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池州经济开发区看妇科炎症妇科疾病私密整形贵池区池阳街道泌尿系统在线咨询Meetings: Supporting your Position (Part 2)Welcome to the second part of our Business English Pod series on how to support your position or argument in meetings. 欢迎来到商务英语播客系列课程的第二部分:在会议上该如何持你的论点。Our friend Jack is giving an update on the Costa Rican project. Dan is against the idea, because as production manager, he doesn’t want to lose all his staff. The HR manager, Angie, also doesn’t want to lay off her US staff, and is worried about the difficulty of hiring workers in another country. Jack tries to defend his plan, but has difficulty supporting his argument. 我们的朋友杰克提议将哥斯达黎加的工程升级。丹反对这个提议,因为作为产品经理他不想失去自己的员工。人事经理安吉也不想解散公司的美国员工,而且担心在另1个国家雇佣工人的困难性。杰克想为自己的计划辩护,但是在论持自己的观点时遇到了些困难。 /201012/121170池州妇幼保健院怎么样 职场社交英语 Lesson 14:有谁一早就在这里了SCENE① B 加州的资讯王办公室 【有谁一早就在这里了?】Zina: Who has been here aly this morning?吉娜: 今天有谁一早就在这里了? Dave: Well, Vince dropped off some sales reports for you. Said you signed a big deal with HomeSupplies.com.戴夫: 呃,文斯丢了一些销售报告给你。说你签下了HomeSupplies.com这个大客户。 Zina: They're 1) small fry. Tonight I'm going to LA to 2) negotiate with Stars.com. That'll be big.吉娜: 小菜一碟。我今晚要飞去洛杉矶跟Stars.com协商。那可大了。 Dave: You're right. All the 3) entertainment web sites follow Stars.com.戴夫: 没错。所有的网站都以Stars.com马首是瞻。 Zina: Who else has been here?吉娜: 还有谁到过这里来? Dave: Elvin stopped by to see me.戴夫: 艾文顺道过来找了我一会儿。Zina: Elvin? Which one is he?吉娜: 艾文?他是哪一个啊?语言详解A: Did you sign a contract before agreeing to work for him? 在你同意为他工作前先签合约了吗?B: He told me we would do it later. 他说那个晚点儿 再签。【stop by 顺道拜访】stop by是指你在要去一个地方的途中,因为顺路而到某人家拜访:A:I was going to the store and thought I would stop by. 我正要去店里,就想可以顺道过来。B:I'm so glad you did! 我真高兴你来了!stop by也可以用来表达“稍作停留,不会久留”的意思:A: I just stopped by to see if you needed anything. 我只是过来看一下你是否需要什么。B: I need some more cough medicine. 我还需要多一些咳嗽药。1) small fry 微不足道的事2) negotiate (v.) 协商,协调3) entertainment (n.) /200602/42301.Audit 查账,认A: Who is coming to audit today?B: Our parent company.A:今天谁来查账啊?B:总公司。 2.Board of Directors 董事会A: Who forms our Board of Directors? B: Representatives from both sides of the joint venture.A:哪些人组成董事会?B:合资双方的代表。 3.Business tax 营业税A: How much is the business tax in China?B: 5%.A:中国的营业税是多少?B:5%。4.Certify/Certification/Certified 认A: Who would certify our testing labs?B: It's up to the customer on how we should certify our labs.A:谁来认我们的实验室啊?B:由客户决定怎样认我们的实验室。5.Corruption 腐化A: Corruption is not allowed under business law.B: Right. Corruption disturbs the normal business environment.A:腐化是违反商法的。B:是的,腐化会扰乱正常的经济秩序。 /200810/52172青阳县医院有四维彩超吗

小孩包皮手术池州This TV set is on sale.这款电视正在减价销售。What brand do you like?您喜欢哪个品牌的?Its a world-famous brand.这是世界名牌。This TV set gives very sharp pictures.这台电视机画面很清晰。This 29-inch color TV has 218 channels.这台29寸电有218个频道。This washing machine is automatic and the others are semi-automatic.这款洗衣机是全自动的,其他的是半自动的。This air conditioner is selling the best this year.逮款空调是今年最畅销的。This fridge is of low noise design.这款冰箱是低噪音设计。Its net capacity is 195 liters.它的净容量是195升。The power is only a few watts.功率只有几瓦。Most of the electric heaters are between 800 and 1500 watts.大部分电热器都在800到1500瓦之间。You need a l00-watt light bulb for this lamp.您这个灯需要一个100瓦的灯泡。This 60-inch plasma TV can save much electricity.这款60寸等离子电视非常省电。This DVD player is easy to operate.这款DVD播放机很容易操作。Were expecting some new stock tomorrow.明天我们进新货。Selling Electric Fans销售电扇Good morning, sir. Can I help you?早上好,先生。我能帮您什么吗?Yes, I want to buy an electric fan.是的,我想买台电扇。We have many brands. What kind are you looking for?我们有很多种牌子的。您要哪个牌子的?Thats the Great Wall fan they advertised on TV recently. It looks like it is a good-quality fan that will work even if I run it all the time.我要最近在电视上做广告的长城牌电扇。这种电扇看起来质量很好,即使让它一直吹也没关系。Im terribly sorry. The Great Wall electric fans are out of stock now.非常抱歉,长城牌电扇现在没货。Thats a pity! Well, when will you have some more?真遗憾。嗯,你们什么时候再进货呢?Were expecting some new stock tomorrow.明天我们进新货。Ill have to come again tomorrow then.那我只好明天再来了。Im sorry you took the time to come here. By the way. if you need one, you might be lucky at our Sichuan Road location.对不起,让您白跑一趟。顺便说一下,如果您确实需要电风扇,您也许可以在我们的四川路分店买得到。Thank you. Ill go and have a look.谢谢。我去看看。 /201406/303205池州流产好医院 第一句:You must save him from making the same error. 你必须让他不要再犯同样的错误。A: Come on. Give him another chance.好了,再给他一次机会吧。B: You must save him from making the same error.你必须让他不要再犯同样的错误。第二句:One can not truly learn and grow without having gone througr failures and mistakes.人只有在经历失败和错误才能真正地学习和成长。A: One can not truly learn and grow without having gone througH 鲁 ures and mistakes.人只有在经历失败和错误才能真正地学习和成长。B: Thank you. You are so kind.谢谢。你真是太好了。知识扩展:1.聪明人不会犯同一个错误:I will not make the mistake any more.我不再犯这样的错误了。This won’t happen again.这不会再发生了。I hope you will be more careful.我希望今后你会更加小心。2.让我们在失败中勇往直前:One grows in the defeat.人在失败中成长。A man grows more from failure than he does from success.人在失败中比在成功中更客易成长。内容来自: /201403/280353池州那家医院治疗生殖器疱疹效果好

东至妇幼保健院有做无痛人流吗5 称赞穿着3句英文任你选This dress looks nice on you.这套衣你穿上真好看。This shirt is very; stylish.这件衬衫很时髦。This tank top is made for you.这件背心超适合你。半个句型要记牢look nice on sb. (某人穿的衣很好看)Tip: look作系动词,相当于is。类似的还有feel,taste, touch等。夸赞衣好看时,还可以用flatter(使更漂亮), This dress flatters you. (穿上这件衣你更漂亮了。)夸赞别人衣时尚可用 in fashion,意思是 ;流行,人时 相当于fashionable,反义词为 out of fashion, out-dated。如Its out-dated. (真够老士的! ) /201502/354455 What important trends do you see in your industry?在我们所处的行业中,你看到了什么重要趋势?While the broadband market continues to grow,the growth has slowed down for over a year.宽带市场虽然仍在继续发展当中,但是一年多来发展速度已经减缓许多。Many new entrants,especially DSL providers,collapsed,and a handful of CATV operators and telcos dominate the market now.许多新加入的公司,特别是DSL公司倒闭了;少数几个CATV公司和电信公司几乎独占市场。Exemplified by the pending merger between A CATV and XYZ Broadband,the industry consolidation has begun and will continue.A CATV与XYZ宽带即将完成的合并案代表这个行业的兼并已经开始,今后也将继续进行。The price of equipment continues to decline and low-end vendors are increasingly introducing more sophisticated products,entering the middle-end market.设备的价格继续下滑,专卖低端产品的厂商也相继推出更加精密的产品,进军中端市场。 /201311/264624尧渡仁里蓉城镇医院医院账单池州市石台上环多少钱



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