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哈尔滨依兰县中医院收费尚志第一人民中医院有造影手术吗As an expat living in New Orleans,it is a very long list but ;burglarize; is currently the word that I most dislike.作为一名生活在新奥尔良的侨民,我有很长一串清单,但是“burglarize(破门盗窃)”是我目前最不喜欢的词。(英国用burgle);Oftentimes; just makes me shiver with annoyance. Fortunately I#39;ve not noticed it over here yet.“Oftentimes(经常)”会让我恼怒得直哆嗦。幸运地是,我在这里还没看到过。Eaterie. To use a prevalent phrase,oh my gaad!Eaterie(餐馆)。经常听到,天呐!!I#39;m a Brit living in New York. The one that always gets me is the American need to use the word bi-weekly when fortnightly would suffice just fine.我是住在纽约的英国人,让我难受的一点是美国人需要用bi-weekly(每两周一次),fortnightly明明足够好用了。I hate ;alternate; for ;alternative;. I don#39;t like this as they are two distinct words, both have distinct meanings and it#39;s useful to have both. Using alternate for alternative deprives us of a word.我讨厌用“alternate”替代“alternative”。我不喜欢这个因为它们是不同的两个词,它们分别有不同的意思,两者都很有用。用alternate替代alternative会让我们失去一个词。;Hike; a price. Does that mean people who do that are hikers? No, hikers are ramblers!“Hike(提升)”价格。那是不是意味着“提升价格的人”可以用hikers表示?不,hikers(旅行者)是“漫游者”的意思好不好!Going forward? If I do I shall collide with my keyboard.Going forward(前进)?如果我要打这个词,我势必要和我的键盘搏斗一番。I hate the word ;deliverable;. Used by management consultants for something that they will ;deliver; instead of a report.我讨厌“deliverable(交付物)”这个词。管理顾问常用这个词来表达他们要“deliver(交付)”的某个替代report的东西。The most annoying Americanism is ;a million and a half; when it is clearly one and a half million! A million and a half is 1,000,000.5 where one and a half million is 1,500,000.34.最让人恼火的美式英语是“a million and a half”,正确的明明应该是one and a half million. A million and a half 是1000000.5,one and a half million是1500000。;Reach out to; when the correct word is ;ask;. For example: ;I will reach out to Kevin and let you know if that timing is convenient;. Reach out? Is Kevin stuck in quicksand? Is he teetering on the edge of a cliff? Can#39;t we just ask him?用“reach out to”而不是正确的“ask”。比如,“I will reach out to Kevin and let you know if that timing is convenient.(我会问一下凯文,看看时间是否方便。)”难道凯文在流沙区吗?或者他在悬崖边摇摇欲坠?难道我们就不能“问”一下他?Surely the most irritating is: ;You do the Math.; Math? It#39;s MATHS.最激怒人的当然就是:You do the Math.(你自己来算一下。)”Math?应该是MATHS!I hate the fact I now have to order a ;regular Americano;. What ever happened to a medium sized coffee?我讨厌我现在必须点“regular Americano(常规美式咖啡)。”为什么就不能说a medium sized coffee呢?My worst horror is expiration, as in ;expiration date;. Whatever happened to expiry?我最讨厌的词是expiration(截止),比如“expiration date(截止日期)”。为什么不用expiry?My favourite one was where Americans claimed their family were ;Scotch-Irish;. This of course is totally inaccurate, as even if it were possible, it would be ;Scots” not ;Scotch;.我最喜欢的一个就是美国人宣称他们的家庭是“Scotch-Irish(苏格兰-爱尔兰血统的)”。这当然是完全错误的,即使这是一种可能的表达,那么也应该是“Scot”而不是“Scotch”。I am increasingly hearing the phrase ;that#39;ll learn you; - when the English (and more correct) version was always ;that#39;ll teach you;. What a ridiculous phrase!我听到越来越多人说“that#39;ll learn you(这是给你的教训。)”——明明英语(更加正确的)的版本应该是“that#39;ll teach you.” 多么荒谬的表达! I really hate the phrase: ;Where#39;s it at?; This is not more efficient or informative than ;where is it?; It just sounds grotesque and is immensely irritating.我真的很讨厌这个表达:“Where#39;s it at?(在哪儿?)”这并没有比“where is it?”更有效率或蕴含更多信息。它听起来很荒唐,而且非常惹人厌。Period instead of full stop.用“period(句号)”代替full stop。My pet hate is ;winningest;, used in the context ;Michael Schumacher is the winningest driver of all time;. I can feel the rage rising even using it here.我最讨厌文本中出现“winningest(常胜的)”,比如“迈克尔·舒马赫是有史以来的最常胜(winningest)赛车手”。即使这样用,我也觉得很愤怒。My brother now uses the term ;season; for a TV series.我的弟弟现在用“season(季)”来谈论电视剧了。Having an ;issue; instead of a ;problem;.Having an “issue(问题)”而不是“problem”。I hear more and more people pronouncing the letter Z as ;zee;. Not happy about it!我听到越来越多人把字母Z发成zee的音。不开心!To ;medal; instead of to win a medal. Sets my teeth on edge with a vengeance.“medal(赢得奖牌)”而不是win a medal。我差点要破口大骂了。;I got it for free; is a pet hate. You got it ;free; not ;for free;. You don#39;t get something cheap and say you got it ;for cheap; do you?“I got it for free(我免费得到它)”是我最讨厌的表达。你是“免费(free)”得到它,而不是“为了免费(for free)”。你不会买到一个便宜的东西,然后说你买到它“为了便宜”,对吧?;Turn that off aly;. Oh dear.Turn that off aly.(把那个关掉)。天呐!;I could care less; instead of ;I couldn#39;t care less; has to be the worst. Opposite meaning of what they#39;re trying to say.用“I could care less(我一点也不在乎)”,而不是“I couldn#39;t care less”,是我见过最糟糕的表达。与他们想要说的意思完全相反。 /201209/200857哈尔滨妇女医院门诊部预约 A man tried to smuggle his pet turtle through security in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport by hiding it in a KFC hamburger.日前在广州白云国际机场,一名男子为使宠物龟顺利通过安检,竟试图把它藏在肯德基汉堡包里。The incident occurred on the morning of July 29, when a man, surnamed Li, was about to board China Southern Airlines flight 345 to Beijing, Guangzhou Daily reported. As Li passed through airport security, X-ray screening machines detected a few ;odd protrusions; sticking out of a KFC burger that the man had packed in his bag.据广州日报报道,事件发生在7月29日早上,一名李姓男子正准备乘坐中国南方航空公司345航班飞往北京。当他通过机场安检时,X光安检机检测到这名男子包里的汉堡包有些异常突出物。Airport staff determined that the protrusions looked suspiciously like turtle limbs, and asked to inspect Li’s luggage.机场工作人员认为突出物疑似乌龟四肢,因此要求检查李某的行李。;There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,; Li reportedly insisted. ;There’s nothing special to see inside.;“没有乌龟,只有汉堡,” 李某坚持说,“里面没什么好看的。”Li finally acquiesced to an inspection after repeated requests from airport staff, who uncovered the pet turtle hidden inside the burger. When asked why he had devised this strange idea, Li said that he had only wanted to travel together with his ;beloved; turtle.在工作人员再三坚持下,李某最后默许了行李检查,结果发现乌龟被藏在了汉堡里。当被问到为什么会有这个奇怪的想法时,李某说他只是想和心爱的乌龟一起旅行。After staff patiently explained that turtles could not be smuggled on board the plane, Li reluctantly agreed to allow a friend to care for his pet while he was away.工作人员耐心地解释,乌龟不能被带上飞机,李某这才勉强同意在自己离开的这段时间里,把乌龟托付给朋友照看。A few amused Sina Weibo users commented on the story after it went live, and most said that Li’s affection for his turtle was cute. One user, however, questioned Li’s logic for stuffing his pet into a burger and then sending it through an airport screening machine.事后,几名新浪微用户了此事,多数人认为李某对乌龟的感情很可爱。然而,一位用户也质疑了李某的逻辑,怎么会把乌龟装进汉堡,又送它通过机场检测机。;That poor turtle!; the netizen wrote. ;It had to absorb all those X-rays!;“可怜的乌龟!”网友写道,“还得遭受X光的辐射!” /201308/251233哈尔滨阳光妇科医院看乳腺检查多少钱

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黑龙江省哈尔滨市第五人民医院生孩子好吗 The ;three-year glitch; has replaced the ;seven-year itch; as the tipping point where couples start to take each other for granted, according to a new survey.根据一项新调查,“三年之痒”已经取代“七年之痒”成为情侣间关系的转折点,这时候情侣们会开始不那么重视对方。Weight gain, stinginess, toe-nail clippings on the bathroom floor and snoring are a few of the passion-killers that have led to a swifter decline in relationships in the fast-paced 21st century, said the study commissioned by Warner Brothers to promote the release of comedy film ;Hall Pass; in UK cinemas.华纳兄弟公司委托开展的这一调查称,在快节奏的21世纪,体重增加、吝啬、在浴室地板上剪脚指甲、打鼾都是杀手,导致感情关系加速恶化。这一调查是为宣传在英国影院上映的喜剧电影《偷情许可令》而进行的。The survey of 2,000 British adults in steady relationships pinpointed the 36-month mark as the time when relationship stress levels peak and points to a new trend of ;pink passes; and ;solo; holidays away from partners and spouses that many Britons resort to in order to keep romance alive.这项对处在稳定感情关系中的2000名英国成人的调查发现,到36个月时两人的感情压力水平会达到顶峰,并会出现“粉红通行”和“单人”假期的新浪潮,许多英国人会借此远离伴侣和配偶,以保持恋情的活力。;Longer working hours combined with money worries are clearly taking their toll on modern relationships and we are seeing an increasing trend for solo holidays and weekends away from marriages and relationships in order to revive the romantic spark,; said pollster Judi James who oversaw the survey.主持这项调查的调查员朱迪#8226;詹姆斯说:“工作时间加长和经济上的烦恼显然对现代感情关系造成了伤害,我们发现人们开始流行过单人假期和周末,通过婚姻和感情关系以外的空间来重燃爱情的火花。”The poll compared feedback from those in short-term relationships (defined as less than three years) and people who were married or in longer-term partnerships.根据收集到的反馈,该调查将处于短期感情关系(少于三年)中的情侣和处于长期感情关系中的情侣或夫妇作了比较。The findings showed that 67 percent of all of those surveyed said that small irritations which are seemingly harmless and often endearing during the first flushes of love often expand into major irritations around 36 months.调查结果显示,67%的被调查者说,到第36个月左右,一些看似无害的让人不快的小事经常会被放大成让人很恼火的矛盾,而这些小擦在恋情初期经常会让爱意更浓。More than half of the Brits surveyed (52 percent) who were in younger relationships said they enjoyed sexual relations at least three times a week, compared to just 16 percent of those in relationships older than three years.在被调查者中,处于短期感情关系中的英国人有超过一半(52%)说他们一周至少做爱三次,而处于三年以上的感情关系中的英国人只有16%这么做。This suggests that as we get older together, romance gives way to day to day practicalities, supported by the fact that 55 percent of busy people in longer-term relationships admit that they now have to ;schedule; their romantic time.这意味着,随着我们一起变老,爱情逐渐让位于日常的柴米油盐。事实上,处于长期感情关系中、而且生活忙碌的被调查者有55%承认他们现在必须给浪漫时光“做一下日程安排”。 /201301/219126哈尔滨省中医院网上预约佳木斯中心医院做人流好吗



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