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2019年10月17日 08:30:42 | 作者:飞度排名免费问答 | 来源:新华社
A U.S.-based research institute says new satellite imagery suggests North Korea has halted construction on a launch pad capable of testing intercontinental missiles.一家美国研究机构说,新的卫星图像显示,朝鲜停止了在一个可以试射洲际弹道导弹的发射台上的建筑活动。The website 38 North says the delay, possibly due to recent heavy rains, could push back the project#39;s completion by up to two years.“北纬38度线”网站说,这个可能由于最近下大雨导致的拖延可能会把朝鲜的计划推迟长达两年。The new launch pad, located at the Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground, had been scheduled for completion around 2015.位于朝鲜东海卫星发射场的新发射平台原定于2015年左右完工。But the group says the photos, taken August 29, also suggest Pyongyang is working on an existing launch pad at the same facility that has been used for previous missile tests.但是这家美国研究机构说,8月29号拍摄的照片还显示,朝鲜正在改建同一发射场内一座以前试射导弹时曾经使用过的发射平台。Although the report says no launch appears to be imminent, it says North Korea can still launch longer-range rockets at its Sohae facility, from where it conducted its failed missile launch in April.虽然美国的这家研究机构说看来朝鲜不会马上在那里试射导弹,但是朝鲜仍然可以在它的西海发射场发射远程导弹。朝鲜4月在西海发射场的导弹试射失败。North Korea said the April launch was aimed at placing a satellite into orbit. But the U.S. and others condemned the move, saying it was a pretext for long-range missile testing prohibited under U.N. sanctions.朝鲜说,四月的发射是将一枚卫星送入太空轨道。但是美国和其它一些国家谴责了朝鲜的行动,说它实际上利用这个借口来进行联合国禁止的远程导弹试射。Pyongyang has tested two nuclear weapons and says it has turned some of its stockpile of plutonium into bomb material. There are concerns that it aims to create a nuclear bomb that can be carried on a missile, though experts say they have not mastered the necessary technology.朝鲜进行过两次核武器试验,并宣称已经把一些金属钚转为可制造核武器的材料。人们担心,朝鲜的目标是制造一枚火箭可以运载的核武器。不过,专家认为,朝鲜还没有完全掌握相关技术。38 North, the website of the U.S.-Korea Institute of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, says the new launch pad at Tonghae is intended to conduct tests on ;larger liquid-fueled rockets, possibly with intercontinental ranges.;美国约翰霍普金斯大学高级国际政治研究院的美朝问题研究所网站“北纬38度线”说,东海发射场的新发射台是为了试射使用液体燃料的更大火箭,而且是洲际导弹的射程。It said the commercial satellite photos of the facility, taken by DigitalGlobe, also show Pyongyang has stopped construction on fuel and oxidizer buildings designed to support future tests near the new pad.这家网站说,“数字世界”拍摄的民用卫星照片还显示,朝鲜已停止建造燃料和氧化等原计划持新发射台的设施。The report said the exact cause of the delay is not clear, but that heavy rains may have damaged the dirt trail leading to the secluded construction site. It also said heavy construction equipment at the site may have been relocated to help repair flood-damaged areas.报告说,目前不清楚工程延期的确切原因,但是最近的暴雨可能损坏了通往建筑工地的土路,还可能是因为建筑地点的重型机械被送到受遭受洪水破坏的地区救灾。 /201209/201777

Do you notice men these days are becoming more and more interested in how they look? Some mans use moisturizers and makeup every day, some of them even wear jewelry! Every time you come near them you get a whiff of their cologne.你有没有发现现在社会上的男人越来越爱美了?有些男人每天都使用护肤品和化妆品,有些还佩戴首饰!每次你走近他们,就会闻到男士香水的味道。Men in today#39;s society are definitely starting to care more and more about their own image. Some men spend as much time and money on their appearance as most women do--a few even go to beauty salons and get plastic surgery. It#39;s said that one out of every ten people who get plastic surgery is male.现代社会的男人的确越来越在意自己的形象了,一些男人在修饰外表上花费的时间和金钱跟大多数女人一样,有的男人甚至进美容院去整容。据说现在十名整容者中就有一名是男性。Traditionally, women are the ones who are supposed to care most about beauty, but people’s values are changing these days, especially in the big cities. A few years earlier, if a man showed he cared about his appearance or clothes, he would be told he was being too feminine, or acting like a girl. But now, plenty of men would willingly describe themselves as ;metrosexual;--it doesn’t have a negative connotation.传统观念认为,女性是最爱美的。但是现在,尤其是在大城市,人们的观念发生了很大的变化。几年前,如果一个男人对自己的衣着和外表太过在意,会被旁人耻笑为“女人气”或者“娘娘腔”。但是现在,很多男人都愿意把自己说成“都市美男”,这个词完全没有负面含意了。Many celebrities, especially in the movie industry, are so-called ;pretty boys;. They are admired and idolized by the public, and many young men want to imitate their clothes and fashions, which is one of the reasons for the ;pretty boy; phenomenon in society at large. In reality, whether or not you’re a celebrity, a well-groomed appearance can raise your self-confidence and help you make a good impression on other people.很多明星,尤其是在演艺界明星,被叫作 “花样美男”。他们被大众崇拜和偶像化,很多年轻的男孩子都想模仿他们的穿衣打扮,这是“美男”现象在社会上流行的一个原因。实际上,不管你是不是明星,光鲜靓丽的外表都能提升自己的信心,并给人以良好的印象。Another reason that men are paying more attention to their appearance is that they#39;ve realized that women are paying attention to men#39;s appearance! A man who makes an effort to look his best is more likely to win the approval of the opposite gender. Also, many women appreciate a man who doesn#39;t roll his eyes as soon as she mentions anything having to do with fashion.男人更注重外表的另一个原因就是他们认识到了女人也很注重男人的外表!一个精心打扮后的男人更容易得到异性的认可。还有,很多女人都很欣赏那些可以和他们聊一聊时尚话题的男性。So whereas before, women dressed up in order to attract men, nowadays men are also dressing up to attract women.所以说, 以前是女人为了吸引男人而打扮自己。现在男人也为了吸引女人而打扮。Nowadays, some of girls have an unusual style. They have short hair, they only wear T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes, and they never wear makeup. If you didn#39;t know them you wouldn#39;t be able to tell that they were girls!现今的某些女孩子也有一种很特别的风格。她们通常留短发,喜欢穿T恤、牛仔裤和帆布鞋,从来不化妆。如果你不认识她们,你可能看不出来她们是女孩子!Their style has a nice casual and confident feeling; it looks very natural.她们的风格随意、自信而且不做作。Some of them even talk different than other girls; their voices are kind of throaty, low alto quality rather than high pitched.她们说起话来都和别的女孩子不一样,她们的嗓音是有些沙哑的女低音,不是又尖又细的女高音。There are definitely girls who project a more masculine attitude. One good example of this kind of ;tomboy; is the 2005 Super Girl contest winner, Li Yuchun. To tell you the truth, the first time you saw her on TV, you couldn#39;t tell she was a girl, but the more you watched the more you liked her style.她们就是有男人气质的女人,典型的代表人物就是2005年“超级女声”的冠军——李宇春。说实话,当你在电视上第一次看见她的时候,你可能会看不出她是个女生,可你看她越多次,你就会越喜欢她。Li Yuchun has tons of fans even though she doesn#39;t fit the traditional Chinese ideal of female beauty. Tomboys like her defy the idea that women have to be gentle, tender, sweet, and cute in order to be pretty.虽然李宇春不是典型的中国传统美女,但她有很多粉丝。像她这种中性美女打破了女孩只有文静、温柔、甜美和可爱才算漂亮的审美观。This more androgynous form of beauty is really in style these days; fashion designers have started coming out with more androgynous clothes and accessories, and it#39;s becoming a hot trend.这种更中性化的风格现在大行其道,很多设计师都开始设计中性的装和饰品,现在非常流行。But even though this trend is becoming more and more popular, sometimes people make assumptions about other people#39;s personalities based on the type of clothes they wear, but tomboys aren#39;t any different from girls with a more traditionally feminine style. You can be down to earth, outgoing and attractive to the opposite sex regardless of whether you wouldn#39;t dream of wearing a skirt or you wear a skirt every day.但是虽然这种趋势越来越流行了,有时候人们仍然会根据穿衣风格来判断一个人的性格。但是中性女生和传统的女生没什么两样。不管你是从来都不想穿裙子还是每天都穿裙子,你都可以很纯真、外向和吸引异性。 /201508/395479

近期对中国的女人做了一些调查,调查主要是针对中国女性身上所具有的相似之处。经调查沙河小子发现中国的女人身上相似之处优点方面比较少。相反更多的是表现在她们身上存在的一些缺点,沙河小子谓之劣根。经调查中国女人身上普遍存在的劣根有10种,听起来有点不可思议但是事实就是这样。下面沙河小子就来将这10种劣根一一盘点。1、婚前心中总有一个白马王子There is always a Prince Charming in mind before marriage /200911/89824

At first glance, Hong Kong seems an enviable hub for bibliophiles: It#39;s home to a buzzing book fair, a well-regarded literary festival, two creative-writing programs and Asia#39;s most prestigious literary prize. But in terms of bookstores, it has so far lagged behind other Asian cities such as Tokyo, Taipei and even Bangkok. 乍一看来,香港似乎是一个令人羡慕的爱书人的乐园。它是一个热闹非凡的图书展和一个备受推崇的文学节的举办地,它还拥有两个创意写作项目和亚洲最具声望的文学奖。但是,在书店方面,迄今为止它还落后于东京、台北甚至曼谷等其他亚洲城市。 That may be about to change with the arrival of Eslite, a Taiwanese bookstore chain famous not only for an extensive collection of books but also in-house art galleries, cultural events, designer products and cafés. 随着诚品书店登陆香港,这个状况或许即将发生改变。这家来自台湾的连锁书店不仅以广泛多样的书籍闻名,其自有画廊、文化活动、名家设计产品和咖啡厅也同样为人所知。 On Saturday, Eslite opens in Hysan Place, a mall in Hong Kong#39;s Causeway Bay district. The three-story shop will stretch to 41,000 square feet, making it the city#39;s largest bookstore, and will stock some 100,000 titles that ers can browse and buy seven days a week. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the store will be open 24 hours a day─perfect for night owls in a city that doesn#39;t sleep. 8月11日,诚品书店在香港铜锣湾希慎广场开业。这家店有三层,面积达41,000平方英尺(约3,800平方米),成为香港最大的书店。该店每周七天营业,备有约100,000本书供读者浏览购买。此外,该店还在每周四、周五和周六全天24小时营业,对于香港这个不眠之城的夜猫子来说真是再美不过了。 Eslite was founded in 1989, the year after Taiwan#39;s military dictatorship lifted a ban on newspapers and magazines, and it went on to become a patron of the island#39;s cultural renaissance. Its 48 branches host more than 3,000 activities a year, including lectures, ings, concerts and art exhibitions. 1989年,也就是台湾的军事独裁政权宣布解除报禁的一年后,诚品书店成立。在这之后,该书店成为了岛内文化复兴活动的赞助者,如今其48家分店每年要举办逾3,000场文化活动,其中包括演讲、读书会、音乐会和展览等。 Founder Robert Wu, who ran a successful catering business before opening the first Eslite on Taipei#39;s Dunhua Road, kept the bookstore afloat for 17 years before it became profitable in 2006. #39;Eslite is a cultural phenomenon,#39; he said in Hong Kong at the Design for Asia Awards last December. #39;It#39;s all about the people, the place, the culture.#39; 在台北的敦化路开设第一家诚品书店之前,吴清友经营着一家成功的餐饮企业。在吴清友维系了17年之后,诚品书店于2006年开始盈利。去年12月,他在香港参加“亚洲最具影响力设计大奖”(Design for Asia Awards)颁奖礼时说,诚品书店是一种文化现象,它的真谛在于人、地域和文化。 Eslite will mark its entry into Hong Kong with two exhibitions and 30 activities over the next month, including sessions with local authors such as cultural critic Ma Ka-fai and a concert with singer-songwriter Chet Lam. 在开业后的一个月内,诚品书店将举办两场展览和30场文化活动来庆祝其进入香港,其间香港一些本土作家,比如文化批评学者马家辉等将主持活动,此外香港本土创作歌手林一峰也将参与音乐演出。 Like its flagship branches in Taiwan, the Hysan Place location will include a music and boutique, stationery, a teahouse, a coffee shop, an art gallery and an event room. English- and foreign-language books will make up 40% of the selection, compared with 15% at most Taiwan stores. 与其在台湾的旗舰店一样,诚品书店希慎广场店设有一家音乐音像制品店、一家文具店、一家茶室、一家咖啡店、一个画廊以及一间活动室。英文及其他语种的外文书籍将占到所售书籍40%的比例,而台湾大多数分店的这一比例为15%。 Meanwhile, the store#39;s opening has prompted other local bookstores to up their game with renovations and an expanded selection. Commercial Press, Hong Kong#39;s biggest bookstore chain, has retrained staff, renovated its Causeway Bay branch and doubled its selection of English-language books. 同时,该店在香港的开业也促使当地其他书店致力于创新和扩大图书种类来提高竞争力。香港最大的连锁书店商务印书馆已经对员工重新进行培训,重新装修了其在铜锣湾的图书中心,并且将英文书籍的种类扩充了一倍。 Though Eslite#39;s expansion has garnered buzz, some cultural critics are greeting the chain with ambivalence. Au Wai-lin, founder of Hong Kong journal #39;C for Culture,#39; worries about its impact on independent bookstores, which specialize in nonmainstream books and titles banned in mainland China─genres that Eslite has excelled at selling in Taiwan. 虽然诚品书店在香港的扩张引发了阵阵热潮,但是一些文化批评人士在对它表示欢迎的同时也有一些矛盾心理。香港杂志《文化现场》的创办人欧惠莲就对其对独立书店的影响表达了担忧,这些书店专营在中国大陆被禁的非主流书籍,而诚品在台湾就擅长销售这些类型的书。 #39;It may be an exciting event for many people and most of the media coverage is positive,#39; says Ms. Au. #39;But what I#39;m concerned about is it#39;s probably [leading to] a crisis of the existing local bookshops.#39; 欧惠莲说,对许多人而言这或许是一个激动人心的事件,大多数的媒体报道也是正面的,但我担心的是它可能会使本地现有的书店陷入危机。 Others take a rosier view. #39;In general I think it#39;s a good thing, because they will be hosting lots of cultural activities, which could help the cultural scene in Hong Kong,#39; says Daniel Lee, co-owner of Hong Kong Reader, a Mongkok bookstore that holds regular discussions and ings. 其他一些人则持更乐观的观点。香港旺角的序言书室的店主之一李达宁说,总的来说我认为这是一件好事,因为他们会举办很多文化活动,这可能会带动香港的文化局面。该书店也会定期举办一些讨论会和读书会。 #39;We see more and more people into ing,#39; he says. #39;More people are paying attention to politics and social issues, and when people want to do something about it, they need to about it first.#39; “我们看到越来越多的人喜欢上阅读,”他说,“更多人开始关注政治和社会问题,当人们想做一些这方面的事情时,他们首先需要读一些东西。” /201209/198523

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