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Welcome to the worlds of the migrant worker. 30 hours or so from Cracow in southern Poland to Victoria bus station. Most here have followed what they hope is the money trail to the UK, expectations are low, but then again, anything here is better than home."There's no compare. Um, maybe, um, I'm, I haven't done my degree yet. But it's still much easier to find a job here.""With my profession, I could earn in Poland about 100 pounds per month. So here I can earn about 100 -200 per week, so far. That is why I'm staying here is... The trouble is, while 100 pounds a week might seem a lot in Poland, no one seems to have told them that it's not enough to make ends meet in London. This story is by no means a one-off. Too embarrassed to show his face on television, this man was prepared to show us what he has been reduced to. (So this is where you live in, yep) The man who lives here gave up his own company in Poland to try his luck in the UK. "You can hear the ceiling creaking, can't you? (Yeah) And you can hear the water. (That's the water I think.) It really feels like it might collapse."Somehow it's all fell apart for him. He spends several months on the streets, and now he moves from squats to condemned squats, simply surviving. So exhausted, he can hardly get the energy to look for work. There's no water in here, or electricity, it's about as low as you can think.The man who lives here, has qualifications from Poland in finance and banking, speaks very good English, and he ended up in conditions like this, so you can imagine how difficult this is for many Pols coming over here trying to find a work who don't have those sorts of qualifications, and who don't speak the language. Of course if you've got a car, you've also got somewhere to sleep, there isn't danger of being torn down around you. And that's what some others do. What is startling about this is that even though it must feel like a broken dream, some simply will not give up trying. "I know it's ur~a lot of jobs. And~and I~ur~you know~I have a good chance for job, because I'm a first-class lorry driver. When I called to my family, I never said for my situation. I'm homeless, I sleep in my car."The pattern of many people's day takes on a depressing routine, hang around on street corners early in the morning and wait for someone, anyone probably to offer some work. If you don't get it, then simply take to the park and get drunk. So it's probably a good job that they have the kindness of strangers to fall back on. At this center they offer advice on food, housing, medical support, and they simply offer comfort. "The~the saddest thing that we've seen is that the clients are arriving in a country with high expectations, with fantastic work ethic~um~you know, genuinely want to do well, want to succeed, want to, er, want to be a part of the community, want to earn some money to help their, to help their families back home, and they're ill-equipped to do that.Much has been said and made about Polish plumbers and others taking over jobs in cities like London. But Pols make up some three-quarters of the clients in this soup kitchen as well. This is the direct effect of the world at the 21st century. A world of the mass movements of people across borders, bringing victims as well as survivors, Lawrence Lee Sky News.one-off[Chiefly British] Something that is not repeated or reproduced.一次性事物不能重复或不可以再生的事物lorry[Chiefly British] A motor truck.机动卡车 200805/39354Energy Analyst Sees Russia as Key Oil Supplier to Europe俄修建油气管使西欧更依赖俄能源 Vladimir Socor, an energy analyst based in Germany, told Washington audience Monday planned new pipelines will consolidate Russia's position as a leading supplier of oil and gas to Western Europe.  在德国的能源分析人士弗拉基米尔.索科星期一在华盛顿发表讲话说,计划中的石油和天然气新管道将巩固俄罗斯作为西欧首要石油和天然气供应国的地位。Socor says that oil and gas pipelines advocated by Russia in the Balkans will add to Western Europe's dependence on Russian supplied energy. Concerning oil, he said the planned pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece is a major success for Russia as it will be the only Russian controlled pipeline within the European Union.  索科说,俄罗斯提议在巴尔干地区建造的石油和天然气管道将使西欧国家进一步依赖俄罗斯的能源供应。他说,计划在保加利亚和希腊之间修筑的输油管道是俄罗斯的一大胜利,因为这将是欧盟国家内唯一的一条由俄罗斯控制的管道。The deal was agreed last year and construction is expected to begin soon.  这项输油管道协议去年达成,修筑工程预计很快开工。Socor told an audience at Washington's Center for Strategic and International Studies that Moscow hopes for a similar success in gas. Its plan, he said, is to build the South Stream Pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and Western Europe. Socor said a competing European Union proposed gas line from Central Asia called Nabucco is losing support. 索科在华盛顿的国际战略研究中心发表讲话说,莫斯科希望在天然气方面也同样取得成功。他说,俄罗斯计划要在黑海海底修筑通往保加利亚和西欧的南流管道。索科说,南流管道受到欧盟拟议中的从中亚开始的纳布科天然气管道的竞争,但是纳布科计划得到的持越来越少。"With Nabucco's real prospects dwindling, Turkey, like Austria, like the Hungarian government, and like Bulgaria are losing confidence in Nabucco and are opting for the only alternative visible to them, which is South Stream," he said. 他说:“由于兴建纳布科管道的希望日趋渺茫,土耳其、奥地利、匈牙利和保加利亚政府,都逐渐对纳布克计划失去信心,只好转而做出现有的唯一选择,那就是南流管道。”Socor said Nabucco, intended to carry mostly Turkmenistan gas across Turkey to the Balkans, will happen only if the European Union and the ed States give the project high level support.  索科说,纳布科计划是让大部分来自土库曼斯坦的天然气,穿越土耳其抵达巴尔干地区,这一规划只有在欧盟和美国的大力持下才能付诸实施。Socor said through pipelines Russia is gaining control over the export of oil and gas from the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. "Russia is combining Central Asian gas reserves with its own gas reserves into a single pool under Russian commercial and physical control to supply both Russia and Europe," he said. 索科说,俄罗斯通过管道正在逐步控制中亚地区前苏联加盟共和国的石油和天然气的出口。他说:“俄罗斯正在把中亚的天然气储备与本国的天然气储备整合为一体,置于俄罗斯商业部门控制下,向本国和欧洲提供天然气。”Turkmenistan is Central Asia's biggest gas exporter and Kazakhstan is the biggest oil exporter. 土库曼斯坦是中亚最大的天然气出口国,而哈萨克斯坦是最大的石油出口国。To counter what he sees as a potentially dangerous European dependence on Russian energy, Socor advocates a dialogue with Iran, which could lead to Iranian gas being supplied to the Nabucco pipeline. Such a dialogue is opposed by the ed States. 为了抗衡他所说的欧洲对俄罗斯能源依赖的潜在威胁。索科提议与伊朗开展对话,从而能让伊朗向纳布克管道输送天然气。但是美国反对与伊朗对话。 200804/36185ecliptic ------ 黄道(天文学名词) 英文释义(noun, ASTRONOMY) The great plane containing the orbit of the earth and all other planets around the sun. 例句The ecliptic is marked on many globes as being a circle inclined at an angle of 23 degrees from the equator.在很多地球仪上,黄道被标成一个圆形,与赤道形成23度夹角。 /201610/471170

Marlene Wallach is president of Wihelmina Kids and Teens' modeling agency and Judith Sills is a psychologist. And good morning to both of you, thanks for coming on.Good morning.Let me start with you, Marlene, about the notion that a 2 or 3 year-old doesn't simply say I wanna be an actor or I wanna be a model. Mom and dad made that call. How do you know if, if your kid is right for acting?Well, I think that you start off with the giving of being cute and adorable. That has to be there.Yeah, but we all think our kids are cute and adorable, (Right) so that's easy.Next we have to do... we have to really consider the temperament. Is it someone you've been telling your little one not to go with strangers since the very beginning? Now you are telling them to go with strangers. When you pick up a little baby, will a stranger make them cry? Will they leave their mothers' side? The temperament will tell if it's even in the cards to try.And you'll know, you'll know that right off the bat. (Right) Now what about, the, what kind of a childhood does a child actor or model have? Is there anything close to what we've considered normal?Well, I think the, the key is the, the parent. And it's the parent's responsibility to keep balance in their life. You saw them in naps , you saw them playing with the hula hoop, being in their piano lessons and doing all the kid things. It's really critical to do that.All right. Now let's, let's turn, if we can, to Judith and talk about the temperament of the child, then the temperament of the parent. You say, for a parent, you need to know your role. And what is that role? Your role is protection. A lovely person like this, her role is to rent your child's talent to make money, that's her purpose. Your role as a parent is to protect your child. So if you get very invested and your child getting the part, even if you are investing the money for college, you are out of your role. Your purpose is "Is this fun for my kid?", "Is my kid's life even?", "Does my kid have friends?", "Is there something solid so when rejection comes up to flailing?"Well, let me ask you, is there a conflict, I will ask you both, is there a conflict sometimes between the reality of this child still has to go to schools, still has to get good marks in math and English, but there is also the pressure from your end that, yeah, but this kid is hot, and we need him on the scent.Well, we find that the kids that are hot are typically the honored students. It, it seems to go hand in hand that kids that miss the most school are typically the best students who want some work.See, here is, here is the conflict. I'm a parent and I want my kid to be special, which is great. And I get invested in how special my kid is 'coz I drove for 3 hours to get the kid to the audition. The kid gets the part. I want my kid to sparkle. My kid's sparkling and he is a little tired. I'm, I'm in there saying "Sparkle a little bit longer! Work a little bit harder!" maybe that's not my role. Well, Judith, both have mentioned the word rejection, how do you teach a small, I don't do well with therejection, I'm, I'm a grown-up. How do you teach a small kid that you're gonna go in this audition and maybe they are gonna say you know what, you are not cute enough, you are not tall enough, you are not whatever enough, sorry you don't get the job.Well, actually rejection can be an opportunity, in any reason. First thing you say to a kid is: rejection, disappointment, failure, you know what, they're part of life, and you tell the kid a time you got rejected, a time you got a setback. No. 2, a parent has to not be emotionally invested in getting the job. A child would rather not disappoint a parent , it's more important to not disappoint a parent than to be sparkling them. So parent has to be able to move on. And they can't all do that, don't you find?Good, Good discussion, well,The, the little ones don't even know. They, they go to and go see, they get their picture taken, they think that's (right) the job, you know.Right, but, but they will get older on the other deal. (Well, that's good, that's good) Judith Sills, Marlene Wallach, good conversation. Thanks so much for coming on and talking with us. It's good to see both of you200810/51500

US Military Commander Upbeat on Iraq美军事指挥官对伊拉克前途乐观 The commander of multi-national forces in Iraq's northern provinces reports significant progress in the battle against terrorists and insurgents, allowing the region to turn its attention to economic matters and other concerns. 驻伊拉克北部各省的多国部队司令马克.赫特林报告说,多国部队打击恐怖分子和反叛分子的行动取得重大进展,从而使得该地区将注意力转向经济和其它事务。Despite a recent wave of suicide attacks in Iraq, U.S. Major General Mark Hertling says he has never been more hopeful about the country's future as he is right now. 尽管伊拉克最近发生了一连串自杀式袭击事件,但是美军的马克.赫特林少将表示,他从来没有像现在这样对伊拉克的前途感到乐观。"We have seen a sharp decline, not only in attacks, but [also] in foreign fighters traversing the western Ninawa deserts. And we have captured or killed dozens of mid and high-level [terrorist] operatives in the province and in the city of Mosul itself. With the Iraqi army, we have also disrupted the flow of foreign terrorists from Syria," he said. 赫特林说:“我们看到,反叛分子袭击的数量和外国战斗人员从尼尼微西部进入伊拉克的人数都在急剧下降。我们俘虏或打死在尼尼微省和苏尔城活动的几十名中层和高层恐怖分子。我们还跟伊拉克军队一道,粉碎了外国恐怖分子从叙利亚进入伊拉克的行动。”Hertling was speaking near Tikrit in a teleconference with reporters at the Pentagon. 赫特林是在提克里特附近跟五角大楼记者举行视频记者会时说的这番话。The general says Iraqi army and police forces are growing in numbers and becoming more effective every day, contributing to a markedly-improved security situation in the country's northern provinces. As a result, he says residents and local governments have been able to devote greater attention to infrastructure and employment needs. 赫特林说,伊拉克军队和警察部队的数量正在与日壮大,战斗力也日见加强,为伊拉克北部各省安全局势的明显改善做出贡献。赫特林表示,当地居民和政府因此才能够全力以赴地进行基础设施建设,解决就业等问题。Hertling stresses that the battle against terrorists and insurgents is far from won. He says many combatants have been forced from cities like Mosul and are now attempting to regroup in villages and rural areas. This trend has necessitated a new initiative, called Operation Iron Pursuit, to hunt down terrorists outside urban areas. 赫特林强调,打击恐怖分子和反叛分子的斗争还远远没有取得最后的胜利。他说,许多敌方战斗人员被从苏尔等城市赶走,目前正企图在乡村地区重新集结。因此我们有必要通过新的行动追捕城外的恐怖分子,这项行动的代号是“无情的追捕行动”。"It is a very hopeful time in Iraq, but there are still a lot of enemy [fighters] out there, and in order to get the people of Iraq completely secure, we have to continue to go after al-Qaida and the other extremists," he added. 赫特林说:“伊拉克目前的局势非常乐观,但是那里仍然有不少敌人,为了彻底保伊拉克人民的安全,我们必须继续追捕基地恐怖分子和其他极端主义分子。”Hertling noted that Georgian troops serving in Iraq have been called home as a result of their country's ongoing conflict with Russia. But the general expressed confidence that the departure of Georgian forces, which total 2,000 in Iraq, would not significantly weaken multi-national operations. 赫特林特别指出,布署在伊拉克的格鲁吉亚军队已经被召回国,因为格鲁吉亚目前正在跟俄罗斯发生武装冲突。不过赫特林表示,他坚信格鲁吉亚两千军人的离开不会明显削弱多国部队在伊拉克的行动。200808/45782

Well, he is the second richest man in the world, but he may not be for long. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says he is going to give away most of his multibillion-dollar fortune, less, at least to the, less fortunate. Now it will be the largest philanthropic gift in history. Buffett is worth about 44 billion dollars and he's pledged to give away 85% of it. The 75-year-old CEO controls Berkshire Hathaway. He plans to gradually give away the bulk of his stock to five foundations, most of it (is) going to the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation, which is focused on ridding the world of malaria, AIDS, and other diseases. So joining us now is a man who knows Buffett and his motivations perhaps better than anyone. Biographer Andrew Kilpatrick. Andrew, good to have you.All right.Thank you.So many people thought that, that Buffett would never give away his money to charity until after he dies. So why the change of heart?Well, Carol, that's right. He, he's always said it would be after he died, he has changed it. I think Gates has influenced him a lot and I think what he sees is the, the Gates foundation can do a better job of giving than he can. And what this is really is a merger of Buffett and Gates. It's not a business deal but it's, it's two great minds joining together for charity. So that explains perhaps why he gave it to the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation, I mean to have the second richest man give his fortune to the richest man in the country, might make sense?Well, it's pretty, it's pretty funny but he says he's really not giving it to Bill Gates, he's giving it through Bill Gates to, to give to the causes of that foundation deems, deems the best use of the money.Which is aly worth er, something like 30 billion dollars aly even without Buffett's money?Right. When he...So I guess the relationships mean a lot to the men then, perhaps.The relationship does mean a lot. They met in 91. They, they played bridge together, travelled together,ur, been to each other's football games and homes, and I think they've talked about this for a long long time. But people always thought, I always thought that maybe they would do some business deal, you know, Berkshire, Microsoft would merge or something, but that, that doesn't make much sense. But this really is almost a merger of Berkshire and Microsoft in some way, I mean the stocks of these companies, are really going to this great charitable interest and er, it's just that he sees, that er, Gates Foundation had, has the staff and the manpower and it's aly ramped up and running and that they can do a better job, and he admits it. He says, if you're gonna do a bet on the golf game, go with Tiger Woods, so he is doing it with the way he thinks that money will do the best for society.Well, Andrew, give us the inside story on, would the children's reaction would be. I mean Buffett has always said that he wasn't going to give them his fortune that he wanna them to have the incentive to work. But I'm wondering what are their feelings about their dad and his money?This is a question about their children that's, it's, they, they've joked about it, say that's not about their mother used to think/say, but they,they are in full agreement with their father about this, I mean they,they joked about it,er(not bitter). But they, they, they are in synch with him, in fact, some of the money is going to the children's foundations, so that they can give it to the causes they,they believe in. 200809/50671

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