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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 A bad attitude.恶劣的态度The greatest discovery you will ever make is that you can change your life by simply changing your attitude.仅仅通过改变态度就可以改变生活,这也许是你未来的最大发现Optimism is the most essential human trait, becauseit allows you to evolve your ideas and improve every situati on you encounter.乐观是人类最重要的品质,因为它能让你改进你的想法,改善你遇到的每一种情形So dont take things granted. Be positive and realize how tunate you are. Not every day will be perfect, but if you pay attention youll realize that 99.9% of the time youre having either a good day or a great day.所以不要总是觉得理所当然肯定自己并意识到自己有多么幸运,不是每一天都能完美,但是如果你留意,你会发现99.9%的时候你过得不错或过得很好 [本节目属] 38,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 The harsh truths that will help you grow.帮助你成长的残酷事实You may be better off without some of the people youcurrently care about.没有了你眼下在乎的某些人,你的生活也许更美好This one is tough to hear, I know. But chances are,there someone in your life you care about deeply who is holding you back. 我知道这一点听起来很难以接受但有可能你生命中某个你特别在乎的人阻碍了你前进That not to say you should give up on the people you love. However, there comes a time when you need to make the tough decision to say no to people who arent helping you grow.这不是说你要放弃那些你爱的人可是有时候你需要作出艰难的决定,对那些不能帮助你成长的人说不better off 比较富裕; 情况好转例句:They are much better off than us.他们比我们富得多更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3

他可能成不了大人物会昙花一现-1 :: A:John seems to be in high cotton. He may well become a big shot.John走红起来了,他有可能成为个大人物B:I bet my button dollar that he won't. He is no more than a nine day's wonder.我敢打赌他成不了大人物,他只不过是昙花一现而已A:What is your idea?那你怎么看?B:Many people like him get a flying start but soon disappear.很多向他这样的人只是有个开门红,然后便销声匿迹了

《河东狮吼经典台词英文版 --3 :39:3 来源: 相信看过《河东狮吼这部电影的人,对里面的经典台词都耳熟能详偶然在网上看到网友的英文版翻译,让我回想起电影里既搞笑又温馨画面……喜欢这部电影的人都来围观一下吧~(英文翻译仅作参考哦!)女生版:从现在开始:你只许对我一个人好;Please promise me that I am the one and only you put your heart on henceth ,要宠我,不能骗我;Adore me , and no cheating , 答应我的每一件事情,你都要做到;Honor your commitment , 对我讲的每一句话都要是真心Don’t lie to me ,不许骂我,要关心我;Care about me and no scolding. 别人欺负我时,你要在第一时间出来帮我;Help me out whenever I want you , 我开心时,你要陪我开心;Share my happiness whenever there is ,我不开心时,你要哄我开心;Get me happiness whenever I feel down ,永远都要觉得我是最漂亮的;Never a moment think I am not beautiful ,梦里你也要见到我;在你心里只有我……” Your dream should be all about me , think of no one but me . 男生版:从现在开始,I promise , from now on 我只疼你一个,MY fondest adoration only goes to you , 宠你、不会骗你I Love you and never will I cheat on you , 答应你的每一件事我都会做到;everything I promise you , I promise to make it , 对你讲的每一句话都是真话,every word I say to you , I say it from the bottom of my heart , 不欺负你,不骂你,相信你I trust you , never bully you , never scold you , 有人欺负你,我会第一时间出来帮你;I’d show up whenever you need me , 你开心的时候,我会陪着你开心I’d be happy out of your happiness ,你不开心,我也会哄的你开心When you are down , I’d be there to cheer you up , 永远觉得你最漂亮,you are ever beautiful in my eyes , 做梦都会梦见你,I’d dream about you , 在我的心里只有你Only get ya in my heart . 河东狮吼 经典台词

品牌英语口语00句(9):重燃热情 --9 :: 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. There’re plenty more fish in the sea.天涯何处无芳草. My enthusiasm was renewed.我又重新燃起热情3. Isn’t it a little bourgeois?是不是有点太庸俗了?. She’s very limber.她身材很柔软5. I won’t knuckle under.我不会屈#9658;knuckle under 屈,认输,承认失败e.g. He refused to knuckle under to the enemy. 他拒绝向敌人投降6. She’s no raving beauty.她并非大美女#9658;raving 作形容词时,有“无伦次的、胡说八道的、狂乱的”的意思;在口语中也常用来表达“令人心醉的、迷人的、卓越的”之意7. It’ll be curtains me.我就没戏唱了8. From a lay perspective, it’s almost incomprehensible.外行根本无法理解#9658;from a lay perspective 从世俗的观点来看,从一个外行的观点来看lay 作形容词时,有“世俗的、外行的”的意思9. Queen Anne is dead.你才知道啊#9658;这句话通常指,已经不是新闻了,早知道了,消息已经过时了很实用的一个句子. My concentration began to waver.我精力有点不集中了 英语口语When Lei Jun, founder and chief executive of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi took the stage in New Delhi to launch its first product the international market, he may have stumbled over his words in English. And Chinese netizens made themselves busy by talking about it.没想到,几句英文,又让雷军成了话题焦点上周四,小米在印度举办新品发布会,推出了全新的小米i手机发布会上,小米国际副总裁HugoBarra作为主讲,雷军则作为“嘉宾”上台讲了一小段英文雷军的演讲视频曝光之后迅速在微引起热议Here a clip from the event.Is Lei English okay? 3757

你了解爆奇卡的功能吗 Bucky Card- ::50 A:Excuse me. Do you have a minute?I'd like to tell you about the Bucky Card.抱歉你有时间吗?我想告诉你有关爆奇卡的事B:Well... alright. I guess I have a minute.嗯……好吧,我想我是有一点时间A:Do you know about the Bucky Card?你知道有关爆奇卡的事吗?B:I've heard about it, but I don't really know about it.我是听过,但我并不是很了解A:The Bucky Card is a great way you to save money while you have a good time here at school.It gives you discounts on all kinds of things. Movies, pizza, clothing, school supplies.爆奇卡是一个能让你省钱的好工具,尤其当你在学校就读的时候它可以给你很多方面的折扣,电影、披萨、衣和学校用品B:What about beer?那么啤酒呢?A:The Card doesn't actually give you discounts on beer.But it will give you discounts on certain club cover charges.So if you want to see your favorite band at Amy's or Cosmo's Club,you get a discount on the entrance fee.这张卡并没有给你啤酒的折扣但它可以给你某些俱乐部入场费的折扣所以如果你想要在艾美或是在科斯莫俱乐部看你最喜欢的乐团,你可以拿到入场费的折扣B:That's pretty cool. How much of a discount?那真的很酷,折扣是多少?A:Usually it's two dollars off the cover price.通常是少付美元入场费的折扣B:And all these other things, pizza and movies instance--how much of a discount do I get on that stuff?还有这些其他的东西,像是披萨和电影……我可以拿到多少的折扣呢?A:This pamphlet shows you what restaurants and movie theaters have discounts.And twice every semester we will send you a new issue of the pamphlet.The Bucky Card has just started.Every couple months we have new businesses joining our program.It's a great way students to save money!这本册子告诉你哪些餐厅和戏院有折扣一个学期我们会寄两本新的册子给你爆奇卡才刚刚开始赠送每两个月就会有新的商店加入我们的方案这是一个让学生省钱的很好方式B:Alright, alright. Let me look at that pamphlet.Hmm. Alessio's Pizza Parlor. That's cool. I go there all the time.And Cosmo's Club. And -D records. Alright. How much does it cost?好,好吧让我瞧瞧那本册子嗯,亚力希欧披萨,太酷了我常去那里还有科斯莫俱乐部和四度空间唱片行好,这张卡要多少钱?A:It costs only 19 dollars a year a card.一年只要花十九美元B:Whoah! That's expensive! It should be cheaper.哇!那太贵了!应该要便宜一点A:But think of how much money you'll save! You can use it a year.但想想看你可以省很多钱!你可以使用一年B:Yeah, maybe. Alright. Give me an application m.是,或许吧好吧,给我一份申请表吧,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Habits Youd Be Better Off Without你需要戒掉的坏习惯Gossiping八卦Another common human trait. 另一种常见的人类特征What is it really doing you? 这和你有关系吗?Remember that the person youre speaking about is a complex being with dreams and fears just like you. 记住你所谈论的人和你一样,也是一个有梦想、有恐惧的复杂的人Chances are you probably dont know their whole life story or circumstances. Cultivate compassion.你很可能并不清楚他们全部的生活经历或情节培养同情心complex adj.复杂的; 合成的例句:He put over a complex and difficult business deal.他成功地做了一笔复杂而困难的交易cultivate vt.耕作,种植; 教养,栽培; 改善; 交朋友例句:Cultivating a positive mental attitude towards yourself can reap tremendous benefits.培养一种自信的积极心态会让人受益匪浅[本节目属] 979

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