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Eat your broccoli, it#39;s good for you. More specifically--and not incidentally if you live in China--it can apparently help your body better deal with air pollution.吃西兰花吧,它有益于身体健康。如果在中国生活的话,更要吃西兰花了,因为西兰花可以提高机体应对空气污染的能力。According to a study published this week by the journal Cancer Prevention Research, an experiment conducted in eastern China#39;s Jiangsu province found that feeding villagers beverages concocted from broccoli sprouts had various salutary effects, including helping the body to more speedily eliminate ingested air pollutants. The study was conducted by researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, as well as the University of Minnesota#39;s Masonic Cancer Center, among others.《癌症预防研究》(Cancer Prevention Research)期刊本周发布的一项研究称,在中国东部江苏省进行的一项试验发现,让村民饮用西兰花芽调制的饮料好处多多,其中包括帮助身体更迅速地排除吸入的空气污染物。这项试验是由约翰霍普金斯大学彭公共卫生学院(John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)和明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)的共济会癌症中心(Masonic Cancer Center)的研究人员共同实施的。The beverage--essentially a tea made out of boiled sprouts--was provided daily for 12 weeks to 291 adults as part of a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Study participants were drawn from the rural township of Hehe in the Yangtze River delta region, an area researchers chose in part because of its heavy levels of air pollution, something that they say is associated with a higher risk for lung and heart disease. Though the delta region, which includes Shanghai, comprises just 2% of China#39;s total area, it contributes at least 15% of its countrywide greenhouse gas emissions, they note.这种饮料本质上是由煮熟的西兰花芽所制成的一种茶。作为这项随机的安慰剂对照临床试验的一部分,291名成年人连续12周每日饮用这种茶。参与试验的人来自长江三角洲地区的和合镇。研究人员之所以选择该镇进行试验是因为当地污染严重,研究人员称肺病及心脏疾病的患病率上升与环境污染有关。他们称,虽然长江三角洲的面积只占中国总面积的2%,但温室气体排放量却至少占到了全国温室气体排放量的15%。Can diet really help change your susceptibility to pollution? According to researchers, eating broccoli sprouts #39;enhances the detoxication of some airborne pollutants and may provide a frugal means to attenuate their associated long-term health risks.#39;饮食真的可以改变机体受污染影响的程度吗?研究人员称,吃西兰花芽可以提高机体对某些空气污染物的解毒能力,这或许可以提供一种廉价的方式,用来降低居民面临的长期健康风险。That said, it#39;s obviously no cure-all for those living under China#39;s smoggy skies. #39;The ultimate answer [to China#39;s pollution] lies in Beijing with the policymakers,#39; said Thomas Kensler, who holds professorships at John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health as well as the University of Pittsburgh and was the leader of the study.但话又说回来,对于生活在中国雾霾空气中的人们,显然并不存在解决这一问题的灵丹妙药。肯斯勒(Thomas Kensler)说,中国污染问题的最终解决办法掌握在决策者手中。肯斯勒是约翰霍普金斯大学彭公共卫生学院和匹兹堡大学(University of Pittsburgh)的教授,也是本次试验的负责人。Still, Mr. Kensler said he is hopeful that more research can help further explore the ways diet might be able to help people strengthen their resistance to pollution. #39;We think this can contribute to potential solutions,#39; he said.不过肯斯勒表示,希望更多研究可以进一步探索利用饮食抵抗污染的方式。他说,他们认为这有助于找到潜在解决办法。If you#39;re not someone who keeps a y supply of broccoli sprouts at home, Mr. Kensler notes that regular broccoli sold at supermarkets also contains the key molecule, sulforaphane, though in considerably lower quantities. #39;The more bitter your broccoli, perhaps the better,#39; he said, adding that one would have to consume roughly 150 grams of broccoli in order to consume the same amount of sulforaphane contained in three grams of broccoli sprouts.肯斯勒指出,如果没有西兰花芽,超市里卖的西兰花也含有这种关键的物质萝卜硫素,不过含量相对较低。他说,西兰花越苦,萝卜硫素含量越高。他还说,大约150克西兰花中所含的萝卜硫素才与3克西兰花芽中的含量相当。The study wasn#39;t without its mild hiccups: according to the paper, #39;unacceptable taste and mild stomach discomfort were the common complaints.#39; Researchers said the addition of pineapple juice and lime juice, though, helped mask some of the less appealing aspects of the broccoli flavor.但这项研究成果也有不足之处。研究报告称,饮用者普遍抱怨这种茶口感不好,饮用后胃部略感不适。研究人员称,在茶中加入菠萝汁和青柠汁可以遮盖一部分西兰花芽的味道。 /201406/305910Pabst Blue Ribbon蓝带啤酒In America, it’s the choice of blue-collar workers and hipsters — an unpretentious lager known primarily for its cheap price tag. But in China, some versions of Pabst Blue Ribbon are something else entirely: high-end alcoholic beverages that would be right at home in a socialite’s manicured hands. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 was introduced a few years ago in China with a price tag of a bottle. The ad copy that went along with it : “It’s not just Scotch that’s put into wooden casks. There’s also Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1844. Many world-famous spirits are matured in precious wooden casks — Scotch whisky, French brandy, Bordeaux wine…” and goes on to call the beer “truly a treasure among beers.”在美国,这是蓝领工人和嬉皮士们的选择——主要以其价格低廉而闻名。但是在中国,蓝带旗下的某些产品线就完全是另外一回事了:很可能是社会名流手中的高端酒精饮料。 蓝带1844在几年前以44美元一瓶的价位引入中国市场。它的广告词是这么说的:“放在橡木桶里的酒不单只有威士忌,还有蓝带1844。很多世界级的名酒在珍贵的木桶中酿造——苏格兰威士忌,法国白兰地,波尔多葡萄酒……”接着它被称之为“啤酒中的珍宝”。 /201407/312625Lead author Jeroen Camps and colleagues, from the university KU Leuven in Belgium, said: #39;Scents are omnipresent in our daily world and they are of great importance as represented by the use of perfumes or fragrances in the work environment.#39;来自比利时鲁汶大学的首席作者杰伦和他的同事们说:“气味在我们日常生活中无所不在,而且工作环境里香水或香味的使用非常重要。”#39;Even though it has been argued that bad scents invoke negative judgments, we argued and demonstrated that a bad body odour elicits feelings of pity in others.#39;This can include underarm sweat, smelly feet, bad breath or other foul-smelling odours. “尽管有人认为坏气味会引发消极判断,但我们认为且明了它会引起别人的怜悯之心。”这包括腋下出汗、脚臭、口臭或其他难闻的气味。The research, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, involved two experiments.这项发表在《应用社会心理学杂志》上的研究涉及了两个实验。In the first experiment, 36 participants were randomly placed into two groups.Half were asked to sniff a bad smelling T-shirt that had been dowsed in human sweat, beer and sprayed with foul smells. The other half smelt a more neutral-smelling T-shirt.All the T-shirts were of the same shape and colour and all participants were told to imagine the item belonged to someone they worked with.Researchers then measured how participants felt about the other person, using ratings from one - totally disagree, to five - totally agree.Participants in the odour condition felt significantly more pity than those in the neutral condition.第一个实验中,36个参与者被随机分成两组。一半被要求闻气味不好的t恤,它浸过汗液、啤酒,还喷了臭味。另一半闻的是无气味的T恤。所有T恤的样式和颜色相同,全部参与者被要求想象T恤属于他们的某个同事。研究人员然后测试参与者对那个人的感受,使用从1(完全不同意)到5(完全同意)的评价方法。在“气味”条件下的参与者的比在“中性”条件下的参与者更有怜悯心。A second experiment involved 62 participants. They were first asked to complete a maze alone before being seated next to someone wearing either a neutral or bad smelling T-shirt and asked to complete another maze.Finally, participants moved to a third room and were asked to divide 11 credits giving a chance to win film tickets between themselves and the other person.People who had sat next to an unpleasant smelling person donated more credits to him or her on average than people who sat next to someone without bad body odour.The authors said this #39;showed that there are situations in which a person#39;s unpleasant body odour increases others#39; helping behaviours toward this person#39;.第二个实验有62名参与者。在旁边坐着穿没气味或有气味T恤的人完成谜题之前,他们先被要求独自完成谜题。最后,参与者到第三个房间被要求划分11分来评价自己和对方赢电影票的机会。比起坐在没有糟糕体味旁边的人,坐在不愉快气味边的人平均给更多的分数。作者说“这表明有些情况下,一个人的体味会增加别人对他的帮助”。However, the earlier findings also indicate that if such information is not available #39;people seem to give the bad smelling person the benefit of the doubt#39;.然而,早期的研究结果也表明,如果这些信息不可用,“人们似乎会给坏气味的人质疑的眼神”。 /201401/272275

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