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这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我觉得人生最懊悔的是,以为自己想要苹果,而不是别人追求的鸭梨;可最终发现,自己想要的不是苹果,也是鸭梨……看错了自己,更可怕!!译者:koogleHaving been married a long time, my husband sometimes needs a gentle reminder of a special occasion. 婚后已久,我丈夫往往在一个特别事情上需要委婉的提醒。On the morning of our 35th anniversary, we were sitting at the breakfast table when I hinted, Honey, do you realize that we#39;ve been sitting in these same two seats for exactly 35 years?在我们结婚35周年纪念的早上,我们正坐在早餐桌旁,我暗示道:亲爱的,你意识到我们在这两个相同的座位上已坐了整整35年了吗?Putting down the newspaper, he looked straight at me and said, So, you want to switch seats?他放下报纸,眼睛直直地望着我:因此,你想交换座位吗? /201305/237944

Aries白羊座Baby, will you be my valentine? I will make you the happiest girl on earth.宝贝,当我的恋人吧?我将使你成为世界上最快乐的女孩。Leo狮子座That#39;s the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me or said to me…你为我做的事和对我说的话都是我经历过最浪漫的……Sagittarius射手座If you need me, I am here for you. I am on your side.如果你需要我,我会在这儿等你,我永远持你。Cancer巨蟹座I will wait for you to come home to eat.等你回家吃饭哦!Scorpio天蝎座To me, you are irreplaceable, because you are one of a kind.对我而言你是无法代替的,因为你是独一无二的。Pisces双鱼座Okay. Let us try to be the luckiest couple on earth.好!让我们试着成为世上最幸运的一对。Taurus金牛座Would you like to go to movies, KTV, or just have a chat over a good meal at a nice restaurant?你喜欢去看电影、唱KTV或是去餐厅聊聊天吃顿美食呢?Virgo处女座I love everything about you, especially the way you made me feel how special I am.我喜欢你的一切,尤其是你让我觉得我自己是多么的特别。Gemini双子座I can think of nothing else but your dazzling smile.除了你那迷人的微笑,别的我都不会去想。Capricornus魔羯座Oh, dear. I want you to know that being with you, it#39;s as good as it gets.亲爱的,我想让你知道,世上没有比和你在一起更幸福的事了。Libra天秤座I love your tender kisses and charming smiles.我爱你那温柔的吻和迷人的微笑。Aquarius水瓶座You are the one I have been looking for.你就是我一直在追寻的人。 /201209/199657A SENIOR Coca-Cola China executive said yesterday that the company has filed a police report about a recent claim that its orange juice contains illegal fungicide and it will hold the perpetrators legally responsible.中国可口可乐的一位高管昨日表示关于最近声称其橙汁含有非法杀菌剂的消息该公司已向警方报案,它会让肇事者承担法律责任。;We take the move not only to safeguard the reputation of our brand, but also to help create a fair and healthy business environment, an environment where virtue is rewarded and vice punished,; said Bai Changbo, vice president of Coca-Cola#39;s China operation.“我们采取此举不仅是捍卫我们品牌的声誉,同时也是为了惩恶扬善,创建一个公平健康的营商环境,”可口可乐大中华区副总裁白长波表示。In recent days, reports have circulated on the Internet saying that Coca-Cola China admitted in a TV program that its orange juice products contained a fungicide called carbendazim.最近几天,互联网上流传的报告说可口可乐中国公司在一个电视节目中承认其橙汁产品含有一种叫多菌灵的杀菌剂。The reports said the TV program was ;Topics in Focus,; one of the most-watched shows on China Central Television. The reports supposedly warned customers not to drink Coca-Cola orange juice products.报告说该电视节目是《焦点访谈》,一档在中国中央电视台备受关注的节目。所谓的报告警告消费者不要喝可口可乐的橙汁产品。However, Coca-Cola said the reports were untrue and ;Topics in Focus; had never made such a program.然而可口可乐说报告是不真实的,《焦点访谈》从未做过这样的节目。Coca-Cola said the rumor stemmed from an issue with Brazilian orange products a year ago, but that the truth had been distorted.可口可乐表示谣言源于一年前巴西橙原料的问题,但是真相被扭曲。At that time, the company discovered that carbendazim, which is not approved for use on citrus fruits in the ed States, was being used to combat mold on orange trees in Brazil.当时该公司发现,多菌灵这种在美国没有被批准用于柑橘类水果的杀真菌剂,在巴西被用来喷洒橘子树。Coca-Cola headquarters immediately alerted the US Food and Drug Administration as it believed it was an industrial issue that affected every company producing products in the US using orange juice from Brazil.可口可乐总部立即报告了美国食品和药物,因为它相信这是一个影响到美国每一家使用巴西橙汁的公司生产产品的工业问题。After a risk assessment, the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency said orange juice from Brazil was safe to drink.风险评估后,美国食品药物和美国环境保护署说产自巴西的橙汁是安全的。Meanwhile, Coca-Cola China sent samples of orange juice imported from Brazil to China#39;s National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. A report released early last year by the center said the amount of carbendazim in the samples submitted by Coca-Cola ;can not be measurable.;与此同时,可口可乐中国公司立即将所使用的巴西橙汁原料送到中国国家食品质量监督检验中心。去年早些时候由检验中心发布的一份报告说,可口可乐提供的样品中多菌灵量“无法测出”。 /201301/219666

Shared dreams and ambitions can help make a successful relationship.分享梦想与雄心有助于营造成功的婚姻关系。But it seems the rather less romantic link of a shared commute can also help.上下班同路也有助于婚姻美满,尽管这听上去不大浪漫。Married couples are happier if they travel to work in the same direction, says a study. Experts believe it makes couples feel they share wider goals in life.一项研究称,上下班同路的夫妇感觉更幸福。专家认为这让夫妇们感觉到自己在生活中拥有更多共同目标。They say the findings suggest newlyweds should consider choosing a home that requires them both to commute in one direction, rather than one located at the midway point between their two work places.他们说,该研究成果建议新婚夫妇考虑选择让两人能上下班同行的住所,而不是选择位于两人工作地点中间的住所。;Couples#39; marital satisfaction can depend on whether they commute to work in the same or different directions,; said lead researcher Irene Huang, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.香港中文大学首席研究员艾琳#8226;黄说,“夫妇们的婚姻满足感可能取决于他们上下班的时候是否同路。”;Physically moving in a particular goal-relevant direction (e.g. commuting to work) might become associated with more general goal-related concepts.;“走向同一个与特定目标相关的方向(如一同上下班)可能与共同实现更多总体目标联系起来。They e the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, who said: ;Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but looking in the same direction together.;他们引用了法国作家,《小王子》的作者安东尼#8226;德#8226;圣-埃克苏佩里的话:“爱不是彼此凝视,而是一起注视着同一个方向。”The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, involved two surveys of married working adults, with participants asked how happy they were with their marriage and how satisfied they were with their spouse on a scale of one to nine. The first survey involved 280 adults in the US, who were aged 33 on average and had been married for an average of eight years.该项研究由《实验社会心理学杂志》出版,其中涉及两项对在职已婚成人的调查。在调查中,研究人员询问他们对自己婚姻的满意度,并请他们按1分到9分的标准给自己的婚姻打分。第一项调查涵盖了美国280名成人,这些人的平均年龄为33岁,平均婚龄8年。Huang and her colleagues found a clear correlation between commuting in the same direction and higher marital satisfaction. They also found that this link existed independent of other factors such as number of years married, number of children, income level and differences in actual time spent commuting.艾琳#8226;黄和她的同事们发现,上下班同路与较高的婚姻满意度之间有明显的相关性。他们还发现这种相关性独立存在于其他诸如结婚年数、子女个数、收入水平和花在上下班路上的时间等因素之外。Furthermore, the link did not depend on whether or not couples sometimes left home for work together, meaning it was not due to having the chance to talk together while commuting.此外,这种相关性也不取决于夫妇们是否有时会一起离家上班,这意味着这种相关性并不是因为夫妇们一起上下班时有更多机会交谈。The second survey involved 139 married adults in Hong Kong, who were 42 years old on average and had been married for an average of 13 years.第二项调查在香港进行,有139位平均年龄42岁,平均婚龄13年的已婚成人参与。It showed a similar correlation to the US results, which also held independent of other relevant factors.与在美国进行的第一项调查结果相似,其上下班与高婚姻满意度之间的相关性也独立于其他相关因素。 /201209/201481Conventional wisdom holds that dating success and enjoyment are like the contents of a milk carton, because they come with an expiration date. But recent research indicates that older daters are also the happiest daters — a surprise, no doubt, to those in their twenties who think that romance is solely for the young.传统想法认为成功和快乐的约会就像牛奶一样有一个保质期。但是最近研究表明年长的约会者也是最幸福的约会者——毫无疑问,这使那些认为浪漫是专属年轻人的二十几岁的人吃了一惊。According to a recent study from Match.com, older singles report feeling the greatest level of happiness combined with the least amount of stress over their relationship status. So, you can relax about being single or dating after a certain age, because your love life down the road could be much better than you expect. Of course, that’s not to say that people in different age groups want the same things in a match; after all, everyone’s life stages are distinct, and what we want and need at 20 differs radically (for the most part) from what we want when we’re 60.根据来自Match.com的一项最新研究,年长的单身者感到最大程度的幸福,因为他们在感情上有最少的压力。因此,你可以对单身释怀或者在某个年龄之后约会,因为你接下来的爱情生活比你期望的可能要好。当然了,这并不是说,不同年龄阶段的人都在追求同样的东西。毕竟,每个人的人生阶段是不一样的,你20岁想要的和需要的和你60岁所需要的是大部分不同的。 /201211/207656

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