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淮安市妇幼保健院治疗前列腺炎多少钱金湖县治疗不孕不育多少钱Monetary policy货币政策A long low note长期低息Why interest rates can be expected to stay low for years为什么可以肯定利率在未来数年都会维持在低位?CENTRAL bankers have a reputation for snatching away the punch bowl just as the party gets going. So, almost as soon as Britains economy started to recover, commentators and markets started fretting about when interest rates would rise. Mark Carney, the Bank of Englands governor, has tried to soothe them with “forward guidance”, in effect promising to hold off until the economy recovers. But Mr Carney also whispered something else: that rates would stay unusually low even when they do budge. The punch bowl will go, he suggested, but there will still be plenty of booze around.央行高管们因为“在宴会开始前拿走调酒杯”式的工作而备享荣耀。所以,几乎就在英国经济刚刚开始有起色时,员和市场就担忧利率可能会上涨。而英格兰主席马克.卡尼已经尝试以“前瞻指导”政策进行安抚(注2)。事实上,他承诺会拖住利率直到经济完全复苏。但是马克.卡尼也暗示了其他一些事情:即便到了必须妥协的时候,利率依然会不同寻常得停留在低位。他示意道:调酒杯也许会拿走,但成瓶的酒会留下很多。Since the Bank of England was founded in 1694 its main interest rate has bounced around an average of 5%. It stood at 5.75% when the financial crisis struck in 2007; since it has been at a record low of 0.5%. But as Britains economy recovers, Mr Carney expects rates to settle below the historical norm, and points to market expectations of 2-3%. That is only a shade higher than the banks 2% inflation target.英格兰成立于1694年,其主要利率在平均值5%附近浮动。2007年金融危机到来时,利率达到5.57%;而自年开始,其破纪录的停留在0.5%的低位。随着英国经济恢复,马克.卡尼期望利率能维持在历史常规水平之下,即设定为市场所期望的2-3%。这只比央行2%的通胀目标略高了一点。The bank believes Britains “equilibrium interest rate”—the rate needed to keep inflation and economic growth on an even keel—is being depressed by three things. One is the ongoing fiscal contraction. With the state using a shrinking share of resources, the private sector has to expand faster to take up the slack. A lower interest rate is needed to achieve that.央行认为英国的“均衡利率”—这个利率要求稳定通货膨胀与经济增长—受到三个方面的压制。第一个因素是持续的财政紧缩。在国家所配的资源的比例越来越少时,私人部门必须更快发展,以充分利用社会闲散资源。为此,利率必须降低。The second has to do with the countrys convalescing banks. During the crisis the sp between the central banks policy rate and the interest rates commercial banks charged their customers for loans jumped. Although the sp has fallen since, it remains much higher than it was before the crisis. So the Bank of England need not raise its rate so high to generate a given level of private-sector interest rates.第二个因素与本国业的复苏有关。在这次金融危机中,央行的政策利率与商业向客户收取的贷款利率差额大幅上升。尽管之后利率差有所回落,却仍比危机之前高很多。所以英格兰不需大幅上调其政策利率来让私人部门的贷款利率达到设定水平。The final factor is the rest of the world. Britains openness, through trade and finance, ties it to foreign economies. The euro-zone crisis has hit the countrys exporters and banks. “Secular stagnation”, a notion recently popularised by Larry Summers of Harvard University, might also be at play: falling investment demand in advanced economies, combined with a glut of savings in emerging markets, has pressed down on equilibrium interest rates throughout the world.最后一个因素在于世界的其他国家。通过贸易与金融的开放,英国经济与外国经济紧密相连。欧元区的危机打击了该国的出口商和。近日颇为流行的经济学术语“长期性经济停滞”或许可以解释这种情形。这个术语是由哈佛大学的拉利·萨默斯提出的,指的是在发达经济中,投资需求持续下降;再加上新兴经济体中储蓄过剩,这就使得全球市场中的均衡利率都被压低。These pressures seem unlikely to abate soon. Britains major political parties are all committed to eliminating the fiscal deficit over the next parliament. Credit sps are unlikely to shrink to their pre-crisis lows, which reflected an overly sanguine attitude to financial risk. The euro zone faces a lengthy slog back to health. And if, as Mr Summers suggests, global stagnation persists, the downward pressure on Britains equilibrium interest rate might even increase.这些方面的压力不可能很快消失。英国的主要政党都承诺在下届国会中减少财政赤字。利率差降低到危机之前的水平也微乎其微。危机之前的利率差是对金融风险乐观过度的反映。欧元区经济也要经历一段漫长的跋涉方能恢复。如果正如萨默斯而言,全球经济停滞会持续,那么英国均衡利率的下行压力甚至还可能会增加。A persistently low bank rate would be bad for savers but a boon for borrowers. Britains 9m or so mortgage-holders are sensitive to the banks policy rate: the average new mortgage is fixed for just two years (compared with 27 years in America) after which it tends to track the banks rate. Matthew Whittaker of the Resolution Foundation, a think-tank, calculates that the difference between a bank rate of 3% in 2018 and a rate of 5% is that 620,000 fewer households would be in “debt peril”, defined as spending more than half their disposable income on debt payments.长期的低利率对储户不利,但对借贷方则有利。英国九百万左右的按揭对政策利率很敏感:平均来看,新按揭头两年利率固定(相比之下美国可以有27年期),之后就倾向于锁定利率。智库决议基金的马修.惠特克这样计算:2018年3%的利率与5%的差别就是前者可以使六十二万户家庭脱离“债务危机”。后者指一半的可配收入用于偿还债务。The prospect of rates remaining low for years should also improve companies behaviour. British investment is startlingly weak at present—still 20% below its pre-crisis peak, and lower than in any other G20 country as a share of GDP. The expectation of more cheap finance, together with dwindling spare capacity and rising demand, ought to entice firms to build and buy. The Bank of England predicts an extraordinary 43% rise in business investment by 2016, which would boost both demand and productivity.在未来几年,维持在低位的利率会对公司起到促进作用。英国的投资目前惊人的低迷—只有危机前峰值的20%。其占GDP的比例比20国集团中任何一国都低。而对廉价贷款的期待,加上闲置产能的减少和市场需求的上升,应该能够刺激企业的创建与购买。英格兰预测2016年的商业投资会额外增加43%,而这就能够持需求和生产率。But a low equilibrium interest rate should make Mr Carney nervous. Bank rates cannot easily be cut to below zero. A new normal of 2-3% would thus leave the bank with little space to cut rates when future shocks hit. Britains emergency monetary experiments, such as quantitative easing and forward guidance, are known as “unconventional”. In time they could become part of the new normal, too.但是一个较低的均衡利率让卡尼很紧张。利率不会轻易降低到负数。常规的2-3%的利率会让在应对未来冲击时没有空间去降低利率。英国尝试了紧急状态下的货币政策,例如定量宽松和前瞻指导,都以“非传统”而著名。在适当时候,它们就可以成为新常规的一部分。翻译:王化起 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201510/404276淮安滴虫性龟头炎治疗 Politics英国政治Winding down时钟停摆Over a year before the general election, Parliament is aly clocking off大选后一年多,议会已像时钟一样停摆PARLIAMENT feels different from usual. The lobbies and corridors are quieter. The queues in the canteens are shorter. Records of internet activity in the Palace of Westminster show that monthly visits to YouTube have overtaken those to Parliaments information pages. Visits to cricket websites are up, too. The division bells still ring in MPs offices to announce votes and the wood-panelled committee rooms are still busy—but debates tend to be on independent (and sometimes eccentric) initiatives by MPs rather than on government bills. Each seems to be doing his own thing.英国议会与往常大不一样。议会大厅和走廊比以往安静许多,在餐厅钱排队的人也变少了。议会大厦网络活动记录显示,YouTube的月访问量已经超过了议会信息网页。板球运动网站访问量也有所增长。议员办公室的分组表决铃依然在宣布着投票结果,镶木会议室里依然繁忙——然而,议会辩论与其说是关于政府债券,倒不如说是关于议员的自主(有时略显诡异)积极性。大家似乎各行其是。Britains Parliament normally stands out for its raucous debates, its might and its bustle. Unlike Americas Congress, it is not prone to long spells of deadlock; unlike Frances National Assembly, it is not subordinate to a monarch-like president; unlike the German Bundestag, regional legislatures do not dilute its power. And not long ago it was a whirlwind of activity. In the 2010-12 session the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition passed 42 bills overhauling the national finances and most major public services.英国议会一向以其激烈的辩论、威严的力量和热闹的场面而著称。英国议会不像美国国会那样长期僵持,也不像法国国民议会那样从属于一个君主式的总统,更不会像德国联邦议院那样使地区立法机关将其权利分流。不久以前,英国议会活动频繁。在2010-2012年间,保守党和自由民主党联合通过42项法案,大力整改了国家财政和大部分公共务机构。But last years Queens Speech introduced just 15 bills, several of them minor. With seven weeks left in the parliamentary year, MPs have passed only 801 pages of government legislation (excluding money-raising measures and bills mostly debated in the last session). Even in the unusually short 2012-13 session they managed more than twice as much. Thirteen months before the next general election, the legislative motor is spluttering.但是去年的女王演讲仅仅引进了15项法案,其中一些都是小修小改。本届议会任期还有七周,但议员们仅仅通过了801页政府立法(除了筹款措施和上届议会主要讨论的法案)。即使是在2012-2013年较短的任期内,议员们通过的法案也比现在多出一倍。距离下届大选还有13个月, 而立法运动举步维艰。Why? “They passed a hell of a lot of legislation in early sessions, much more so than Blair or Thatcher,” explains Peter Riddell of the Institute for Government. So the government soon ran out of policies that both sides of the coalition found acceptable. It is now stuck. Having fixed the parliamentary term at five years, it must sit out the remaining months.这一切原因何在?这是因为“他们在早期的议会中已经通过许多立法法案,比布莱尔和撒切尔时期还要多,”政府研究院的彼得·里德尔(Peter Riddell)解释道。因此,政府很快就穷于政策,无法使联合议会的双方都满意。所以如今,立法进程受阻。议会将任期修改为5年,所以他们在剩下的几个月必须耐着性子坚持到底。The slumber of all parliaments麻木的议会Amid the torpor, minds are turning to the election. “A year ago all the conversations were about policy; now it is positioning and campaigning,” observes one MP. Those with swing seats, particularly Lib Dems who need to overcome their partys poor polling, are using the quiet time to woo constituents. Some spend as little as a day a week in Westminster.议会已经麻木,人们的想法渐渐向大选转移。一位议员观察到,“一年以前,大家都在谈论政策,如今,大家都在谈论定位和运动”。一些议员尤其是需要力克其正当惨淡的投票情况的自由民主党人,正需要利用这一麻木期来争取那些立场不坚定的选民。有些议员一周仅在议会大厦工作一天。Other MPs are away from Parliament for different reasons. For those with comfortable majorities, foreign junkets and media careers beckon. “Ive never had more time to write,”chuckles one. So occupied are some MPs with their second jobs that Andrew Lansley, the leader of the House of Commons, is said to have reminded them that their first duty is to their voters. Scottish MPs have a less cushy distraction: canvassing voters ahead of the referendum on independence, which will take place in September.另一些议员因为不同原因离开了议会。对于舒适的大多数议员,国际旅行和媒体事业吸引着他们。一名议员笑道:“我从来没有这么多时间来写作。”一些其他有副业的议员也过着充实的日子,例如下议院领袖安德鲁·兰斯利(Andrew Lansley)。据说他已经提醒大家,他们最重要的任务就是对选民负责。而苏格兰议员们却并不轻松,他们还需要关注这一问题:在九月开始独立公投之前拉选票。Those left in Westminster spend their time on three main things. One is scrutiny. Since 2010 select committees have been elected by MPs rather than by party bosses. That has enlivened them. They are busy holding the government to account and, in the case of the Consolidation Bills committee, tidying up outdated legislation. One recent victim was a series of 19th-century laws governing the railways in Imperial India. “The romantic in me was rather sad to see them go,” says Robert Buckland, one of its members.留在议会大厦的议员们主要进行三项工作。一是选票复查工作。自2010年,特别委员会由议员选举,而不是党魁。这使得他们生机勃勃。特别委员会忙于令政府负责,至于合并法案委员会,他们正整理过时的立法法案。近期,一系列19世纪的印度帝国铁路法律遭到废除。特委会成员罗伯特·巴克兰德(Robert Buckland)称,“看着他们被废除,我很难过。”Others pursue idiosyncratic political campaigns. Peter Bone, an outspoken Tory, is trying to rename the August Bank Holiday after Margaret Thatcher. Other campaigns concern b-and-butter matters like household bills and consumer rights. Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP for Harlow, a blue-collar town in Essex, is especially prolific. His Additional Charges for Utility Bills Not Paid by Direct Debit (Limits) Bill awaits its second ing. In the lobbies and tearooms these campaigning MPs seek their colleagues support for such private members bills, Early Day Motions (short written declarations) and backbench debates.其他议员追求特殊政治运动。心直口快的保守党议员彼得·伯恩(Peter Bone)继玛格丽特·撒切尔之后,正试图重新命名八月公共假日。其他运动关注民生问题,如家庭出和消费者权利。罗伯特·阿尔丰(Robert Halfon)是埃塞克斯蓝领镇哈洛的保守党成员,他在这一运动中硕果累累。他提出的《不额外收取水电费由直接借记付(限制)法案》正等着第二次阅读。在大厅和茶室里,这些运动的议员都就类似的私有法案、早一天运动以及后座议员辩论寻求同事们的持,Other parliamentarians are busy agitating within their parties. Pressure groups of MPs are becoming more vocal, and new ones like Renewal (a campaign for working-class Conservatism) and One Nation (a gang of young Labour MPs) have sprung up. Some of these publish reports and papers, others host guest speakers. “Every five minutes there is another bloody supper club,” groans one MP in a marginal seat. These gatherings mostly serve as networking opportunities. More troublingly, for party leaders, they are also perfect places for idle hands to make trouble: for leadership pretenders to peacock and for disgruntled MPs to plot and scheme. Tory backbenchers have taken to gathering signatures on letters grousing about government policy.其他议员正忙于在其党派内鼓吹信息。议会施压小组变得更加有力,新的运动不断涌现,如“复兴”(一项为保守党工薪阶层而掀起的运动)和“单一民族党”(一群年轻的工党议员)。有些运动发布了报告和文件,有些则客串嘉宾主持人。一位在边缘席位的议员呻吟道:“每五分钟就有一场血雨腥风。”这些聚会主要是作为联系机会而存在的。更麻烦的是,对于党魁来说,这里也是一个闲杂人等闹事的好地方:对于假装领导人的人来说,是个炫耀的好地方,对于心存不满的议员来说,是个密谋和计划的好地方。保守党后座议员已经开始收集签名,抱怨政府政策。The depth of Westminsters legislative lull may be unusual, but it is not entirely new. In the 1850s the Spectator, a news magazine, reported that Parliament was so quiet “you may hear a bill drop.” In the 18th century MPs could talk for as long as they liked—and often did—as their colleagues ate oranges and cracked nuts. Something for MPs to ponder, in between doing not very much.议会大厦立法间歇的深度可能非同寻常,但也并非全新。19世纪50年代的《旁观者》杂志报道,议会安静得“听得到法案落地的声音”。18世纪,议员们可以想说多久说多久—事实上他们的确经常这样做—而他们的同事吃着橘子和坚果。有些东西需要议员思考,其中很多事情他们做得并不好。译者:卫婷婷 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201509/400414Jennife Aniston and Abraham Lincoln who is here with us today.今天Jennifer Aniston和Abraham Lincoln在这里All righ,So here we go,talking aobut what happened this morning.好 现在 让我们谈谈今天早上发生的事Hey,this is your call.We are gonna talk about if you really feel,I mean.嘿 这是你的决定 如果你真的觉得有必要我们可以谈谈What do you have to say about it?Lets just show them.Lets not talk about it.你对这个该怎么解释? 先给他们看 我们先不说Lets just show it.Jen?Hi.Hi.What are you doing here?Its 8 a.m. in the morning.先让他们看 詹妮弗? 你好 你好 你在这里干嘛?现在可是早上八点呐oh,Yeah.Here is your paper?Oh,thanks.对的 给 你的报纸 谢谢Listen.So Im co-hosting Ellen today And I know you did it.听着 是这样的 我今天要和艾伦一起主持 我知道你和她一起主持过And you were so good and I just,just need a lot of advice.Some advice?你做的那么棒 我来向你请教些经验 经验?Maybe you should show up at somebodys house at 8 oclock in the morning.如果你要早上八点出现在别人家门口And you should call first.W...What are you talking about?我想你应该先打电话通知一下的 什...你在说什么?We used to work into each others apartment all the time.I mean we are friends.我们以前经常相互串门啊 我们可是老友呐I know.That was just a TV show,you know.我知道 可那毕竟是个电视剧呀We havent actually seen each other in a pretty long time like 8 years.你知道我们大概有八年那么长的时间没见了吧What?No.David.Thats not true.Its Matthew Whatever,listen.不 不 大卫 这不是真的 我叫做马修 不管啦 嘿 听着I just dont know as many dumb jokes as you我不知道无聊低级的笑话Oh,you really?you thought those were dumb jokes?Sweetie...真的吗?你真的认为我说的那些是低级的笑话? 亲爱的Ellen is really nice.Shes really funny.Youre gonna do great.I know.I know.艾伦人很好 很幽默 你们会合作的很好的 这我知道I just wanna know it is scripted or is it improvised?我只想知道节目是有稿子的还是需要即兴发挥?Yes!Y..To what? Yes to what?Come on,you gotta give me something to go on.对呀 对?是哪个?那个对呀? 嘿 你总得把话说完Oh dont say GO ON.Oh Im sorry.Yeah Youre gonna be great.别跟我提生活向前冲 哦 不好意思 你会很出色的You are really smart.You are beautiful.You are sexy.你这么聪明 这么漂亮 又这么性感I konw.I know.But,it just Whats happening down here.我懂的 但是只是...发生什么事了? /201604/437309淮安阳痿手术费用

淮阴区腋臭科Obviously, this has a dramatic impact on the terrestrial environment, but it also has a significant effect on the reef itself.显然这堆陆地环境将造成巨大影响,对大堡礁本身也有显著影响。And its not only crops, cattle ranches, fish farms, six large coastal cities and many holiday resorts along the coast all have an impact on the reef system.农作物不是唯一的问题,养牛场,养鱼场,6个大型沿海城市,无数海岸度假圣地都对珊瑚礁系统产生影响。Without the natural vegetation controlling the movement of water in the seidments it carries, heavy rain now washes millions of tons of silt, often laced with damaging fertilizers of pesticides straight into the lagoon.没有自然植被被缓冲雨水及雨水携带的沉积物,数百万吨淤泥被大雨直接冲刷下来,其中时常携带着破坏环境的化肥和农药,所有这些直接流入环礁湖。Sediment pollutants can be so extensive, they sometimes sp all the way to the outer reef.入海的沉积物扩散极广,有时甚至会蔓延到外堡礁。In the sea grass meadows, the fine silt shrouds the light-dependant plants and fertilizers feed algal blooms that choke the life from them.在海草牧场,泥沙覆盖了依赖光照的植物,而肥料催生了藻类爆发,消耗了其他生命需要的氧气。When the meadows die, the turtles, dugongs and baby fish that depend on them die too.当海草因此大批死去,以海草为食的海龟,儒艮和依赖海草的幼鱼也随之死去。Near the shore, the water can be so murky that less light reaches the corals, so most fringing reefs have also disappeared.靠近岸边的水体也会变得极为浑浊,只有少量光线可以照到珊瑚上,所以大部分的岸礁也消失了。 201505/375166淮安的医院b超大约多少钱 Thats where he live.I mean.Maybe he lives in Pasadena.那是他住的地方 我的意思是... 也许他住在帕萨迪纳Because he went that way.yeah.Thats Pasadena.因为他从这条路离开 对 那是帕萨迪纳he could be going...but thats Pasadena to me.他可能去...但那边对我来说是帕萨迪纳Thats the only way you can...You can only go to Pasadena when you turn right.当你右转的时候 你只能去帕萨迪纳Thats how I get there.Alright.well,yeah.Thats how everyone gets there.我是那样去的 每个人都是这么去的Oh God!I dont suggest doing that,people.大家 我不建议这样做No.Thats mortifying.But you did it.绝对不 太丢人了 但你这样做了I know.Im not a good example.我知道 我不是一个好例子So you can see why people get excited所以你可以知道为什么人们这么激动when they see celebrities and wanna do that.Uhhmm.Ok,so,all right,uh.当看到名人时想拍视频 嗯哼 好吧 呃Lets talk about the thing that happened this morning.Eh,oh,ok.让我们谈谈今天早上发生的事 呃 好吧 好吧Do you wanna talk about the thing happened this morning.你确定要谈今天早上发生的事吗?Yeah.But we have to take a break.When we come back.是 我们要休息一下 等我们回来We are gonna talk about the ;thing; that happened this morning.我们会谈论今天早上发生的事All right.All right?All righty.Thats your call.All right,we will be back.好的 好吗? 好 你说了算 好 我们马上回来 /201604/437062淮安中山医院泌尿外科专家

江苏省洪泽县中医院肛肠科 The entire life of living,you know.As the first family,in the White House你们全家的生活 作为第一家庭 入住白宫的这种生活They were,how old,7 and 10? 7 and 10 when we moved into the white house两个女儿那时多大 7岁 10岁 是 刚进白宫的时候她们一个7岁一个10岁And now they are 10 and 13? 10 and 13,wow,yes,they came big现在10岁 13岁,10岁 13岁 长大了So what is,I konw the worst part,youve said before,what is the best part for them你之前说过糟糕的方面 好的方面是什么You know,there are so many wonderful parts.I mean,we are really blessed精的事情很多 我们真的很幸运You know,they get to travel,they get to see the world in ways that most kids dont get to see他们四处旅行 以其他孩子看不到的方式看世界I mean,life in our house is normal.I mean,once they get up in that elevator,the我们的生活很普通 一旦进到电梯里You know,the rules and the values of who we are and who we always have been take over我到底是谁 这种理念就会占上风So you know the fact that weve been able to maintain that in the White House is just been所以我们住在白宫也可以继续过那种普通的生活You know,just a wonderful surprise.But you know,they,every day they are blessed and we remind them you are some lucky kids这让人惊喜 但她们真的很幸运 我们也每天提醒她们是多么幸运的孩子Yeah,yeah,they really are.And to see different things in the world.Do they like,do they make their own bed?确实很幸运 见世上不同的东西 她们喜欢 她们自己铺床吗Yeah,they have rules,they have to make their own bed.but they have to clean their rooms,clean their bathrooms是 她们有自己的规矩 得自己铺床 打扫房间 打扫浴室They have to take Ball out.So,they have to take him out when theyre home from school带Ball出去玩 她们放学后得带Ball出去Sasha is doing laundry,which she is into now.well see how long that lastsSasha刚开始洗衣 她现在非常喜欢洗衣 我们看着她能坚持多久She washes her jeans.Washing and dry and folding,is she a good folder.Yeah,she folds她自己洗牛仔裤 清洗 晒干 折叠 她会叠衣吗 会的Thats the most important thing,you can do laundry,but if you are not a good folder,you might as well wash it again.Its over,its over,yeah这才是最重要的 或许会洗衣 但如果叠不好 可能还要重洗 前功尽弃But she,she and her grandma,they do their laundry together她和她祖母一起洗衣 /201609/466399淮安中山检查精液要多少钱淮安妇保医院泌尿外科



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