须启动强势的外交攻势,迫使金正恩放弃他的核野心。Such experts believe the young marshal will only negotiate when faced with overthrow at home borne out of economic turmoil.这些专家认为,只有在国内面对经济动荡引发的政权被推翻危险时,这位年轻元帅才会进行谈判。“Sanctions should be a tool to bring North Korea back to the negotiation table,said Yang Moo-jin from the University of North Korean studies in Seoul.“制裁应该成为使朝鲜回到谈判桌的工具,”首尔朝鲜研究大University of North Korean Studies)的杨武仁(Yang Moo-jin)表示。This line of reasoning, however, is undermined by the ineffectiveness of the current round of sanctions, the most severe yet.然而,当前这一轮制裁未奏效,削弱了这种推理思路。这轮制裁是迄今最严厉的一轮。The US could bolster these measures with a secondary boycott of Chinese companies doing business with North Korea, said Kim Jaechun, a professor at Sogang University, but that “would do irreparable harm to its ties with China西江大学(Sogang University)教授金宰Kim Jae-chun)说,美国可以通过抵制跟朝鲜做生意的中国企业,加大制裁力度,但这“将给美中关系造成不可挽回的损害”。Another option would be to freeze North Korea out of the international banking system a possibility that gained ground on Wednesday with reports that Swift, the financial messaging service, had banned three North Korean banks.另一个选项是把朝鲜赶出国际体系——周三,这种可能性有所加大,有报道称,金融通讯务商Swift已禁止三家朝鲜使用其系统。Pre-emptive strike先发制人的打击The likely consequences of an attack on North Korea would be so catastrophic the option is rarely discussed seriously.攻击朝鲜造成的可能后果将极为惨重,以至于这一选项很少被认真讨论。In the 1990s US President Bill Clinton considered it, only to be dissuaded by estimates of 1m South Korean casualties in retaliatory strikes from Pyongyang.0世纪90年代,美国总统比尔?克林Bill Clinton)考虑过该选项,但朝鲜的报复性打击可能给韩国造成100万伤亡,令他放弃了。The South Korean capital, Seoul, sits a little more than a marathon-run from the border between the two countries the most militarised zone on earth.韩国首都首尔与朝韩边境的距离略大于马拉松跑的全程长度。朝韩边境是世界上军事化程度最高的区域。Mr Cha on Wednesday said the chances of a strike were “not high because the North Koreans are now getting more and more sophisticated维克查周三表示,军事打击的可能性“不太大,因为朝鲜军队的能力越来越强”。“In the end the North Korean actions are going to predetermine the outcome of the [US] policy review?.?.?.?The North Koreans are really not giving Trump any room on this.”“最终,朝鲜的行动将预先决定(美国)政策审查的结果……朝鲜人在这方面真的没给特朗普留下任何空间。”来 /201703/497260

September 11 2001 is a date tattooed on the neurons of every person who watched television on the day of those attacks. 20011日被纹在了在恐怖袭击当天看了电视的每个人的神经元上。While that has not changed over the past 15 years, what has is the meaning of this mental tattoo. 尽管这一点在过去15年里没有变化,但这种精神纹身的含义已经发生了改变。What was then seen as a one-off event became the gateway to being part of an existing a worldwide problem. 9/11恐怖袭击曾被视为一次性事件,但自那以来这一事件已经成为通往一个世界性问题的门户。On September 11, Europe gazed in horror at what was going on across the ocean in the US. 欧洲曾在91日恐惧地凝视着大西洋对岸的美国发生的恐袭事件。But the past two years will be remembered as the years that changed Europe’s position from that of bystander to being the main victim.但历史将会铭记的是,欧洲的角色在过去两年里从旁观者转变为了主要受害者。I was 12 years old in 1994 when the first bus exploded in the centre of Tel Aviv, killing 22 people. 1994年的时候我12岁,当时在特拉维夫市中心发生了首起巴士爆炸事件,导致22人死亡。My mother gave me this advice, packed with my lunchbox, as I set off for school the next day: When you are in a public place, always make sure you know where the emergency exits are. 第二天我准备去上学的时候,我母亲在午餐盒上放了一个字条:在公共场所的时候,始终要确保你知道紧急出口在哪里。During an event in an open space, be certain to have a clear path in case you need to escape.参加室外活动的时候,确保有一条通路,在需要时可以逃生。I was not allowed to watch the news after the attack: This is not a sight for children but I did not have to. 在恐怖袭击活动之后,大人们不让我看新闻:这不是小孩们看的,但我不用看。Kids can smell fear: it has a strong scent, like the wet fur of a dog. 小孩们可以闻到恐惧:它具有强烈的气味,就像是打湿了的毛一样。Every bang! from a car engine made everyone jump.汽车发动机的每一声巨响都会让所有人吓一跳。In the shopping mall, in a restaurant, at a concert, suspicious looks were exchanged. 在购物中心、餐馆以及音乐会上,人们彼此猜疑地看着对方。It was as if, at any moment, the street you knew by heart might turn into a different planet, a burning jungle.你熟知的这条街道似乎随时可能变成一个不同的星球,一个燃烧的丛林。And now it is Europe that is burning and the smell of fear haunts the streets after each atrocity, long after the last camera is switched off.如今则是欧洲在燃烧,每一次恐怖袭击之后,街道上恐惧的气味在最后一台摄像机关闭很久之后还久久不散。Everyone is talking about terror. 每个人都在谈论恐惧。Everyone is asking how Europe should cope with terror. 每个人都在问,欧洲应该如何应对恐惧。From the European debt crisis in all the way back to the Black Death in the 14th century, terror is just the latest latest in a long line of threat to European society. 009年欧洲债务危机一直回溯至14世纪的黑死病,恐惧只是欧洲社会面临的一长串威胁中最新的一个。But when we say threat, what do we mean?但是当我们说威胁的时候,我们指的是什么?Terror is a psychological state, a subjective experience of intense fear. 恐惧是一种心理状态,是对极端畏惧的一种主观体验。It has, of course, political and economic implications but these are driven by the psychological experience.它当然具有政治和经济含义,但这是由心理上的体验推动的。Terror aims at our psyche: it threatens the minds of the crowd far more than it endangers them physically. 恐惧针对的是我们的心理:它对民众心理上的威胁远远超过它对他们人身安全的威胁。To live with terrorism is to fight for a clear, un-panicked mind. 与恐怖主义共存就是要争取维持清晰、冷静的头脑。To live with terrorism is to face the psychological threat, rather than enmeshbecome enmeshed in anxiety.与恐怖主义共存就是要直面心理上的威胁,而不是陷入焦虑之中。Psychologists distinguish between external threat and internal threat. 心理学家区分了外在威胁和内在威胁。External threats are there in reality: a lion, a clash with your boss. 外在威胁是现实存在的:一头狮子,与老板发生冲突。These are objective problems, based on objective data. 这些是基于客观数据的客观问题。In France in 1346, you had a 50 per cent chance of losing your life to the Black Death. 346年的法国,你0%的几率死于黑死病。This was not a subjective or psychological threat. 这不是主观或心理上的威胁。This was reality.这是现实。An internal threat is different: here, we focus on the psychological experience of danger, regardless of the objective facts. 内在威胁有所不同:这里我们专注于对危险的心理体验,无论客观事实如何。The objective threat to Europeans from global terror is relatively minor. 欧洲遭受全球恐怖活动的客观威胁相对较小。It is in the subjective threat where the terrorists really win.恐怖分子真正取胜的地方在于主观上的威胁。I am not implying that terror is not a threat. 我并不是说恐怖主义不是威胁。Terrorism has taken the lives of more than 265 innocent people in Europe since the beginning of 2015. 015年初以来,恐怖主义夺去了65条无辜的生命。But the smell of fear in European cities has a psychological source rather than stemming from an objective threat to everyday life.但欧洲城市中的恐惧气味来源于心理因素,而非日常生活中的客观威胁。The terroristsvictory is not through the actual conquering of European land (which is out of the question) or through the death tolls from their attacks but through the fear they manage to create.恐怖分子的胜利不是通过对欧洲土地的实际征(这完全不可能)或者袭击活动造成的死亡人数获得的,而是通过他们成功制造的畏惧获得。The real tragedy of terror is what it makes us do to each other. 恐惧的真正悲剧在于它改变了我们对彼此的态度。We start fearing people just because of how they look: the colour of their skin, the way they dress. 我们开始仅仅因为某些人的样子而畏惧他们:他们的肤色以及他们的穿着。The inner racist, usually forced to stay silent, suddenly opens its ugly mouth.内在的那个通常被迫保持沉默的种族主义者,忽然张开了丑陋的嘴。But could it be that we can learn to live with terror just as we live with traffic pollution? It is there, it stinks, it may kill us and yet we go out, drive and walk along the streets. 但有没有可能我们能够学会与恐惧共存,就像我们学会与交通污染共存一样?污染就在那里,发出刺鼻的气味,可能会要我们的命,但我们还是会出门,开车,行走在大街上。Living, working, loving. 我们活着、工作着、爱着。This is the real triumph over terror.这才是真正地战胜了恐惧。来 /201609/466025

Fran#231;ois Hollande announced on Thursday night that he would not run for a second term in next year’s French presidential elections.弗朗索瓦.奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)周四晚宣布,他不会在明年的法国总统选举中谋求连任。The unprecedented decision was driven by his historically low popularity ratings, which left him little chance of success against centre-right candidate Fran#231;ois Fillon and far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen.做出这一史无前例的决定,原因出自奥朗德处于历史性低点的民意持率,这让他在中右翼候选人弗朗索瓦.菲永(Fran#231;ois Fillon)和极右翼国民阵线(National Front)领导人马勒庞(Marine Le Pen)面前几乎没有胜算。He would also first have had to face a hotly contested and potentially humiliating contest for selection as candidate of his ruling Socialist party.而且,他首先还不得不面对激烈并可能自取其辱的竞争,才能成为其所在的执政党社会党(Socialist)的候选人。Power and the exercise of power have not made me lose my lucidity, Mr Hollande said in a sombre television address from the Elysée Palace. 在爱丽舍宫发表的阴郁电视讲话中,奥朗德表示:权力和对权力的行使并未让我失去清醒的头脑。I am conscious of the risks that my candidacy would create for the [Socialist] majority. 我很清楚我担任候选人会为(社会党的)多数党地位带来的风险。Therefore I have decided not to run for president.因此,我已决定不竞选总统。His prime minister, Manuel Valls, is now expected to run instead in a bid to unite the fractured Socialist party although he, too, will face stiff opposition from rivals such as Arnaud Montebourg, the leftist firebrand and former economy minister.目前,他的总理曼努埃尔.瓦尔Manuel Valls)预计会代他竞选,试图将四分五裂的社会党团结起来——尽管他也将面临阿尔蒙特布尔(Arnaud Montebourg)等对手的激烈竞争。蒙特布尔曾任经济部长,是一个激进的左翼人士。Mr Hollande is the first French president since the second world war not to stand for re-election. 奥朗德是二战以来首位不竞选连任的法国总统。His presidency was marked by a series of brutal Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere and a stubbornly weak economy.在他的总统任上,法国在巴黎及其他地区遭遇了一系列血腥的伊斯兰主义恐怖袭击,还出现了顽固的经济疲软。An early round of tax rises after his election in 2012 to close the budget deficit and persistently high unemployment made him deeply unpopular. 2012年当选后初期为消除预算赤字而启动的一轮增税措斀?以及居高不下的失业率,令奥朗德人气一落千丈。A midterm switch to pro-business reforms failed to win him back popular backing, despite a recent uptick in the economy.而中期向亲商界改革的转型,尽管令经济在近期有所起色,却也未能为他赚回人气。来 /201612/481687

Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, which would make her the first woman to represent a major party in the race for the White House.希拉釷克林顿星期二赢得民主党总统候选人提名所需代表人票数,从而将成为美国历史上首位代表一个重要政党角逐白宫的女性。Her democratic rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, won North Dakota and Montana Tuesday, but Clinton won South Dakota, New Mexico, and New Jersey.星期二,另一位民主党总统参选人、佛蒙特州国会参议员桑德斯在北达科他州和蒙塔纳州的初选中获胜,而希拉里·克林顿赢得了南达科他州、新墨西哥州和新泽西州。Clinton also won the largest state in question, California, securing a majority of its 475 delegates.希拉釷克林顿还拿下了最大的拥有475张代表人票的加利福尼亚州初选,获得大部分代表人票。President Obama called both candidates Tuesday, congratulating Secretary Clinton for securing the necessary delegates to secure the nomination. He also thanked Senator Sanders for mobilizing millions of Americans and bringing attention to issues such as fighting economic inequality.奥巴马总统星期二给两位参选人打电话,祝贺希拉釷克林顿获得确保民主党总统候选人提名的代表人票。奥巴马也感谢桑德斯激励了众多美国选民,使人们关注如经济平等的一系列社会问题。Sanders told supporters in California that he called Secretary Clinton Tuesday evening to congratulate her. He spoke about working together to defeat Trump, but did not acknowledge Clintons presumptive nomination and gave no indication that he intended to concede, vowing to ;continue the fight;.桑德斯在加利福尼亚州对持者们说,他星期二晚上给希拉里·克林顿打电话,向她表示祝贺。他说,要共同努力击败川普,但他没有承认希拉釷克林顿已成为民主党推定总统候选人,也没有显示退选的意图,并表示要“继续战斗”。California results are not yet available. Clinton will not be the partys official nominee until the voting at the Democratic convention in July.加利福尼亚州的初选结果尚未公布。在民主月举行代表大会时,希拉里·克林顿才将被正式提名为该党总统候选人。来 /201606/448517

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