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青岛打胎大约多少钱青岛李村哪个妇科医院好Thank you, Shelly, for that kind introduction.Thank you to Suzanne Sarault for serving as our emcee today.Greetings to Chief of Defence Staff General Lawson, to Chief Warrant Officer West, to ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps, to my colleagues from the Parliament of Canada, Royal Galipeau and Pierre Lemieux, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, honoured veterans and families, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.As Shelly said, a century has passed now since the dull roar of the guns of August was first heard and all across Europe, the lights of peace faded.This great conflict on the other side of an ocean need not have involved us.But then, as now, when our friends and the values we share with them are threatened, Canadians do not turn away.So it was that in 1914, Canadian and Newfoundland volunteers – Newfoundland being then a separate Dominion – accepted this call to arms as a duty.At the end of the summer of 1914, Canadians left behind factories, fields, forests and fisheries.They left their homes, shops, offices and schools.Men by the tens of thousands signed up to fight.Men like Leo Clarke, Frederick Hall and Robert Shankland, who all lived on Pine Street in Winnipeg.Men like brothers Bernard and Eric Ayre and their cousins Gerald and Wilfrid of St. John’s, Newfoundland.Men like George Vanier of Montréal, a young lawyer who had considered joining the priesthood before hearing the call of duty.And women like Beatrice McNair from Vancouver, one of 2,500 nursing sisters who served overseas.The first Canadians left for Europe that October.Many thought they’d be home for Christmas.Some of them actually worried that they’d get over there too late to do their part.As we all know, they were terribly, terribly wrong.Though the commitment to war was uncertain, over 600,000 Canadians fought to defend our country, only eight million strong at the time.The mud, the blood and the sacrifices that marked those years left more than a third of these Canadians dead or wounded.Forgive me if I do not dwell on these numbers, the bitter harvest of suffering and death.We have had a hundred years to contemplate this war.Much has been written on this subject.201504/367606青岛无痛苦做子宫肌瘤 And I realized it had to come from the people.我意识到和平必然来自人民。After all, they decide,and they did.毕竟是他们的抉择,而他们这样做了。So the sounds that were before distorted and loud,were suddenly a melody.于是之前嘈杂混乱的声音,变成和谐的乐章。The sounds of the voices were harmonious.人民和谐地表达想法。So it could happen.这是可能的。A democracy could be upheld peacefully.民主可以以和平手段来实现。It could be, by the will of the masses who were now urgently pressing with all their heart and all their will for peace.它可以通过人民的意愿实现他们正为之急切地努力着并全心全意地努力着来实现和平的。Now heres an interesting comparison.现在有个有趣的对比。We in the West,we preach the values,the golden light of democracy,that we are the shining example of how its done. 在西方,我们宣扬,民主的力量,我们是其完美模范。But when it comes down to it,Ghana found itself in the same place in which the U.S. election stalled in the 2000 presidential elections Bush versus Gore.但实际上,当加纳处在和2000年美国大选的相同处境时,布什对戈尔那样的处境时。But instead of the unwillingness of the candidates to allow the system to proceed and the people to decide,Ghana honored democracy and its people.候选人没有表现出任何不情愿去让体制和人民做抉择,加纳尊重了民主和它的人民。It didnt leave it up to the Supreme Court to decide;the people did.它没有把选举带到最高法庭上;而是让人民决定。Now the second round of voting did not bring forth a clear winner either.然而第二轮选举也没有诞生获选者。I mean, it was so incredibly close.我说,票数非常接近。The electoral commissioner declared,with the consent of the parties,to run an unprecedented second re-run. 选举委员会,在各党派的同意下决定,进行前所未有的第二轮复选。So the people went back to the polls to determine their own president,not the legal system.人们回到选举站去决定谁做他们的总统,而不是让司法系统来做。And guess what, it worked.结果如何?成功了。The defeated candidate gave up power and made way for Ghana to move into a new democratic cycle.失败的候选人放弃职权加纳踏入新的民主进程。I mean, at the absolute time for the absolute need of democracy,they did not abuse their power.在民主需要的时候,他们没有滥用职权。The belief in true democracy and in the people runs deep,proving that the African is capable of governing himself.人们深深坚信真正的民主,这明了非洲人民有能力自治。Now the uphill battle for Ghana and for Africa is not over,but I have proof that the other side of democracy exists,and that we must not take it for granted.现在加纳和非洲艰难的(民主)斗争还没有结束,但我有据,民主的另一面是存在的,我们不应该视而不见。Now I have learned that my place is not just in the West or in Africa,and Im still searching for my identity,but I saw Ghana create democracy better.现在我意识到我的定位不仅是在西方或是非洲,我仍在寻找我的定位,但我目睹加纳开创了更好的民主。Ghana taught me to look at people differently and to look at myself differently.加纳告诉了我用不一样的视角看人看自己。And yes,we Africans can. 是的我们非洲人能行Thank you.谢谢。201508/391840And whatever our views of its cause, we can agree that children at risk are not at fault. Abandonment and abuse are not acts of God, they are failures of love.无论我们对导致这种贫穷的原因持何种观点,我们都认为,孩子敢于冒险的精神并没有错。放纵与滥用都为上帝所不容。这是缺乏爱的结果。And the proliferation of prisons, however necessary, is no substitute for hope and order in our souls.监狱数量的增长虽然是有必要的,但这决不能替代我们心中的希望和秩序。Where there is suffering, there is duty. Americans in need are not strangers, they are citizens; not problems, but priorities. And all of us are diminished when any are hopeless.哪里有痛苦,哪里就有责任。处于困境中的美国人对我们来说不是陌生人,而是我们的公民;他们不是我们的负担,而是需要优先救助的对象。当任何人陷入绝望时,我们大家都会因此而变得渺小。Government has great responsibilities for public safety and public health, for civil rights and common schools. Yet compassion is the work of a nation, not just a government.政府对公共安全、大众健康,民权和学校教育都负有重大的义务。但是,同情心绝不只是政府的职责,更是整个国家的义务。And some needs and hurts are so deep they will only respond to a mentors touch or a pastors prayer. Church and charity, synagogue and mosque lend our communities their humanity, and they will have an honored place in our plans and in our laws.有些需要是如此迫切,有些伤痕是如此的深刻,只有良师的感化和牧师的祈祷才能有所回应。教堂和慈善机构、犹太会堂和清真寺,都向我们的社会展示了它们特有的人性,它们将在我们的规划和法律中占有一席之地。Many in our country do not know the pain of poverty, but we can listen to those who do.我们国家有许多人都不知道贫穷的痛苦,但我们可以听到那些感触颇深的人们的倾诉。And I can pledge our nation to a goal: When we see that wounded traveler on the road to Jericho, we will not pass to the other side.我发誓我们的国家要实现这一目标:当我们看见受伤的行人倒在远行的路上,我们决不会袖手旁观。 /201307/246418青岛新阳光妇科医院妇科检查

日照儿童医院预定电话青岛市中医院门诊方便 They did not succeed,but remember the old Norwegian saying,its not whether you win or lose that counts. 失败了呀。不过大家要记得那句挪威古语云:成败不重要,In fact, nothing counts, and death is coming for us all.其实,什么都不重要,因为人终有生老病死。Exactly. So why does this stand out?此言极是。那么这个节目出在哪里呢?This is so completely different to other TV programming.因为我们的节目跟其他的完全不同。We take the viewer on a journey that happens right now in real time,and the viewer gets the feeling of actually being there,actually being on the train, on the boat,and knitting together with others,and the reason I think why theyre doing that is because we dont edit the timeline. 观众宛如置身现场,仿佛真的在美景中穿梭,好像真的坐在火车上,坐在船上,或者是跟别人一起织毛衣,之所以会这么觉得,是因为我们不改编时间线。Its important that we dont edit the timeline,and its also important that what we make Slow TV about is something that we all can relate to, that the viewer can relate to,and that somehow has a root in our culture. 不改编时间线很重要。还有一点也非常重要,那就是我们在制作慢电视的时候,我们能把大家、把观众连系起来,这种联系是深藏在我们的文化之中的。This is a picture from last summer when we traveled the coast again for seven weeks.这个画面是我们去年夏天花了7个礼拜故地重游了那个海岸线。And of course this is a lot of planning, this is a lot of logistics.当然还需要靠强大的策划和准备工作。So this is the working plan for 150 people last summer,but more important is what you dont plan.这个就是当时150名团队成员的工作策划表。更重要的是,我们不能只跟着计划走,You dont plan whats going to happen.无法预计要发生什么,You have to just take your cameras with you.带着摄像机,说走就走,Its like a sports event.就像体育竞技一样,You rig them and you see whats happening.走一步看一步。So this is actually the whole running order for Hurtigruten, 134 hours, just written on one page.这个是我们当时制作海达路德的全部计划书,134个小时的节目,就一张纸。We didnt know anything more when we left Bergen.在开启卑尔根之旅的时候,我们也就知道这么多。So you have to let the viewers make the stories themselves,and Ill give you an example of that. 你需要让你的观众谱写自己的故事,举个例子,This is from last summer,and as a TV producer,its a nice picture, but now you can cut to the next one. 这个是去年夏天拍摄的,通常节目制作人看到这会想,画面不错,但该切到下一画面了。But this is Slow TV,so you have to keep this picture until it really starts hurting your stomach,and then you keep it a little bit longer,and when you keep it that long,Im sure some of you now have noticed the cow. 但在慢电视中,你必须接着拍这个画面,直到你真的拍不下去了。不过你还是得接着拍,就在你坚持拍摄的时候,你们当中一定有人看到那头牛了,Some of you have seen the flag.也有人看到那面旗子了。Some of you start wondering, is the farmer at home?有人一定开始想了,这农场主在家么。Has he left? Is he watching the cow?还是走了?你咋不看着你的牛?And where is that cow going?那只牛要去哪里?So my point is, the longer you keep a picture like this,and we kept it for 10 minutes,you start making the stories in your own head. 所以我要说的是,这样的画面你拍得越久,我们当时拍了10分钟,你就开始自己琢磨出一个故事来了。Thats Slow TV.这就是慢电视的精髓。So we think that Slow TV is one nice way of telling a TV story,and we think that we can continue doing it,not too often, once or twice a year, so we keep the feeling of an event,and we also think that the good Slow TV idea,thats the idea when people say,Oh no, you cant put that on TV. 我们觉得慢电视是一种很赞的节目故事表现方式,我们会继续制作这类节目,不会很多,一年一两个, 这样我们就能保持住对一个事件的感受想法,同时,我们也觉得作为一个优秀的节目点子。它是大家嘴里那种唉呀妈呀,这个不能播。When people smile, it might be a very good slow idea,so after all, life is best when its a bit strange. 只要让大家会心一笑,就有可能是个很棒的点子,因为毕竟,人生因奇葩而精。Thank you.谢谢大家。201506/382614山东省妇幼医院扣扣

青岛哪家医院查妇科好So tonight, while I will talk about the power and potential of Information Technology, I hope the temper of my remarks with the perspective I had when I came to IBM five years ago, the perspective of a customer.因此,虽然今晚我要谈谈信息技术的力量和潜力,但是我希望我能够象五年前刚到 IBM 时一样,站在消费者的立场上表达我的观点。Now it is certainly easy to see why raw technology dominates these events. It is adoptive; it is breathtaking; and it is penetrating every aspect of our lives. 纯技术主宰这次展览会的原因是很简单的,因为现在的纯技术是可以被接受的,是令人惊奇的,而且它已经渗透到了我们生活的各个方面。Today there are more PCs sold annually in the world than TVs or cars. The typical luxury automobile today has 20 to 30 microprocessors in it, more computing power by far than was inside the landing-craft that took the first astronauts to the moon. 现在全世界每年销售的 PC 数量比电视机和汽车多。今天典型的豪华汽车中有 20 到 30 个微处理器,比那个把第一批宇航员送上月球的登月飞船的计算能力还强。Last year there were five times more E-mail messages sent than the number of pieces of paper mail delivered worldwide, 2.7 trillion E-mails. 去年全球发送的电子邮件数量比传统的纸邮件数量多五倍,达到 27000 亿封。And I got more than my share. There is another way to look at what is going on. In the mid-1970s, the first super computers appeared. 我的信箱容量就总是不够用。我们还可以从另外一个角度看看现在都发生了些什么事。七十年代中期出现了最初的超级计算机,They were capable of about 100 million calculations per second. And they cost about one million dollars. Today the laptop computer that college students carry in their bags, packs, is twice as fast as that first super computer, and it costs less than 3000 dollars. 计算能力是大约每秒一亿次,价格大约是一百万美元。而如今大学生的书包里装着的膝上型计算机的计算能力是那种超级计算机的两倍,价格却只有不到 3000 美元。201312/267716 Mr. Behring says that most of us think that a wheelchair would be a confinement, but to millions of people it is not a confinement, it is freedom, freedom to move and to go to school, freedom to vote, freedom to get a job, and freedom for hope for the future. He has given freedom ad wheelchairs to 400,000 people around the world. The individual can make a difference.贝林先生说,我们大多数人认为轮椅是一个禁锢,但对于无数残疾人而言,轮椅不是禁锢,而是迈向自由的工具。有了轮椅,他们可以自由行动,自由地去学校,自由地去投票,自由地得到一份工作,甚至自由地畅想未来。他给全世界40万残疾人提供了轮椅和自由。个人可以产生深远的影响。My mother-in-law, Eunice Kennedy Shriver-I always like to mention her, because it gets me on the good side of her-she, for instance, started an organization called Special Olympics. She started Special Olympics which is for people with mental disabilities. And of course when she started that organization she was told by the experts, ;Dont do it. You cannot take people with mental disabilities out of mental institutions and have them participate in sports events. They will drown in the swimming pools. They will kill each other out there, they will hurt each other. Dont do it.; But Eunice Kennedy Shriver had a dream and a passion, and today millions of people compete in Special Olympics around the world, including right here in China. This is why I was here five years ago. Five years ago you had 50,000 participants in the Special Olympics. Today, five years later, you have 500,000 participants in Special Olympics. 500,000 people are getting a chance to participate in sports programs, getting a chance to have health care, have a chance to be treated equally, with respect and with tolerance. So Eunice Kennedy Shriver exemplifies that the individual can make a difference.我总是很乐意提起我的岳母尤尼斯·肯尼迪·施莱弗,因为这让我看到她善良的一面。她创立了特殊奥林匹克运动会。她专门为智障人士创立了这一组织。当然,在她创立这一运动会时,也有专家告诉她,“不要那样做,你不可能把智障人士带出精神病院,让他们参加运动会。他们会在游泳池溺水。一旦出了精神病院,他们就会相互伤害、相互残杀。不要去做。”但尤尼斯·肯尼迪·施莱弗有梦想,也有,如今全世界数百万人参加残奥会,包括中国在内。这也是我五年前来这儿的原因。五年前中国有5万人参加了残奥会。五年后的今天,中国有50万残疾人参加残奥会、50万人有机会参加体育比赛、有机会享受医疗保健,享受建立在尊重和宽容的基础上的平等对待。因此尤尼斯·肯尼迪·施莱弗向我们明了:个人可以产生深远的影响。201404/283814青岛治疗尿道炎一共要多少钱海阳市人民医院预约挂号系统



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