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Have you ever felt the urge to stay in an offbeat hotel? Not the ;I think I might witness a drug deal here if I dont get stabbed first; kind of offbeat, but the cool and weird kind that puts a twist on your vacation. We sure have, so weve assembled a list of some strange places you can spend the night if youre looking an adventure.你是否曾经有过冲动想要待在一个另类的酒店?不是那种;若是我没被刺伤,大概会在这儿目睹到毒品交易;的另类,而是酷炫奇妙颠覆你的假期的那种我们应该都有过如果你正在寻求冒险,这里荟萃了一些适于消受夜晚的稀奇之所.In An Aquarium.水族馆Most of the time you dont want to ;sleep with the fishes.; But if you could have a sleepover with fish without dying, would you want to? It would be pretty cool, but how would you actually do it? Long lasting scuba gear? Genetic modification to produce gills? That air helmet SpongeBob wears?绝大多数时候你绝不会想;与鱼同寝;,可你若能够与鱼同寝,你是否乐意呢?这自然非常酷,可怎样才能实现呢?超长时间的潜水器?进行基因改造长上腮?海绵宝宝戴着的那顶空气头盔?Thankfully, you can spend a night near a diversity of sea life without having to get wet. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, merly the largest in the world, routinely lets people spend the night. You can plop down a sleeping bag right next to a tank full of sharks, stingrays, or other sea creatures. They have different types of trips elementary schools, middle schools, scouts and even adults who dont want to let kids have all the fun.谢天谢地,你现在可以度过一个别样的海洋之夜并且还不会被打湿亚特兰大的乔治亚水族馆是目前世界上最大的水族馆,同样也会为游客提供过夜游你可以拿着睡袋就地躺倒在充满鲨鱼、黄貂鱼等各种水生物的蓄水箱旁他们为小学生、中学生、童子军甚至想和小孩一样玩的成年人提供不同类型的务9.In a Glass Igloo9.玻璃冰屋In the mountains of northern Finland you can see the beautiful lights of the aurora. Untunately, the intense cold tends to stop people from hanging outside late at night. You could stay in a hotel, but then how would you see the northern lights? That pesky roof would be in the way.在芬兰北部的山上可以看到美丽的极光,可惜的是严寒天气往往使得人们无法在深夜去外面闲逛你可以待在酒店,可这样该如何看到极光呢?讨厌的屋顶会很碍事One hotel offers a solution in the m of a glass igloo. They also offer snow igloos try-hards, but at that point you might as well just bring your own tent and really rough it out. Plus, you still cant see out of the top of them. But if you stay in a glass igloo you can stay warm and have an incredible view. Nice work, Finland.一所玻璃冰屋酒店解决了这个问题,他们也提供雪屋给生猛的人你可以自带帐篷豁出去,可即便如此,你也不能看穿帐篷而当你在一间玻璃冰屋里面时,就既可以享受温暖又可以欣赏奇观了干得漂亮,芬兰!8.In a Museum8.物馆Even if youre not American youve heard of the American Museum of Natural History, a giant complex across from New York Central Park that houses over 3 million specimens and artifacts. But if you visit during the day it will be crowded and youll have to move fast to see all you want. What to do?即便你不是美国人,也该听说过美国自然历史物馆,一个横跨纽约中央公园并容纳了30万件标本和文物的综合体当你在人潮拥挤的日子去游览,为了看到你想看的而不得不飞奔,该怎么办?Well, they also give you the option of spending a night at the museum, and Ben Stiller wont even be there to annoy you. This allows you to pursue the exhibit at your leisure, and maybe sneak into a couple. They suggest you sleep somewhere in the halls, perhaps next to a giant African elephant. Which is kind of a flippant attitude, really, although presumably they check in on you at some point to make sure that youre still alive.是的,他们也会提供在物馆过夜的选择,并且不会受到本·斯蒂勒的骚扰这样你在空闲的时候可以去探索展品,或者悄悄溜进去一些物馆建议你睡在大厅的某处,比如一头巨大的非洲象旁边这真的有点轻率,虽然想必他们偶尔会检查一下看你是否还活着7.In a Lighthouse7.灯塔Ahoy, maties! Avast ye, look off the starboard bow and, uh, well, that about the extent of our pirate speak knowledge. Many people like the romantic idea of being a pirate or sea captain, but the reality of sea sickness, long stretches of time away from friends and family and a possible criminal record holds us back.啊嗬!抛锚,当心船首右舷还有……唔,好吧,这大概是我们所知道的的海盗语言了许多人都浪漫地幻想着自己能成为一名海盗或者是航海船长,但实际上危险的大海、长时间离开亲友或者犯罪记录可能都会阻碍到我们Consequently, many of us have wanted to feel like a sea captain but havent gone on any ship that isnt of the cruise variety. As a start towards rectifying that, why not stay in a lighthouse? A number of them offer accommodations the aquaphobic traveler. It right next to the sea and has a connection to sailing. Perhaps it will induce the same salty, nautical feeling that sailing would without any of the negative consequences. Just make sure to keep the light on so the ghost ship can make it to shore.,即便很多人都想体验一下成为航海船长,但却从未登上过除了游轮以外的航海船那何不试着换一个方向,去住在灯塔上?很多灯塔会为拥有水恐惧症的游客提供食宿,恰好临近大海并与航海相关或许它还会带来一种咸湿的航海感觉但不会有任何不适之感只要确保灯光长明,以指引幽灵船回岸6.In the Zoo6.动物园Have you ever told anyone that they belong in a zoo? Maybe a child was acting up, or your friend hadnt showered in a few days, or youre just kind of a jerk. Even if you havent used the line yourself, we bet you were a recipient of it at least once while growing up.你是否曾经告诉别人他们本该属于动物园?或者是小孩儿戏,或者当你的朋友很久没有冲澡,或者你只是个混蛋?即便你还没用过这句话,但我敢打赌,一旦你长大后,至少会听到别人这么说你Maybe our parents were right, and now we have the opporty to find out. The Philadelphia Zoo offers the experience of spending the night with programs scouts, teens and families. Staying overnight at the zoo allows visitors to see the animals in ;nocturnal mode,; take part in a variety of activities, learn some new facts and see whether or not they truly do belong there.或许父母这么说我们是正确的,现在我们有个机会去认真判断费城动物园会给童子军、青少年还有各类家庭提供过夜游的项目在动物园待整夜可以让游客看到动物们的;夜间模式;,参与丰富的活动,认识一些新情况,然后研究研究自己是否真的属于动物园翻译:青卉 编辑:陈波 来源:前十网 399771。

  • 1. 谐音双关 “谐音双关是用拼写相似,发音相同或相近的词构成的”广告制作者非常乐于使用谐音双关,因为此类双关具有风趣、幽默、俏皮、滑稽的语言风格,能增强广告的说力和感染力,从而给消费者留下深刻的印象 (1) More sun and air your son and heir. 译文:这里有充足的阳光,清新的空气,一切为了您的子孙后代在这则海滨浴场的宣传广告中,制作者巧妙地运用了sun-son, air-heir这两对谐音字,使广告语言不仅和谐悦耳,读来朗朗上口,而且颇风趣、幽默,具有感召力 ()Trust us. Over 5000 ears of experience. 译文:相信我们吧历经5000多只耳朵的检验,有着5000多年的经验这是一则助听器推销广告从字面看,它说明了该产品已经接受了众多消费者的考验,但字里行间巧妙地嵌入一对谐音字ears-years,充分暗示了该产品悠久的历史,久经考验的上乘质量许多广告都在商品品牌的名称上做文章品牌名称中的双关语不仅能增加广告的趣味性和幽默感,更重要的是使品牌名称更能吸引人们的注意力,便于记忆,增加宣传攻势力度,以此达到宣传产品的目的品牌名称中的双关语大多采用谐音的方法 (3) WEAR-EVER introduces a new concept in glass oven ware: CLEANABILITY. 译文:“恒久”玻璃炉具带给你一个全新的概念:洁净这里生产商利用其商标WEAR-EVER一词多义的特点,大力推销其产品:一方面WEAR-EVER为其品牌名称,另一方面该词又另有含义:既为wear ever(体现产品结实耐用),又为wherever(说明到处受人欢迎)该广告从多角度推销其产品,能够激起顾客的购买欲望,具有一定的劝说作用. 语义双关 “语义双关是利用词语或句子的多义性在特定环境下形成的双关” 这种双关在广告中运用得也非常广泛,它与谐音双关有异曲同工之妙 () The label of achievements. Black Label commands more respects. 译文:酒是功成名就的标志黑色标志使您更显尊贵语义双关也多见于品牌名称中这是一则威士忌酒的广告,Label有两层含义,一为“标志”,一为酒的牌子—Black Label该广告通过双关手段的运用,使人联想到功成名就时就要饮用该酒;同时,用品牌名称形成双关,又便于消费者对品牌的记忆,从而对商品发生兴趣 (5) Spoil yourself and not your figure. 译文:尽情大吃,不增体重这是Weight-Watcher冰淇淋的广告标题,这种冰淇淋是专为节食者生产的双关不仅存在于商品商标名称中,标题中的spoil也是双关所在spoil oneself意为“尽兴”;而spoil one’s figure则意为“破坏了体形”这则广告通过一语双关,使减肥者在轻松幽默的语气中很自然地接受该广告,并能使其产生购买欲望 (6) A deal with us means a good deal to you. 译文:和我们做买卖意味着您做了一笔好买卖该句的妙处在于很好地利用了句中deal的三种含义,“做买卖”、“一笔好买卖”和“许多”a good deal构成一个绝妙的双关3. 语法双关“语法双关是指由于语法方面的问题产生的双关,如省略结构、某词或词组具有两种以上语法功能等” (7) Which lager can claim to be truly German? This can.(旁边画有一罐啤酒) 译文:哪种大罐啤酒可称得上是地道的德国货?这罐这是一则Lager牌淡啤酒的广告句中的can既可作情态动词,又可作名词(饮料罐)由于can一语双关,加上Lager的品牌名称双关,以及旁边插图的妙用,使广告产生了一定的幽默效果,给读者以深刻的印象无独有偶,可口可乐公司也在这个can字上做文章 (8)Coke refreshes you like no other can. 译文:没有什么能像可乐那样令您神清气爽句中can既可理解为名词“罐,听”,又可看成是情态动词“能”,全句可理解为Coke refreshes you like no other (can: tin, drink) can (refresh you) 这则广告诙谐机智,富于文字情趣,能使商品连同这一广告词一起久久印在读者记忆里 03。
  • Pig 1: Good afternoon, Ma’am. Can I see your ID this purchase?猪一号:下午好,夫人你可以给我看下你的身份吗?Pig : Yes, here you go.猪二号:好的,给你Pig 1: You’re an organ donor,huh? Good you.猪一号:噢?!你是器官捐赠者喔不错嘛Pig : Yeah, if I die, i hope that I can still help someone in need.猪二号:是呀,如果我死了,我希望我还可以帮到其他需要帮助的人 39。
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