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容桂男科专家顺德区男科挂号佛山泌尿医院哪家好 Protests in Hungary匈牙利的抗议Opposing Orban反对欧尔班More anti-government protests, but little change from the prime minister反政府抗议越来越多,但总理大人做出的改变太少HUNGARIANS are taking to the streets. More than 10,000 gathered outside the parliament in Budapest on November 17th to protest against alleged corruption and the centralisation of power. Similar protests took place in other cities, including Miskolc in the east and Szeged and Pecs in the south. Several hundred Hungarians even gathered in Londons Trafalgar Square. The habit is catching: this week also saw big protests in neighbouring Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.匈牙利人走上街头。11月17日,超过10000名匈牙利人聚集在布达佩斯的国会外面抗议所谓的腐败和权力集中。匈牙利其他城市也发生过类似的抗议活动,包括东部的米什科尔茨和南部的塞格德和佩奇。数百名匈牙利人甚至聚集在伦敦的特拉法加广场。抗议活动正愈演愈烈:本周邻国斯洛伐克和捷克共和国也爆发了大型抗议活动。Hungarys protesters were encouraged partly by Americas rising criticism of their government. Six Hungarian officials have been banned from entering the ed States on suspicion of corruption, a rare rebuff to a NATO ally. American officials refuse to name them, on privacy grounds. However Ildiko Vida, head of the tax authority, told Magyar Nemzet, a pro-government newspaper, that she was one. She strongly denies any wrongdoing.美国对匈牙利政府批评势力的抬头在一定程度上刺激了匈牙利的抗议活动。六名匈牙利官员因为涉嫌腐败被禁止进入美国境内,这是美国拒绝北约成员国少有的例子之一。美国官方出于隐私保护,拒绝透露他们的姓名。然而,税务机关的负责人Ildiko Vida在Magyar Nemzet—一份亲政府报纸—上声称自己就是六个官员其中之一,但她强烈否认有任何不正当行为。Hungarian officials have asked for more information from the Americans. They reject claims that the country is sliding into authoritarianism. The protests are proof that Hungary remains a democracy, where people are free to express their opinion as long as they abide by the law, says Antal Rogan, parliamentary leader of the ruling right-wing Fidesz party.匈牙利官员已向美国申请得到更多的信息。他们拒绝承认美国关于匈牙利正在走向专制的声明。抗议活动就是匈牙利仍然民主的有力明,只要国民遵守法律,他们可以自由的表达观点,执政党右翼青民盟的国会主席Antal Rogan如是说。This weeks protests followed a bigger one on October 28th, when as many as 100,000 people filled central Budapest to demand the cancellation of an internet tax that they saw as an attack on free speech. The crowds were mostly young, educated and middle class, the sort of people that Fidesz needs to attract. And they forced a rare U-turn by the government, when Viktor Orban, Hungarys prime minister, said the internet tax would be dropped in its current form. Instead he would launch a “national consultation” to consider ways in which to tax online profits.本周抗议是继10月28日爆发的更大规模的抗议之后的又一次活动,28日的抗议活动多达10万人参加,他们聚集在布达佩斯中心要求取消互联网税,他们认为这是对自由言论的限制。参与抗议的大多数是年轻并受过教育的中产阶级,而这正是青民盟需要争取的群体。政府被迫进行政策“掉头”,匈牙利总理维克多·欧尔班表示互联网税将会在现有基础上被废除。相反,他可能进行“国家咨询”商讨如何对互联网利润征税。The latest protesters have a harder task because their demands, including the resignation of the government, are unrealistic. This year Fidesz has won national, local and European elections. As the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe noted, the victories were due in part to the governments tinkering with election rules in its favour. Yet the fractured liberal and left-wing opposition means that the alternative lacks appeal.最近的一次抗议活动有着更为艰巨的任务,因为他们要求政府辞职的诉求并不现实。今年,青民盟赢得了国家、地方和欧洲的选举。欧洲安全与合作组织指出,青民盟胜出的一部分原因在于政府对选举规则按照有利于他们的方向修修补补。然而离破碎的左翼反对派自由党似乎又缺乏吸引力。Demographic change is also working against the opposition. The Hungarian embassy in London says that around 100,000 Hungarian citizens live in Britain, but the true figure could be higher. Many expatriate Magyars are young, multilingual, educated and entrepreneurial. A good number have left Hungary because they see no future under Fidesz rule.人口结构的变化也在持政府改组。位于伦敦的匈牙利大使馆表示大约10万匈牙利公民居住在伦敦,准确的数据可能更高。许多外籍马扎尔人是充满活力的年轻人,掌握多门语言,受过良好教育并且具有创业精神的。很大一批外籍马扎尔人已经离开匈牙利,因为他们在青民盟的领导下看不到未来。Mr Orban has long made clear his disdain for liberal norms, never more so than in his speech in Baile Tusnad, Romania, on July 26th when he said that Hungary would remain a democracy, but become an “illiberal state”. The European Union has proved unwilling or unable to rein him in. Instead, as the entry-ban row shows, the pressure is mostly coming from America. President Barack Obama recently bracketed Hungary with Egypt and Azerbaijan as countries in which civil society felt intimidated. Concerns are growing inside Fidesz about the wisdom of taking on the worlds superpower.欧尔班早就明确表示他蔑视自由的准则。7月26号,他在罗马尼亚的伯伊莱图什纳德发表演讲时就已经表达的不能再清楚了,他认为匈牙利仍然会保持民主,但会成为一个“不自由国家”。欧盟已经不愿意也不能够让欧尔班改变想法。相反,入境限制表示最大的压力还是来自美国。最近,美国总统奥巴马把匈牙利、埃及和阿塞拜疆列入公民社会受到威胁的国家。青民盟内部对于如何机智地应对超级大国的关注日益上升。Younger members of Fidesz are critical of the governments policies, says Akos Balogh, of Mandiner.hu, an influential conservative blog. Hungary is losing friends and allies, he adds. It will struggle on the European and world stage if it acts with the arrogance that Fidesz shows at home.在一个十分具有影响力的保守党客Mandiner.hu上,Akos Balogh说道,青民盟的年轻成员都批评政府的政策。他还说,匈牙利正在失去朋友和盟友。如果它继续表现出青民盟在国内的嚣张气焰,匈牙利将会在欧洲和世界舞台上艰难生存。译者:胡雅琳 校对:朱大素 译文属译生译世 /201412/345527The annual Nuclear Security Summit gets underway Thursday in Washington. 周四,华盛顿举行年度核安全峰会。President Obama is hosting a series of meetings with the leaders of several Asian nations to talk about efforts to prevent North Korea from becoming a bigger nuclear threat. 奥巴马总统与数个亚洲国家领导人举行系列会谈,谈论如何防止朝鲜成为更大的核威胁。The summit is aimed at reducing the worlds nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin abstained from the summit saying he doesnt want to be part of any talks led by the ed States. 此次首脑会议的目的是减少世界的核武器。普京在峰会中弃权,称不想参与以美国为首的任何会谈Obama said their two countries remain committed to completing an agreement to continue lowering their Cold War-era nuclear arsenals. 奥巴马表示,两国将致力于完成一项协议,继续减少冷战时期的核武库。The US and Russian missiles make up about 90 percent of the worlds nuclear weapons.美国和俄罗斯的导弹占世界核武器的百分之90。译文属。201604/435083顺德新世纪男科医院治疗阳痿早泄

南方医科大学北滘医院尿科佛山男科医院生殖科 Hey,Yael.Check out my new high-tech socks. 嘿,雅艾尔。看看我这双最新款高科技的袜子。Still like boring old socks, Don. 唐,这就是双土里土气的旧袜子嘛。Whats so high-tech about them? 高科技是指内有乾坤吗?They are woven from an odor eating material that also kills athletes foot fungus. 这种袜子是使用具有除臭功能同时还能杀死脚癣真菌的材料所编织。Not only that, but the treatment in the fabric survives washing and will last the life of the socks. 不仅如此,织物中的物质不会被清洗干扰并且会在袜子中持续维持功效。Odor eating socks are similar to odor eating insoles.这种除臭袜子和除臭鞋垫类似。The insoles are latex pads that fit inside your shoes and contain activated charcoal. 除臭鞋垫是适合你鞋的乳胶垫,并且其中包含活性炭。Activated charcoal is basically carbon with a strong ability to bind and neutralize other substances-like the sweat from feet, or odor causing bacteria. 活性炭基本上是能够吸附及中和比如从脚汗或导致细菌气味其他物质的强力碳。But as more and more stinky substances are neutralized, the charcoal becomes used up and the insoles begin to lose their effectiveness.但随着越来越多的臭味物质被中和,木炭被耗尽鞋垫开始失去除臭效果。201502/358805勒流医院在哪

佛山市三水人民医院看男科怎么样so here we are with the horses,we have 16,16 horses现在我们和马儿们在一起 我们有16 16匹马yep the other horse rescues do the wonderful work of taking in rideable and placeable对 其他马都是在作坊的工作 被替代后救下来的 可以骑 十分温顺were taking the ones that are so destroyed that no one else wants them我们也接受一些受重伤 没人要的马Is she your racehorse,yes, thats an ex-racehorse, thats Mamma Dear她是你的赛马吗? 对 她以前是赛马 她叫玛玛迪尔she was raced until she couldnt walk anymore,thats usually when they put them down but for some miracle她一直在参加比赛直到她走不动了 他们总是让马儿们为他们创造奇迹they knew of us and brought her here and we rehabilitated her with our deep tissue massage therapy and she is totally最后又把他们丢在这里 我们通过治疗 让她再次稳定下来and you never attempted to place these animals,so you can rescue more animals你从不打算永久的留下这些动物 这样你就可以救助更多的动物do you ever place them with people,when they heal fast,yes, absolutely place them你让他们和人待过吗 当我们完全治愈他们后 当然 会把它们放到人类身边I was thinking this is the animal you can take home to Ellen,yeah hey Ellen, hi honey我想这个小家伙你可以带回家给艾伦 好 嘿 艾伦 亲爱的look what I got, just for you,Ok honey,now Ill just take a nap看我给你带回了什么 好 亲爱的 现在我要小睡一下了pop it in the mouth,just like dash it.this one over here is very shy,Josh you are not on a timeout把它放进嘴里嚼 就像碎石机一样 那家伙很害羞 乔治 还不到休息时间还在拍摄呢what are you doing,thats very sweet,do you kind of teach them that merely right away你在干什么 真可爱 你有教他们 快让开Ok boys you are alright,thank you Ellie,thank you so much for showing me this amazing place好了 孩子们 你们没事儿了 谢谢你 艾丽 谢谢你带我参观了这么美妙的地方its really transformative,you are doing an incredible job and你的管理很灵活 你正做一个令人非常棒的工作I just hope that everyone gets to experience what Ive experienced today我只希望每个人都能来体验一下 我今天所体验到的东西Oh, I highly recommend hugging a cow噢 我强烈建议大家来抱一抱奶牛 /201606/448481 南海中医院看泌尿科怎么样杨和镇更合镇明城镇男科咨询



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